Get Your App Featured in Play Store (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • Update: Fixed] Google Play Store is reportedly failing to show newly published apps in search

According to the Google Play Store statistics, there are the interest that the famous mobile app store is getting is bigger than ever.

The fact that the number of Android device users are present in the manifold in almost every corner of the world only increases the liking for the store among the business world, irrespective of what industry you look at.

While the ultimate aim of all the businesses/entrepreneurs who opt for Android application development revolves around greater reach which ripples down to high download rate and as a result high revenue charts, the one position everyone wishes to reach is ‘Featured App’ or ‘Editor’s Choice’.

Besides the usual feeling of pride that comes after google play store featuring your app, there are a number of benefits of getting featured on the Play Store. Benefits revolve around giving a bigger boost to featured apps with greater download, greater reach, and ultimately, greater profits, once you have completed the long process of Android app development.

In this article, we will tell you the ways of how to get your app noticed on Google Play and ways you can ensure your app gets featured on the Play Store. Ways that have been confided in us by Google itself.

Steps to Get Your App Featured in Play Store

  • Why Does Google have a Featured List?
  • What are the Different Options For You to Get Visible on the Play Store?
  • Steps To Get Your App Featured in the Google Play Store
  • User Interaction and Visual Design
  • Functionality
  • Work on Latest Technologies
  • Measuring Vitals of your Android App
  • Localization
  • Reach Out to the Google Developer Agencies
  • Factors to Avoid When Looking to Get Your App Featured in the Play Store

But, before we move on to the steps you should take to get featured on Google Play, let us first tell you the reason Google confided in us the secret, in the first place.

In the start of 2017, our team at Anteelo was sent an invitation by Google to join its Developer Agency program.

Under the program, we are given the access to get all the latest updates in the Android industry straight from the horse’s mouth before it is ever made life for public knowledge. In addition to this up-to-date information on new software and product launches, we also get the complete support of the Google in-house developer agency who conduct sessions to help our team get on-board with the latest technologies and standards in the design and development world.

Now beside the tech and knowledge support, Google, from time and again, has been confiding in us the steps that we need to follow in our design and development to ensure that the brand we have partnered with gets the most in terms of revenue and growth.

Before we move on to telling you the ways an app can get featured in the Play Store, let us first look into the reason why Google even has a list of Featured apps for Android in the first place and the different ways your brand can gain visibility.

Why Does Google have a Featured List?

A Complete List of Google's Featured Snippets Types

With millions of apps present in the Play Store, it can be difficult for the users to identify which app is the best out of the apps released on play store and from the developers’ side, it can become demotivating for an Android developer to first create a Google Play Store app for Android users and then watch it get lost in the crowd – something that gets resolved through Google’s several initiatives like Developer’s Badge, Editor’s pick etc.

What are the Different Options For You to Get Your App Noticed on Google Play?

When it comes to getting the word out for your Android app’s superiority in terms of performance, there are a number of options that are given to you by Google, besides getting featured on Google Play.


  • Top Free: Most popular free apps of all-time
  • Top Paid: Most popular paid apps of all-time
  • Top Grossing: Apps and games that generate the most revenue, including app purchases and in-app payments
  • Trending Apps: Apps showing installation growth in the last 24 hours


To determine new apps that google play features  and are less than 30 days old, Top New lists use the date of first availability; this includes the first time an app was published, or the first time an app was made available in a location.

Note: The time period when an app is exclusively in Alpha or Beta (without a Production APK) has no effect on its first availability date or its ability to be on a “Top New” list.

  • Top New Free: Most popular free apps less than 30 days old
  • Top New Paid: Most popular paid apps less than 30 days old

Selected by Google Play team 

  • Featured: Selected new apps
  • Staff Picks: Rotating set of staff-selected apps
  • Editors’ Choice: Some of the best Android apps of all-time on Google Play
  • Top Developer: Some of the best developers on Google Play

With all said and done, let us now look into the ways on how to get your app noticed on Google Play and then get it featured on the Play Store and maybe even come in the list of Editor’s Choice. These ways are a sure fire way to get an answer to the question― how to get your app featured on google play?

*Disclaimer*: For the sake of this article, we will assume that you are already updated with using the right ASO practices to increase your app visibility in the store.

While, it is a given that Google Play Store optimization in terms of following Google Play App description guidelines, are a very important step that you need to follow when it comes to getting your app popular in the store, it is not sufficient. Here are the other steps you will have to follow to get your app featured on the play store.

Steps To Get Your App Featured in the Google Play Store

Here are the different google play featuring requirements that we, the leading Android app development company, follow to ensure that Google Play is featuring your app and that makes it to the google play editor’s choice list.

User Interaction and Visual Design

24 of the Best Mobile App Design Tools | BuildFire

Google suggests that all Android apps should follow strict Material Design guidelines in their mobile app User Interface, in order to get featured on Google. Following the standards set by Material Design guidelines, not just leads to an interactive experience for app users but also raises the probability of app getting chosen in the Featured Article section of the Play Store.

In the end, having your app designed in a way that user experience is kept at the top is not just a way to get million downloads on your app but also has the potential to makes yours a Featured Play Store app.

With respect to Material Design, Android has shared a list of particulars for brands to follow.

In Terms of Standard Design:

  • Apps should not redefine the obvious function of system icon, e.g, Back Button or Home icon.
  • App should not replace the system icon with a completely different icon.
  • If the app offers a customized version of the standard system’s icon, the icon should 100% resemble the icon of the system and perform the typical standards system behaviour.
  • The app should not misuse the Android UI pattern in a way that the resultant action is misleading.

In Terms of Navigation:

  • The App should support the system Back button and not make use of custom back buttons.
  • All the dialogs should be made dismissable with the back button.
  • Pressing the home button should take the user back to the home screen, no matter at what stage they are in the application

In terms of Notification:

  • Multiple notifications should be stacked as the single notification
  • Notification should be persistent only if they are related to the ongoing user task.
  • The notification should not have an advertisement or any content which is not related to the main functionality of the mobile app.



Tangible user interface - Wikipedia

  • Use of shadows to communicate which surface are in front
  • Use of surface and shadows in a structured and consistent way
  • Avoid too much layering or surfaces nesting
  • Scrollable Content should scroll to either the screen edges or behind some other surface.
  • Surface should have single-colour, simple background


6 steps to establishing a design aesthetic for your brand - 99designs

  • The apps should use a primary and accent colour which should be contrasting to each other.
  • Icons, texts, images are to be coloured ‘ink’. They should not have shadows or gradients.
  • Colours taken from the image can be used as the adjacent Ul element colour.
  • App icons should follow system icon guideline and material design icon set.
  • Elements such as thumbnail, app bar titles, etc should be aligned to 3 keylines.


Games | Rolocule Games

  • Ul and content element should animate into place
  • Ripple effect to show where you touched the screen
  • UI elements should reveal with a circular reveal animation
  • Animations should be under 300 ms


Adaptive vs responsive design: which is better? | Webflow Blog

  • The app should use best responsive design practices
  • key action should be shown with a floating action button on the screen
  • App should use standard Android app bar
  • App bar should be 2-3 time higher than standard height
  • App bar can scroll off screen when user scrolls down.
  • Tabs should follow material design based styling and interaction
  • Tabs should have a swipe gesture for movement between them


  • The leftmost icon of app bar should be navigation drawer indicator
  • App drawer should be no wider than 320dp on phone and 400dp on tablet


Are You Losing Out to Competition Because of the Functionality of Your Website? - Monitis Blog

Google usually insists that the app made for Play Store should be developed with the help of Android Studio.

In Terms of Permission

  • The app should request only the very minimum set of permissions that are needed to support the core functionality of the mobile app.
  • Apps cannot request permission to access sensitive, private user information or service which can cost users money, until and unless they are related to some core app capability.

In Terms of App Installation

  • The apps should function normally when it is installed on the SD Card.
  • Most of the large apps should support SD Card installation.

In Terms of Audio

  • Audio should not play when the screen is off until it is a core functionality
  • Audio should not play under a locked screen
  • Audio should not play on the home screen or above some other app
  • Audio must resume when the app is brought to the main screen.

In terms of UI

  • Apps must support both portrait and landscape orientation (if possible)
  • Irrespective of what orientation your app is following, the features, actions, and functional parity should be preserved.
  • Apps should use the whole screen in both orientations and should not letterbox for changes in orientation.
  • Apps must handle the rapid transition between orientations.

In Terms of App State

  • Apps must not put any service in running when the app is operational in the background.

Work on Latest Technologies

The chances of your app getting featured on the Play Store increases, even more, when the apps are based on the leading Google technologies.

To increase the probability, we, at Anteelo always try to find out the scope for adding these technologies to your app, wherever viable. Let us look at what these technologies are –

Action on Google

Google Assistant opens to apps in December, and hardware makers next year | Greenbot

With Google recently launching Google Homes in India and several other regions, developing an app and making it in sync with Google Assistant is what increases the chances of your app getting visible whenever a user ask the assistant for a similar service that your app brand offers.


The Firebase Blog: Firebase expands to become a unified app platform

While the debate between Real-time vs Cloud Firestore is an ongoing one, when you develop an app using Firebase, users get to sign in the app through a system that they trust and use. The app saves users’ data in a secure cloud environment and offer personalized experience across a number of devices.

Implementation of Firebase brings in the factor of innovation and trust in the app, which ultimately increases the chance of getting your app selected as a Feature app.


Flutter - Beautiful native apps in record time

The Google flagship for Cross-Platform App Development, Flutter has been getting special attention from the developer community for being easy to use and packed with features that are standing points ahead of React Native.

With the aim of making the tool become synonymous to Cross-Platform App Development, Google editorial team is giving special focus to apps that are based on Flutter.

Measuring Vitals of your Android App

It is no surprise that stability and performance are linked directly to good Google Play Ratings. So the more issues you fix, the better goes your app rating on Play Store and the more users you are able to retain, which ultimately leads to a stage where your app gets featured on the Play Store.


  • Adding App Analytics in Android app
  • Proguard in Android app
  • Low APK Size
  • Crash Reporting Library
  • Turn off debugging and logging
  • Check app version name and code
  • Test app on different OS version and screen size


Localizing your app UI and UX in a way that it is not made just for the native English speakers and readers, also plays a contributing role when it comes to getting the app featured in the Play Store.

Google has always shown a sweet spot for brands that don’t restrict their audience to any one particular geographical location, so for an app that supports its multi-linguality preference, tends to get a higher spot than the others as well.


  • Identify countries where there is a market opportunity and where you can provide user support
  • use single set of flexible layouts having alternative layouts where needed. Support right-to-left text, use system-provided formats for times, dates, numbers, and money.
  • Optimize app for low and no bandwidth connectivity and low price range phones
  • Translate app, store listing and other resources
  • Test the localized app
  • Run open test in markets you are focusing on
  • Create forum or user group to support international users
  • Run store listing experiment to see what works best.

Reach Out to the Google Developer Agencies

Google expands its certified Developer Agency network to India | Technology News,The Indian Express

While you cannot nominate your own app for getting featured in the Play Store, Google developer agencies like us can help your app get featured.

Let us tell you how.

Google Developer Agencies have access to the internal Google development and design team, who help them develop apps that is since inception up to the standards of getting featured in the Play Store. Also, the scope of us using our connection with the Google editorial team to push your app for nomination is of a high possibility.

So, here were the factors that Google has confided in us, which can directly lead to your app getting featured in the Google Play Store. While these were the things that you should do, there are steps that you should avoid at all costs to make sure that your app falls in the Featured section.

Factors to Avoid When Looking to Get Your App Featured in the Play Store

  • Do not use a payment provider other than Google
  • Do not make your app download other applications
  • Do not bribe your users with rewards in return for a high application rating.

Pointers to Consider and Avoid to Get Your App Featured in the Play Store


  • Top free
  • Top Paid
  • Top Grossing
  • Trending Apps
  • Top New Free
  • Top New Paid
Selected by Google Play Team 
  • Featured
  • Staff Picks
  • Editor’s Choice
  • Top Developer


  • High Download Rates
  • Increase in Positive User Reviews and Feedbacks
  • Greater App user Retention Higher Revenue


Don'ts and Dos on Coronavirus - AAPS | Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

  • Proper Visual Design and User Interaction
  • App Functionality to Meet the Standards of Billion Devices
  • Work on the Latest Technologies
  • Test Your App to Make it Bugs and Complaint-Free
  • Localize Your App to Make the World Adopt it
  • Do not use a payment provider other than Google
  • Do not make your app download other applications
  • Do not bribe your users with rewards in return for a high application rating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Editors Choice in Google Play?

Editors’ Choice refers to the apps and games that introduce users to the best innovative, creative, and designer apps on Android. Google also released an improved Editors’ Choice section that features app and game reviews accumulated and organized by the editorial team of Play Store. If your app gets featured on editors choice google play, there is a high chance for your app to gain million downloads.

Q. How to get your app featured on google play?

Well, Google really helps developers with its Google Play app description guidelines. With that, we have 6 tips up our sleeves to help you get your app on Google Play.

  1. Follow launch checklist
  2. Preach simplicity rather than over-stacking app with features
  3. Develop attractive UI/UX design
  4. Employ Google Product Initiatives
  5. Acquire Press coverage
  6. Analyze larger market forces.

Q. How to get your app noticed?

Everyone devises different tactics to make their app popular. For you, we have accumulated 7 tips that will ensure more active users for your app. They are:

  1. Practice App Store Optimization
  2. Promote your app on your website and other platforms
  3. Devise email marketing campaigns
  4. Optimally use Social Media
  5. Make online and in-app ads
  6. Create an effective Public relation strategy
  7. Give your time to offline campaigns

Flutter Ideal For Cross-Platform App Development

Flutter - Beautiful native apps in record time

For mobile app development- iOS and Android are the two main platforms. Each of these platforms need different types of coding for application development. This separate coding has become a problem to various mobile app development companies; which has resulted in the use of cross platform development. Gone are the days when developers had to sweat double in order to create an app for app development platforms. Now, creating an app with one-time coding is possible, thanks to cross platform app development frameworks. The best cross platform app development includes creation of mobile applications in a way that they can be run on various platforms. In this type of development, programming is done only once in a manner that the app is supported by Android, iOS or Windows. Cross platform development has become popular because of its features and tools which are loved by developers. Some popular cross platform development tools are Xamarin by Microsoft, React Native by Facebook, and PhoneGap from Adobe. Each of these development tools have different features along with pros and cons. Developers are always looking for something new and improved to make app development a time saving and efficient process. This constant improvement in technology gave birth to Flutter.

What is Flutter?

How to change package name in flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit and an astounding cross-platform app development tool, introduced by Google.  It uses Dart language for programming. Flutter was launched in 2018 with the features that were missing in the previous cross-platform development tools.

Apps built with Flutter can be run on Android, iOS and Google Fuchsia which is another app development platform developed by Google. However, a debate of Flutter vs React Native is always going on among developers since the time it launched.

Flutter is being used by developers for its proficiency and efficaciousness. The developers at Google had been working rigorously on this before general use. Here are the things they worked on:

  • Ability to support more Firebase APIs
  • Has its own tools
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved documentation
  • Support windows development
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Tools for Android Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • Support different languages i.e internationalizing
  • Accessibility for all types of developers
  • Additional features like inline videos, charts and ads

What is Flutter Good for?

GitHub - flutter/flutter: Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful apps for mobile and beyond.

Ever since Flutter has become famous, this question has been making rounds. Before deciding to build a Flutter mobile application, people want to know which type of development it supports and does not support. Flutter is not the choice for you if you are developing:

  • Instant or Progressive Web Apps – These type of apps need to be small and apps built with Flutter, on the other hand, are larger than native apps.
  • Apps that need uncommon native libraries – Flutter is new and it does not have all the native libraries in its repository so if any uncommon native library is demanded by an app, it can complicate the process. In that case, developers will have to add custom-made platform channels which is definitely going to take time.
  • Applications communicating to hardware via bluetooth – This feature can be built separately for both Android and iOS and then added to the Flutter app. However, this might be time-consuming.

Developing an app with Flutter

Google Developers Blog: Flutter: a Portable UI Framework for Mobile, Web, Embedded, and Desktop

We did reveal the real Google strategy behind Flutter in our previous blog. Moreover, Flutter has been around long enough to provide the impeccable user experience. The exponential popularity of flutter for cross platform encouraged developers to build apps with this framework.  Now, there is a sea of flutter cross platform apps out there, served with proficient flutter app development services.

Some IoT banking use cases of flutter include apps developed by Google- Adwords app which tracks the advertising reach and buys Alibaba app by Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce company. Another examples are Watermaniac, Hookle, Coach Yourself, Reflectly, and many more.

From an app owner’s view, developing an app with Flutter is fast and less costly. There are other advantages of using Flutter for app development which are discussed below:


The Pros and Cons of Using Website Builders

  • Hot reload – Whatever changes are made on the application is immediately visible to the developers and that makes the process easy and less time-consuming. Hot reload allows developers to quickly change anything that doesn’t look or fit perfectly in the app. This also allows developers and designers to collaborate better. However, the changes may take several minutes to reload.
  • Perfect for MVP – Flutter is the best option if you are looking to build quickly to show it to your prospective investors. It takes less time and built native looking application for both iOS and Android. This will let your investors see what your MVP looks like and you will not waste time developing apps for two different platforms.
  • Less coding – Flutter uses Dart programming language which is an object-oriented programming language. It does not need to code an entirely new programme if any changes are made because it allows hot reload. Flutter is slightly similar to react native so it is reactive and declarative.
  • Cross-platform development – Flutter is a cross-platform development tool. In this, coding is done only once and then the same code can be used in another platform as well. Also, Flutter is the only access to development in Google’s Fuchsia platform. With Fuchsia developer portal now live, developers are trying their hands on it. Looking at its reception so far, it is said to replace Android in the future, which is precisely the strategy of Google behind Flutter.
  • Widgets –  One of the importance of flutter for app development is having many widgets that are natural looking, fast and customization. Widgets are necessary for an app because that’s what makes the apps interesting. Flutter has a wide range of amazing widgets that perform well and can be customized as per the need. The widgets are unified for all platforms and layouts.
  • Different themes – Most of the time, the themes of the same app are different for iOS and Android. The difference is not in the theme color and design but more than that. Flutter allows to put in different themes while coding for both the platforms. Take a look at the image below and see how the theme data is set for target platform iOS.


Loonie Making You Looney? Pros And Cons Of A Weak Canadian Dollar ... - ClipArt Best - ClipArt Best

  • Limited to mobile only – To build an app with Flutter means to build an app only for mobile. Flutter is still not available for web browsers. This can majorly impact your decision on the development platform. If you are looking for maximum flexibility then maybe Flutter is not the right choice.
  • Few libraries – Flutter does have libraries but not a wide range of it. The most common ones that Google decided to include are available but many useful libraries are still unavailable. If a developer wants to use any of the unavailable libraries, he will have to build it on his own which is a time taking process.
  • No TV support – Even though Flutter development is supported in both iOS and Android mobiles yet it is not available for Apple TV or Android TV.
  • No CI support yet – Other platforms sure do allow continuous integration support like Jenkins and Travis to the iOS and Android apps but Flutter does not. There are other ready-made solutions instead of these CI platforms but to use that developers will have to set up toolkits.

Smooth Development Cycle and Rapid Results

There are numerous features in Flutter that simplifies the development process for engineers, upon relying on the experience of Flutter-based tasks, some of the important features are provided below:

Business logic components (BLoC)

bloc - Visual Studio Marketplace

Flutter’s principles depend on the reactive programming that guesses streams. This architecture pattern is called BLoC (Business Logic Components). This architecture permits separation of the application’s UI from the business logic by utilizing streams.

The fundamental value of BLoC design is its reactivity, and freedom of UI from data. In comparison to other architectural patterns, where UI might be stacked with delays, the BLoC design prevents delays in the application’s performance by using organized, async techniques, and streams. It implies that animations and screen scrolls will work easily, while data is stacked from the server.

We have been utilizing BLoC pattern architecture for years now. It is the best fit for applications with complex architecture and a lot of information. In a case where the app’s architecture is simple, additionally the Provider design is utilized that simplifies resource allocation and increases scalability for classes.

Code architecture

The measure of settled objects in Flutter code doesn’t impact the last presentation and responsiveness. This is because there are no recursive calls when preparing the layout.

For example: if there are a lot of gadgets accumulated in the native app – it probably influences the application’s performance. In any case, with Flutter, it is feasible to carry out UI/UX plans of any complexity, stylization, and onboard plenty of widgets.

Flutter supports multithreading, where threads are known as Isolates. When beginning to code in Dart, only a single essential Isolate is referred to as the UI Thread. It is the correct answer for long-running undertakings that ought to be processed alongside the smooth running of the entire application.


Since Flutter uses Dart programming language, mobile developers generally utilize the DartPub as a package supervisor since it contains numerous reusable packages and libraries. While picking any plugin module, one can see both its popularity and the code’s health and maintenance. It is significant when creating custom highlights – it’s not as imperative to pick modules by the notoriety rate as to see that the code is in effect constantly refreshed and checked. The actual module may not be that well known, however in the event that you have some novel programming highlights, it is feasible to pick it relying upon the code’s wellbeing.

Why Choose Flutter?

Support and Community

Correct Community Support. Tips and suggestions

The Flutter 1.17 release has lots of improvements and it has resolved an unprecedented number of issues since its last release. This enormous number of enhancements is the consequence of coordinated effort with Nevercode, an incredible nonstop mix and constant development tool that helps any Flutter application developer to effectively discover and resolve issues.

With each year, a number of issues are resolved than opened, and this permits the Flutter group to end up with less issues left. The greater part of the issues have been settled with the assistance of 3,164 pull requests from 231 contributors.

Core elements

Core Elements | LinkedIn

Flutter utilizes widgets as its core element just like other progressive languages. Widgets permit developers to perceive how they’re doing with their code very quickly and save heaps of time on creating fundamental UI elements for each screen and resolution.

This is the thing that makes Flutter advantageous for developers, wherein they simply need to develop a UI element once and it will automatically adjust for any screen. This likewise saves time for QA professionals, as they don’t have to test the Flutter mobile app design on all devices with various screen sizes.

Lifecycle management

Flutter App Lifecycle. Mobile Apps Development A-Z Guide. | by Vladimir Babenko | Pharos Production | Medium

An application’s lifecycle is normally managed by the operating framework. This implies changing the condition of an application. Flutter used to be not that awesome at lifecycle management, as it didn’t have any tools that would permit developers to follow each phase of their application’s lifecycle.

Presently, developers can see their app’s lifecycle in Stateful widgets. They can likewise utilize extra widgets like OrientationBuilder, which tracks changes in screen direction and so on.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Flutter Mobile Application?

It takes 50% less time to build an app with Flutter as compared to building apps separately for Android and iOS. According to the mobile app development guide on how much does an app development cost that we wrote recently, the cost of an app depends on the hours it takes to build it. To build an app with Flutter that works both on iOS and Android, it takes about 250 hours. On the other hand, it takes 400 hours to build the same app for iOS and 250 hours for Android.

To determine the flutter mobile app development cost, just multiply the hours taken to build the app with the hourly charge of an app developer. A Flutter app development company, however, has its own price range for its flutter application development services. It usually ranges between $15,000 to $40,000.

It is seen that the hours taken for Flutter app development is low hence it will save money. So if you want to save money and built an app in less time then Flutter is a great choice.

What is the Future of Flutter?

Cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter

Often a compromise is made between quality and productivity while developing separate apps for iOS and Android. But Google decided to remove this issue and introduced Flutter as a cross-platform development tool.

Flutter has just entered the app development industry and has already seen a lot of fame. The future seems to be bright for Flutter. Google also launched Flutter 1.7 with added new features and functions such as Rangeslider, 64-bit support, typography features, game controller support and so on. There is no denying that it is certainly more powerful than the previous Flutter 1.5 and 1.6 versions. Flutter has a lot of potential in the industry and if it is able to bridge the gap between quality and productivity then it sure is going to take over the app development world.

Flutter app development platform is still in the development phase which can be a risk but it shouldn’t take Google long to launch a stable version of the framework. Flutter has an official website where you can find all about Flutter.

This was our take, as a Flutter app development company in USA and other countries, on the newly launched Flutter for cross platform development. If you wish to know about our development process for android and iOS cross platform development within this framework or want to gain insight into our flutter cross platform app development services, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you make a flutter app?

The very first step in the process of making a flutter app for your business model is to hire the best flutter app development company, which has the experience in this field and is trustworthy. Moreover, you need to make sure to calculate flutter Mobile app development cost before taking any solid decision.

2. How do you make cross-platform apps?

With the growing technology, many cross-platform mobile app development tools have also emerged to facilitate the whole development process. Software and mobile application development kit, such as Flutter, is the most effective way to develop a remarkable mobile app.

3. What programming language does flutter use?

Flutter uses the Dart programming language to create rudimentary codes and essentially the base for any cross-platform app.

4. Which framework can be used to develop cross-platform applications?

From the myriad of frameworks, the best ones to use for cross-platform development are Xamarin, React Native, and Phonegap.

Big Data and Cyber security: Together, Stronger

More sophisticated, streamlined and ambitious cyber attacks (with the capability of inflicting destruction to a large extent) have compelled the security experts to look for ways to up their game as well. The propagation of cloud computing which has affected the efficiency of the firewalls (set up for protecting the systems) a bit, has resulted in the security teams of various organizations in opting for strategies that would analyze the behavior of the user and the network.

Enters Big Data

Why the interest in Big Data?

Big data is nothing but extremely large data sets that comprise of structured data like SQL database stores, semi-structured data like the kind present in sensors as well as unstructured data like document files; data that can be mined for information. The approach is already being used in multiple projects throughout the world like during elections (particularly in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and Indian General Election 2014). Since the security experts indulged in ensuring cyber security are shifting their focus to the analysis part of the data, services like risk management and managing the actionable intelligence provided by Big Data can be utilized here.

According to CSO, the collaboration between cybersecurity and big data would be best put to use with highly trusted and accurate data along with some functionality to automatically respond to the threats present in the data (being analyzed). Using Big data for ensuring Cyber security will allow organizations to identify hackers attack vectors up to an advanced level and in discovering miscellaneous anomalies.


Outsourcing App Development (2019-2020 Guide)

4 Convincing Reasons You Should Outsource App Development

You have come up with a million dollar idea for a mobile application and now you are lost on the path of development. Next 7 minutes of your time will be spent in weighing all the options you have about how to do outsourcing app development for your big billion app idea.

If we look at it today, the mobile app development industry has become a multi-million dollar industry. Going by the stats, there are over 2 million apps on Apple’s App store and over 2.5 million apps on Google Play Store.

And to meet this demand, there are about 19 million software developers in the world and over 50% of them are dedicated to mobile app development. A simple mathematical calculation here would show how difficult it is to find a good app development agency amongst the crowd of millions of developers available in the market. And thus, it takes a lot of time and effort to find an app developer who is perfect for your app category.

Your diligent knowledge about how to find a good mobile app developer can in fact, take your app from ordinary to extraordinary. But what is difficult to sail the process of finding a good app developer, especially when you have taken an outsourcing route.

In this article cum guide, we are going to offer all the necessary insights to keep your plans to outsource app development rolling.

Here are some of the questions we will seek to answer in the article:

  1. Outsourcing vs In-House Team of Developers: What Should be the Right Choice?
  2. What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development?
  3. Freelance or Agency: Which Outsource Mobile App Development Mode Should You Choose?
  4. How To Select The Perfect Agency To Outsource Mobile App Development
  5. How to Outsource Effectively on a Low-Budget?
  6. What Are The Risks Involved In Mobile Development Outsourcing And How To Tackle Them?
  7. Time and Material vs Fixed Price: The Best Application Development Outsourcing Contract
  8. What are the Biggest Software Outsourcing Trends in 2020?

will be answered in this article and by the end of it, you will have a path to follow. So let us start.

Outsourcing vs In-House Team of Developers: What Should be the Right Choice? 

Outsourced vs In-House Software Development: Which one is better for startups?

There are usually two choices that every tech startup and their established counterparts have – have an in-house team of developers or outsource the requirement.

While there’s no fixed answer as to which is the right choice, in our line of work we have in fact gathered points that help entrepreneurs fall on either side of the coin. Here’s when it makes sense to outsource and not establish an in-house team:

  1. When majority of your development task is one-time
  2. When you are working on a low budget and unclear ROI plan
  3. When you are looking for quick go-to market time
  4. When there’s a scope of technical updation within the application.

The pointers that we shared above are more or less the story of every SME. So before you make your next hire, ponder upon the outsourcing route once. Especially around the benefits of application development outsourcing.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development?

6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development is Good Idea

  1. It enhances the speed of your app development. With outsourcing, you don’t have to wait for the full hiring process. Additionally, when you outsource, the agency you partner with works single-handedly on your software, meaning there’s no distraction or additional tasks. This single-focus approach plays a great role in increasing the app development speed.
  2. It helps in expanding the technological stacks without the need of re-hiring talent. Technologies are wildly fluctuating these days. And making hiring and firing decisions simply on the basis of the technologies which are in and ones which are outdated can be a bad move. When you outsource software development projects, you get to inculcate the necessary technologies without affecting your in-house manpower planning process.
  3. App development outsource adds innovation and efficiency to the existing set-up. The implementation of IDEA (Identify, Design, Engineer and Analyze) is the simplest pattern that greatly helps in streamlining the entire process of mobile app development.
  4. The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing is another big point in its favour that makes enterprises attracted towards it. For instance, if we go by the real-life experience of western world clients, they would tell that the cost of mobile app development or even of hiring a developer in the US and Europe is much higher than hiring a qualified app developer in the eastern part of the world.

According to some accounts, the cost was as less as 50% of setting up an in-house development team. So this makes the choice between in-house and outsourcing a bit easier.

Assuming you are sold on the benefits that outsourcing has to offer, here are the two options that would be available to you when you decide on mobile application outsourcing.

Freelance or Agency: Which Outsource Mobile App Development Mode Should You Choose?

Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a Freelance app developer can seem like an extremely attractive idea when it comes to cost-effective solutions to all your app development needs. But just like any other situation, this situation also has its pros and cons.

Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

Hiring an agency can be your one-stop solution for all the app development requirements. A mobile app outsourcing company is much more efficient and effective and most importantly, organised in terms of handling and managing clients. They provide flexible time schedules and ensure that the cost that you’re paying ends up worth every penny in terms of services.  You can’t resist hiring an outsourcing agency for your next project.

Looking at the Pros and cons of both, hiring a freelancer and hiring an app development agency, it is fair to say that the better option out of the two is hiring an app development agency.

Now that we have decided on one aspect of our next mobile app development project, let us take a look at the scenarios you need to take care of and point to consider before deciding upon any outsourcing company.

How To Select The Perfect Agency To Outsource Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a huge investment for any company and selecting an appropriate Agency for making the app perfectly as you have imagined is a difficult task. But following a set of pointers can ease out the outsourcing process to a great deal.

Fix a Geography

Geography - Wikipedia

There are websites such as Clutch, Directory of Google development Agency and Appfutura which provide organised information about the ranking and rating for app development agencies worldwide. These lists can be sorted according to geography, reviews, Hourly rates and Industry focus of the company.

After you have made a decision on which geography to outsource services from, go through the reviews of the top rated companies to make a clearer second level decision.

You can even choose to personally contact some of the reviewers to get a better idea about the working procedure of the app development companies. At the end of checking and cross checking the credentials of your top companies on each of the mentioned websites, finalise four or five companies to go forward with.

Check the Quality of Work

Quality Check Mark Box Ring Great Excellent Job Work Product Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 55579728.

Before making the final decision about hiring someone for your work, look at the quality of work done by them previously. Ask for a portfolio and judge the quality of work with it.

Portfolios are also a great way to scale a developer’s or an agency’s level at handling complex apps and projects. For instance, if your app is a complicated one, you will not hire the person or agency that has only simple apps in their portfolio and vice versa.

There also should be a standardized procedure to follow all the things through so that everyone is on the same page regarding the progress of the application. This has a great impact on the quality of the application.

Check the Range of Services Offered

Products and Services - Definitions, Examples, Differences

The specifications of the project should be made clear before starting the actual development process for the best outcome. Generally, a rough solution or a scope of work is provided by the freelance developer or the app development agency according to their understanding of your vision and then you, as a client, also gain clarity about the things you need and do not need in the application.

The process of providing the scope of work also works differently for freelance mobile app developers and mobile app development agencies.

If you had been going with a freelancer, he would have never changed anything about the specifications you had provided and would have given you the exact set as you had stated in the paperwork but an agency walks you through the process of development. And gives you options to add or subtract anything out of the specifications as the need arises and the project becomes clearer to everyone involved in the process.

Enquire About the Post-Launch App Services

This is one of the most important parts of the contract between a client and a service provider. In a business as intricate and complicated as mobile app development, problems can arise anytime, after all, it’s a machine and no machine is flawless. Therefore, it is crucial to add the required clauses in the contract at the beginning of the project itself that makes it clear what kind of post-launch services you will be needing and the company of the freelance developer will provide you.

Agencies, usually have a separate support department which takes care of the clients’ post-launch services. On the other hand, it might not be possible for a freelance developer to provide support full-time due to time-crunch.

Post-launch services are also necessary because mobile apps require constant upgrades in order to match up to the industry standards. Also, the Operating system upgrades always need to be made compatible with the mobile application. This kind of support is easy to provide for a mobile app development agency.

Match the Communication Lined

Post Launch Hack: What To Do In The First 30 Days Your App Is Live | by Logan Merrick | Medium

With the growth that the world has seen in the past decade, it has become very easy for anyone to be in one corner of the world and get services from the other end of the world. This is an amazing technological advancement but with it, comes time difference.

It becomes very difficult to manage communications and projects being in different time zones. In such cases, it is cardinal that we decide the meeting and discussion times beforehand.

A checklist to outsource mobile app development effectively

  1. They should be well established with a solid portfolio to judge their work. There should be excellent and appropriate examples of their previously done projects that should convey an amenable approach towards each project and client services.
  2. They have to have a wide range of capabilities suggesting their work in diverse domains. UI/UX, Android, iOS, Web platforms etc.
  3. They should have a good connectivity to be able to cater to all the client needs.
  4. If the need arises, they should have the resources to travel to the client destination.
  5. They should have a good grasp on the language they’re serving their clients in.
  6. When you hire a remote development team, their team has to be very well-organised to reflect a critical mass in terms of the size of the organization or the team.
  7. They should abide by all kinds of government laws and shouldn’t be involved in forgery.

How to Outsource Effectively on a Low-Budget?

Low Budget New Product Development For Importers (Q&A)

Outsourcing of a mobile application significantly reduces cost. Especially when you’re a start-up. On the other hand, outsourcing also broadens the horizons as to what is the extent of technology we can reach. Also, there are countries which provide mobile app development services at a much cheaper rate than the US and UK.

The initial push for any startup is crucial in such a scenario if you find a better costing option And that initial push can be an MVP made in detail. This can be possible by outsourcing apps from foreign countries (Outsourcing app development in India like countries, where the cost of an MVP and a detailed wireframe of your project is much cheaper than all the other countries).

Another very significant advantage of outsourcing a project for a start-up is Idea-Validation. There will be an entire pool of experienced people and developers handling your project and you can get crucial insights as to what can and cannot work in the app idea that you’re proposing.

This can also be so because these companies will be able to give you some level of competitor analysis as they must have managed a project from your domain as well, previously. And this is all at a much lower cost than the cost of specialists you would have hired for the development of an app in-house.

A big backdrop of startups is more often than not, they fall prey to the services provided at a cheaper price by inexperienced developers. That is why it is very important to abide by the list of documents and questions to ask before you hire anyone.

In the lure of a cheaper price, you might end up stuck with a bad quality application which does not generate results as you like. This can in turn be the biggest outsourcing mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

What Are The Risks Involved In Mobile Development Outsourcing And How To Tackle Them?

Risking the leakage of sensitive data

Many Popular Android Apps Leak Sensitive Data, Leaving Millions Of Consumers At Risk

Involvement of a third party into anything confidential delivers a significant risk of confidential data leakage. Building a successful and quality mobile application requires working with close integration with the outsourcing company team. And that involves sharing confidential information with a third party.

The antidote for such a risk is making a strong non-disclosure agreement and along with it an IP protection agreement. These documentations should be backed by appropriate legal measures also.

Mismatch in expectations and delivery

Managing Mismatched Expectations - Dynamic Team Solutions

Your selected outsourcing company might be the most competent one in business but that doesn’t lower the risk of expectations mismatch. There is always a risk attached with outsourcing that the development team might perceive the client’s app idea in a different way and execute it according to that. Another worse scenario can be that the development team did not collect the necessary information about the application and that causes an inherent flaw in the app design itself which might add cost and time to rectify at a later stage.

To avoid such risks, the client-developer communication should be clear and on paper/mail. A clear pointed contract should be formulated with the development agency so that this risk can be neglected altogether.

Talking of contract, let us next look into the two most preferred application development outsourcing contracts that businesses choose from when they outsource app design or development requirements.

Time-and-Material & Fixed Price: The Best Application Development Outsourcing Contract

While there are multiple engagement models that an app development company offers, there are two that are most commonly used by the outsourced app development sector – Time and Material and Fixed Price.

Fixed Price Contracts:

Within a fixed-price contract, you pay for an app to be delivered in established budget and time. Here, entrepreneurs can set the price, duration, and the project scope in advance, which is a major pro. But the con in this contract is that everything is fixed. Meaning, there is little to zero scope of amendments in the project once the development has begun.

Time-and-Material Contracts:

In this contractual mode, you pay the developers for the time and efforts they put in. Meaning, it is a lot specific than the fixed time model, but at the same time, a lot more creativity friendly. Working on the time-and-material model gives businesses the flexibility to play around the workflows or feature set when things are not going as per their agenda.

What are the Biggest Software Outsourcing Trends in 2020?

Security as priority

Keep Customer Data Secure, Your Top Priority

As the times are growing so is the need for sensitive data protection. 2020, will see extreme and technologically advanced measures taken. Advanced security measures related to automation and threat intelligence will find a way into the outsourcing world.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is another new disrupting technology that is not just making people wonder if the future of work is robots, but is also capable of disrupting the current market of outsourcing mobile applications and bringing the cost down. There is a very high amount of data inflow during the making and testing of any mobile app and if we multiply the number of applications, the numbers are sky high. This size of data can be managed and analyzed only through automation. This will also reduce the outsource app development cost and work to provide a better quality app with the use of AI.

Hybrid Cloud Platforms

What is Hybrid Cloud? Hybrid Cloud Definition and Related FAQs | Avi Networks

The use of cloud platforms is already rising up to a peak and cloud technology is all ready to become a trendsetter. For outsourcing companies, they will be able to highly improve and innovate their services and enhance the efficiency of their business process.

There are a lot of futuristic technologies in-line for helping out the outsourcing companies and clients which are looking to outsource app developers. 2020 has a lot in store for both of these parties.

FAQs That Entrepreneurs Have When They Outsource Mobile Application Development

Q. How to find offshore mobile app development companies?

While you can turn to a usual Google search to find an offshore app development company, what we recommend is head on to rating and review websites like Clutch, Mobile App Daily etc, which have a genuine list of software development companies that you can then select from.

Q. Will I get NDA if I outsource my application project?

Yes. Almost every software development company signs an NDA before the first level of communication with the clients. In fact, if your vetted agency says otherwise, we would advise you to see it as a red flag.

Q. What is the handover process like in outsourced app development projects?

At the end of the project contract, you are entitled to get back all the codes, designs, and data that the agency would have on you. Ideally, this clause should be mentioned in the service level agreement.

Use Third-Party Note Apps with Google Assistant

Google Assistant Can Search Within Apps on Android

If you were wondering when will Google Assistant let you make notes using your favorite third-party app, the time has come. In the latest Google I/O, the company announced that the assistant will also support third-party apps along with the Google Assistant apps to take notes. The apps supported by Google Assistant are Bring!, AnyList, Google Keep,, Remember the milk, Picnic and many more.

Google had made another announcement earlier this year about the Google Assistant “continued conversation” feature and now it supports third-party apps to take notes. The Google community continuously showed a need to use their favorite apps with Google Assistant which is the reason why Google enabled this feature.

The motive behind this newly added feature is to make sure the lists are created simply through voice commands. In the earlier versions, users had to specify the apps to which the lists were added. But now commands like “Add milk to grocery list” and “Add Marvels to movie list” will not need any specific app.

Over the years Google has announced numerous Google Assistant features that are beating Siri’s features and this one is looking to be no different. Although Google doesn’t announce the exact date of launch of its new features, this particular one seems to be running in no time.

How to Check if  The Feature is Live?

Google's grand Assistant transformation is slowly taking shape | Computerworld

To see if the feature is active on your phone, open Google Assistant. Go to settings and there search for the ‘Services’ menu option. Once you open that, scroll and find ‘Notes and Lists’ which includes the names of all third-party apps that are supported with Google Assistant.

If it is active, you will be able to manage the lists with just your voice command. There is another added feature in this known as ‘None’ which lets you keep the lists and notes but does not sync with other services.

However, the behavior of this new Lists and Notes feature seems to be unclear. Things are still under progress and until the feature is full-fledged launched, it is not safe to guess anything.

What is Google Doing for Google Assistant Developers?

It is not just the Google users that are benefited by these new features but the Google developers are getting advantages too. With this new feature to use third-party note apps, any Google Assistant app development company is going to start developing apps to get listed.

In one of our blogs, we mentioned some of the best platforms for developers to build apps for the Assistant on Google Home for which we received great feedback. In the same blog, we talked about how Google is supporting Google developers by introducing new features and functionalities that make the development process easier and simpler.

In the past few years, we have seen Google take special actions on its Assistant which only shows that it is going to add more features that will help its users.

What Next for the Google Assistant?

Bringing you the next-generation Google Assistant

Google Assistant is already seeing so much success with its recently added features and is sure to be a blast in the future. It is said that Google Assistant is the future of AI but not much can be added just yet.

In one of its blogs, Google mentioned that they will use Google Assistant to get things done for users and that will save their time in return. Some new features that have been added to Google Assistant are:

  • New voices and the option to change them. There will be a total of six new voices among which one will be of John Legend, isn’t it amazing? Google is making sure that the voices are as clear and crisp as it can be to give the users a good experience.
  • Multiple actions. Google Assistant will be able to perform multiple actions and that too continuously. For instance, ‘Turn off the lights’, ‘Switch on the fan’, ‘Increase the temperature’, etc.
  • Pretty please. Now, this is an interesting feature. Google will launch soon a feature that encourages kids to speak politely in order to get the Assistant to execute a task. This will be one of the best features for parents.

Those were some amazing features that Google has added. If you have any app idea that you think can get listed in Google Assistant, contact our Mobile App Development Agency and we will help you develop it.

Smishing Attack: A Growing Cyber Threat

Smishing and vishing: How these cyber attacks work and how to prevent them | CSO Online

What is Smishing Attack?

If you believed that phishing could be the only possible threat to cyber-security, then you need to hit the rock bottom! Cyber-attacks are expanding like spider webs over the internet to create havoc in the security system of various sectors across the globe. Just as a phishing attack, a smishing attack is a type of cyber-attack which is infamously trending and carries advanced techniques to obtain victim’s data.

Smishing is a blended word, made with the combination of SMS and phishing. Just as cyber-criminals use emails to phish people into opening malware-laden attachments, smishing attacks are carried out using text messages.

What Is A Smishing Attack? (And How To Prevent It) | PurpleSec

SMS phishing or smishing is an unethical practice of sending fraudulent cellular texts to users to trick them into downloading the attached file or redirected link. These attached links take users to malware-laden websites on their mobile phones.

Smishing text messages contain absurd phone numbers or links to lure customers for immediate response. Smishing attack on your cellular device can be deployed in any form of attention-seeking text.

These nefarious text messages could claim to be your bank asking for your financial information. It could also ask in a tricky way for your ATM number or account details to get access to your bank balance.

Recent Smishing Attack Example: 

Just like phishing, smishing attack is deployed using cellular text messages with the motive to lure customers into giving away information. Smishing text messages often contain URLs or phone numbers.

The phone numbers usually have an automated voice system as a response. When it comes to SMS phishing, attackers use smart ways to trick victims into believing the text message they receive.

What is 'Smishing'?

For instance, if a smishing message comes from a number “5000” instead of any actual phone number, it means it is sent through email on the cell phone. This is done to indicate a legitimate message to trick people.

In an article by Cyware, a smishing campaign, “Lucky Draw Campaign” was targeted on Indian Nokia owners. In February 2019, Nokia owners received a text message claiming they have won a lucky draw.

The message was impersonated to have come from ‘ online shopping Pvt’, claiming that the recipient has won Tata Safari or Rs.12, 60,000. However, it urged recipients to pay to 6,500 Indian rupees to claim their prize.

How to Prevent Smishing Attacks?

4 Clever Smishing Attacks to Watch for in 2021 | TechnologyAdvice

  • Never click on any links in text messages which come from unknown resources.
  • Restrain from responding to personal text messages that ask for your personal details.
  • If a text message looks like an alert or shows any urgency, verify the legitimacy of the source first before responding.
  • Look out for messages that are no sent via phone number. Scammers often mask their identity so that their location or identity could not be traced.
  • Messages that might be sent at odd hours or apart from business hours are usually smishing attacks.
  • Never give away your bank details or financial information easily to any text message asking for your credentials or verification.
  • Cyber Security researchers highly recommend organizations as well as individuals to use good security awareness tools as a preventive measure.

App development by Machine Disrupting Mobile app Industry

Is AI and Machine Learning impacting Enterprise Mobility? - OTS Solutions

When we talk about the present, we don’t realize that we are actually talking about yesterday’s future. And one such futuristic technologies to talk about is  Machine learning app development or use of AI in mobile app development services. Your next seven minutes will be spent on learning how Machine Learning technology is disrupting today’s mobile app development industry.

“Signature-based malware detection is dead. Machine learning based Artificial Intelligence is the most potent defence the next-gen adversary and the mutating hash.” ― James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

The time of generic services and simpler technologies is long gone and today we’re living in a highly machine-driven world. Machines which are capable of learning our behaviors and making our daily lives easier than we ever imagined possible.

If we go deeper into this thought, we’ll realize, how sophisticated a technology has to be for learning on its own any behavioral patterns that we subconsciously follow. These are not simple machines, these are more than advanced.

Technological realm today is fast-paced enough to quickly switch between Brands and Apps and technologies if one happens to not fulfill their needs in the first five minutes of them using it. This is also a reflection upon the competition this fast pace has led to. Mobile app development companies simply cannot afford to be left behind in the race of forever evolving technologies.

Today, if we see, there is machine learning incorporated in almost every mobile application we decide to use. For instance, our food delivery app will show us the restaurants which deliver the kind of food we like to order, our on-demand taxi applications show us the real-time location of our rides, time management applications tell us what is the most suitable time for to complete a task and how to prioritize our work. The need of worrying over simple, even complicated things is ceasing to exist because our mobile applications and our smartphone devices are doing that for us.

Looking at the stats, they will show us that

  • AI and Machine Learning-driven apps is a leading category among funded startups
  • Number of businesses investing in ML is expected to double over the next three years
  • 40% of US companies use ML to improve sales and marketing
  • 76% of US companies have exceeded their sales targets because of ML
  • European banks have increased product sales by 10% and lower churn rates by 20% with ML

The idea behind any kind of business is to make profits and that can only be done when they gain new users and retain their old users. It might be a bizarre thought for mobile app developers but it is as true as it can be that Machine learning app development has the potential of turning your simple mobile apps into gold mines. Let us see how:

How Machine Learning Can Be Advantageous For Mobile App Development?

  • Personalisation: Any machine learning algorithm attached to your simpleton mobile application can analyze various sources of information from social media activities to credit ratings and provide recommendations to every user device. Machine learning web app, as well as mobile app development, can be used to learn.

Leveraging Data and Ecommerce Personalization Types | Acro Media

  1. Who are your customers?
  2. What do they like?
  3. What can they afford?
  4. What words they’re using to talk about different products?

Based on all of this information, you can classify your customer behaviors and use that classification for target marketing. To put simply, ML will allow you to provide your customers and potential customers with more relevant and enticing content and put up an impression that your mobile app technologies with AI are customized especially for them.

To look at a few examples of big brands using machine learning app development to their benefits,

  1. Taco Bell as a TacBot that takes orders, answers questions and recommends menu items based on your preferences.
  2. Uber uses ML to provide an estimated time of arrival and cost to its users.
  3. ImprompDo is a Time management app that employs ML to find a suitable time for you to complete your tasks and to prioritise your to-do list
  4. Migraine Buddy is a great healthcare app which adopts ML to forecast the possibility of a headache and recommends ways to prevent it.
  5. Optimise fitness is a sports app which incorporates an available sensor and genetic data to customise a highly individual workout program.
  • Advanced Search: Machine learning app ideas let you optimize search options in your mobile applications. ML makes the search results more intuitive and contextual for its users. ML algorithms learn from the different queries put by customers and prioritize the results based on those queries. In fact, not only search algorithms, modern mobile applications allow you to gather all the user data including search histories and typical actions. This data can be used along with the behavioural data and search requests to rank your products and services and show the best applicable outcomes.

Advanced Search - Interaction Design Pattern Library -

Upgrades, such as voice search or gestural search can be incorporated for a better performing application.

  • Predicting User Behavior: The biggest advantage of machine learning app development for marketers is that they get an understanding of users’ preferences and behavior pattern by inspection of different kind of data concerning the age, gender, location, search histories, app usage frequency, etc. This data is the key to improving the effectiveness of your application and marketing efforts.

Predicting user behaviour. What is User Behaviour? | by Courage Egbude | UX Collective

Amazon’s suggestion mechanism and Netflix’s recommendation works on the same principle that ML aids in creating customized recommendations for each individual.

And not only Amazon and Netflix but mobile apps such as Youbox, JJ foodservice and Qloo entertainment adopt ML to predict the user preferences and build the user profile according to that.

  • More Relevant Ads: Many industry experts have exerted on this point that the only way to move forward in this never-ending consumer market can be achieved by personalizing every experience for every customer.

What are Relevant Ads & How to Create Better Ads for Campaigns (Examples)

“Most analog marketing hits the wrong people or the right people at the wrong time. Digital is more efficient and more impactful because it can hit only the right people, and only at the right time.” – Simon Silvester, Executive Vice President Head of Planning at Y&R EMEA

According to a report by The Relevancy Group, 38% of executives are already using machine learning for mobile apps as a part of their Data Management Platform (DMP) for advertising.

With the help of integrating machine learning in mobile apps, you can avoid debilitating your customers by approaching them with products and services that they have no interest in. Rather you can concentrate all your energy on generating ads that cater to each user’s unique fancies and whims.

Mobile app development companies today can easily consolidate data from ML that will in return save the time and money went into inappropriate advertising and improve the brand reputation of any company.

For instance, Coca-Cola is known for customizing its ads as per the demographic. It does so by having information about what situations prompt customers to talk about the brand and has, hence, defined the best way to serve advertisements.

  • Improved Security Level: Besides making a very effective marketing tool, machine learning for mobile apps can also streamline and secure app authentication. Features such as Image recognition or Audio recognition makes it possible for users to set up their biometric data as a security authentication step in their mobile devices. ML also aids you in establishing access rights for your customers as well.

Corporate network security levels

Apps such as ZoOm Login and BioID use machine learning for mobile apps to allow users to use their fingerprints and Face IDs to set up security locks to various websites and apps. In fact, BioID even offers a periocular eye recognition for partially visible faces.

ML even prevents malicious traffic and data from reaching your mobile device. Machine Learning application algorithms detect and ban suspicious activities.

How are developers using the Power of Artificial intelligence In Mobile Application development?

Man Vs. Machine: The 6 Greatest AI Challenges To Showcase The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

After learning that what is machine learning app, let us take a look at the advantages of AI-powered mobile apps which are never-ending for Users as well as for mobile app developers. One of the most sustainable uses for developers is that they can create hyper-realistic apps using Artificial Intelligence.

The best usages can be:

  • Machine learning can be incorporated as a part of Artificial Intelligence in mobile technology.
  • It can be used for predictive analysis which is basically the processing of large volumes of data for predictions of human behaviour.
  • Machine learning for mobile apps can also be used for assimilating security and filtering out harmful data.

Machine learning empowers an optical character recognition (OCR) application to identify and remember the characters which might have been skipped from the developer’s end.

The concept of machine learning also stands true for Natural Language Processing (NLP) apps. So besides reducing the development time and efforts, the combination of AI and Quality Assurance also reduces the update and testing time phases.

What Are The Challenges with Machine Learning and their solutions?

9 Real-World Problems that can be Solved by Machine Learning

Like any other technology, there is always a series of challenges attached to machine learning as well. The basic working principle behind machine learning is the availability of enough resource data as a training sample. And as a benchmark of learning, the size of training sample data should be large enough so as to ensure a fundamental perfection in machine learning algorithms.

In order to avoid the risks of misinterpretation of visual cues or any other digital information by the machine or mobile application, following are the various methods that can be used:

  • Hard Sample mining – When a subject consists of several objects similar to the main object, the machine is ought to confuse between those objects if the sample size provided for analysis as the example if not big enough. Differentiating between different objects with the help of multiple examples is how the machine learns to analyse which object is the central object.
  • Data Augmentation – When there is an image in question in which the machine or mobile application is required to identify a central image, there should be modifications made to the entire image keeping the subject unchanged, thereby enabling the app to register the main object in a variety of environments.
  • Data addition imitation – In this method, some of the data is nullified keeping only the information about the central object. This is done so that the machine memory only contains the data regarding the main subject image and not about the surrounding objects.

Which are the Best Platforms for the development of a mobile application with Machine Learning?

Azure deployment - Database downsizing to Cloud Object StorageBobs Blog : IBM's Watson: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate, and DecideBobs BlogGitHub - tensorflow/tensorflow: An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for EveryoneGoogle Snaps-up Startup To Boost Natural Language CapabilitiesGitHub - akshitbhalla/wit-ai-with-Hasura: API integration with a custom Hasura service

  • Azure – Azure is a Microsoft cloud solution. Azure has a very large support community, and high-quality multilingual documents, and a high number of accessible tutorials. The programming languages of this platform are R and Python. Because of an advanced analytical mechanism, the developers can create mobile applications with accurate forecasting capabilities.
  • IBM Watson – The main characteristic of using IBM Watson, is that it allows the developers to process user requests comprehensively regardless of the format. Any kind of data. Including voice notes, images or printed formats is analyzed quickly with the help of multiple approaches. This search method is not provided by any other platform than IBM Watson. Other platforms involve complex logical chains of ANN for search properties. The multitasking in IBM Watson places an upper hand in the majority of the cases since it determines the factor of minimum risk.
  • Tensorflow – Google’s open-source library, Tensor, allows developers to create multiple solutions depending upon deep machine learning which is deemed necessary to solve nonlinear problems. Tensorflow applications work by using the communication experience with users in their environment and gradually finding correct answers as per the requests by users. Although, this open library is not the best choice for beginners.
  • – It is a platform that is created by the Google development team which is known to use contextual dependencies. This platform can be very successfully used to create AI based virtual assistants for Android and iOS. The two fundamental concepts that depends on are – Entities and Roles. Entities are are the central objects (discussed before) and Roles are accompanying objects that determine the central object’s activity. Furthermore, the creators of have created a highly powerful database that strengthened their algorithms.
  • – and have largely similar platforms. Another prominent characteristic of is that it converts speech files into printed texts. also enables a “history” features which can analyze context-sensitive data and therefore, can generate highly accurate answers to user requests and this is especially the case of chatbots for commercial websites. This is a good platform for the creation of Windows, iOS or Android mobile applications with machine learning.

Some of the most popular apps such as Netflix, Tinder, Snapchat, Google maps and Dango are using AI technology in mobile apps and machine learning business applications for giving their users a highly customised and personalised experience.

Machine learning to benefit mobile apps is the way to go today because it loads your mobile app with enough personalization options to make it more usable, efficient and effective. Having a great concept and UI is one pole of the magnet but incorporating machine learning is going a step forward to provide your users with the best experiences.

Start with iOS App Development: Detailed Guide

iOS App Development - The Ultimate Guide And Essential Tips

The choice of operating system plays a crucial role when it comes to mobile app development, but the central debate has always been between Android and iOS. The choice of the platform helps you define your target audience since Android rules the market with the largest global platform share whereas iOS has more loyal customers.

But that doesn’t give Android all the benefits. Before we learn how to develop an iPhone app, let’s start with why should you even think of developing an iOS app?

iOS is much faster than any Android device. The apps run much smoother without any glitch. An iPhone or an iPad has similar functioning, whereas Android phones run differently depending on the model type. This makes iOS devices easier to use.

Another great reason to choose iOS is that the App Store earns nearly more profit than Google’s Android. All the apps can be easily used in any Mac OS which is not the case with Android applications. The iOS apps can be shared with family and friends with the help of an iOS device and such a thing hasn’t been done with Android.

Business apps rank second to games in the most popular app categories by share of available apps. The reason is the numerous advantages that iOS mobile app development offers to businesses that helps them grow and reach a targeted audience. iOS apps improve the ROI of a business as well as maintain a high standard of app quality.

All such reasons are enough to convince anyone to go for iOS mobile app development. Before we learn how to create iPhone app, let’s take a look at how different are iPad app development and iPhone app development.

What to know before developing an iOS app?

The Path To Become A Mobile Developer In 2020 - Programming with Mosh

Before we move forward with iOS development best practices let us differentiate between iPhone and iPad app development. Though both the devices run on iOS yet they have some differences which must be discussed before we move to iOS app development tips.


The size of these two devices vary. The aspect ratio of an iPad is 4:3 and that of iPhone is 16:9. Although the size is not that big of a factor, it does show that the iPad has better resolution since it has a bigger screen.


How to make a conference call from your iPhone - Apple Support

One of the biggest differences between iPhone and iPad is that the iPhone can make calls on a cellular network and an iPad cannot. However, iPad can make calls via FaceTime which needs the internet and can be only used to make calls on other iOS devices.

Compatibility with apps

Which Apps Won't Work in iOS 13? Compatible iPhone Apps - Macworld UK

This is what differentiates these two devices for sure. An iPad can run apps that were developed for iPad as well as apps developed for the iPhone. However, an iPhone can only run apps developed for an iPhone and does not support iPad specific apps. The reason could be difficulty in compressing the resolution of iPad specific apps.


iOS app design guide: principles and inspirational examples - Justinmind

Designing for apps is done differently for both the devices. The reason is not only the compatibility but also that an iPad needs a higher resolution app than an iPhone. An iPad application development is done in such a way that the apps provide an enriching experience.

Market Research

Mobile App Research Strategies | This is How You should do IN-DEPTH MARKET RESEARCH for your Mobile App | by ChromeInfotech | Medium

Any new business needs statistical surveying. It is important that your application idea is reviewed to ensure that your application offers a unique selling point to the target audience.

Conducting in depth market research helps you to understand various strategies used by the competitors and gain insight from the errors made by other firms. It helps you to evaluate demand and target the right audience.


Amartam a leading software testing company in India offers highest quality of autom… | Android application development, Android app development, Application android

Quality implies that your target users will consistently have choices to select from as there will possibly be other potential services that offer similar types of assistance to your user base. This is the place where quality matters — application users are famous for their low resilience to bad performance as they gladly change to better performing applications.

iOS Application Development Process 

Before we go on to discuss in detail how to make an iOS app and best practices for its development, let’s take a look at the process of iPhone and iPad application development.

1. Planning

What is Planning: Planning Process and how should I do it?

iOS development commences with the planning phase. Have a clear focus: What problems is your mobile app addressing? Who are the target users? What is the most important functionality?

A thorough market analysis is essential to ensure that the product will stand out in its market niche. The planning phase also entails arranging all requirements needed in the subsequent phases of app development.

2. Design

Ios designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

The next phase commences with documenting the requirements for the design team. The process commences with paper sketches, wireframes and blueprints that depict how the app would look like.

The design stage lays the groundwork for the subsequent stages to develop an iPhone app.

UI and UX Design is a key phase of the process, determining the user experience and how the app will come to life. At this point, the goal is to create designs that are visually appealing as well as easy to navigate. The app’s UI and UX  should also comply with Apple’s guidelines.

3. Software Architecture

The center principle of iOS application development breaks the model view controller (MVC) standard into three segments, i.e., data, user interface and software. While settling on the design of the application, developers need to work at the front and back-end simultaneously, before the development process. This guarantees the soundness and versatility of the product for the application.

4. Development and Integration 

Application Development and System Integration | Schmidt

If you have been wondering how to build iOS apps this phase is where it all comes together. The development phase primarily is about transforming the idea behind the app into a million users’ reality.

During this phase, the dev team works with three different yet crucial parts of the project- the back end, the API and front end of the application.

There are various developer rules defined by Apple. Therefore, iOS app developers need to incorporate the elements and best practices needed to deliver a private and secure user experience.

5. Quality Assurance 

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Quality Assurance | Tiempo Dev

Post completion of all phases of technical development of the app, the next phase is quality assurance or rigorous testing of the application.

Testing the iOS app is a key aspect of the process, since it can be one of the reasons behind app rejection when submitted to the App store.

The developers need to review the device for optimal performance, smooth user experience, debugging, optimum memory use, privacy and ensure it is in thorough compliance with all Apple guidelines.

6. Deployment 

8 Best Practices for Agile Software Deployment – Stackify

After rigorous testing and review, the app may be submitted to the App store for subsequent review and approval.

It may take a few days to a couple of weeks for Apple to get back and approve your mobile application.

7. Maintenance 

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Fleet Maintenance Programme | Chevin

The process doesn’t end once the app is deployed. With the launch of an app, commences a continuous process of app maintenance. This entails tracking the usage of devices through app analytics tools, assessing the performance through KPIs, patching any technical and security bugs that might occur at any time, and updating app functionality in the light of customer feedback and iOS requirements.

iOS App Development Best Practices and Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled developer, tips and tricks come handy for everyone. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind while designing and developing iOS apps:-

1. Plan out iOS app development

How To Develop An App In 2021: 5 Best Practices To Follow

Planning is a crucial part of any project and without proper planning things can go haywire. Let’s begin with a list of ‘What to know before developing an app?’. Also, decide whether you want to develop iPhone or Pad apps.

Once decided, set the purpose of the application. The Apple users are habituated to high performing and usable apps, therefore, the iOS app developers must know how to develop iPhone apps with good performance.

2. Keep a simple design

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas | Make Aesthetic Backgrounds | PicMonkey

Keeping a simple design will make the work less complicated. Of course, the designs can be changed as the experience and confidence level of iOS application development services builders, but for starters, it is advised to try some simple designs. However, you can still maintain the uniqueness of the app by making a design that is easy to use yet unusual. Tinder app is one such example where the feature of ‘swipe right’ is unique and at the same time simple.

3. Coding plays a crucial role

Is coding a basic life skill? Yes and no, say experts - Big Think

The level of your coding experience decides how convenient you are with app development. However, Apple minimized the difficulties with iOS 8 and Swift programming language in 2014. Swift Programming Language is powerful and easy to understand programming language for iOS and it is fast, safe and interactive. It helps iOS app builders to develop iPhone and iPad apps using a Mac program called Xcode which is often used by iOS app development companies.

4. Add features to increase user interaction

5 ways to increase User Interaction on your blog

Another best practice to consider while developing apps for iPhone or iPad is a great user interaction. Amazon has one of the best user interactions allowing easy use of the website and the mobile app at the same time. The ease is such that a user can place an order from the website and can make the payment through the mobile app. A good app developer must know how to create iPhone apps to optimize content on apps and websites.

5. Compatibility with all iOS version

iOS 14 compatible devices: All the iPhones that support Apple's new OS - CNET

Many users still use the old versions of iOS. If the applications are not built such that they are compatible with all the versions, the app may lose a margin of users, and hence will not be profitable. This also goes for any reliable iPhone app development company because the clients will get less traffic if an iOS version doesn’t support the app.

The Facebook messenger app is a good example. It is compatible with all versions of iOS. The app looks great on an iPad as the UI is rich. Facebook continuously updates the app for the newest versions of iOS.

6. Social-media Integration 

Social Media Integration, Social Media Integration - SM Packers and Movers, Thane | ID: 13962072162

Mobile applications are designed to be functional, practical, inexpensive, and interactive. As the iOS app developers make improvements in the app, an extra feature can be added known as social network integration.

It is an interactive marketing method which helps build strong relationships with consumers and helps in garnering more attention. Adding a marketing feature in the app comes under iPhone app development best practices. This also helps in targeting where the audience is coming from and helps in the promotion of the app.

7. Battery usage

One of the most important factors of any mobile gadget is the battery. On common occasions, high-performance processors will devour a greater amount of energy resulting in a low battery in a short period of time. Most iPhone app development process and services don’t take any measures to save the iPhone battery life which makes users dislike the app soon.

It is also a must to test the application before the final launch. Because if the application fails in any way when a user is using it then it will create a negative impact on the downloads of the app.

8. How to make an iPad app?

When it comes to focus upon developing iPad apps, the answer is not very different from that of iPhone app development. The few differences between an iPad and iPhone development are resolutions, calling features and rich design. For iPad app development, it is important to keep in mind that the screen is large so the richness of apps must be maintained.

9. Traffic management

Smartphone Apps: Most People Really Only Use Three, A Study Says | Fortune

A positive and functional mobile application will surely direct quality traffic to your business.  As a result, it’s your obligation to stay all set with as many approaches as feasible to respond to your traffic instantly.

If an app is getting heavy traffic due to sale, offer or rise in demand, it should not crash. The application should be able to handle the rush and engagement at the same time.

10. Price and promotion of your app

65 Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

The cost to make an app can be calculated on the basis of the development time and the type of features. You can go for in-app purchases so that users can buy additional features for the app.

The cost also depends on the location where it is getting developed, for e.g. is the ios app development company in USA or the company for iphone app development in California.

Promotion of the app is crucial for success. After all, so much effort has been put into the process of app development for iPhone and iPad.

Knowing the Tools

Installing Xcode

How to Download and Setup Xcode 11 for iOS Development | by London App Brewery | Medium

Apple supplies the Xcode development tools which can be discovered on Snow Leopard establishment disk. To run the Xcode, Apple prescribes you have an Intel-based Mac running Leopard or Snow Leopard.

After establishing the tool, you can utilize it to develop Mac and iPhone applications. Xcode and Interface Builder are the two tools that you will use the most.

Getting the iPhone SDK

Baikal Electronics announces that a new release of SDK for Baikal-M

Before getting on the iPhone SDK, you need to first join the iPhone developer program. The free enrollment provides you access to documents, tools, and developer gatherings using the iPhone Dev Center.

After getting the iPhone SDK disk, you can start the work. iPhone SDK is imperative to use as it is always advancing with new features.

Programming Architecture

The Best Programming Language for iOS App Development

To know how the application functions you’ll have to understand its programming structure. Xcode can isolate all displays and interface code from your logic and processing functions, with Model, View, Controller (MVC) as an establishment. MVC may appear to be puzzling or unclear at first but once you get the concept and begin constructing fundamental applications then you’ll come to adore the structure.

Explaining the MVC structure roughly, the Model contains all the data and functions that are required to display on screen. Interesting fact is that, model cannot interact with the screen but views, the V in MVC can interact.

Views for most of the parts are visuals and it gets information only through a ViewController.

Controller is a sophisticated way to conceal back-end information from the front-end design.

Through MVC you can revamp the design as many times as you want while not losing any functionality.

We hope these iPhone app development tips were enough to answer your question on how to develop an app for iPhone as a beginner. But in case of any more queries, feel free to contact our iOS app development experts. We will happily guide you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to develop iOS apps?

Though the reason might vary from person to person, most people look ahead to iOS app development because the App Store earns more revenue than Google’s Android.  Along with rendering a seamless experience, iOS platform is far more secure and faster than Android.

Q. How do I start iOS app development?

When it comes to developing iPhone or iPad apps, there are various things you must know before stepping into the development environment. This includes the size of the application, the designing requirements, calling opportunity, compatibility with other apps, and more.

Q. How do I make an iPhone app for free? 

You can learn how to develop an iPhone app with certain softwares that allow making apps with design templates sans coding. But for a robust iPhone app development solution that will fulfill all your business requirements, it is ideal to connect with iOS app experts.

Q. What coding language is used for iOS apps?

Objective -C and Swift are the two main programming languages used to build iOS applications. While Objective -C is an older programming language, Swift is a modern, powerful and intuitive programming language.

HTTPS is no longer secure: says FBI

FBI warns users to be wary of phishing sites abusing HTTPS – Naked Security

The investigation bureau FBI has issued an alert warning to internet users that “HTTPS” and a padlock icon in the address bar might not be enough to prove if a website is authentic or not. It has been observed that cyber-criminals are increasingly abusing the trust in TLS-secured websites for improving the success rate of phishing attacks.

“They [phishing attackers] are more frequently incorporating website certificates – third-party verification that a site is secure – when they send potential victims’ emails that imitate trustworthy companies or email contacts.”

In 2016, a report by the Ponemon institute revealed that nearly half of all the cyber-attacks used SSL encryption to evade detection within the period of last 12 months. Two-thirds of the organizations admitted that their organization was not prepared to detect malicious SSL traffic.

For many years, there has been a push toward adopting the HTTPS protocol on the web since it ensures a secured communication between the website and user’s browser.

Most of the browsers mark websites that use HTTPS with a padlock icon which indicates that the browser traffic is encrypted, and attackers cannot access the data in the transit. These websites also display warnings in case the user accesses a non-secured website.

Google Pushes Business Websites to Use HTTPS (SSL) - Prometheus PPC

With the advancement in the security measures, attackers have also started adopting HTTPS protocol to deploy sophisticated phishing attacks since the use of this secured protocol allows attackers to psychologically trick the victim into believing that the malicious emails or links that they received in their inboxes are coming from authentic sources.

They are designed with the motive to acquire sensitive login details or other information by redirecting victims to malicious websites that looks secure due to the padlock icon.  However, only connection to these websites is secure and the HTTPS protocol is unable to authenticate the content on the website.

What is the reason behind the increasing use of HTTPS?

Graph - Increasing Graph Clip Art - Png Download - Full Size Clipart (#931804) - PinClipart

To deploy a successful cyber-attack, cyber criminals leverage the latest technology. With the number of websites that use SSL encryption, cyber attackers have started encrypting the phishing websites, making it harder for IT administrators to identify the difference between bad and good traffic. Attackers are increasingly using SSL to encrypt the communication between the compromised endpoint and command-and-control systems to hide payloads, instructions as well as other information that is being sent.

As an increasing number of attacks are using HTTPS to avoid the scrutiny by the traditional methods of cyber security, organizations should take steps to ensure that they are protected against bad traffic.

What is the solution?

Where are the people with solutions? - Reputation Today

Lack of awareness among employees is one of the major reasons for the success of such attacks. In recent years, attackers have shifted their focus from individuals to employees. Statistically, 90% of the cyber-attacks are a result of employee negligence. During the year 2018, there has been a 76% increase in the number of phishing attacks. 54% of the companies had experienced cyber-attacks that compromised with their IT infrastructure and data. According to a survey conducted by McAfee on 19,000 people, 97% of the people were unable to identify such cyber attacks.

This is where the cyber security awareness and training tool comes in handy. The tool helps in creating awareness among employees to combat real-life cyber-attacks. With the power of reporting tool TAB, employees become capable to protect the entire organization against probable cyber-attacks.

Every day the number of reported cyber-crimes are increasing. It is, therefore, important for organizations to invest in cyber security awareness and training programs which should be continuous and must be followed with the regular assessment of the employees’ knowledge on cyber-attacks.

Cost to Develop an App Like Tinder: Determine

Best dating sites for 2021 - CNET

Gone are the days when love used to happen at the first sight. Now, dating apps like Tinder are gaining popularity to fill this gap by letting you find the person of your choice. Now love is just a tap away or more like a swipe away.

While apps like Tinder give its users the chance to fall in love, it puts the parent companies on a direct route to profit and escalated growth rates. In this article, we will be looking into Tinder-like app development in greater detail with the aim to give businesses an idea of how much it would cost them to develop a dating app like Tinder.

Tinder is a social dating app that allows people to find a match for themselves and then fix a date with the match with the help of a chatting feature incorporated in the app. Logging in to Tinder requires a Facebook ID so that the location and interests can be used to find the perfect match.

Even though Tinder was in many ways the Flagship brand of the mobility dating world, a number of apps soon followed the trend that the brand created.

Market leaders in the Dating App Category

Bumble - Date, Meet, Network BetterHappn | Privacy & security guide | Mozilla FoundationRaya, the dating app Hollywood celebrities use for finding love | NewsBytesHinge (app) - Wikipedia

  • Bumble dating app is one such app that is trying to give Tinder serious competition. What Bumble does better is that it provides an immediate chatting option to users, unlike Tinder where you have to wait for weeks to chat.
  • Happn is a huge competitor of Tinder giving incredible features like finding and connecting with someone who has crossed your path. The app uses GPS to track every move.
  • Raya is for the elite. The dating app development is done in a way that users are ‘accepted’ in the circle based on their social media strength and other factors.
  • Hinge works on the basis of connections and lets users find a match that is either a friend or a friend of a friend.

While there are many more in the market but the two biggest competitors of Tinder are Happn and Bumble dating app.

Despite the competition, the application receives one billion swipes per day. There are a number of reasons behind this happening and the most prime one is the feature set that Tinder comes with.

The feature set that Tinder comes up is soon becoming the standard that all the dating app development companies are following

  • The ‘swipe’ feature is great to indicate interest in a profile.
  • Tinder also allows Instagram integration making it easy to find someone’s Instagram profile.
  • Allows chatting with a match and fixing a date.
  • Tinder has special plans like Tinder Gold and Tinder plus for users who are willing to pay extra to add on some features.
  • Tinder uses geolocation which is quite different from any dating app development.

Now that we have looked into the various features that come as part and parcel of Tinder and other social media app development costs, let us now into the one feature that drives the complete revenue of apps that function as Tinder – Potential Matches.

After learning how does Tinder work, you must be curious to know how does Tinder find the perfect match for users. This is something many users think of when they get a match. Most of the matches do have common interests, location and age group. Let us look at the ways that Tinder dating app show potential matches:

How do apps like Tinder show potential matches?

1. The attractiveness of a user

Swipe Left (Tinder Song) by Skillitmusic

On the basis of the matches that any profile gets, its attractiveness increases. The more matches a profile gets, the more attractiveness. And they are listed the first to the other users when the app is opened.

2. Activeness of an account

When an account is new, matches a shown to it on the basis of most famous or attractive profiles. This is done to get them started by swiping right on the interesting profiles. This gives the mobile app a direction to sway their users in.

When a user interacts regularly after mutual liking then that activeness is also used as a factor to show matches to profiles.

3. Facebook profile

Full Details On Facebook's Overhauled Profile Pages | TechCrunch

Facebook profile is another way through which the Tinder mobile app suggests potential matches. Some information is taken from the Facebook profile such as mutual friends or common interests and then those are used to suggest matches on the dating app.

4. Other factors

There are other ways the app finds a match for its users. Some of the suggestions that a user gets are of those profiles that have already swiped right on them and are waiting for the user to swipe right in order to get a match.

Now that we have looked into the functionality of the Tinder-like app, it is time to look into the technologies that are used in the making of one of the most popular dating apps of our time.

Tech Stack of Tinder Like App Development

  • Application & Data – AngularJS

AngularJS Query String handling using $

  • Utilities- Google Analytics, SendGrid

How to send an SMTP mail using SendGrid? | Arasu RRK5 Google Analytics Loopholes to Close ASAP

G Suite - 9to5GoogleZendesk Reviews | Glassdoor

While the above tech stack is specific to Tinder, you don’t necessarily have to rely on them for your app as well.

Now that we have seen how the app works and the ways it finds potential matches, let’s look at the money involved. There are basically four ways such dating apps make money:

How much money do dating apps make?

1. Subscription:

How to Cancel Tinder Subscription on iPhone and Android - REGENDUS

Some apps give users a trial period to use the app for free and after that period is over a subscription fee is needed to be paid to continue the usage of services. This is one of the most common ways to make money. Tinder launched Tinder Plus for users with additional features that seeing people who have swiped right on their profile. The subscription fee for under 30 years is $10 monthly and for people above 30 years is $20 monthly.

2. Ads:

Google's pestering ads get 'mute' button - BBC News

Ads are spaces for third party companies. For advertising on the apps like Tinder, which has a huge audience, advertisers have to pay a good sum of money. Although it hasn’t been disclosed officially by the app about the cost of ads on its mobile apps, a source found out that it costs $5000 and above for one ad placement.

3. In-app purchases:

What Does In-App Purchase Mean? | CleverTap

The in-app payment integration can be made by users to access certain special features such as emojis, icons, etc. This is a way of earning for apps like Tinder.

4. Premium plans:

What Is Bumble Boost? How It Works, How to Get It

When companies build an app like Tinder, they keep certain special features locked. These features can only be unlocked after paying a certain sum.

5. Others:

Dating apps have other features as well. For example, in Bumble dating app female users only see the matches for 24 hours after which the match disappears. So if the male users want females to see their request for longer, they will need to buy the extended time of 24 hours.

With this, you now know what it takes to develop an app that works just like Tinder and also the different ways you can make money off of your app. The next and last section that we are left to discuss is – How much would it all cost you before you start making profits on your app.

Let’s answer that for you.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Tinder?

Noting the features that are prevalent in the app, it can be assumed that the cost to develop apps like Tinder would come somewhere around $40,000 to $50,000. However, this is a very rough estimate. There are a number of factors that can increase or lower the mobile app development cost.

Now that you have gathered the complete understanding of not just the Tinder clone app market potential but also the answer of how to build a dating app like Tinder, along with the near actual cost estimate of the app development, it is time to use that information and contact our team of mobile app development experts and get your Tinder clone app made.

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