Time to Bust These Enterprise Application Development Myths

5 myths of enterprise app development in a mobile-first world - Information Age

For any business to run smoothly and efficiently, there should be a mechanism through which it can handle the tasks like distribution, customer support, email-marketing, CRM and many more. Nowadays Enterprise apps are the most efficient solution to accomplish these tasks.

Besides streamlining the business processes, there are a number of purposes that investing in Enterprise Application Development solves – bring the whole team in sync and updated with the progress of a task, enabling real time secure chat platform, giving the employees a platform to save all the consolidated reports, amongst others.

Enterprise mobile apps are the need of the hour and it provides the best and the easiest solution to the most complex issues that arise in any business. But still, there are a few myths surrounding enterprise apps that prevent the companies from the implementation of the same. Even when enterprise apps have given the corporate world enough reasons to incorporate them into the everyday work process.

Before we move on to looking at the myths that surround the Enterprise App Development industry, let us first look at the reasons that make them irreplaceable.

Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Invest in Enterprise Mobility Solution

  • Enterprise Mobility Application Improves Efficiency and Productivity
  • Enterprise Application Development is a Boon for On-Field Employees
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions Tend to Uncover New Business Insights
  • Enterprise Apps Make Job Management A Lot Easier
  • Enterprise Application Development Services Optimizes Field Service
  •  Enterprise Mobile App Provides Real-time Data Sharing

To summarize, it is the increased work efficiency and better streamlining of work processes that has brought in a high demand for enterprise mobility providers. When you look at the before and after picture of a business that didn’t have an Enterprise App earlier and the successful turn that the business took after, you will find a striking difference.

Here are some statistics that highlight the changes that businesses have witnessed after getting an Enterprise app with the help of a partnered mobile app development company.

  • 17.53% rise in ROI
  • 18.32% surge in employee satisfaction
  • 19.74% internal communication was improved
  •  21.2% rise in the employee loyalty count

Even after seeing the results of an after-enterprise app business scenario, there are businesses that still hesitate to look into this mobile app development guide and get their own Enterprise app developed by the best app partner.

And one of the biggest reasons behind them shying away from making the investment are the myths that surround the app development industry or sometimes even worse – Make businesses take wrong decisions, which takes them even farther away from reaping the app’s benefits.

Let us now look at what those myths are and what the reality is.

Enterprise Application Development Myths and Facts

Myth 1: The End Users Come at the End

5 Ways to Characterise Potential End-Users - QATestLab Blog

The Reality – A business that is aiming to develop an app that solves difficult work processes, needs to keep the end users in the loop from day one.

Only after discussing with your team what they are looking for in a solution, will you be able to give them what they want?

In addition to that, you will have to keep them in the loop to ensure that the functions of an enterprise application that are getting added in the app or simply the process flow that is there in the app is in line with their comfort level.

Myth 2: Enterprise App Development is a Costly Affair

How Much Does it Cost to Develop and Build an App

The Reality – It depends entirely on the business requirement. It is not just about the Enterprise App Development, the factors on which mobile app development cost is estimated is the same across all categories.

So, it entirely depends on the complexity of the features that you are planning to add in your enterprise application.

Myth 3: Having an Enterprise App is Not Important

5 reasons for having an enterprise app store | ZDNet

The Reality – The corporates that believe having an Enterprise app is not important, fail to understand that CORP, BYOD are some of the mobile revolutions which are not going to stop any passing day.

The right enterprise solutions are less about user preference and more about a medium to increase the bottom line productivity. The absence of mobility not just hinders the potential to bring the business on a success track but also restricts the competitive advantage count.

Myth 4: Enterprise Apps Are Not Safe

Reality – Gone are the days when having data on mobile was equal to keeping your data out in the open to be hacked and stolen. In the present time, mobile app development companies incorporate a number of different security measures in the whole app creation process, which ensures that the enterprise mobility solution is hack proof.

Modern day enterprise app development company incorporates disruptive technologies like Blockchain in their apps to ensure that the app is impossible to hack or be infringed without anybody knowing.

Myth 5: More the Features Greater the App Success

Key Features of a Successful Mobile App Nobody Told You About!

Reality – While it is true that the current mobile app market has become partial towards Super Apps – the one that has multiple functionalities to cater to a whole plethora of user needs, the same DOES NOT apply for Enterprise apps.

When it comes to investing in Enterprise Android app development or iOS application development, the success of the app category depends on offering limited features which hit upon very precise employees’ problems.

So, when thinking about the features, try and make sure that they are very limited and that you are not making the experience difficult for the users.

Myth 6: Enterprise Apps Cannot be Linked with a Legacy System

Legacy System Modernization: Your 101 Guide to a succesful migration

Reality – The time when mobile apps could not access the backend systems such as Oracle, SAP, MySQL etc without the presence of any API is long gone.

Solutions like enterprise level mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), makes it a lot easier for the apps to view and connect with the Legacy systems. The coming of MBaas has even solved API infrastructure concern to a great extent.

Myth 7: Enterprise Apps Need An Extra In-house Infrastructure Setup

On Premise vs. Cloud: Key Differences, Benefits and Risks | Cleo

Reality – The most common belief that businesses will only be able to incorporate enterprise apps in their work process when they have an infrastructural support is NOT true.

The apps providing enterprise mobility solutions are usually installed into the employees’ phones, which eliminates the need to install any infrastructural setup.

Myth 8: Can Only Be Used by the Millennials

The Customer Service Experience for Millennials and Gen Z | CommBox

Reality – This is the one myth that keeps most of the established corporates away from taking the advantage of Enterprise Applications.

But like all the other myths, this one is equally baseless as the mobile app design standard has evolved to a great extent. What was once focused on 18 – 40 years demographics, has now switched the bases to 5 to 80 years demographics.

Myth 9: Only Coding is Involved

When Coding Is Criminal | WIRED

Reality– It is commonly believed that developing a successful enterprise app depends only on coding. In reality, coding is only the fundamental prerequisite, but to design and develop an enterprise mobile app, you would obviously need a unique idea or plan, designs, graphics, and user experience, all of which requires a specific experience and expertise.

Myth 10: Enterprise Apps Need To Be Complex

Enterprise Apps: Too Complicated for Mobile Workers

Reality– It is one of the misunderstood myths of enterprises app development that these apps have to be complex. The idea is to keep it all basic, so that users do not face any problem or discomfort at any point. On the off chance, if you are just beginning the development process then you need not dump everything in your application in one go. All you have to do is to develop the simplest version first, and then catch up to the entire gamut slowly.

The most ideal approach to do this is by outsourcing to development companies or opting for the companies in your area with expertise such as enterprise app development services in USA or enterprise mobile application development company in New York or California etc., and let them build just the right app for you and your organization.

Myth 11: Expensive Graphics with Higher Rates

Running WSL GUI Apps on Windows 10 - Microsoft Tech Community

Reality─ As we are aware that the mobile app relies on graphic design, it doesn’t mean your app will get downloads by a large crowd and will get a high rate. With this, one requires to sum up the success rate of the app, for example, simplicity, user experience, functionality, and efficiency. If by any chance the app doesn’t fulfill the purpose, thus, it is important to work on UI/UX design and navigation of an app.

Myth 12: Advantages for Only B2C Apps

3 Key Advantages of B2C Mobile Apps

Reality─ With the number of smartphone users steadily growing, it is better to invest in mobile apps. Regardless of how your optimized mobile site is, it can be hard for the user to explore menus on a small screen. The smooth and predictable navigation offered by mobile applications is undeniably better than mobile-optimized websites. The expense of building a B2C mobile application can be lesser however the ROI of a B2C mobile application is higher.

Wrapping Up

So these were the 12 Myths that are keeping corporates from investing and getting the benefits of enterprise applications. With these busted, it is time to get your enterprise app developed and avail the profits that come attached to it.

If you are still confused or have questions, then it is better to consult with a reputed enterprise mobile app development company or contact us with your queries.


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