Pro Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups

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So as to scale a business, it’s indispensable to advertise the products viably. There are numerous difficulties along the path; in any case, adaptability is conceivable with these best development hacking methodologies.

To connect with an enormous crowd, companies need to embrace distinctive development hacking procedures. Although some among these procedures have just been around for a couple of years, in any case, they demonstrate to assume a crucial job in the growth of cutting edge organisations. Numerous business visionaries have made them a necessary piece of scaling their business since they saw productive outcomes, and it’s about time you do so as well.

Entrepreneurs look for different growth hacks and need to develop rapidly by collecting as many clients as possible to expand their income. Growth Hacking has been proven as a practical and trusted approach for a sure shot success of budding startups. Yet, only a few businesses are able to execute these growth hacks in an ideal manner. This article gives you an insight into the 12 best growth hacking strategies which have been proven successful for various ventures. Let’s take a look:

1. A/B Testing

Multiple Hypothesis Testing/Comparisons Problem: How Adding More Variations To Your AB Test Will Impact Your Results?


A/B Testing draws its way wherever there is traffic. No matter what it is; a blog title, email headline, popup CTA, or a million different things. There’s an A/B test that can assist you with streamlining that crusade. Regardless of whether it’s A/B testing your landing page content or seeing which email headlines resound with perusers, experimentation can reveal handy solutions that lead to tremendous outcomes.

2. Add hidden form fields to your lead-generation forms

Defining & Understanding Hidden Form Fields Plus the 5 Main Benefits

The more you think about your leads, the better you can cater and support them in your promoting down the line. One technique used to catch much more data about your leads is to pass a parameter in a URL which can be acknowledged by a hidden field on one of your forms. Utilising this technique, you can catch much more data about your leads without frustrating them out with various forms that you as of now gathering data from. Regular employments of this can incorporate area, crusade, and intrigue classification.

3. Conduct Giveaways

Running next level Facebook giveaways with Recart

Free giveaways can be a significant approach to promote your business. By showcasing your product to customers, you can rapidly and effectively create familiarity with your image, and it may spur them to return for more. The second time a client appears, their buy won’t be free. A giveaway is much similar to other advertising activities – it’s a method to create more exposure for your merchandise and ventures. Like it or not, all promoting costs money. Regardless of whether it’s an announcement on the interstate or a flag promotion on a site, you should be ready to spend on the off chance that you need to draw attention to your brand. In view of that, a giveaway can really be a less expensive approach to promote than other marketing strategies.

4. Create a referral program

Premium Vector | Illustration referral marketing

Referral advertising permits your users to turn into your organisation’s pioneers by referring your business to their loved ones. While referral advertising requires marketing endeavours and the motivation of remunerations to get users to participate, there are numerous advantages of referral programs, and you ought to undoubtedly be utilising this technique to grow your audience base.

5. Go Freemium

How to Translate Freemium to Any Business Model

In the event that you own an application or software business, you should seriously mull over building up a freemium model. This works incredible for applications of numerous sorts. Offer something for nothing. It probably won’t do a lot; however, it’ll give people a taste of your product. When they see that they can profit by your product, they’ll need a greater amount of it. A few people will never change over into paid clients. However, you need to concentrate on the onboarding procedure. It’s simpler to hold clients than to acquire them. That is the reason the freemium model works so well. You, as of now, have leads on the line. You simply need to persuade them that they need the paid adaptation of your product.

6. Guest Posting

The Complete Guide To Guest Posting (2019) - WebKu

Guest Posting administrations help to create new links. There are various guest posting services accessible on the web. Practically each one of them has their own sites going. These specialist organisations make it simpler to get abundant natural leads through the content by giving a connect to your site, which eventually helps in boosting up your SERP rankings. Visitor/Guest blogging is an incredible growth development hack which bloggers will in general use to increase natural site traffic and connecting with various crowds by improving their SEO rankings.

7. Collaborate with other brands

Five Tips For Collaborating With Other Brands

Talking about the customer base, brand collaborations are the uncelebrated protagonists of the growth hacking world. In the event that you have a user base of around 100,000 individuals and another brand in the related field has about 80,000 users, you can cooperate to contact 180,000 customers. You’re not searching for an immediate contender. Rather, center around finding a business that supplements your own. For example, possibly you sell handcrafted soaps. You could join forces with a business that sells body scrubs or shampoos. Contact forthcoming accomplices with an email or call. Come prepared with thoughts for approaches to mixing your users in natural manners, for example, by tagging each other via Instagram or Facebook, offering product packages that consolidate your products, or in any event, something as simple as cross-posting on each others’ websites.

8. Host and Attend Events


A genuine Growth Hacker doesn’t dispose of any potential roads that may lead them towards an objective. This incorporates going offline to energise development. On the off chance that you have niche-related events in your vicinity — or even away — think about visiting. You can go as a visitor or save a corner for your business. Meeting individuals up close and personal, shaking their hands, and getting some information about their needs can make you a more alluring arrangement than a nondescript organisation. Proceed, gain from the best, create associations, find out about your industry, and get some motivation. You don’t have anything to lose. Uncovering your business on pertinent business occasions and meetings will permit you to make connections with minimum exertion.

9. Start a Blog

Blog SEO Tips - Pierre Zarokian

Clients can’t cherish you on the off chance that they can’t discover you. If you haven’t started with a blog yet, get started with it ASAP! Blogging is one of the most economical, least complicated approaches to get before a group of people and connect with influencers. The present shopper goes directly to the Internet for information before beginning the purchasing procedure before they ever think about conversing with a human. Don’t dispatch an excellent blog with half a month’s worths of awesome content and afterwards disregard to compose another word.

10. Use Urgency and FOMO

8 Best FOMO Marketing Examples to Boost Your Conversions

Urgency and FOMO which is the abbreviation for the “Fear Of Missing Out” are two great psychological tools for amplifying your growth. FOMO exploits an individuals’ mental idea of not being deprived of something great. What’s more, it’s a conceivable piece of the reasons why utilising an invite-only framework for your organisation or new element discharges is so successful.

Identified with that is Urgency, which is likewise attached to human brain science. Essentially, we feel constrained to act if a circumstance is dire. So in case you’re opening beta access to your new help temporarily, it turns out to be all the more engaging potential clients. Rolling out offers like a limited-time deal or rapidly expiring discounts make people want to act fast and shop thinking they might miss a great deal. Utilise Email Marketing:

11. Hire a growth hacker

How to Hire a Growth Hacker That Will Actually Get the Job Done

This is by far the best and one of the most straightforward growth hacking strategy: Hire a Growth Hacker. A growth hacker knows exactly what techniques to utilise to take your company to the top. Employing a professional implies you’ll get somebody proficient at showcasing your organisation as well as deciphering the information that outcomes from those endeavours. Regardless of whether you have an advertising plan set up, you could profit by employing a growth hacker.


Growth Hacking is, in any case, more effective than traditional marketing. In today’s cut-throat competition, Growth hacking is the only way through which a new business can ride on the high tide and grow exponentially. Revolve all your strategies around taking care of issues, developing your audience and improving your image. Incredible products and services positively help sell themselves; however, you have to get that growth plan in motion. Enlist client evangelists, join forces with similar organisations, make content with wild relinquish, set yourself apart with world-class client assistance. With such vast numbers of basic approaches to dispatch growth, there has never been a more energising time to perceive what your business can genuinely do.

Browser specific hacks for Frontend developers

If you are a web developer then it’s unlikely that you haven’t faced this situation-You spent days and weeks writing perfect code. Everything is perfect from the CSS stylesheet to the meta tags. You test it in Google Chrome and it works perfectly fine. You go home and sleep in peace. But when you come back to the office the next day, everything is broken and you find a hundred bugs allocated in your name.Browser specific hacks for Frontend developers | Humble Bits


Culprit? Internet Explorer.

And, Mozilla Firefox.

And, Opera.

Happens to all of us, right?

So, is there a way out of this mess? Well, there isn’t. At least not a full proof one. 100% cross-browser compatibility is a myth. It’s almost impossible to write a code which works perfectly fine in all the internet browsers. It comes with experience and you need a lot of patience to learn that craft.

But you can always start small. I learned some browser specific hacks during my journey and I thought it’s a good idea to share them with fellow developers.

Browser Specific CSS Hacks | W3REIGN


It is as simple as you write your simple CSS code, just pick the hack you want. Copy it into your stylesheet. Add the style you want between the braces. Enjoy the new styles for the browser that you’ve targeted!

Google Chrome and Safari Browsers

Google Chrome and Safari browsers are mainly the same as they both use WebKit, but sometimes they behave differently in the case of forms, fonts etc.

Css hacks

@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){





Media Query Hacks

@media all and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) and (min-resolution: 1280px){

.selector {}


Javascript hacks

var isChrome = !! && !!; // for Google chrome

var isWebkit = ‘WebkitAppearance’ in; // for Chrome and Safari

Firefox (any version)

Css hacks

@-moz-document url-prefix() {

.selector { Property: Value; }


Media Query Hacks

@media all and (min–moz-device-pixel-ratio:0) and (min-resolution: 1280px) {

.selector { Property: Value; }


Javascript hacks

var isFF = ‘MozAppearance’ in;

Opera – Opera 10 and above

Css hacks

@media not all and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {

.selector { Property: Value; }


Media Query Hacks

@media all and(-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0)and(min-resolution: 1280px){

.selector {

Property: Value;



Javascript hacks

var isOpera = window.opera && window.opera.version() == X;  //replace x y the version

Internet Explorer

Css hacks

:root .selector {

Property: Value\9; color: red\9;


Conditional Comments

<!–[if IE 9]> Internet Explorer 9 <![endif]–>

<!–[if lte IE 9]> Internet Explorer 9 or less <![endif]–>

<!–[if gte IE 9]> Internet Explorer 9 or greater <![endif]—>

For example:

<!–[if IE 9]>

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”all-ie-only.css” />


IE 10 and above

_:-ms-lang(x), .selector { property:value; }

@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: none), (-ms-high-contrast: active) {

.ie10up {property: value;}


@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none), (-ms-high-contrast: active) {

.ie10up {property: value;}


IE 11 and above

_:-ms-fullscreen, :root .ie11up { property:value; }//Works for IE 11 and above

*::-ms-backdrop, :root .selector { property:value; }//Works for IE 11

IE 11+, Microsoft Edge Browser

/* Put this code in external stylesheet: ie11up.css */

@charset “&lt;Any Modern Browser but MSIE 10- or FF 18- &gt;”;  _:-ms-lang(x), .selector { property:value; }

Javascript hacks

var isIE = ‘behavior’ in && ‘- ms-user-select’ in;

var isIE = window.navigator.msPointerEnabled;

var isIE = !== undefined;

Big Data and Cyber security: Together, Stronger

More sophisticated, streamlined and ambitious cyber attacks (with the capability of inflicting destruction to a large extent) have compelled the security experts to look for ways to up their game as well. The propagation of cloud computing which has affected the efficiency of the firewalls (set up for protecting the systems) a bit, has resulted in the security teams of various organizations in opting for strategies that would analyze the behavior of the user and the network.

Enters Big Data

Why the interest in Big Data?

Big data is nothing but extremely large data sets that comprise of structured data like SQL database stores, semi-structured data like the kind present in sensors as well as unstructured data like document files; data that can be mined for information. The approach is already being used in multiple projects throughout the world like during elections (particularly in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and Indian General Election 2014). Since the security experts indulged in ensuring cyber security are shifting their focus to the analysis part of the data, services like risk management and managing the actionable intelligence provided by Big Data can be utilized here.

According to CSO, the collaboration between cybersecurity and big data would be best put to use with highly trusted and accurate data along with some functionality to automatically respond to the threats present in the data (being analyzed). Using Big data for ensuring Cyber security will allow organizations to identify hackers attack vectors up to an advanced level and in discovering miscellaneous anomalies.


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