How To Become A Better Front-End Developer?

If you want to provide better web development services, then you need to master front and back-end development. Now it is not necessary that you need to learn both things, but as you know in IT world the more you know more, you will get praise and work. If you are a newbie and opted front-end developer as your career then today we have some important things which help you to become a better front-end developer. Follow them and master your skills.

8 Tips For Becoming A Better Front End Developer

Plan Your Projects

No matter whether you are a senior or newbie the first and foremost thing which you need to have is a PLAN. Yes, this is a small mistake which most of the people do.

A good plan for your work is a must. Don’t feel bored when you are going to organize your work. If you don’t plan, then there is a high chance that you miss some important task.

Being a front-end developer if you have an organized plan for your work then it makes sure that you save your time for other creative work, it reduces the stress and gives you the freedom to complete the project on time.

How about starting with a simple to-do list? Well, that’s a great start as it will help you to stay organized. Along with it, you are also able to check the roadblocks much before time.

If you want to make your plans more interesting, then you can take help of some creative tools like Workflowy, Writemaps, Trello or simple pen and paper.

Stay Proactive

Being a front-end developer, nothing could be worse than explaining your boss or client that why the project is taking so long to complete. If you are proactive, then you can easily check for any delays or roadblocks.

Now if you are developing something totally from scratch for your client then it is possible that it will take some more time then targeted time. If you know why it is taking time, then you can easily explain to the client rather than some useless and boring explanations.

If you can explain to your boss or client about the project delay efficiently, then there is no chance that they will not understand. Being proactive, you can easily guess the extra time which you are going to implement to resolve the problem.

There are many other reasons which help you to decide why you need to be proactive like it will add more professionalism in your work, boosts the credibility of your profile also it builds a better relationship with client or boss knows how much you are concerned about their project.

Being a good planner, you need to set weekly or daily reminder for your goals. For this, you use famous tools like Google Calendar,Evernote and iOS Reminders.

Don’t Let Die Your Curiosity

As your work needs lots of creativity, it is vital for you that you don’t copy from others but take inspiration from them. It is not hidden from you that new plugins, languages, tools, techniques are introduced daily. If you don’t adopt the new things then soon you will be not asked by your clients as they always demand things which are currently trending.

If you really want to become a better front-end developer, then it is must for you to adopt changes and read, learn and implement new things on your projects. In short, you don’t have to let die creative child inside you which wants to keep learning new things.

Keep on learning new things helps you to become more than an expert.
Here are some handpicked resources for you which keeps you stay updated with latest front-end development news.

  • CSS Weekly
  • HTML5 Weekly
  • JavaScript Weekly
  • Responsive Design Weekly
  • Web Design Weekly

Keep Sharpen Your Skills

You should never stop learning, and if you follow this for life, then no one can stop you from becoming a better front-end developer. There are unlimited resources available on the internet from where you can learn new things.

Now to enhance your knowledge you don’t need to go with expensive tutorials, books, seminars, etc. First grow with free resources then spend on things which you feel is worthy.

You know how much time it will take to expertise something. Well, it takes around 4 years, 40 hours per week. In short, you need to spend 10000 hours to master any particular thing.

Just spending time is a different thing and actually learning it is a different thing. So when you decided to become a pro then be ready to explore things a late night, testing new frameworks, reading blogs, and more.
Here are some little chunks from our side.

  • CSS Tricks
  • Codrops
  • ShopTalk Podcast
  • Boagworld Podcast
  • Apply Filters Podcast


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