Learn to coding with the help of the best App Developers in the world

Learn to code with the help of the best App Developers in the world
Coding has placed itself as one of the most secure jobs in the current world. The demand is set on a high priority mode for a number of years to come.

This is the reason why more and more people who are even mildly interested in technology are preparing to become coders.

However, even among this stable demand in the job market and the passion to follow the path, a number of people are still thinking twice before getting into it, solely because of the misconception that it would need a degree and years of practice to become a coder and join some glorious app development company.

If you too are the one restricting yourself from realizing your code dream because of this misconception, we have listed down ways that you can learn how to code. A list that has been curated by our team of skilled coders.

Before we get into the ways you can learn how to code, let us look into some of the reasons that are motivating people to learn how to code.

1. What is prompting our generation to take up Coding courses

a. It will be around in the future

Learn to code with the help of the best App Developers in the world

When one takes up a course, the idea is to not go with the one whose demand is short lived but go with one that is least replaceable. And, when we talk about the job trends, the one that is going to be around for the foreseeable future and beyond, it is Coding. The tech industry is only going to grow (with many more programming languages coming up) and the only way to grow with it is by joining the club and becoming technical.

b. Demand is much more than supply

Learn to code with the help of the best App Developers in the world

The demand for coders is much higher than the number of coders in the industry – a scenario that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Having much more demand than the supply comes with its own set of perks. You get to earn much higher than your years of experience and the chance of finding a job irrespective of the geographical boundaries is also much higher.

c. A lot of career options at the back of a strong foundation

A great career strategy relies on strong foundations By IIBM Institute

If you work on your code foundations today, you will have in front of you a series of career options. Even if you are preparing yourself to be a flappy bird developer, with time you will be able to branch out in coding involved with a number of disruptive technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, or even AI.

Now that we have seen the reasons that are motivating people across the globe to become coders, let us now look into the ways you can learn how to code, even without a programming language experience or a computer science degree. These are the ways that have been suggested by our team of developers who themselves have developed over 500 apps belonging to a range of different disruptive technologies like Chatbots, AI, and Blockchain, amongst others.

Let’s begin.

2. Ways You Can Learn How to Code Without a Computer Science Degree

Okay, a slight detour again.

Before we get into this journey of learning how to code let me help you finalize a programming language first, the one you should start with.

The basic programming language that I would suggest to start with is JavaScript. The language comes in very handy when you are developing an app – one that can be of any type, no matter how complex. The industry demand for JavaScript developers is extremely high. No matter what job portal you are looking into, you will find a listing for JS developers there.

Also, the JavaScript developer community is an ever growing one. New tools are always coming up in the JavaScript industry, giving you, a beginner, a chance to join the league of developers who come with years of experience in the domain and are yet to explore the new batch of tools.

Once you are adept with JavaScript, expand your learning to a more platform specific language. The present and the near future belongs to Kotlin for Android app developers and Swift and iphone app developers. So, choose a platform that you are even remotely passionate about and invest in its specific language.

Now that you must have gathered an idea of what programming language you would like to delve in further, let us now look into what we gathered here for – to learn how to code when you do not even know its basics.

3. Online Courses to Learn Coding From

The Ultimate Guide to Coding for Beginners - Skillcrush

  1. Code.org – Their courses are majorly designed for the K-12 students, but anyone who is looking to start fresh in the coding industry can enroll in these courses.
  2. Codecademy – It is a free resource for learning every major web programming language out there in the industry.
  3. Khan Academy – They have a range of topics to meet the learning needs of coders irrespective of their learning level
  4. Learn Swift – If iOS App Development is what you wish to do, the site is your Meccah. It has pages and pages of data that would help you learn Swift.

4. YouTube Channels That Will Help you Code

11 Best YouTube Channels for Coding and Programming | IE

  1. Learn.code Academy – Topics it Cover – Responsive Design, Sublime Text, Node.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Deployment Strategies, etc.
  2. Thenewboston – Topics it Covers – C programming language, Android development, Python, MySQL, etc.
  3. ProgrammingKnowledge – Topics it Covers – Java, C, Python,  Android programming, JavaFX, Bootstrap, etc
  4. Derek Banas – Topics it Covers – Java, PHP, Ruby, HTML, C++,  Python, Android, Assembly language, etc.

5. Blogs you should Follow to Become Better Coders

Top Programming Blogs and Websites Every Programmer Must Follow — agile actors

  1. SitePoint –The blog continuously keeps getting updated with new topics ranging from everything – HTML, CSS, Swift, React.JS, amongst a lot of others.
  2. David Walsh – Managed by Mozilla’s senior developer, David Walsh, the website has a lot of information specific to developers, presented in how-tos, demos, and tutorials.
  3. A List Apart – Have tons of articles for coders irrespective of their expertise level.
  4. SoftwareHow – The blog is a go to the website for anything related to software tools. It comes with a huge collection of guides, tips, and software reviews.

The list would help you immensely at becoming better coders over time. The one thing that you should do though before you drop the idea of learning how to code is at least try one other method of learning, irrespective of what your current mode of learning is.


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