How to Integrate AI and Machine Learning into Your Existing App

AI and ML Technologies: What They Mean For Federal Agencies

When we talk about the present, we don’t realize that we are actually talking about yesterday’s future. And one such futuristic technology to talk about is how to implement ML and how to add AI to your app. Your next seven minutes will be spent on learning what is the role of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence in the mobile app development industry and what you can do to take advantage of it.

The time of generic services and simpler technologies is long gone and today we’re living in a highly machine-driven world. Machines which are capable of learning our behaviors and making our daily lives easier than we ever imagined possible, all the way, making it necessary for us to understand the process of  integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into apps.

Technological realm today is fast-paced enough to quickly switch between Brands and Apps and technologies if one happens to not justify their needs in the first five minutes of using it. This is also a reflection upon the competition this fast pace has led to. Mobile app development companies simply cannot afford to be left behind in the race of forever evolving technologies.

Today, if we see, there is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning incorporated in almost every mobile application we choose to use. Which makes it all the more important to know How to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence in mobile apps.

For instance, our food delivery app will show us the restaurants which deliver the kind of food we like to order, our on-demand taxi applications show us the real-time location of our rides, time management applications tell us what is the most suitable time to complete a task and how to prioritize our work.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that were once considered top complicated technology to work on or even comprehend is something that has become an everyday part of our lives without even use realizing of its presence. A proof of which is the following functionalities offered by the top brand apps.

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The wide inclusion of the two related technologies has made the need for worrying over simple, even complicated things cease to exist because our mobile applications and our smartphone devices are doing that for us.

The below provided stats will show us that ML and AI powered mobile apps are a leading category among funded startups and businesses.

  • Allied Market Research has predicted that the market for ML will reach $5,537 million in 2023 further demonstrating its growing prevalence.
  • According to the 2019 CIO Survey by Gartner, the number of companies implementing AI technologies in some form has grown by 270% in the past years.
  • According to Microsoft, 44% of organisations fear they’ll lose out to startups if they’re too slow to implement AI.
  • Research by Fortune Business Insights predicts that $117.19 billion is the expected value of the global machine learning market by 2027 at a CAGR of 39.2% during the forecast period.
  • The Wall Street Journal, states that the advancements in AI and machine learning have the potential to increase global GDP by 14% from, now until 2030.

The idea behind any kind of business is to make profits and that can only be done when they gain new users and retain their old users. The difficult task can be made easy through AI as it comes as one of the benefits or advantages of integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence in apps.

Ways To Implement AI and ML

There are three primal ways through which the power of  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated in mobile apps to make the application more efficient, sound, and intelligent. The ways which are also the answer to how to add AI and ML to your app.


The fallacy of logical reasoning. When I was young, I used to take pride… | by The Irrational Investor | Medium

AI and ML are two proficient technologies that imbibe the power of reasoning for solving problems. Applications like Uber or Google Maps that are used by individuals to travel to different areas, many times change the course or route based on the traffic conditions. This is where AI works – by harnessing its thinking capacities. This facility is what makes AI beat a human at chess and how Uber makes use of automated reasoning for optimizing routes to get the users to reach their destination faster.

Hence, real-time quick decisions are presently being controlled by AI to provide the best customer service.


As you are familiar with OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and others; the streaming features of these platforms acquire a large number of customers with high rates of user trust and retention. Both Netflix and Amazon have implemented AI and ML into their applications that examine the customer’s decision based on age, gender, location, and their preferences. The technology based on the customer’s choices then suggests the most popular alternatives in their watch playlist or that individuals with similar tastes have watched.

Giving the users insight into what they would require next has turned out to be the secret of success of some of the top brands in the world – Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, amongst others have been using the Artificial Intelligence backed power for a very long time now. This is an amazingly popular technology for streaming services and is currently being executed into numerous other applications.


How Behavioral Science Could Improve Federal Programs - Government Executive

Learning how the user behaves in the app can help Artificial Intelligence set a new border in the world of security. Every time someone tries to take your data and try to impersonate any online transaction without your knowledge, the AI system can track the uncommon behavior and stop the transaction there and then.

These three primal bases that answer what are the best ways to incorporate machine learning and AI in application development can be used in multiple capacities to enable your app to offer a lot better customer experience.

And now that we have looked at how to integrate AI in android apps along with integration of ML, let us answer the why?

Why should you integrate machine learning and AI into your mobile app?

Why to Integrate Machine Learning and AI Into Your Mobile App?


Leveraging Data and Ecommerce Personalization Types | Acro Media

Any AI  algorithm attached to your simpleton mobile application can analyze various sources of information from social media activities to credit ratings and provide recommendations to every user device. Machine learning application development can be used to learn:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they like?
  • What can they afford?
  • What words they’re using to talk about different products?

Based on all of this information, you can classify your customer behaviors and use that classification for target marketing. To put simply, ML will allow you to provide your customers and potential customers with more relevant and enticing content and put up an impression that your mobile app technologies with AI are customized especially for them.

To look at a few AI ML examples of big brands who are setting standards on how to implement Machine Learning in apps?

  • Taco Bell as a TacBot that takes orders, answers questions and recommends menu items based on your preferences.
  • Uber uses ML to provide an estimated time of arrival and cost to its users.
  • ImprompDo is a Time management app that employs ML to find a suitable time for you to complete your tasks and to prioritize your to-do list
  • Migraine Buddy is a great healthcare app which adopts ML to forecast the possibility of a headache and recommends ways to prevent it.
  • Optimize fitness is a sports app which incorporates an available sensor and genetic data to customize a highly individual workout program.

Advanced search

What Are Advanced Search Options?

Through the AI and Machine learning based app development process, you will get an app that lets you optimize search options in your mobile applications. AI and Machine Learning makes the search results more intuitive and contextual for its users. The algorithms learn from the different queries put by customers and prioritize the results based on those queries.

In fact, not only search algorithms, modern mobile applications allow you to gather all the user data including search histories and typical actions. This data can be used along with the behavioral data and search requests to rank your products and services and show the best applicable outcomes.

Upgrades, such as voice search or gestural search can be incorporated for a better performing application.

Predicting user behavior

User Behavior: How to Track it on Your Website + Analysis | Hotjar Blog

The biggest advantage of AI based machine learning app development for marketers is that they get an understanding of users’ preferences and behavior patterns by inspection of different kinds of data concerning the age, gender, location, search histories, app usage frequency, etc. This data is the key to improving the effectiveness of your application and marketing efforts.

Amazon’s suggestion mechanism and Netflix’s recommendation works on the same principle that ML aids in creating customized recommendations for each individual.

And not only Amazon and Netflix but mobile apps such as Youbox, JJ food service, and Qloo entertainment adopt ML to predict the user preferences and build the user profile according to that.

More relevant ads

What are Relevant Ads & How to Create Better Ads for Campaigns (Examples)

Many industry experts have exerted on this point that the only way to move forward in this never-ending consumer market can be achieved by personalizing every experience for every customer.

According to a report by The Relevancy group, 38% of executives are already using machine learning for mobile apps as a part of their Data Management Platform (DMP) for advertising.

With the help of integrating machine learning in mobile apps, you can avoid debilitating your customers by approaching them with products and services that they have no interest in. Rather you can concentrate all your energy towards generating ads that cater to each user’s unique fancies and whims.

Machine Learning app development companies today can easily consolidate data intelligently that will in return save time and money went into inappropriate advertising and improve the brand reputation of any company.

For instance, Coca-Cola is known for customizing its ads as per the demographic. It does so by having information about what situations prompt customers to talk about the brand and has, hence, defined the best way to serve advertisements.

Improved security level

Increasing Security Level. Cyber Security Concept. Wireframe Hand Is Pulling Up To The Maximum Position Progress Bar With The Stock Illustration - Illustration of piracy, concept: 207988653

Besides making a very effective marketing tool, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for mobile apps can also streamline and secure app authentication. Features such as Image recognition or Audio recognition makes it possible for users to set up their biometric data as a security authentication step in their mobile devices. ML also aids you in establishing access rights for your customers as well.

Apps such as ZoOm Login and BioID have invested in ML and AI application development to allow users to use their fingerprints and Face IDs to set up security locks to various websites and apps. In fact, BioID even offers a periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces.

Now that we have looked at the different areas in which application of AI and ML can be incorporated in the mobile app, it is now time to look at the platforms which will make it possible, which we in our capacity has experienced AI app development company have been relying on, before we head on to the strategy that a business should devise to ensure a smooth implementation.

User engagement

8 Surefire Ways to Increase User Engagement in 2020

The AI development services and solutions engage organizations to offer balanced customer support and a span of features. Few apps provide small incentives to the customers so that they utilize the application consistently. Also just for entertainment purposes, chatty AI assistants are there to help the users and hold a discussion at any hour.

Data mining

10 Data Mining Techniques Every Data Scientist Should Know | Built In

Data mining, also known as data discovery, includes analyzing the vast set of data to gather helpful information and collect it in different areas, including data warehouses and others. ML offers data algorithms that will generally improve automatically through experience based on information. It follows the way of learning new algorithms that make it quite simple to find associations inside the data sets and gather the data effortlessly.

Fraud detection

Reducing false positives in credit card fraud detection | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The cases of fraud are a worry for every industry, particularly banking and finance. To solve this problem, ML utilizes data analysis to limit loan defaults, fraud checks, credit card fraud, and more.

It also assists you with determining an individual’s capability to take care of a loan and the danger related with giving the loan. E-commerce apps frequently exploit ML to discover promotional discounts and offers.

Object and facial recognition

A General Approach for Using 2D Object Detection for Facial ID | KUNGFU.AI

Facial recognition is the most loved and latest feature for the mobile apps. Facial recognition can help improve the security of your application while additionally making it faster to login. It also helps in securing the data from unknown sources.

With the improved security, facial recognition can be utilized by medical professionals to evaluate the health of patients by examining a patient’s face.

Best Platforms to Develop a Mobile App with Machine Learning?

1. Azure

Microsoft Azure | Avantiico

Azure is a Microsoft cloud solution. Azure has a very large support community, and high-quality multilingual documents, and a high number of accessible tutorials. The programming languages of this platform are R and Python. Because of an advanced analytical mechanism, the AI app developers can create mobile applications with accurate forecasting capabilities.

2. IBM Watson 

Bobs Blog : IBM's Watson: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and DecideBobs Blog

The main characteristic of using IBM Watson, is that it allows the developers to process user requests comprehensively regardless of the format. Any kind of data. Including voice notes, images or printed formats is analyzed quickly with the help of multiple approaches. This search method is not provided by any other platform than IBM Watson. Other platforms involve complex logical chains of ANN for search properties. The multitasking in IBM Watson places an upper hand in the majority of the cases since it determines the factor of minimum risk.

3. Tensorflow

GitHub - tensorflow/docs: TensorFlow documentation

Google’s open-source library, Tensor, allows AI application development companies to create multiple solutions depending upon deep machine learning which is deemed necessary to solve nonlinear problems. Tensorflow applications work by using the communication experience with users in their environment and gradually finding correct answers as per the requests by users. Although, this open library is not the best choice for beginners.


Google Snaps-up Startup To Boost Natural Language Capabilities

It is a platform that is created by the Google development team which is known to use contextual dependencies. This platform can be very successfully used to create AI based virtual assistants for Android and iOS. The two fundamental concepts that depends on are – Entities and Roles. Entities are the central objects and Roles are accompanying objects that determine the central object’s activity. Furthermore, the creators of have created a highly powerful database that strengthened their algorithms.


GitHub - akshitbhalla/wit-ai-with-Hasura: API integration with a custom Hasura service and have largely similar platforms. Another prominent characteristic of is that it converts speech files into printed texts. also enables a “history” feature which can analyze context-sensitive data and therefore, can generate highly accurate answers to user requests and this is especially the case of chatbots for commercial websites. This is a good platform for the creation of Windows, iOS or Android mobile applications with machine learning.

6. Amazon AI 

AI or Die: Why companies must Invest in AI | AWS Startups Blog

The famous AI based platform is used to identify human speech, visual objects with the help of deep machine learning processes. The solution is completely adapted for the purpose of cloud deployment and thus allowing you to develop low complexity AI-powered mobile apps.

7. Clarifai 

Clarifai - Insight Platforms

The solution based on AI analyzes information with the help of complicated and capacitive algorithms. The apps made using the platform (which can be integrated in-app using REST API) – can adapt to individual user experience – which makes it the most preferred choice for the developers who wish to invest in Artificial intelligence for app development to enter the world of intelligent assistants.

With this, you now know that the ways your mobile app can become an AI app and the tools that will help with Machine learning and AI app development. The next and the last and the most important part that we are going to discuss now is how to get started.

How to Start Implementation of AI into Apps?

Implementation of Artificial or Machine Learning in an application calls in for a monumental shift in the operation of an application that works sans intelligence.

This shift that is asked for by AI is what demands to look at pointers that are very different from what is needed when investing in the usual mobile app development process.

 Here are the things that you will have to keep into consideration when managing an AI project:

Identify the issue to solve through AI

9 Real-World Problems that can be Solved by Machine Learning

What works in case of applying AI in a mobile app, as we saw in the first illustration of the article is applying the technology in one process instead of multiple. When the technology is applied in a single feature of the application, it is much easier to not just manage but also to exploit to the best extent. So, identify which is that part of your application that would benefit from intelligence – is it recommendation? Would the technology help in giving a better ETA? – And then collect data specifically from that field.

Know your data

Complete Data Solutions – Know Your Data

Before you look forward to AI app development, it is important to first get an understanding of where the data would come from. At the stage of data fetching and refinement, it would help to identify the platforms where the information would come from in the first place. Next, you will have to look at the refinement of the data – ensuring that the data you are planning to feed in your AI module is clean, non-duplicated, and truly informative.

Understand that APIs are not enough

The Ultimate Guide to Accessing & Using APIs

The next big thing, when it comes to implementing AI in a mobile app is understanding that the more extensively you use it, the more unsound Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) would prove to be. While the APIs that we mentioned above are enough to convert your app into an AI app, they are not enough to support a heavy, full-fledged AI solution. The point is, the more you want a model to be intelligent, the more you will have to work towards data modeling – something that APIs solely cannot solve.

Set metrics that would help gauge AI’s effectiveness

Customer service chatbot in eCom, Telecom, Healthcare

There is hardly a point of having an AI or Machine Learning feature implemented in your mobile app until you also have the mechanism to measure its effectiveness – something which can only be drawn after getting an understanding of what exactly do you want it to solve. So, before you head out to implement AI or even ML in your mobile app, understand what you would like it to achieve.

Employ data scientists

What Does a Data Scientist Do? | Role & Responsibilities

The last most important point to consider is employing data scientists on either your payroll or invest in a mobile app development agency that has data scientists in their team. Data scientists will help you with all your data refining and management needs, basically, everything that is needed on a must-have level to stand and excel your Artificial Intelligence game.

This is the stage where you are now ready to implement the intelligence in your mobile application. Since we talked about data a lot in the last segment and because data is an inherent part of Artificial Intelligence, let us look at the solution of problems that can arise out of data as the parting note.

Feasibility and practical changes to make

Techno Economic Feasibility Studies in Majiwada, Thane, Varshasookt Consultants | ID: 20602432512

Now that you have known the which, why and how about the implementation of AI and Machine Learning apps, you might have an idea regarding a plan in mind like what steps should be taken as a top priority and how your application would work/appear, once the changes are made. Along these lines, it is an ideal opportunity to perform a couple of checks prior to moving ahead, for example, –

  • Perform a quick possibility test to know if your future execution will profit your business, improve user experience and increase engagement. A fruitful upgrade is the one which could make the existing users and customers happy and attract more individual towards your product. If an update is not expanding your efficiency, then there is no reason for putting in effort and money for it.
  • Analyze if your current group can deliver what is required. If there is less or no internal team capacity then you need to hire new employees or outsource the work to a reliable and expert artificial intelligence development company.

Data integration and security

Trends 2019: Systems integration and data security take centre stage – GPA

While implementing Machine Learning projects for mobile applications, your app will require a better information configuration model. Old data, which is composed in a different way, may influence the effectiveness of your ML deployment.

When it is decided what abilities and features will be added in the application, it is important to focus on data sets. Efficient and well organized data along with careful integration will help in providing your app with high-quality performance in the long run.

Security is another basic issue, which can’t be overlooked. To keep your application strong and secure, you need to think of the correct arrangement to integrate security implications, clinging to standards and the needs of your product.

Use strong supporting technological aids

You need to pick the right technology and digital solutions to back your application. Your data storing space, security tools, backup software, optimizing services, and so on should be strong and secure, to keep your app consistent. Without this, the drastic decrease in performance may occur.

Solutions to the Most Common Challenges in AI Technology?

How AI Solutions Are Solving 5 Long-Standing Business Challenges

Like any other technology, there is always a series of challenges attached to AI as well. The basic working principle behind machine learning is the availability of enough resource data as a training sample. And as a benchmark of learning, the size of training sample data should be large enough so as to ensure a fundamental perfection in the AI algorithm.

In order to avoid the risks of misinterpretation of visual cues or any other digital information by the machine or mobile application, the following are the various methods which can be used:

1. Hard sample mining 

When a subject consists of several objects similar to the main object, the machine is ought to confuse between those objects if the sample size provided for analysis as the example if not big enough. Differentiating between different objects with the help of multiple examples is how the machine learns to analyze which object is the central object.

2. Data augmentation 

When there is an image in question in which the machine or mobile application is required to identify a central image, there should be modifications made to the entire image keeping the subject unchanged, thereby enabling the app to register the main object in a variety of environments.

3. Data addition imitation 

In this method, some of the data is nullified keeping only the information about the central object. This is done so that the machine memory only contains the data regarding the main subject image and not about the surrounding objects.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know the reasons and how to implement mobile apps, it is time to apply the top-notch performance and quality for AI and ML together to bring out the best in the application. AI and ML together are the future of advancement of mobile app development.

If you are still confused and want to clear your doubts, you can contact us. If you are looking to develop an app that is advancing with the time and technology and want to update your existing app with all the latest technology features, then you should partner with ML and AI development company that is well-adapted with the changing market needs. You can also opt for professional development providers in your area like AI development services USA or other regions. But make sure you choose the best to get quality results.



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