International Dating? Choose the ‘Flutter’ app

By only working one day a week, Flutter aims to create a meaningful environment where users form genuine connections and feel empowered to move the relationship forward, and off of the app.

Tired of ghosting and drawn-out conversations? Dating in 2020 can feel like a minefield, especially with all the different dating apps out there. Yet, even when you find an app that you somewhat enjoy, the ability to create a real, authentic relationship can be extremely difficult. Flutter, a new dating app, is trying to change that. Instead of swiping left or right, having a mindless chat, then leaving the app, Flutter is facilitating relationships by only allowing app action on Sundays. This includes viewing, matching, and chatting with other users, with the exception of allowing you to edit your profile on other days of the week.

In late 2019, Clay Jones and Teddy Jungreis founded Flutter, on a mission to create an app that would foster genuine relationships and move away from the more common dating app trend of swiping and never actually connecting. According to Biz Journals, Jungreis explained that “Flutter forces people to exchange information quickly so they can continue to build the relationship off of the app.

While apps like Tinder and Hinge, leave people with “ghosting and mismatches and conversations that fizzle out,” Flutter is for users who want to create a serious connection.

In a unique approach to dating, Flutter only allows users to access the app features on Sundays. It all begins on Sunday morning when you are added to the waitlist. You then have until the afternoon to claim a spot and be added to the dating pool. The user then has access to view, like, and comment on profiles, and a few hours later the matches are released. This gives users a small window of time to make a move before all the information disappears forever. The app is currently offered to users in San Francisco, but they plan on expanding to New York, Los Angeles, and other cities soon.

Flutter is free and has a 4.3/5 star rating in the app store with 91 ratings in total. When Flutter launched to Product Hunt in early March, they received over 900 upvotes, an impressive number that they exhibit on their front page.


Flutter App - Dating Template by RichardCreatives | CodeCanyon


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