Python-Based App Development


Python is a very popular programming language among developers. In fact, it was declared the top programming language for 2019 beating even the original coding language – Java. It has indeed facilitated the whole mobile app development process to a great extent and hence, won the above-mentioned title.

For decades now, technology has been going through makeovers, changing and improving a little every day. And as a result, we have SmartPhones, Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, a lot of amazingness like such.

Now, to utilize these technologies we now have developed different programs and mobile applications, which, by the way, are created by programming languages. One such popular language is Python.


So, let’s take the road of knowledge leading towards the answer regarding Python app development and the kind of applications that can be built on it.

What is Python?

What Is Python

To answer one of the most frequently asked questions “What is Python” in simple words –  Python is object-oriented, interpreted, and a high-level programming language. It has incredible built-in data structures that are combined with the dynamic typing and binding to render hassle-free app development. It poses as a scripting or glue language to combine several components together.

Python is renowned for its simple and easy-to-learn syntax which supports readability and reduces the expenses incurred in the program maintenance. It also favors modules and packages, which in return promote modularity and code reusability. To add another jewel to its crown, it totally favors cross-platform, making Python ideal for mobile app development.

Now, merely saying that Python is a popular language will not suffice. So, let’s look at its features which played a crucial role in spreading its popularity like wildfire.

Why Python has Become Popular?

1. Python’s code is easy to read and understand 

Python-Based Applications

One of the most renowned features of Python is its syntax. The rules of its syntax enable developers to express concepts without writing additional code. Python has a way of making complex things simple; the reason why it is deemed suitable for beginners to learn.

Python is the only language to focus on code readability which is why it allows developers to use English keywords instead of punctuation. All these factors make Python perfect for mobile application custom applications. Moreover, the clear code base is going to help developers maintain and update the software without any extra efforts.

2. Python is Quick

Top quick wins to boost your data analysis using Python

In Python, the programs are added to the interpreter that runs them directly. This means there is no compiling, which happens for almost all the other languages. On the Python code, it is easy and quick to get your hands on the feedback on your Python code such as recognizing errors. With Python, you can finish and execute your programs (run them) faster than with other programming languages.

3. Python is Compatible

Android VS Apple VS Windows Phone - Photos | Facebook

There are numerous operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows which Python supports. In fact, you can use Python interpreters to use and run the code across platforms and tools. It also makes it possible to run the same code across multiple platforms and the modified app code without the need for recompilation. Moreover, if you wish to check the impact of changes made in the code and that too instantly, then Python is your choice.

4. Facilitates Test-Driven Development

Python-Based Applications

Creating prototypes of software applications has never been easier. All thanks to Python app development. Python fully supports the development of prototypes and even allows you to build applications directly from the prototypes by refactoring the code.

Coding and testing can now go hand-in-hand, thanks to Python. It has adopted the methodology called TDD, acronymous of Test-Driven Development.

5. Strong Standard Library

Python-Based Applications

Python has a pretty robust standard library that gives it an edge over other languages. Python’s standard library enables you to select modules from a wide range as per your requirements. Now, each module allows you to add functionalities later in the process without extra coding.

This point can be cleared with an example. Suppose you are writing a web application, now you can employ certain modules in Python to implement web services or manage OS interface. Just browse through Python’s library and even gather information related to modules.

6. Python Supports Big Data

Why Python is important for big data and analytics applications?

Big Data is another emerging technology and Python is one of the most used languages for its development. It is because Python possesses a huge number of libraries to work on Big Data. Moreover, it is easier and faster to code with Python for Big data projects as compared to other languages, making it a popular choice of developers around the globe.

7. Strong Supportive Community and Corporate Sponsors

Community Helping Stock Illustrations – 5,076 Community Helping Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Another prominent element that decides the popularity of any programming language is its community support. Unlike many languages out there, Python has a very active community providing impeccable guides and tutorials, and other forms of documentation for a better understanding of the language. Moreover, having a sponsor like Google only adds up to the list of reasons for Python’s popularity.

Popular Python Frameworks for App Development

1. Django

How to Build Chat into Django Applications with Twilio Programmable Chat

Django is a high-level and open-source Python framework that streamlines web app development by providing access to different features. It is perfect as it allows developers to create complex codes and Python web applications efficaciously.

A few features that make Django one of the best frameworks for Python are its authentication mechanism, database schema migration implements ORM for mapping its objects to database tables and template engine.

2. Flask

Simple Flask Pagination. Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial… | by Mclordemuraishe | Better Programming

Another extremely reliable Python framework is Flask, developed on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. It is denoted as a microframework because it does not require tools and libraries like other frameworks. Due to its features like integrated support for unit testing, RESTful request dispatching, etc. it is considered an ideal option for small projects, as opposed to Django which is used in the development of big projects.

3. Web2Py

web2py TM Download

Web2Py is one of the most popular frameworks of Python for mobile app development, loaded with a debugger, and a deployment tool. It helps the developers in debugging and building the code effectively along with testing the apps.

Because Web2Py is a cross-platform framework, it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc. It follows the Model View Controller design. One element which impresses the developers most is its ticketing framework, a component that issues a ticket whenever a mistake is made.

4. Pyramid

Pyramid - Full Stack Python

Pyramid is a highly adaptable Python framework for app development that works incredibly for both easy and complicated applications of Python.  It is useful in creating prototypes of applications and also for developers to chip away at API projects.

A majority of Python developers admire this framework simply for its transparency and high-quality features. One other feature that is worth mentioning is Pyramid’s transversal framework used for mapping URLs for coding, making it easier to create RESTful APIs. In fact, some tech industry giants like Mozilla, Dropbox, and Yelp have used it in their processes.

5. CherryPy

CherryPy — A Minimalist Python Web Framework — CherryPy 18.6.1.dev49+g98929b51.d20210117 documentation

Another Python app development framework is CherryPy. It is an open-source framework that is capable of implanting its own multi-strung server. This framework possesses features like setup framework, thread-pooled web server, and module framework.

Moreover, it doesn’t demand you to use any particular and specific ORM or template engine. In fact, it allows developers to utilize different technologies for data access, templating and whatnot, making it a preferred choice of developers to build applications in python.

What Type of Apps Can You Build in Python?

1. Blockchain Applications

Python-Based App development

Blockchain, being one of the hottest trends of this decade in technology has swept the market of its feet. From the developers’ point of view, Blockchain development was not as easy as shelling peas. However, Python has literally made it so. Because Python is a very understandable language, the process of building blockchain applications is a lot more facilitated.

By employing Python frameworks like Flask, developers can use HTTP requests to interact with their blockchain over the Internet and create endpoints for distinct functions of blockchain. Developers are also able to run the scripts on multiple machines for developing a decentralized network – all with the help of Python.

2. Command-line Applications

Writing Command-Line Applications in NodeJS

Command-line applications and Console Applications are the same. It is a computer program created to be utilized from the command line or a shell and does not have any graphical user interface.

Python is deemed a suitable language for such applications because of its  Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature which enables developers to evaluate the language and identify new possibilities.

Since Python is a popular language globally, top app development companies have access to a sea of free Python libraries that they can use for building command-line apps.

3. Audio and Video Applications

Python-Based App development

Python app development helps in creating music and other types of audio and video applications. Since the internet is loaded with audio and video content, you can use Python for analyzing it all. Some Python libraries like PyDub and OpenCV help in the successful completion of the app development.

YouTube is one such application that is created using Python. So, you can easily surmise now how effective and incredible this language is in delivering apps with high performance.

4. Game App Development

Pubg Xbox One To Get Keyboard And Mouse Support – estadisticas

For all the gaming enthusiasts, many games such as EVE Online and Battlefield 2 have been created using Python. Battlefield 2 game employs Python for all of its add-ons and functionalities and World of Tanks game uses it for basically the majority of its features. In fact, Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean game was written with the help of the Panda 3D game engine – whose game development language is Python.

Developers are given the facility to create a rapid game prototype and Pygame and Python can be used to test them in real-time. Additionally, Python in game development can be used to create game designing tools that assist in many tasks of the development process, namely, creating dialog trees and level designing.

5. System Administration Applications

We know how tedious system administration can get, given there are thousands of tasks to be completed and a sea of data to be managed. System Administration applications are a savior for the management, to say the least.

Python is regarded fit for creating system administration apps for it allows developers to easily communicate with the operating system via the ‘os’ module. It enables developers to interface with the OS on which Python is currently running. This language makes all the IO operations accessible which includes simple reading and writing to the file system.

6. Machine Learning Applications 

Future of Machine Learning - Elan Academy

Another inspiring tech trend of this decade has to be Machine learning development. Machine learning is an algorithm technology that feeds data to operating systems and enable them to make intelligent decisions. Before creating applications of machine learning was a tricky task, but now we have Python for machine learning applications.

Python comes loaded with libraries like Pandas and Scikit for machine learning that are available in the market for free and can be used under GNU license.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is one branch of machine learning enabling a system to analyze, manipulate, and understand human language for the algorithm to work.

With the basic knowledge of Python, developers can create machine learning apps with the help of these highly competent and effective libraries.

7. Business Applications

Python-Based Applications

Python highly supports practical agility, meaning it is capable of developing numerous kinds of applications. This is why Python also assists in ERP and E-Commerce app development solutions.

Odoo, an all-in-one management software is written in Python and provides a wide range of business apps forming a suite of business management apps. Another famous business application built with Python is Tryton which is a three-tier general-purpose and high-level application. It is so easy to create such apps with Python which is why app development companies choose it.

Other Use Cases of Python Language 

1. Web and Software Development

Python-Based App development

Since Python has a code that is very simple and easy to understand, this uncomplicates the web and Software development services, making the process more efficient. Another charming feature of Python is its compatibility to integrate with other languages, making it a more flexible option.

Some effective frameworks like Django and Pyramid assist the developers in software development with Python and enable them to create web apps from scratch. The standard library of Python also supports numerous internet protocols including XML, JSON, and HTML. Instagram is one such application create with Django- a Python framework.

2. Image Processing and OCR

Python based app development

Python has this amazing ability of object detection and Image processing. With the help of a wide range of Python libraries such as PyTesseract for OCR (Optical Character Recognition), TensorFlow for object detection and the Python Imaging Library (PIL)  for Image processing, it has become highly efficient for developers to create apps with self-contained deep learning and Computer Vision capabilities.

3. Automated Testing

Manual Testing Vs. Automated Testing Vs. Integrated Approach

When it comes to Automated Testing, Python is the language of choice. Automated testing is the process of execution of the apps’ features using a script rather than a human being. In this regard, Python along with Selenium (a web-based automation tool) provides a plethora of libraries and tools to perform automated tests. These tools are also known as CI/CD tools acronymous of “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Deployment” and can run the tests, compile and publish applications along with deploying them into production.

4. Web Crawlers


Web Crawlers, also known as Spiderbot, are typically used to make a duplicate copy of all the visited pages of the world wide web for later preparation by a search engine. This will index the downloaded pages to render fast searches.

In fact, Crawlers are useful for automated maintenance tasks on a Website. For example, checking links or validating HTML code. Python is considered ideal for creating these Spiderbots because of its simple and fast code, and due to the availability of impeccable libraries.


All in all, we can see Python app development is really fast and flexible. It is very easy to create various types of applications because of the versatility of Python’s code. There are numerous types of libraries available for different kinds of applications – the reason why app development companies opt for Python over a sea of other languages.


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