Python-The Ultimate Choice For Startups, Why?

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Being in the market for over thirty years now, it is indubitable that Python has become the epitome of simplicity with effectiveness. The gradual increase in its popularity is something that raises the question of “why and how Python is becoming the most popular programming language?”.

Upon confronting any developer on this matter, one would come across responses such as –  “It is highly readable”, “Building applications with Python is very easy because of the understandable code”, “It makes complex processes easy”, and so on and on.

However, today we will discuss the validity, feasibility, and scope of Python app development from the business front, i.e., from the vantage point of startups and establish why Python is the top programming language for your startup.

What Does a Startup Need from a Language?

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To effectively deduce why Python poses as an absolute option for startups to go with, we should first discuss what are the factors that are prominent for a startup business.

  • High scope of scalability and the ability to add new features
  • Faster development of Minimum Viable Product
  • Quick yet efficacious iterations
  • Integration with other technologies and software
  • Time and cost-monitored development process

Now, when that is out of the way, we can positively move on to discussing whether Python actually fulfills all these needs of a startup to emerge as an exemplary choice.

Features of Python

1. Smooth integration

6 Ways to Ensure Smooth Integration of Softwares In Business

Unlike many programming languages out there, Python is pretty mellow when it comes to integration. You can easily integrate with other languages such as C, C++, Java, and so on.

2. Support TDD

When I follow TDD

Python is very popular for its test-driven development. It is quite easy for developers to create prototypes with it, and they can later convert them into fully-functioning applications by simply refactoring the code and testing it instantly.

3. Wide range of standard libraries

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Though the list of why Python is quickly ascending the ladder of fame is tediously long, this is one of the primary reasons why. The easy availability of standard and robust libraries is what attracts developers and startups towards Python.

4. Ideal for ML and Big Data

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Machine Learning and Big Data are two of the emerging technologies that have acquired eyeballs of many establishments globally. They both come blessed with tons of locked potential, something we are tapping into slowly. Among other kinds of applications written in Python, you can also develop apps integrated with these technologies, including a wide range of AI technologies as well, as they have many robust libraries to support the development.

Reasons Making Python An Ideal Choice For Startups

Let’s have a look at the reasons for why to choose Python for business and startups.

1. Remarkable choice for MVP

What is Python Used For? Why Startups Take Advantage of Python?

Being a startup, time is of the essence for you. You need to unleash your app in the market, targeting a certain niche before anyone else does it. Moreover, as a startup, you need to convince your investors that your app idea is something that is going to be a huge hit, and for that, you need to show them a working prototype of your soon-to-be-developed Python mobile app, hence an MVP.

Now, one of the best uses of Python is MVP development because of its expeditious nature. Python encourages robust and rapid development by allowing the software developers for startups to do quick iterations after getting the feedback. It is the pre-built modules and packages of Python that render it the ability to expedite the product completion process.

In fact, it has been observed that Python in comparison to languages like Java can provide a fully functioning MVP in weeks as compared to months; it is time-efficient, something that every startup requires.

2. Scalable

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Scalability is one inevitable component that any startup cannot afford to overlook. As a business grows, its users grow too. Under such instances, it would become a priority for any business to have an application that has the scope of growth as well. This is what Python is good for. With the help of the Django framework, a series of wired-up and ready-to-go components, Python is able to provide highly scalable apps.

The components in the Django framework are decoupled, i.e., independent from each other so they can be replaced and unplugged as per the demands of the business. Moreover, with a wide range of libraries available for Python, it is a piece of cake to add new features to a product.

3. Versatile

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Versatility is another great reason that makes Python an ideal choice for startups. This means if you need a code that works phenomenally across all platforms such as Windows, macOS, or even Linux, then Python should be the language of your choice.

Additionally, if you need to integrate technologies like Machine Learning and Data Science, then you need nothing but Python as the programming language to help you achieve the app you envisioned but better.

4. User-friendly

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“Beautiful is better than ugly.

Explicit is better than implicit.

Simple is better than complex.

Complex is better than complicated.

Flat is better than nested.

Sparse is better than dense.

Readability counts.”

As you can see in the extract of Zen of Python philosophy, Python language works for of certain principles and guidelines that render it to be the most user-friendly language. This is one of the many reasons why developers love Python and have made it the second most popular language on Github beating even Java.

5. Community support

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Community support becomes prominent when the team of developers faces problems during the product development process. Hiccups are unavoidable, but what matters is how active and capable is the community to provide possible solutions to certain issues that Python may face. Thankfully, the Python community is among the best ones out there as it strives towards curing all the issues the language may possess and improve its features and functions from time to time.

6. No need for extra developers

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It is always good news for the startup mobile app company whenever they can save a few bucks. In comparison to other languages, Python offers a concise and rather easy code to app developers for startups, thereby eliminating the need for big teams for the same task while delivering the product of impeccable quality. This also helps developers to provide software development services for startups without any hassle. Let’s look at the example of the code in Java and Python which cater to the same function and purpose –

7. Security

What Is IT Security? - Information Technology Security - Cisco

Speaking of security, Python is evidently more secure than some other prominent languages, like PHP. It is because of frameworks such as Django that come loaded with built-in security features protecting the application from many security threats lurking on the internet.

This framework is capable of hiding the site’s source code from direct viewing by dynamically producing web pages and employing templates sending data to web browsers.

8. Helps combat complexity

Managing complexity. Complexity is more desirable than… | by Matthäus Niedoba | UX Collective

As Python is very simple in nature and associates simplicity with effectiveness, it is a great medium to handle complexities. It is ideal for web solutions as it can overcome complexities related to the integration of different systems, among others. Qualities such as these are what together make Python ideal for a startup app development company as it is time-efficient, fast, and easy to work with.

9. Ubiquitous in nature

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Do you know what makes sense? – Developing a solution that is based on ubiquitous technology. From Youtube to Dropbox to Reddit- all are avid users of Python language. It is something that is unprecedentedly proliferating as of now and will become a standard to which other languages will be assessed. So, if you want to develop an application that is going to perform just as remarkable as it would do in the present, then there is nothing better than Python for you.

Which Startups Use Python?

Look at the list of Python startups that opted for or are using Python as their choice and are now thriving in their particular niche. These use cases of Python are an ideal example of why Python is perfect for startups software development companies.


Ometria - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Ometria is one of the perfect examples of startups using Python. This startup gives marketers the ability to create personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. They offer services such as cross-channel marketing, AI-enabled customer intelligence, and others.


Weglot (WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin)

Weglot seamlessly integrates with your website, adapting to your technology, and delivering it in any language. It has solutions for e-commerce, marketing websites, and web agencies.


It is a SaaS commerce platform for payment processing, billing, sales tax management, merchant of record. With Paddle, companies are finally able to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever to respond faster and more precisely to every opportunity.


Available Countries: Find Stripe in Your Country | Stripe

It is a well-known American technology company that offers a platform for startups and big companies to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. They also help companies to beat fraud, send invoices and manage business spend.


Virail Company Profile: Valuation & Investors | PitchBook

It is an online platform that provides the fastest way to choose the cheapest ticket or hotel. They also help to search for all routes and choose the best one for you. The platform works with 200 transportation companies and offers you the best travel solutions across the world.

Final Thoughts

According to many startup app development companies in USA, it is no contest that Python may become the programming language of the future. Every quality, feature, and function that we have discussed above is a clear indication that Python is the best language for startups.

In fact, besides startups, many fully grown organizations such as NASA, IBM, to name a few, are bending towards mobile app development using Python to fulfill their needs. Moreover, because of its ubiquity, it gains a little more edge over the other languages.

Ultimate Startup Tech Stack

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Picking the right technology stack can be overwhelming for any founder of the company, especially for someone who does not have a tech background. One can have a hard time finding the right set of tools and frameworks used in software development that can ensure the best performance of the product. Every application has different needs, hence the initial choice is important to ensure that the final product will deliver the best user experience. This article will help anyone with a non-coding background understand how to choose the best tech stack for a startup.

What is the tech stack?

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A tech stack is a combination of tools and frameworks used in software development. Simply put, it’s a set of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used in developing web and mobile applications.

The two primary pieces of a technology stack are front-end and back-end software frameworks.;

The front-end runs on the user’s client, which in the case of the web application is a web browser, while the back-end runs on the server that delivers data or web pages to the client. While back-end interacts with the database and creates web pages, front-end provides interactive web pages using JavaScript.

The Front-end

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Front-end development incorporates everything a user sees on-screen, a website or a mobile app. There are three vital frontend tech stack components available:

Google’s AngularJS and Facebook’s React.js are the most popular web front-end stacks used by developers.


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Google’s AngularJS is an open-source MVC framework majorly used for the development of single-page applications. It is a developing structure that gives better approaches to creating web applications by changing the static HTML to dynamic HTML. Striking attributes like dynamic binding, POJO model, MVC Architecture, and dependency injection wipe out the requirement for code that was initially crucial. AngularJS is growing exponentially with the recent advancements in its latest versions.

There are several reasons to use AngularJS, some of them being:

  1. Can effortlessly create Rich Internet Applications
  2. Open-source
  3. Cross-browser
  4. Enables developers to make front end apps utilizing JavaScript in a clean MVC approach.
  5. Unit-testable code
  6. Reusability of code
  7. Facilitates data-binding in HTML
  8. Dependency Injection (DI)


Getting Started with ReactJS - Knoldus React Blog

Facebook’s ReactJS is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is a component-based, open-source front-end library responsible for only the view layer of an application. It uses a declarative paradigm and aims at being efficient and flexible. React designs simple views for each state in your application, and will update the right component when the data changes. Additionally, the declarative view makes the code more predictable and more comfortable to debug. ReactJS is a warehouse of features, and there’s no way you cannot like it. Its benefits include:

  1. Simple: ReactJS is simple to learn and build a web or mobile application. React uses a syntax called JSX, which allows developers to mix HTML with JavaScript but this is not a requirement. The developer can write in plain JavaScript also.
  2. Reusability: In React, extensive code reusability is supported. By building components, most of the code repetition can be eliminated.
  3. Mobile Apps:  React Native allows the developer to create cross-platform native apps. React native can be easily picked by React developer, and with the use of proper data management tools (like redux), a lot of React website code can be used in Apps.
  4. Testability: ReactJS applications are very easy to test.

The Back-end

Dynamic Front End and Back end

The backend, which is likewise called server-side, stays undetectable and not open to clients. It gives a spine to the application. The most widely recognized parts of the backend are programming languages, for example, Ruby and Python; libraries and systems, for example, Ruby on Rails and Django; and a JavaScript runtime env, for example, Node.js. Choosing the right backend technology can be a daunting task, yet it can be simplified by considering the following factors:

1. Size and complexity of the project

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Simple applications on tight deadlines, particularly MVPs, require a distinct methodology in comparison to big projects with heaps of capacities. In any case, in the event that you figure you may need to upscale, later on, pick an adaptable stack that permits you to develop.

2. The kind of project

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Data-intensive applications, booking frameworks, person to person communication applications, streaming applications, CMS, IoT, FinTech applications, and straightforward MVPs will probably require diverse stacks.

3. The expense

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Remember that a few technologies are open-source and free for business use, which is just one point on the endless rundown of the favourable pointers that open-source gives to both the developers and stakeholders. Others are authorized and paid. Likewise, developers’ rates vary according to the technology they specialize in. The stacks that are considered as a speciality can be expensive. Also, remember that the release doesn’t mark the end of work on the application – you have to look after, update, and conceivably upscale it.

The Top Back-End Technologies Available:

It remains a staggeringly hard task to express the contrasts between programming languages since all programming languages have their military of backers who will decline any analysis about their language of decision. Thereby it is vital not just to comprehend the contrasts between programming languages but to know what a wrong decision while choosing a backend technology has on a project. Below listed are the top-performing backend languages which will help you stay within the circle of success.


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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source back-end scripting language used by developers to build web apps and sites. It is a cross-platform scripting language that can be utilized to create apps that seamlessly run on all the Operating Systems. It is one of the fastest programming languages and facilitates the creation of websites that load quickly. PHP also has a huge assortment of utilitarian modules and a couple of the modules accessible in PHP incorporate Graphics and PDF, among others. One of the greatest advantages of PHP is that it is very easy to learn and use because of its simple syntax. Anyone who is familiar with C language can easily grasp PHP without any difficulty.


6 reasons why Python is the future programming language - ICTSlab

Curated by Guido van Rossum and rolled-out in 1991, Python is an interpreted, cutting-edge, general-purpose programming language. It reduces the need of coding to a very significant level and has high utility because of the presence of third-party modules. Not just that, but the high extensibility of python enables you to write a few pieces of code in other languages like C++ and C#. The ease of use and extensive libraries offer back-end developers more productivity as compared to other programming languages. Not just for building basic applications like desktop apps, Oss, Business Apps, and web frameworks, but Python is also the best fit for AI and ML-based web development.


Interesting facts about Ruby Programming Language - GeeksforGeeks

Ruby is the programming language that is utilized accompanied by Rails. Ruby is to Rails as PHP is to Zend, or as Python is to Django. The sheer class and finesse of the language are what attract the back-end developers towards this language and make it a must-have in your tech stack. The most exceptional feature of Ruby is that it prioritizes conventions rather than configuration, which helps the back-end developers as they don’t have to waste their precious development time in configuring the files to start the development process. It comes pre-configured, which saves a lot of time and speeds up the development process.


Microsoft returns to Java with Azure-focused OpenJDK release | InfoWorld

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, general-purpose programming language that is designed to have negligible implementation reliance. As a result of Java’s power, convenience, cross-stage capacities, and security highlights, it has become the most preferred language among developers. y. Java Virtual Machine has a remarkable identifier that distinguishes the bytecode and confirms it before running it. It has the component of the Stack designation framework. It follows LIFO (Last in First Out) which causes the information to be put away and recovered effectively. Java is one of the programming languages that support Multithreading which is the capacity for a program to play out multiple errands at the same time inside a program.

C# / Visual Basic

Overview for C# developers - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

C# is a platform-independent, Java Based programming language whose syntax is similar to C++. It is an object-oriented language and does not support multiple inheritances, just like Java. It takes great advantage of the design of the .Net. Microsoft has built a pair of flexible business back-end solutions called Asp.Net and Core that are written in C# or Visual Basic.


JavaScript Tutorial - An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Node.js is a back-end solution written in JavaScript that has been trending for several years. Being written in JavaScript gives it an edge over others because with this developers can work in the same language for both the front-end and back-end of a project. Moreover, it has also been proven efficient at scaling up applications to handle large user bases.

Factors to consider while choosing the right tech stack

Availability of resources

Liquidity and Availability of Resources - Rehmann

The accessibility of human resources who can work on your project is one of the most characterizing variables that will impact your organization’s tech stack. Assure if your developers will be able to work efficiently with the tech stack that you have chosen. Assume you select a tech stack that isn’t based on a common programming language. In such a case the process of finding a developer who can work on the language can be a daunting task in itself.


Core budget impact models | Research & EDucation (RED)_Satellite Company (RED_CO)

Budget is undoubtedly a deciding factor for your tech stack. If you choose a technology which does not have abundant specialists in the market, you might have to pay them extra. Moreover, choosing a paid technology over open-source technology can also be a concern while working on your project. Therefore, draft your budget and plan your tech stack accordingly.


Phase Definition and Examples

The requirements of the tech stack for your business might change as your business scales up or a new issue arises. Therefore it is vital to comprehend what phase you are at and choose the stack accordingly. If you are a start-up, you would be looking at technology that is open-source and easy to utilize along with easy accessibility of human resources. On the other hand, if you are an established business, you might require enterprise-grade technology which can handle more complex issues.


Testing the Requirements: A Guide to Requirements Analysis | TechWell

While framing a tech stack for your company, it is crucial to comprehend the needs of your project. You must understand what does your audience expect from you and what are their major requirements. If your project requires complex numerical analysis, you might want to go for Python, however, if you are more concerned with the aesthetics of your project and it does not have to do much, you must work with some other technology.


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New technologies come every day and the old ones perish. Therefore it is very important to choose a technology for your tech stack that is time tested and has a big community that can help you in case you get stuck.


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Ensure that the application is created remembering the prescribed procedures of security. It is vital to run security tests on both customer and server to kill the regular security dangers. Toward the end, settle on a decision that works best for your business. You can pick the innovation to go with, in light of your business objectives, necessities and the assets you can bear.

What are the benefits of choosing the right stack?

Web Application: Choosing the Right Technology Stack Before You Start | by Talha Waseem | The Startup | Medium

The technology utilized in your task can highly affect how it functions and how it will act later on. For instance, some server frameworks are made for high-read activities, however, are less proficient with regards to high-write traffic. That is something essential to know whether you’re changing your application from local file storage to cloud file storage. Your tech stack can likewise impact the versatility of your item. Certain stacks will better serve various activities. Since such a large number of various mixes are feasible for your tech stack, it’s troublesome (if not difficult) to sum up. Be that as it may, getting acquainted with the qualities and shortcomings of your tech stack before you begin assembling your item will assist you with taking advantage of the qualities and moderate the shortcomings.

  • Once you have settled on the right tech stack, it will ease the whole documentation process and all the future bugs and errors will be easier to rectify for the same reason.
  •  Choosing the right tech stack and working on  it for a long time will establish your team’s    expertise on it which will amplify your brand image
  • Settling on the right tech stack has an added benefit that you can work with the same team for multiple projects.
  • Having the right tech stack minimises errors and increases efficiency.

What are the drawbacks of choosing the wrong stack?

The 6 things you must keep in mind when choosing the tech stack for your startup

If you end up settling for a wrong tech stack, it can be a huge mistake for your company as well as for your clients:

  •  Choosing a wrong tech stack may lead to incompatible and unnecessary dependencies.
  •  It can result in Dry-schema and Dry-validation misunderstandings
  •  Problems with ROM.rb and Sequel (Database) might occur.
  •  A wrong tech stack might hinder your testing process.
  •  You might face difficulty in hiring the right professionals if the technology chosen by you is not widely used. Your tech stack may become unsustainable or unscalable.

Hence, it is very important that you find a company that knows what they are doing, and Anteelo is one such company.;

The services we specialise in:

1. Frontend Development

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We provide services for “client-side programming,” i.e., frontend development. We believe in creating user-friendly experiences for all our clients. Our list of tools cover Angular, React, Vue, Jquery, SASS, Bootstrap, HTML 5 and CSS 3. Our team ensures that your customer’s experience is delightful and easy to use.

2. Backend Growth

Effective Backend Web Development Technologies In 2020

We prioritize web backend & development services and the services we deliver are comprehensive. The backend tools that we use to make your website proficient and interactive are Laravel, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Redis, Firebase and Elasticsearch. Our key quality is our attention to each detail that our clients provide.

The Various Services Anteelo Provides:

1. App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services, Android Application Development Services - Pranamya Digital Marketing Solutions, Navi Mumbai | ID: 20545393330

In this age of digitalization, every business needs to make an online dent. And for you to achieve that we ensure that our team of professional app developers build a mobile app that suits your business needs and demands. For a successful business app it is important that you develop your mobile application for all crucial platforms like iOS and Android and our team can help you with that

2. Web Development Services

Web Development services by Best website development company

We firmly believe that a great website has the potential to convert visitors into customers. A good website can do wonders for your business. Therefore, we help companies create websites and web applications that help them take their business online. We understand that each of our clients has a different business goal so we customize our services accordingly to meet all the expectations.;

3. DevOps Services

Reasons To Use DevOps Services - DevOps Benefits - i2k2 Blog

At Anteelo our team of AWS experts can manage anything from a new to existing cloud infrastructure for you. We will provide you with the right architecture, organized management and regular optimization and improvements on services. Moreover, with our use of high-quality tools and the latest technology, we promise to deliver the best overall experience to you and your users.


How to Write a Conclusion: Outline and Examples -

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make a choice that works best for your startup. You should choose the best technology stack after thoroughly analyzing your requirements, business goals, and resources. What suits someone might not always suit you and vice versa. The choice of a technology stack is very personal and varies from organization to organization. Having a clear view of your requirements would ease the entire process of choosing the right tech stack for your company. Discuss your goals and requirements with your team and choose a tech stack that compliments your company and its business procedures.

Seeking a CTO for your startup? Here’s How!

How (And When) to Hire a CTO for Your Startup | Net Solutions

You have a great idea for a new (or improved) software product. You’re ready to work hard for it and build your own company. You know a lot of startups fail, and you also know the people that make up your startup can either cause your startup to fail or to flourish. Talent, persistence, great communication skills – these are traits you look for in business partners. This is true for a potential CTO as well. But how do you go about actually finding a CTO? This post attempts to give some pointers.

Why is it Hard to Find a CTO?

Who is a CTO and how important is it to find a CTO for your startup? - FasterCapital

Joining a new startup is risky. This isn’t different for a CTO too. What’s more, great CTO talent is scarce but startups are not. A potential CTO should be willing to take some risks, but you’re going to have to show him/her a potential reward too – This could be either a great compensation package or the impact your startup is going to have or a mix of the above.

Also, making the CTO feel like an important decision-maker and stakeholder in the company is also going to be crucial. A generous ESOP’s share may be important in hiring and retaining the right talent.

How to Find a CTO For your Startup

1. Be clear about your requirements

Tech Specification: Ten Reasons to Write - Visartech Blog

You must have a clear picture of your requirements. For example, you must have a list of technologies that are a must-have for your project. That could act as a filter to select the most appropriate candidates. Once you have filtered the candidates based on their technical skills, you can further get to know them and filter them accordingly. In a perfect world, you need to discover somebody who will consider this to be as a bar up on the stepping stool in their profession, for example, a senior programming engineer or specialized group captain who is ravenous to take on the CTO job. You may need somebody who’s strolled your way previously. Discover somebody who approaches things from a “try to get” point of view, not somebody who thinks they have every one of the appropriate responses.

2. Go to places where you’re likely to find good technical talent

How to Attract Top Tech Talent If You Are Not Google or Facebook (Especially During the COVID-19 Pandemic)

It is always a good idea to go to cohorts where there are like-minded people as you and these places could be an answer to your question “How to Find a CTO?”. Hackathons, conferences, meetups, summits are all great opportunities to discover a potential CTO who would be a great asset for your company. Search for somebody who can get various innovations (maybe including back end, front end, and mobile). Keep away from individuals who state they’ll just program code in one language.

3. Look for developers at just below the CTO level at startups similar to yours

How to Find a Developer for Your Startup | by Mattan Griffel | Medium

Jobs like VP or Engineering Lead where there’s as of now a CTO at that startup implies that they presumably have the experience required to be a CTO yet probably won’t get the open door where they at currently are. You can scan for individuals like this through LinkedIn. Ensure they have at any rate had experience shipping a product in the event that you need to give them the duty of building yours

4. Utilise the power of the internet

The Power of Internet: It's Like a Magic! - Page Design Pro

The internet is a potent tool in today’s world. Make sure you make the best use of it and benefit from its huge pool of talented professionals. There is an endless list of platforms which are dedicated to finding technical professionals such as a CTO. Some of them are listed below:

  • СoFoundersLab
  • Founders Nation
  • Indie Hackers
  • Co-founder’s subreddit on
  • Co-founding threads on Discordapp and Slack channels.

5. Pitch for the position

12 Elevator Pitch Examples to Inspire Your Own

Beginning with the expected set of responsibilities and enduring through the offer, remember that the best CTOs will have many offers. You must sell the job to them all through the meeting procedure. You would realize that your startup is the most energizing, imaginative, astonishing organisation to work for but remember that the candidates presumably don’t have the foggiest idea about that yet. You have to sell your startup. Don’t simply list the characteristics you need in a CTO; list what they will gain from working with you: energizing challenges, the chance to be a piece of x, y, and z. Will the CTO get value? Will they have autonomy? Whatever novel characteristics your startup has, sell them well. Make certain to clarify the situation with impartial language to draw in a decent and differing candidate pool.

6. Ensure that you have a technical advisor before a CTO

Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One

How do you differentiate a technical advisor from a CTO? A technical advisor keeps their regular job but works for you 2–4 hours out of every month and fills in as somebody who’s not in the weeds with you, every day. They may do week by week or month to month code surveys and go about as a substitute for your CTO. On the off chance that you discover a technical advisor first, this individual can be immense aid in finding the CTO. Finding a technical advisor will probably be simpler than finding a CTO, on the grounds that you aren’t requesting that somebody quit their job to come work for you. Or maybe, you are requesting that they keep their current job and take on an advisory role that takes a couple of hours a week. Sometimes, you can pull off having a technical advisor and not having to hire a CTO.

What Qualities Should Your CTO Have?

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise | E.DSO

This is obvious, but still important to note. In software, often a huge amount of tooling and software libraries available for many routine tasks that software developers face. Knowing what exists and the pros and cons of each tool and library can save your company a huge amount of time and money. It also saves your company from reinventing the wheel or using a less efficient tool.

Great Network

The Effortless Way The Pros Build A Great Network

While everybody should have a great network, this is especially true for your CTO. As your company grows, you will need new employees. A CTO with a great network of skilled developers will have an advantage.


5 Crucial Questions to Ask When Creating a Customer Experience

Experience is needed to have the previous point: expertise. Furthermore, it’s important your CTO knows what generally makes or breaks a great product. This knowledge can come from experience (ideally from other startups) and/or learning from other companies.

Communication Skills – Tech and Non-Tech

Are Non-Technical Skills Even A Thing? All You Need To Know

Your CTO is the one translating business goals to technical goals for your software developers. This means your CTO must not only have technical expertise but also be excellent at communication. You need to figure out how your CTO fits with the rest of your team (and especially with you). It’s important that your people share values with each other and understand each other since your company is made up of these people. What’s more, your CTO must be able to communicate with non-technical people too, especially those inside your company.

Deadline Management

11 Tips on How to Manage Time and Improve Deadline Management Skills |

You’re running a startup. Your team is going to be busy, and probably extremely busy. There will be deadlines, and a great CTO should be able to know how much his team can deliver in how much time. Not only that, he should be able to inspire his team to successfully meet these deadlines.

Team Management

12 Effective & Genuine Techniques to Motivate Accountants

Your CTO should be great at technology, but also at managing a team. He should inspire his team to keep focusing and working towards the same goals. It’s his responsibility to facilitate an environment where employees reach their maximum potential and to make sure the team is more than the sum of all employees.

Where to Find a CTO?

Free Directions Cliparts, Download Free Directions Cliparts png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

It helps if you have a great network of people where you can tap-in and ask for referrals. If that is not the case, start building one! Go on LinkedIn, connect with new people and start great conversations with them. If you click with someone, ask them if they are interested or know anybody who might be.

There are also websites designed specifically for finding a business partner. is one of them. They have a community of entrepreneurs for you to build relationships with. This seems incredibly valuable even apart from finding your CTO. Other similar websites include, and There are (many) more options tough, which are easy to find.

What Alternatives Are There to Having a CTO?

5 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives for Diagramming

If you consider your own technical expertise to be high enough, you could consider taking on the role as CTO next to being CEO. Whether this is a good idea also depends on the type of product you’re building: an extremely high-tech product might need a CTO, but a less high-tech SaaS product might not.

You could also consider outsourcing the work of a CTO. However, this does have certain disadvantages, with the most important one being dedication. When outsourcing your CTO tasks, the person doing the work isn’t part of your company and is (probably) much less passionate about your product than an actual CTO would be. However, this person could be much more knowledgeable in the technical area than you are and could potentially join your startup faster than finding someone who’s willing to come in full-time. It really depends on the details.

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful pointers in your search for a CTO. There is a lot more material out there to read, but this can serve well to get you started.

Pro Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups

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So as to scale a business, it’s indispensable to advertise the products viably. There are numerous difficulties along the path; in any case, adaptability is conceivable with these best development hacking methodologies.

To connect with an enormous crowd, companies need to embrace distinctive development hacking procedures. Although some among these procedures have just been around for a couple of years, in any case, they demonstrate to assume a crucial job in the growth of cutting edge organisations. Numerous business visionaries have made them a necessary piece of scaling their business since they saw productive outcomes, and it’s about time you do so as well.

Entrepreneurs look for different growth hacks and need to develop rapidly by collecting as many clients as possible to expand their income. Growth Hacking has been proven as a practical and trusted approach for a sure shot success of budding startups. Yet, only a few businesses are able to execute these growth hacks in an ideal manner. This article gives you an insight into the 12 best growth hacking strategies which have been proven successful for various ventures. Let’s take a look:

1. A/B Testing

Multiple Hypothesis Testing/Comparisons Problem: How Adding More Variations To Your AB Test Will Impact Your Results?


A/B Testing draws its way wherever there is traffic. No matter what it is; a blog title, email headline, popup CTA, or a million different things. There’s an A/B test that can assist you with streamlining that crusade. Regardless of whether it’s A/B testing your landing page content or seeing which email headlines resound with perusers, experimentation can reveal handy solutions that lead to tremendous outcomes.

2. Add hidden form fields to your lead-generation forms

Defining & Understanding Hidden Form Fields Plus the 5 Main Benefits

The more you think about your leads, the better you can cater and support them in your promoting down the line. One technique used to catch much more data about your leads is to pass a parameter in a URL which can be acknowledged by a hidden field on one of your forms. Utilising this technique, you can catch much more data about your leads without frustrating them out with various forms that you as of now gathering data from. Regular employments of this can incorporate area, crusade, and intrigue classification.

3. Conduct Giveaways

Running next level Facebook giveaways with Recart

Free giveaways can be a significant approach to promote your business. By showcasing your product to customers, you can rapidly and effectively create familiarity with your image, and it may spur them to return for more. The second time a client appears, their buy won’t be free. A giveaway is much similar to other advertising activities – it’s a method to create more exposure for your merchandise and ventures. Like it or not, all promoting costs money. Regardless of whether it’s an announcement on the interstate or a flag promotion on a site, you should be ready to spend on the off chance that you need to draw attention to your brand. In view of that, a giveaway can really be a less expensive approach to promote than other marketing strategies.

4. Create a referral program

Premium Vector | Illustration referral marketing

Referral advertising permits your users to turn into your organisation’s pioneers by referring your business to their loved ones. While referral advertising requires marketing endeavours and the motivation of remunerations to get users to participate, there are numerous advantages of referral programs, and you ought to undoubtedly be utilising this technique to grow your audience base.

5. Go Freemium

How to Translate Freemium to Any Business Model

In the event that you own an application or software business, you should seriously mull over building up a freemium model. This works incredible for applications of numerous sorts. Offer something for nothing. It probably won’t do a lot; however, it’ll give people a taste of your product. When they see that they can profit by your product, they’ll need a greater amount of it. A few people will never change over into paid clients. However, you need to concentrate on the onboarding procedure. It’s simpler to hold clients than to acquire them. That is the reason the freemium model works so well. You, as of now, have leads on the line. You simply need to persuade them that they need the paid adaptation of your product.

6. Guest Posting

The Complete Guide To Guest Posting (2019) - WebKu

Guest Posting administrations help to create new links. There are various guest posting services accessible on the web. Practically each one of them has their own sites going. These specialist organisations make it simpler to get abundant natural leads through the content by giving a connect to your site, which eventually helps in boosting up your SERP rankings. Visitor/Guest blogging is an incredible growth development hack which bloggers will in general use to increase natural site traffic and connecting with various crowds by improving their SEO rankings.

7. Collaborate with other brands

Five Tips For Collaborating With Other Brands

Talking about the customer base, brand collaborations are the uncelebrated protagonists of the growth hacking world. In the event that you have a user base of around 100,000 individuals and another brand in the related field has about 80,000 users, you can cooperate to contact 180,000 customers. You’re not searching for an immediate contender. Rather, center around finding a business that supplements your own. For example, possibly you sell handcrafted soaps. You could join forces with a business that sells body scrubs or shampoos. Contact forthcoming accomplices with an email or call. Come prepared with thoughts for approaches to mixing your users in natural manners, for example, by tagging each other via Instagram or Facebook, offering product packages that consolidate your products, or in any event, something as simple as cross-posting on each others’ websites.

8. Host and Attend Events


A genuine Growth Hacker doesn’t dispose of any potential roads that may lead them towards an objective. This incorporates going offline to energise development. On the off chance that you have niche-related events in your vicinity — or even away — think about visiting. You can go as a visitor or save a corner for your business. Meeting individuals up close and personal, shaking their hands, and getting some information about their needs can make you a more alluring arrangement than a nondescript organisation. Proceed, gain from the best, create associations, find out about your industry, and get some motivation. You don’t have anything to lose. Uncovering your business on pertinent business occasions and meetings will permit you to make connections with minimum exertion.

9. Start a Blog

Blog SEO Tips - Pierre Zarokian

Clients can’t cherish you on the off chance that they can’t discover you. If you haven’t started with a blog yet, get started with it ASAP! Blogging is one of the most economical, least complicated approaches to get before a group of people and connect with influencers. The present shopper goes directly to the Internet for information before beginning the purchasing procedure before they ever think about conversing with a human. Don’t dispatch an excellent blog with half a month’s worths of awesome content and afterwards disregard to compose another word.

10. Use Urgency and FOMO

8 Best FOMO Marketing Examples to Boost Your Conversions

Urgency and FOMO which is the abbreviation for the “Fear Of Missing Out” are two great psychological tools for amplifying your growth. FOMO exploits an individuals’ mental idea of not being deprived of something great. What’s more, it’s a conceivable piece of the reasons why utilising an invite-only framework for your organisation or new element discharges is so successful.

Identified with that is Urgency, which is likewise attached to human brain science. Essentially, we feel constrained to act if a circumstance is dire. So in case you’re opening beta access to your new help temporarily, it turns out to be all the more engaging potential clients. Rolling out offers like a limited-time deal or rapidly expiring discounts make people want to act fast and shop thinking they might miss a great deal. Utilise Email Marketing:

11. Hire a growth hacker

How to Hire a Growth Hacker That Will Actually Get the Job Done

This is by far the best and one of the most straightforward growth hacking strategy: Hire a Growth Hacker. A growth hacker knows exactly what techniques to utilise to take your company to the top. Employing a professional implies you’ll get somebody proficient at showcasing your organisation as well as deciphering the information that outcomes from those endeavours. Regardless of whether you have an advertising plan set up, you could profit by employing a growth hacker.


Growth Hacking is, in any case, more effective than traditional marketing. In today’s cut-throat competition, Growth hacking is the only way through which a new business can ride on the high tide and grow exponentially. Revolve all your strategies around taking care of issues, developing your audience and improving your image. Incredible products and services positively help sell themselves; however, you have to get that growth plan in motion. Enlist client evangelists, join forces with similar organisations, make content with wild relinquish, set yourself apart with world-class client assistance. With such vast numbers of basic approaches to dispatch growth, there has never been a more energising time to perceive what your business can genuinely do.

Startup or Mobile App Idea In Pandemic- Is It The Right Time?

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These are really desperate times if nothing more. The COVID-19 pandemic was as unanticipated for the world as a bolt of lightning striking the earth. Since most of the influential countries are on complete lockdown while others are preparing for the possibility of the worst, its domino effect is putting the world economy in absolute shambles and welcoming the recession which was already due. Amid all this chaos and unforeseen, lies the future of many existing startup businesses paranoid to the core they might not see the sun of the booming economy.The conundrum that most entrepreneurs must be in right now has to be – whether this precarious Coronavirus winter is the best time to start a business or similarly, invest in developing a idea for a mobile app.

Multiple sources may state the obvious speculation that the economy is on a downfall leading to a mass loss on a global level; nevertheless, there is always a silver lining for some and we are going to bring it to you.

So, without any further ado, let’s embark on the road to the startup advantages of startup app development or starting a startup ideas during pandemic.

Why should entrepreneurs build a mobile app or go ahead with their post pandemic startup ideas?

1.   You may just be the only fish in the pond

How to Draw a Fish Bowl | Fish bowl, Draw, Bowl

The ambivalence of the current situations has believed to scare-off the wantrepreneurs from the market. They only initiate when the situations are in favor of the possibility of earning money readily. This gives enough space to the entrepreneurs like you who are ahead of the curve and believe in running opposite from the crowd (pun intended).

Like Salmon fish, it is the ones who swim the opposing current towards upstream, jump waterfalls and do not stray from their goal irrespective of exogenous conditions, that would come out stronger once the pandemic is over and the economy starts to become stable.

2.  An MVP now can make your business stable for future

A true entrepreneur knows that the best income source for any startup is the pocket of customers and not capital ventures. Since Sequoia Venture Capital has announced COVID-19 to be the ‘Black Swan’ of 2020, companies who were expecting to fundraise are in a pickle now. This is one of the obstacles or rather effects of recession on startups and markets in general.

Ipso facto, it is not ideal for startups to be utterly dependent on these fundings in a recessionary economy. This is what answers the question of “why do we need MVP” . Developing an MVP at this point is your best bet to generate revenue and ensure self-sustainability.

{To know how do you develop an MVP, refer to this extensive article}

Since an MVP is not an over-engineered solution, it takes less development time on top of the cost of development that’s easy on the pocket.

3.  If these apps are bagging big, so can you

Let’s look at some niches and their applications that are the most in-demand right now and are truly capturing the business opportunities during recession as they come.

Entertainment and Streaming apps

New Streaming Services Could Shake Up Our Entertainment Options | Wisconsin Public Radio

Recent events have limelight that people are now more willing to spend on streaming subscriptions. Since the world is on lockdown, people are reaching out to these entertainment mobile applications to pass the time.

Although, things might not be as smooth for Netflix on the production front, according to Yahoo reports, applications like Netflix in this niche are really profiting since the app downloads and subscriptions are on the peak. Meanwhile, people are spending more average hours of streaming.

Not that more hours spent, in any way, will benefit the company anymore; it is something startups like you can benefit from if you plan to develop an app like Netflix.

This popularity has not left entertainment apps like Tiktok from the picture. You can see many celebrities using the application for various purposes be it for educating people and spreading awareness or the subtle joy of doing everything and nothing on the app. If you unleash an MVP of the app like these in the market now, you’ll be one step ahead of the competitors.

Video conferencing apps 

The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Remote Meetings - Blog - Shift

Since most of the organizations have implemented work from home, the app stores have seen a huge surge in the downloads of video conferencing apps like Zoom. It is currently number one free application in the App Store

Mental Health and meditation apps

World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 best meditation apps you can try | Technology News,The Indian Express

According to Adweek, Breethe a meditation app has secured 41st spots in the health and fitness category ranking by skipping 31 spots over the last week itself and BetterMe, another meditation app, jumped 70 spots up to 26th position.

Moreover, the Ginger app and other mental health platforms that are offered by employers to their employees have witnessed a surge in usage since employees have turned to online tools to manage their anxiety. Moreover, in stressful times like this, people are reaching towards such mental health and meditation applications to maintain their calm.

Food delivery app segment

Food & Delivery Apps Market Research 2019

Due to the on-going social distancing and lockdown, people have turned towards the food delivery applications. In fact, on comparing the average daily downloads from February to March 15, it was noted that apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt have witnessed their daily downloads surge by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively. This surge might be owed to the “contactless delivery” initiative which was first implemented in China.

There are many pandemic proof business ideas like these that are taking the most advantage.

4.  Can get a hold of brimming talent for less value

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product: 6 Stages of Building MVP - Clockwise Software

This is one of the many positive effects of recession on start-ups. Once the lockdown situation has passed and recession finally hits the world economy, the high unemployment rate will prevail – something you can, fortunately, benefit from as a startup.

Instead of professionals, you can hire fresh talent with a lot of potential to offer. As dismal as it is, in recessionary times, people are more willing to do the work for below-market salaries in return for benefits and equity-based recompense.

Moreover, a market headed towards the downfall also produces many refugees from big companies. They can really help startups with their expertise and experience.

5.  Chance to mold value proposition as per market demand

Define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and use it to attract candidates? | by Kristina Martic | HR Blog & Resources | Medium

Unlike established organizations, you can easily modify your startup’s value proposition to make it more suited to the market slowdown and minimize any adverse impact of recession on business. After all, ‘a bend in the road is not an end of the road as long as you take the turn’.

To make this scenario clearer, let’s say the product you developed enhances productivity. Then, when the times are good you can market it as a ‘revenue generator’ whereas, in situations like these when the market is down, it can be portrayed as a ‘cost-saver’ – something which is more promising.

For instance, meditation applications were used by people to get away from work stress and get a little detached from it; however, now it’s working as a great tool to increase mindfulness and productivity.

6.  More time to measure your steps

10 Best Step Counter Apps of 2021 - Best Pedometers for Android and iPhone

The saying “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is apt when it comes to initiating any mobile app startup ideas.

Because of the slow pace of the market economy, you have an upper hand to plan out everything related to your startup and the mobile app you are planning to develop. This would not only give you a chance to point out any mistakes or scope of improvement, but also innovate ways for cost-cutting, something which you cannot afford to do in the time of economic frenzy.

7.  You can get resources in cheap

3 Local Small Business Resources You Should Use | PaySimple

This is certainly not a brainer that the prices of resources will significantly drop in the coming recession. So, you can easily hire experienced and fresher personnel. Moreover, everything you need to fuel your business startup will cost you less in times like these.

As an entrepreneur, the two most valuable resources are time and money. During the down market, companies are made to negotiate below the list prices and in fact, even barter for in-kind services. Such situations enable you to make deals reducing the costs and conserve the cash.

8.  Endure now for prosperous future

Scriptures to Consider in Preparing for the Future - Resources - Eternal Perspective Ministries

If you wait for the tides to mellow down, you may not reach the heights of success you can reach by riding these perilous tides. The point is – do not remain on the sidelines and wait for the uncertainties to perish. Business is all about taking the risk. The bigger the risk, the bigger the success.

If you can manage to survive this COVID-19 and recession winter, you will definitely emerge as a successful startup as opposed to those businesses starting at an economic turnaround.

Apart from these genuine and incredible advantages of starting a startup or developing an app during COVID-19 and recession, there are other things that may play in the favor of tech startups and also validate the fact that recessions are the perfect time to start a business.

The fact that the U.S. government has decided to spend $8 billion to fight the outbreak. This would include not only the states, hospitals, and other medical providers but also the tech startups and companies in the healthcare space, like those innovating mHealth med and self-diagnosis apps, among many other things. So, if you are a startup interested in targeting this industry, you can surely benefit to a great extent.

Although this is not the world’s first recession and neither the last and the same goes for the pandemic (unfortunately), these might be just a great time to start a business and help it flourish. If you have left a scope of confusion, reach out to our team of android app developer to get the answer.

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