Big Data and Cyber security: Together, Stronger

More sophisticated, streamlined and ambitious cyber attacks (with the capability of inflicting destruction to a large extent) have compelled the security experts to look for ways to up their game as well. The propagation of cloud computing which has affected the efficiency of the firewalls (set up for protecting the systems) a bit, has resulted in the security teams of various organizations in opting for strategies that would analyze the behavior of the user and the network.

Enters Big Data

Why the interest in Big Data?

Big data is nothing but extremely large data sets that comprise of structured data like SQL database stores, semi-structured data like the kind present in sensors as well as unstructured data like document files; data that can be mined for information. The approach is already being used in multiple projects throughout the world like during elections (particularly in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and Indian General Election 2014). Since the security experts indulged in ensuring cyber security are shifting their focus to the analysis part of the data, services like risk management and managing the actionable intelligence provided by Big Data can be utilized here.

According to CSO, the collaboration between cybersecurity and big data would be best put to use with highly trusted and accurate data along with some functionality to automatically respond to the threats present in the data (being analyzed). Using Big data for ensuring Cyber security will allow organizations to identify hackers attack vectors up to an advanced level and in discovering miscellaneous anomalies.



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