“ABCD”, AnyBody Can Design. That’s right, anyone can become a designer. Attaining a specialised certification or having an expertising degree iis not necessary. If you’ve mastered the graphics software, you can simply become a designer. Learning softwares usage online and mastering does not make it illegal. It’s perfectly legal.The 7 Success Mantras to be a Great Designer | by Abhinav Agrawal | Muzli - Design InspirationSo, is design a science or an in-born skill? How do designers work?

The thing to remember here is design has two sides, one is creative and fun and the other is challenging and even daunting. And so, designers should also be problem solvers towards business troubles as well as aesthetic matters. Both of these are like bicycle tyres, like a human’s feet. It’d work only if both sides are balanced, else you’d find yourself limping. You must be very careful in maintaining the balance.



Being a designer, this is your first and foremost requirement. You should first know the problem and then conduct a deep-rooted analysis. The aim is to come up with such a solution that leads you to the path of achieving your goals. Now how do these analysis processes take place? What is the tool?

The best is the usage of 5Ws & 1H, i.e., What+When+Where+Why+Who+How. The right steps guide is, know the problem first, then find the context. Now once you’re aware of the context, make sure you know the precise purpose. Working without purpose would lead you nowhere. Take a note here, there is no need, absolutely none, to rush the finishing of the graphics software. And that is because not all problems can be solved with a sketch.

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Designers create sketch solutions in the form of wireframes to solve the problems. Wireframe designs can be really wild, if you really get to thinking of the solutions. It’s a fact that beautiful sketches and hand-made drawings are not always capable of solving strong issues. Now when such a stage comes up, internal validation enters the picture. It is best to validate at the earliest stage possible, so that you get a definitive answer.

The method of analysing is not exclusive to UX/UI designs, rather it can be applied to the designing of illustrations, brand logos, etc. In principle, design is for knowing the problem, analysing it and then finding an appropriate solution. That’s the main function.



The second mantra is visualizations. The design made at the initial stage, in the form of wireframes is processed in a way that is pleasing and looks absolutely beautiful. In this phase, designers can demonstrate their capabilities in the appearance department. You can tweak or completely subtract the placement of visual elements like shapes, lines, etc. Avoiding the clutter and instead leaving out acceptable white space for the perfect fit of the talking stage. 

Processing graphics is like the dominant part at this stage. The designer’s choices and skills are the difference makers. Creation of style and possibilities in the main graphics software happens essentially because of the sensitivity.

Later on, the resultant wireframe is transferred over on the UI, which is beautifully done. It has an appearance where the colours are popping, option buttons are making you want to click on them. What more to ask for as a designer? The success of your design and work is all that you need!

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Now, if you have both these mantras as characters in you, a problem solver and a visualizer, then there you go. You are a complete designer, a balanced one who can provide amazing solutions.


Furthermore, you should always be wanting to improve. So how would you improve your problem solving skills?

The thing is you will be solving problems, if there are problems. But the trick is, look for problems. Analyze every situation and try to improve it. So you question, “what if?”


There are multiple applications, products, websites out there and they all have scope to improve. There always is. You just have to work your way through the application/website and then figure out the issues that you probably face during the course. Not all of your queries down.

This process is a major part of running an analysis. An effective analysis gives a result wherein you find the best of best solutions. However, validation is of essence. You have to validate your resultant case study with the users through constant testing, this will tell you whether or not your solution is effective. 


Secret mantras aren’t exactly a secret. We shall grow and learn together, so share the secret so that you don’t have a secret to guard anymore!


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