Working with SQL Server Azure: Read and Know

As a new version of SQL Server is under preview these days i.e. 2016 Preview and soon will be out for use. It might be possible that you would be wondering why SQL Server @Azure and how it’s different than traditional on-premises Server.

Those who have already gone through the process of purchase, downloading, and installation can understand the pain caused by it.

So here it is with

–          No license purchasing

–          No worry about new release

–          No long hours of installation

–          No need of latest compatible operating system

–          No worry about disaster recovery

–          No worry about availability and scalability

And the list goes on…..

Visit Azure portal get an account, create your server in the blink of eyes and start digging into it.

Let’s create a SQL Database @Azure…

  1. Login to Azure portal [if don’t have a subscription please get one, don’t worry its free for one month which is good enough to enjoy the benefits of cloud and make an informed decision]
  2. Create a Database and a Server for it
  • New > Data Services > SQL Database > Quick Create
  • Provide a name for Database
  • Choose a Server [if it’s your first DB then select “New SQL database server” else choose one from the drop down list]
  • So if you choose to create a new database server you will get some more cool options to choose from such as
    • Provide the Region [yeah these are the location which Microsoft has got its data centers]
    • Login Name for server
    • Password for Login
    • Click on “Create SQL Database”

Hey look it’s there under “SQL Databases” option on the left menu

  Get your connection string

  • Select Database from Database List
  • Click on “Dashboard”
  • Click on “Show Connection String”

4.       Start consuming it from you application using any of technology you love


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