Tips To Create Stand Out Web Developer Portfolio

Are you are a web developer? If yes then you definitely need a strong and creative portfolio which help you to get more projects. As there are millions of web developers already, you need to be stand out of the box. The thing which helps you to do so is your portfolio. Yes anyone can easily judge your work by just checking your portfolio. Now it shouldn’t be simple so here are some advanced tips to create standout web developer portfolio.

35 Examples of Web Developer Portfolios - Skillcrush

1. Start With Basics

No matter whether you are a developer, designer or any other professional you need to follow some basics like who you are, what you do and how someone will get touch with you.
No doubt all update their basic thing, but you need to make it more sharp and clear. You need to highlight the projects, which shows your capabilities. If you have a site, then make sure add a creative about me section.

2. Specialized Skills
Above we point out things which are related if you are looking for a job but if you are a freelancer or have your own business, then your clients may want to have a look at your portfolio. In some cases, most of the clients only looking for a web developer they don’t know exactly what kind of service they want to hire in web developer.
Other times there are also some clients who have bit knowledge of the field and looking for hiring custom web development services. Now in this situation, if you simply mention that you are into web development then you may be missing the client who is looking for custom web development services. So consider adding all the sub parts of web development.

3. Add Personal Projects
If you are a good web developer, then you must have some personal projects which you need to mention in your portfolio. Personal projects are best to show off as it will only show your creativity. You can also show the source code too for any project which demonstrates how clean code you use.

4. Link Your Github Projects
Github is one of the best sources to gain and spread knowledge. If you are still not using it, then you are making a huge mistake. You need to get involved in projects immediately or if possible start your own. Get the best of Github by adding projects to your portfolio.

5. Link To Your CodePen Projects
If you are a front-end developer, then CodePen is the thing which you don’t want to ignore. If you are really good at CSS, JavaScript, HTML then this is the perfect place to show off your skills. CodePen also provides a fun environment for developers. Maybe if you are thinking why should you use CodePen when you are already using CodePen then know that it is bit different that let you do a quick experiment, we insist you use it especially if you are a beginner.

6. Link Your Social Profiles
Here you can avoid your personal Facebook URL if you want to maintain the professionalism. Apart from it, you can consider adding your LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Github, CodePen links.

7. Make Best Of Your Portfolio
Maybe you didn’t notice, but your portfolio is the first canvas for you where you can showcase your skills. If you add something out of the box, then it will show how much creative you are. Anyone can get an idea of your skills without even reading your portfolio. You can customize the existing theme, add effects, or totally built it from scratch its all up to you.

8. Add Context
If you really want to make your portfolio totally stand out, then you need to add context so it can resonate with clients easily. Prefer to add context to every project which you mention. When you add context to make sure you properly explain what you did on the project. As regular things are easily understood, so you need to add the custom code which you specially added.

9. Awards And Recognition
If you have been previously awarded for your web developing work, then feel free to add it to your portfolio no matter how small it was. Now no need to say that you have to add professional awards. If you have earlier written for any top blogs, then it is worth mentioning.

10. Keep Copies
It is a good habit to keep screenshots or save your codes. As sites get updated, you need to maintain the things on which you worked hard. No doubt it is totally useless now because new things were up, but it really doesn’t mean that you need to put down your work too. You can use all previous code to show off that you are the one who has worked with that old technology too.


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