Mac OS- Using Protractor

If you are a QA Engineer then somewhere down the road you will come across Protractor/selenium and face limitations that come with automation. I faced a similar limitation when I had to copy a 7-page google document and paste it in my application to verify whether the formatting of the document is affected or not. So the problem here arises when we are working with mac OS.

Anteelo design - Mac OS- Using Protractor

macOS + Selenium/Protractor doesn’t allow native functions to be called, which in simple words means that you cannot perform either command +acommand + C, or command +v in mac.

OSX does not support native key events, so the Driver simulates all key presses. This means that the keypress is contained within the “content” window, so the browser probably never sees the COMMAND as it would from a native event.

So I had to find a workaround in order to conquer the wild elephants and I would be talking about the same in this blog

  • Cut: Shift+Delete
  • Copy: Ctrl+Insert
  • Paste: Shift+Insert
  • Select: SHIFT + Arrow_down


`browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.chord(protractor.Key.SHIFT, protractor.Key.ARROW_DOWN)).perform();


`browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.chord(protractor.Key.SHIFT, protractor.Key.INSERT)).perform();}


`browser.actions().sendKeys(protractor.Key.chord(protractor.Key.CONTROL, protractor.Key.INSERT)).perform();



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