The Hospitality Industry and Information Technology

Innovation in Hotel Industry -

Though it’s been a difficult year for hospitality, an increasing number of businesses are making use of the latest technologies to help them adapt to the changing landscape. It is being used to cut costs, improve the customer experience, comply with COVID regulations and to provide insights for development and revenue opportunities. Here, we’ll look at the ways IT is transforming the hospitality industry.

Cutting costs

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Hospitality venues are making increased use of the internet of Things to save on energy costs. Devices, such as temperature sensors and smart thermostats, are being installed to control intelligent HVAC systems so that the costs of heating and cooling are kept to a minimum. Similarly, smart LED lighting systems that use sensors to adapt to natural daylight levels or gauge occupancy can cut lighting costs by 80%.

Beyond this, today’s energy management systems make use of AI and machine learning to analyse energy consumption, weather patterns, peak demands and even thermodynamics to optimise energy use. Additionally, the IoT can also be used to monitor the health of systems, ensuring that faulty machinery or appliances are detected and mended before the cost spirals or they break down and affect amenities for guests.

As these systems are cloud-based, they can be managed centrally, so that businesses with multiple hospitality venues can have unified control of their operations. The systems can even be managed remotely over the internet

Improving the customer experience

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Technology is beginning to have a significant impact on enhancing the customer experience, with guests being able to use websites and smartphone apps for a wide range of purposes. Today, these include remote booking and checkouts, making reservations in restaurants and spas, accessing services such as room service, reserving parking spaces, unlocking hotel rooms, controlling smart room appliances, communicating with staff, paying for products and services and so forth.

Web based apps and smart devices are also being deployed to improve how staff work, speeding up service, automating processes and eradicating human error – all of which improves customer satisfaction.

Providing insights

CEIR report provides insight from leaders in marketing

Website and app interactions, together with monitoring from IoT devices, produce vast quantities of data which can be analysed to provide detailed business insights. They help hospitality businesses predict peak occupancy, understand how demand for different services changes over time and give a clearer picture of which guests are making use of which services. This can help them better deploy staff, improve inventory, implement more effective marketing strategies and develop new and existing services in line with customer expectations: all of which can help improve efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue.

Storing all that data in the cloud provides hospitality businesses with numerous advantages. The data is secure, helping businesses achieve compliance; there is easy scalability, so that as data grows and demand increases, the company won’t get caught out by a lack of IT resources; cloud-native apps make it easy to undertake data analytics and make use of AI and machine learning; and, perhaps most importantly, as websites, apps and IoT devices all need the public cloud for connectivity, its makes sense to store the data they collect there too.

Helping with the pandemic

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Technology is increasingly important for the hospitality industry during the pandemic. By using the internet to offer takeaways and deliveries, for example, restaurants and cafés have been able to stay working during the lockdown and have supplemented reduced capacity once reopened. From a safety perspective, the use of smartphone apps has enabled customers to order prior to arrival, cutting down the amount of time they spend in the restaurant and the number of interactions needed with staff.

For all hospitality venues, there’s an obligation to help the NHS Track and Trace Service by collecting customers’ personal information as they enter. This information needs to be kept for a period of 21 days so that, should there be an outbreak of coronavirus or an infected person being on the premises, all other customers can be contacted. Collecting this information online, either via the website or app means the data is more manageable and secure and can be more easily passed on if required by the Track and Trace Service. It also removes the unhygienic practice of asking guests to fill in paper registers where they often handle the same piece of paper and pen as other guests.


Although hospitality is not a sector most people usually associate with cloud-based technology, many businesses within the industry have begun to see the advantages of its adoption. Advanced websites, smartphone apps, smart lighting and HVAC systems, etc, have reduced costs, improved customer experiences, provided valuable insights, helped businesses survive the pandemic and comply with COVID regulations.

Determine the Cost To Develop A Newspaper Mobile App

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Newspaper App?

The newspaper sales have gone down ever since the media decided to have their own news mobile apps. To be precise, 7% drop in sales in 2015 and the percentage is predicted to be even more in the present. According to a survey, an average user spends 2 hours on phone to check news updates.

Mobile phones have been around for a while now but mobile apps have taken over the human lifestyle. In America, only 2% of the population said they read printed newspapers and find it useful. The majority of the population either don’t read the news more often or reads it on a digital platform.

In India, the readership of print media has decreased as per May 2017 reports from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). Same is the case with countries such as UK, Germany, etc.

newspaper app development features


The stats above shows the readership of some popular news channels such as Buzzfeed, CNN, Fox News, etc. All these stats prove how fast the newspaper mobile apps are becoming a choice over the print media. However, for some news channels, the cost of news app development is often a matter of concern. To clear any doubts and to learn how much does it cost to build a newspaper app, we have curated this blog.

The ROI From News Apps

Whether you are going to make your own news app or get it developed by news app builder, you have to know the benefits you will get from the news app. It does not matter how much money you have put in the news app development as long as it gives a good return on the investment.


Newspaper subscription app screen | Newspaper subscription, Newspaper, App

Just like you have a subscription for your printed newspaper, you can apply the same method to deliver quality content to users in exchange of a fee. News apps like NYTimes have this method where they offer a certain number of free article to readers and if they wish to read more than that, they have to get a subscription.


Library of advertising examples for print and digital

Businesses have spent more than $100 billion on mobile advertisements. For any news company having a mobile app, this becomes a great source of income. Having personalized ads for businesses will get you started. It will also be a good option to choose the ads as per the reader’s interests to increase the possibility of viewing the ad.

Campaign for Sponsors

HOW DO FREE APPS MAKE MONEY | 8 Best Strategies for App monetization

Running a personalized campaign for sponsors on your news mobile app is another way of revenue. Tickets to shows or events can be sold on the app. This can also be done for a specific location or a particular group of people having similar interests.

More reach and readership

Overview and Key Findings of the 2018 Digital News Report

It is sort of a given that with mobile apps the reach will increase. However, with the reach, the readership will also increase. Countries like Sweden, South Korea and Spain have larger news app users. The format in which the content is displayed on apps is so much more appealing than that on print media. The use of GIFs and high-quality images increases the chance of readership.

So, now you know the ROI from a news app. Let’s move on to further sections of news app development and the involved cost in newspaper app development.

Which is a better choice, Android or iOS?

Android vs iOS: Which mobile OS is right for you? | IT PRO

This is the most common yet the most crucial question when it comes to news app development. The debate between Android and iOS is ongoing ever since both of these became the top platforms in the development world. When it comes to the security of the app, iOS has been a more secure platform. But Android has a larger audience so if you are going for news app development for the first time and want to get more audience immediately then Android is a choice.

There is also an option to go for a cross-platform news app development which will expose you to a larger audience. Cross-platform app development will not only reduce the cost of developing a news app as compare to news app development cost for two separate apps but also decrease the time of newspaper app development.

But if you wish to go for one platform only, a newspaper app for iOS will be cheaper as compared to Android news app development. If you are wondering how to make a news app for iPhone, then you can contact our team for any assistance.

Since we are talking about news mobile app development, location plays a key role. Locals are likely to be more interested in your app than far-off readers. Choosing the platform that most of your local readers are on is the best choice. To make things more simple, just go for a platform that is the most popular among your readers.

What Features Should Be Included in News App Development?

Assuming that you are a first timer while getting a news app developed, we shall discuss what features contribute to making a successful newspaper app. If you are planning to build the app yourself, this 76 point checklist for app development will answer all your ‘how to develop news app’ questions.

Before we head on to news app development cost, let us see the features a news app must have:

Login or Registration

What is the cost required to make an app like Inshorts?

This feature is very important. The users must be able to create a profile by logging in through their email address or their mobile number. Users should also be allowed to log in using any of their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Allowing these social media accounts to link with your app is a wise choice as the users can easily share any news on such socials.

User Profile

How To Earn Internet Points And Trophies On BuzzFeed

A user profile needs to be filled by the users that will include data relevant for you. When a user has a profile it becomes easier to suggest content according to their interests and past search results. These profiles can also be used to create engagement on any of the news content, eventually increasing the reach.

Filter Search Option

Using Filters to Search – Folio Help Centre

This feature is seen on many apps and has been loved by users. Having a filter in the search bar allows users to search specific news as well lets you know what kind of content your readers are looking for. A search can be filtered according to location, keyword, date, or latest trending news.

Push notifications

Custom notification like Inshorts - Stack Overflow

As per the graph above, 6 out of 10 people like to read news on their mobile phones. So, to keep your readers up to date about when a news a posted or what’s the latest news update, push notification can be used. This feature sends a notification the mobile devices of the readers, letting them know what’s up in a fraction of second. This feature is also said to be one of the marketing tools as it helps in user retention.

Filter the Feed

Filtering helps in what the users want to see and do not want to see. Usually, this is done by having a ‘Don’t show this to me’ option on every news post. The more optimised feed a user will have, the more time they will spend on the app.

Offline Reading Option

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Most users prefer saving an interesting piece of content for later and for the same offline reading option should be used. This feature allows users to save content to read in an offline mode. This feature helps when there is no internet or the internet connection is slow.

All Types of Media

Words are not enough to make a piece of content interesting and that’s when images, videos, and audios come into the picture. The app should support all types of media including GIFs, PDFs, Slides, etc. This gives more flexibility to deliver the right message and express properly.

Like, Comment and Share

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This is the most common feature in any social media app and should not be eliminated in a news app. The option to engage and the ability to share a piece of news makes the whole user experience a fun one. The share option should also allow sharing on other socials like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These were some of the features that a news app must include. Now we come to the most awaited section of the article and that is the cost of developing a news-based mobile application.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Newspaper Application?

News app development cost depends on certain factors. These factors are:

  • A choice between Android and iOS
  • Development type: Native or Hybrid
  • Number of features added
  • Hiring a development company or a freelancer
  • Outsourcing or in-house news app development

These points affect the news app development cost. However, the general MVP cost estimate for news app ranges between $18,000 to $20,000 for a basic app.

If you wish to add any additional features, the cost may rise. A high-end news app allowing more user action costs around $35,000 to $45,000.

This is not as scary as it sounds because the better the app, the more the ROI on the app.

However, if you know how to develop news app for Android or iOS then you shall only pay for the tools you will be using. There are some app development cost calculators that can give an estimate of the development cost.

Our team of developers knows well how to make a news app for Android and iOS. Contact our mobile app development agency to get yourself a brilliant news app.

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