Why iPhone Application Is Better Platform For Your Startup?

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The first question that strikes in your mind is that what you should choose i.e. iPhone/iOS or Android platform. In addition, you will find a common debate goes on among software development communities on iOS and Android. Thus, in order to throw a light, we will discuss some key facts and highlight statistics in detail.

Statistical Highlights On Apple/iPhone And Android

SMARTPHONE SURVEY: Why People Choose Android Vs iPhone

While talking about Android we should say that it is a vast platform and Android has more than billions of activated phones and other gadgets with 1.5millions of devices activated on a daily basis. On the other side, in case of Apple/iPhone, we have found that a large number of app development companies have given priority to Apple/iPhone users while launching any apps. Especially, Instagram is a popular social media application first appeared on Apple iOS store first and almost 18months later on Android. In addition, Nike and other popular brands are until now does not have any Smartphone app operating on Android platform.

In simple words, statistics related to apps development have revealed that a large number of app development groups have designed applications catering to iPhone users before they cater to users of Samsung or any other Android operated phones. Along with this, to guide you in right selection, we, the experts of iPhone App Development Company have discussed a few strong factors, which will justify the iPhone as a better platform for any startup of the app development sector.

  1. Scope To Develop Efficient Apps

What Is The Future Scope Of IOS/Apple App Development In India?

Iphone devices are of unique and complement one another. This is because; iOS, the operating system of Apple acts as a close source and any other user may not alter it. In addition, Apple has its complete control on the core software and because of this, app developers using iOS platform gets opportunity to bring improvement in the existing functionalities, boosts the storage space and improves the speed of processor. Because of this, app development startup groups, including iPhone App Development Company Toronto may build apps efficiently and may focus on developing top quality apps without bothering about compatibility with any other device.

  1. Avoids Or Reduces Fragmentation Issues

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Apple operated devices including iPhones have complete control of software and hardware systems from Apple. Whenever the company launches any new device, it synchronizes it with the launch of its other iOS versions. In this way, you will find relatively less fragmentation issues in case of iPhone app development than Android app has. On the other side, as Android is an open platform, it provides limited control on the hardware and operating system versions of its devices. Fragmentation problems result in increase in the overall cost involved in developing any new app and thereby, reduction in the revenue margin. Hence, with the aim to avoid or reduce fragmentation issues, startups should go with iphone app development.

  1. Increases The Chance To Get Active Users And High Revenue

Customer Retention: 7 Unique Strategies to Increase Profits

Apple Group has witnessed huge demands of iphones and other iOS operated devices in most of the developed countries and affluent areas worldwide. On the other side, if we talk about users of Samsung or other Android operated devices; we have found that they have relatively less buying power even though number count is high.

Considering this fact, we the experts of iPhone App Development Company Canada always prefer and recommend novices of the industry to choose iPhone for developing innovative apps (utility or gaming apps) to earn higher revenue from your spend money and efforts. Another interesting fact we have noticed from the app market is that a large number of iphone users often willingly spend on utility and other innovative apps to fulfill their varying requirements. Indeed, the factor lets startup app developers to get relatively large numbers of active users in case of choosing iphone devices.

  1. Generate Higher Revenue Streams As Per High Monetization Strategy

Best Guide To Mobile App Monetization 2020 - Stats, Strategies & Insight

Whether an individual new app developer or a startup company opts to develop gaming apps, business apps, utility apps, music apps, shopping apps or any other, the ultimate aim is to earn money from the lucrative application development industry. In simple words, earning money is the most significant factor for every app development group or individual developer. In this case, if we compare iPhones and Android phones, our iPhone App Development Company Canada team found that iPhone devices powered by Apple come with relatively higher monetization strategy than android devices.

Reason behind this is very simple i.e. Android gives an open platform and hence, its majority of applications are with free download and with advertisements to earn revenue. In contrast, Apple provides a closed platform and higher support to large number of paid apps. Majority of applications available in iOS store are payable apps, while free ones come with the features of in-app purchase directed towards giving higher revenue. Indeed, high streams of revenue available from Apple platform acts as an encouraging factor for startups of the industry.

  1. Involves Less Understanding

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An interesting fact about Apple designs, which our professionals at iPhone App Development Company Toronto have noticed that learning the operation of Apple devices is relatively easy because of its simple and intuitive design. Indeed, when an individual app developer requires less time in understanding the operation of iphone or any other device, he/she dedicates more time in software programming and other related jobs to design and launch the new app in the market.

  1. Latest Apple Software Is Easy Downloadable


Whenever Apple releases any new software/updated software, an iphone user may get it easily via a simple and easy download.

  1. Comes With Consistent Design And Operating Principles

Design principle: Consistency. The most known and most fragile design… | by Anton Nikolov | UX Collective

Apple Group has maintained a consistency in the design and operating principle for iphone devices and other iOS operated systems. In contrast, Android phones have so many differences, because of which you may not found any real togetherness among devices operating on Android platform; instead, each of them comes with different quality.

  1. Offers Better User Experience

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iOS operated devices give exclusive experience to its users based on its consistently increasing technological innovations. In fact, the outstanding user experience has not only enticed users, but also a large number of app developers prefer for unique ecosystem. The company has placed user experience at the high priority, whether it is operating system, hardware design, marketplace services or anything else.

  1. Ability To Protect Users’ Sensitive Information

What is information security? Definition, principles, and jobs | CSO Online

Today, a large number of apps, especially payment and eCommerce apps contain sensitive user details, because of which they require protection from hacking and related harmful activities. iPhones powered by Apple iOS comes with strict approval process, because of which it prevents access of any malicious app to the app store and thereby, avoids tampering of users’ sensitive information. According to the analysis done by our professionals at iPhone App Development Company Canada, Apple has increased its depth/extent of encryption than Android phones.

  1. Provides A Secured Marketplace

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Besides security to stored sensitive information of users, Apple has an organized ecosystem, as it is a proprietary type of platform. Iphones thus provide secured marketplace with every possible quality control methods, rules and regulations. The mentioned strict practices provide a stable and a conducive environment for a large number of app developers. Even app developers get a proper guideline, which they have to follow for programming, designing and marketing activities.

  1. Does Not Contain Any Bloatware

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After you get an iPhone and turn it on, you get only limited number of apps. Thus, depending on your requirements only, you may opt to install any other app from iOS store. However, the situation is somewhat different in case of an Android phone. This is because; Android phones give a large number of irrelevant apps cluttering the home screen. Hence, it becomes the job of a user to delete the unused ones.

  1. IOS/IPhones Come With Higher Release Cycles

iPhone 13: Coming in 2021, Everything We Know So Far

Even though Android is an open sourced platform, it remains locked down because of OEMs and its carriers. Because of this, iOS always leads ahead of Android based on the latest/updated software version and adoption rate. If we talk about the recent update of November 2017, we have found about 95 percent of iPhone users as using updated iOS 11 or iOS 10 versions. On the other side, only 20% of total Android users are using Android Nougat or Android Oreo.

Based on this fact, a startup app development group using iOS may easily focus on providing support to latest versions of the operating system and get higher assurance that their developed app will get a wide reach. In this way, as an app developer, you have to focus building apps on new APIs without bothering about its support on old device. In this way, choosing iOS for app development reduces development cycles and testing times and/or phases.

  1. Assurance About Efficient Operation

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Experts associated with our iPhone App Development Company have found that iphone applications have relatively higher productivity and effectiveness based on the specific nature of its app development. Because of this, creating an iphone app indicates its efficient operations on iPads and iPhones both. However, the case is different in case of Android apps. This is because; you will find more than 10,000 gadgets and phone devices operable on Android today and almost each of them comes with extensive hardware variant and software details. Because of this, app developers have to bear a huge maintenance cost in case they go with android apps development.

  1. Opportunity To Get Loyal Audience

5 Scientifically Proven Techniques to Attract a Loyal Audience

Lastly, Apple or iPhone users have gained their names for loyalty towards the brand, as they unlikely switch to any other platform. Loyalty level is a prime factor for app startups, as it helps in success and in generating revenue.


Novice app developers and startup groups have to experience intense competition to achieve success in the market. Because of this, it has become essential for startups to select the platform effectively since the beginning stages. Even though, both iPhone and Android come with positive and negative features, we should say that iPhone powered by iOS is the preferable platform, as it offers productive services to users.

Apple iOS encourages app developers by providing scope to earn big amount of money. Studies have revealed that Apple developers have obtained approximately 85% higher income as compared to Android developers. Along with this, on comparing the apps quality, we have found that iPhone apps have better quality apps as compared to those of Android even though, apps on Android are available in large numbers. Indeed, app startups get encouragement to launch their apps on iPhone and iPad devices first based on the top quality benchmark. Therefore, by considering each of the facts, we should say that iPhone app development is the perfect option for all startup app development companies and novice app developers.

Ways To Become More Effective With Sprint Retrospective

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Did you ever feel like your team is committing the same mistakes over and over? You feel that they are not moving in the right direction and you need to drive in some change to make the project development process productive.

Whether you are new to software development or you have been working in the software industry for years, you must have come across the term ‘Sprint Retrospective’. Agile development teams have made retrospective meetings quite popular.

Regardless of how good a Scrum team is, there is always some room for improvement. Since the focus of agile development is continuous improvement, a good project team sets aside a brief period at the end of each Sprint to reflect how they are doing and seeks out new ways to improve. This is called a Sprint Retrospective.

What is a Sprint Retrospective?

What is a Sprint Retrospective & How Do You Run One? | Miro

The term retrospective implies looking back or dealing with past events and situations.

According to the Scrum Guide, developed and sustained by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland “ the Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.”

Well, if you do not know what a Sprint is, a Sprint essentially is a time-boxed period during which a set amount of work is to be completed by the Scrum team. It is at the very heart of Scrum and agile methodologies.

The purpose of a Sprint Retrospective is to identify potential pitfalls and mistakes, evaluate the past working cycle and define actions that may improve things.

It is like a safe space for people to share honest feedback. It is an opportunity to focus on inspection and adaptation. ‘Inspect’ and ‘adapt are the twin mottos of a retrospective and they play a crucial role in making the next Sprint more productive.

Sprint retrospective plays a fundamental role in the scrum framework in agile development. During the sprint retrospective, a team discusses, what went well in the Sprint, what all can be improved and what actions shall be undertaken to improve the next Sprint.

The Value of a Sprint Retrospective 

Everything that has an effect on how the Scrum team builds a product such as the practices, processes, tools and communication are open to survey and the retrospective is attended by the product owner, scrum master, development team, and optionally the stakeholders.

Based on the discussions in a retrospective, the team members execute changes and then proceed to the coming sprint with an incrementally improved process.

The best thing about a retrospective is that it happens at the very last when the sprint ends. This way fresh ideas are churned out and teased out by the whole team in the next Sprint.

Afterall, the real purpose of the Sprint Retrospective is to bring about a positive change in the project, team, and organization.

What a project team plans to accomplish with a Retrospective is pretty much similar to what a football team plans to accomplish in its Monday morning tape review of the weekend’s game. The review is to evaluate how they could have defended better.

Same is the case with a retrospective, it particularly isn’t about winning the game but altering the strategy and implementations to win the next game.

Afterall, even with the best of teams, there’s always some room for improvement.

While a sprint retrospective is essentially an optimised process for teams working in an agile environment, it can be optimised for any type of team that works on a shared project.

During each Sprint Retrospective, the Scrum Team devises ways to improve product design & development quality by improving work processes or adapting the definition of “Done” if it is not in conflict with the product or organizational standards.

Why should you run a Sprint Retrospective?

3 popular ways to run a productive Retrospective - Backlog

More often than not, crucial ceremonies in agile such as the retrospective appear very mundane to project teams and as a result they do not use it to their full advantage.

There are a raft of benefits of running an agile sprint retrospective:

  • It creates a safe space for team members to share valuable insights and feedback. Retrospectives foster active participation, allow sharing of views and interests, and encourages the team to collaboratively arrive at a solution.
  • It provides a platform to document wins, celebrate success and inturn strengthens the team spirit.
  • The primary importance of a Sprint Retrospective is that it allows the team to identify potential pitfalls at an early stage and resolve conflict areas. With retrospectives, agile teams can continuously improve the processes by evaluating ‘what all can be improved’.
  • By running a retrospective, teams can easily identify small, incremental changes that can cast a huge impact on the overall product. When members share their views for improvement, they feel a sense of ownership.
  • Not only team members feel that their opinions are heard and respected, it also cuts through hierarchy and gives equal power to all team members.
  • There are many benefits of retrospectives but it is of utmost help to Project Managers. Retrospective aligns teams, keep the project on the right track and make each sprint better than the last. The end of the retrospective allows teams to commence the next sprint with a clean slate.

Difference between a Sprint Retrospective and a Sprint Review 

Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective are often confused as the same thing. However, they are completely different.

Sprint Review

Ways To Become More Effective With Sprint Retrospective

The idea behind working in Sprints is to produce a potentially shippable product increment.

Sprint Review is a meeting where a project team demonstrates the work that they have accomplished. During a Sprint Review meeting, the Scrum Team presents the deliverables of the current Sprint to the Product Owner. The Product Owner then reviews the product increment against the Acceptance Criteria and either accepts or rejects the User Stories.

Sprint Retrospective 

Ways To Become More Effective With Sprint Retrospective

In a Sprint Retrospective Meeting, the last Sprint is analysed in terms of the process followed, the tools employed, collaboration and communication mechanisms, and other aspects relevant to the subject.

The team discusses what went well in the previous Sprint, what did not go so well, with the sole aim to make improvements in the next Sprint.

Simply put, the Sprint Review focuses on the product and maximizes the business value of the previous sprints while the Sprint Retrospective focuses on the process and continuous process improvement.

The Sprint Retrospective takes place after the Sprint Review and before the next Sprint Planning. Mostly, it is a three-hour meeting for one-month Sprints.

The Scrum Master ensures that the event is conducted and the attendees understand its very purpose. Since it is an opportunity for the Scrum team to improve, ideally every participant should be present in a Retrospective.

Sprint Retrospective Process 

Sprint Review | Infinity

Sprint retrospective is considered one of the most indispensable meetings in Scrum. A well done agile retrospective offers a number of benefits. Here are the five essential steps and tips to make the sprint retrospective better:

  1. The very first step is to set the stage. Setting the environment, the tone and direction for retrospective is how you start off on the right foot.
  2. The next step is to gather and analyze the data of previous projects to have insights into previously performed actions. It also entails creating a shared pool of information and highlighting pertinent information and events.
  3. The third step is to identify repeated patterns and generate insights. By looking at patterns and themes, and identifying pain points and successes it becomes relatively easy to improve the process for everyone in the next Sprint.
  4. The next stage is deciding a few issues to work on and creating concrete action plans on how to address them.
  5. The retrospective ends with the acknowledgement and appreciation for the contribution of each member.


The Sprint Retrospective is a critical part of our scrum agile methodology. By running a retrospective we practice the Agile “inspect and adapt” principle.

Retrospective is a great opportunity to motivate a team by providing them the opportunity to speak up, share their ideas, and be heard.

The end goal of our Sprint retrospective meetings is to continually improve a development project, sprint by sprint. It not only improves the quality of the approach, but significantly improves the quality of the product.

Seeking a CTO for your startup? Here’s How!

How (And When) to Hire a CTO for Your Startup | Net Solutions

You have a great idea for a new (or improved) software product. You’re ready to work hard for it and build your own company. You know a lot of startups fail, and you also know the people that make up your startup can either cause your startup to fail or to flourish. Talent, persistence, great communication skills – these are traits you look for in business partners. This is true for a potential CTO as well. But how do you go about actually finding a CTO? This post attempts to give some pointers.

Why is it Hard to Find a CTO?

Who is a CTO and how important is it to find a CTO for your startup? - FasterCapital

Joining a new startup is risky. This isn’t different for a CTO too. What’s more, great CTO talent is scarce but startups are not. A potential CTO should be willing to take some risks, but you’re going to have to show him/her a potential reward too – This could be either a great compensation package or the impact your startup is going to have or a mix of the above.

Also, making the CTO feel like an important decision-maker and stakeholder in the company is also going to be crucial. A generous ESOP’s share may be important in hiring and retaining the right talent.

How to Find a CTO For your Startup

1. Be clear about your requirements

Tech Specification: Ten Reasons to Write - Visartech Blog

You must have a clear picture of your requirements. For example, you must have a list of technologies that are a must-have for your project. That could act as a filter to select the most appropriate candidates. Once you have filtered the candidates based on their technical skills, you can further get to know them and filter them accordingly. In a perfect world, you need to discover somebody who will consider this to be as a bar up on the stepping stool in their profession, for example, a senior programming engineer or specialized group captain who is ravenous to take on the CTO job. You may need somebody who’s strolled your way previously. Discover somebody who approaches things from a “try to get” point of view, not somebody who thinks they have every one of the appropriate responses.

2. Go to places where you’re likely to find good technical talent

How to Attract Top Tech Talent If You Are Not Google or Facebook (Especially During the COVID-19 Pandemic)

It is always a good idea to go to cohorts where there are like-minded people as you and these places could be an answer to your question “How to Find a CTO?”. Hackathons, conferences, meetups, summits are all great opportunities to discover a potential CTO who would be a great asset for your company. Search for somebody who can get various innovations (maybe including back end, front end, and mobile). Keep away from individuals who state they’ll just program code in one language.

3. Look for developers at just below the CTO level at startups similar to yours

How to Find a Developer for Your Startup | by Mattan Griffel | Medium

Jobs like VP or Engineering Lead where there’s as of now a CTO at that startup implies that they presumably have the experience required to be a CTO yet probably won’t get the open door where they at currently are. You can scan for individuals like this through LinkedIn. Ensure they have at any rate had experience shipping a product in the event that you need to give them the duty of building yours

4. Utilise the power of the internet

The Power of Internet: It's Like a Magic! - Page Design Pro

The internet is a potent tool in today’s world. Make sure you make the best use of it and benefit from its huge pool of talented professionals. There is an endless list of platforms which are dedicated to finding technical professionals such as a CTO. Some of them are listed below:

  • СoFoundersLab
  • Founders Nation
  • Angel.co
  • Indie Hackers
  • Co-founder’s subreddit on Reddit.com
  • Co-founding threads on Discordapp and Slack channels.

5. Pitch for the position

12 Elevator Pitch Examples to Inspire Your Own

Beginning with the expected set of responsibilities and enduring through the offer, remember that the best CTOs will have many offers. You must sell the job to them all through the meeting procedure. You would realize that your startup is the most energizing, imaginative, astonishing organisation to work for but remember that the candidates presumably don’t have the foggiest idea about that yet. You have to sell your startup. Don’t simply list the characteristics you need in a CTO; list what they will gain from working with you: energizing challenges, the chance to be a piece of x, y, and z. Will the CTO get value? Will they have autonomy? Whatever novel characteristics your startup has, sell them well. Make certain to clarify the situation with impartial language to draw in a decent and differing candidate pool.

6. Ensure that you have a technical advisor before a CTO

Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One

How do you differentiate a technical advisor from a CTO? A technical advisor keeps their regular job but works for you 2–4 hours out of every month and fills in as somebody who’s not in the weeds with you, every day. They may do week by week or month to month code surveys and go about as a substitute for your CTO. On the off chance that you discover a technical advisor first, this individual can be immense aid in finding the CTO. Finding a technical advisor will probably be simpler than finding a CTO, on the grounds that you aren’t requesting that somebody quit their job to come work for you. Or maybe, you are requesting that they keep their current job and take on an advisory role that takes a couple of hours a week. Sometimes, you can pull off having a technical advisor and not having to hire a CTO.

What Qualities Should Your CTO Have?

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise | E.DSO

This is obvious, but still important to note. In software, often a huge amount of tooling and software libraries available for many routine tasks that software developers face. Knowing what exists and the pros and cons of each tool and library can save your company a huge amount of time and money. It also saves your company from reinventing the wheel or using a less efficient tool.

Great Network

The Effortless Way The Pros Build A Great Network

While everybody should have a great network, this is especially true for your CTO. As your company grows, you will need new employees. A CTO with a great network of skilled developers will have an advantage.


5 Crucial Questions to Ask When Creating a Customer Experience

Experience is needed to have the previous point: expertise. Furthermore, it’s important your CTO knows what generally makes or breaks a great product. This knowledge can come from experience (ideally from other startups) and/or learning from other companies.

Communication Skills – Tech and Non-Tech

Are Non-Technical Skills Even A Thing? All You Need To Know

Your CTO is the one translating business goals to technical goals for your software developers. This means your CTO must not only have technical expertise but also be excellent at communication. You need to figure out how your CTO fits with the rest of your team (and especially with you). It’s important that your people share values with each other and understand each other since your company is made up of these people. What’s more, your CTO must be able to communicate with non-technical people too, especially those inside your company.

Deadline Management

11 Tips on How to Manage Time and Improve Deadline Management Skills | Hygger.io

You’re running a startup. Your team is going to be busy, and probably extremely busy. There will be deadlines, and a great CTO should be able to know how much his team can deliver in how much time. Not only that, he should be able to inspire his team to successfully meet these deadlines.

Team Management

12 Effective & Genuine Techniques to Motivate Accountants

Your CTO should be great at technology, but also at managing a team. He should inspire his team to keep focusing and working towards the same goals. It’s his responsibility to facilitate an environment where employees reach their maximum potential and to make sure the team is more than the sum of all employees.

Where to Find a CTO?

Free Directions Cliparts, Download Free Directions Cliparts png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

It helps if you have a great network of people where you can tap-in and ask for referrals. If that is not the case, start building one! Go on LinkedIn, connect with new people and start great conversations with them. If you click with someone, ask them if they are interested or know anybody who might be.

There are also websites designed specifically for finding a business partner. CoFounderslab.com is one of them. They have a community of entrepreneurs for you to build relationships with. This seems incredibly valuable even apart from finding your CTO. Other similar websites include indiehackers.com, founderdating.com and founders-nation.com. There are (many) more options tough, which are easy to find.

What Alternatives Are There to Having a CTO?

5 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives for Diagramming

If you consider your own technical expertise to be high enough, you could consider taking on the role as CTO next to being CEO. Whether this is a good idea also depends on the type of product you’re building: an extremely high-tech product might need a CTO, but a less high-tech SaaS product might not.

You could also consider outsourcing the work of a CTO. However, this does have certain disadvantages, with the most important one being dedication. When outsourcing your CTO tasks, the person doing the work isn’t part of your company and is (probably) much less passionate about your product than an actual CTO would be. However, this person could be much more knowledgeable in the technical area than you are and could potentially join your startup faster than finding someone who’s willing to come in full-time. It really depends on the details.

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful pointers in your search for a CTO. There is a lot more material out there to read, but this can serve well to get you started.

2020’s Finest Startup Ideas

Startup ideas for 1000 € | Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Regardless of how well paying your job might be, finding the best side business thoughts and in the end turning out to be completely financially independent is significantly important than incredible compensation and strong advantages. Picking the way of being an entrepreneur, and taking a shot at discovering extraordinary business thoughts, is unquestionably more hazardous than being content with holding a 9-5 employment. It requires far more penance. Be that as it may, when you’re receiving the lifestyle rewards of working for yourself and hustling your way into getting fundamentally more cash with your business thoughts than you ever could at your normal everyday job, the difficult work will have all been justified, despite all the trouble. In this way, let’s talk about some trending startup ideas for 2020.

Top Startup Business Ideas

You can now start a business from scratch without investing a lot of money. Following are the best startup ideas for businesses in 2020:

Plastic Recycling or Alternatives

13 Plastic Packaging Alternatives | The Strategy Distillery

What if you can build a big business and save your environment at the same time. Sounds impossible, right?

But it is possible with the Plastic Recycling business. “Rethinking Plastic” has become a global consumer trend for the year 2019. Businesses that help people in lowering plastic waste find it easy to strike cords in their hearts.

You can recycle any plastic material or offer its alternative at competitive prices so that a consumer prefers to buy your product over the old fashioned plastic one.

For example, you can recycle plastic straws to make a lot of appealing decorative items. Plastic Recycling business requires less investment but will give you good returns.

According to the report from Statista, the value of the recycled plastic market will amount to nearly $57 billion all over the world in 2024.

Buy and Resell Used Goods

12 of the Best Websites/Apps To Buy And Sell Second-Hand Products In India in 2021 | AllTop9.com

If you are someone who loves sales, flea markets or local auctions, then it can be a great startup idea for you.

You can buy antiques, art pieces, collectables, retro clothes, and furniture, etc. at low prices and resell them at higher prices to the respective market at much higher prices.

But if you want to grow your business, then you have to become an expert on the value of goods and the right place to sell them.

According to threadUP, the secondhand economy (a $24 billion market in 2018) is projected to grow to hit a staggering number of $64 billion within the next 10 years.

Senior care services rank as one of the best Startup Ideas for Businesses in 2019. Although seniors are expected to live longer lives as compared to previous generations, unfortunately, it is not valid. They are expected to spend more time in hospitals, daycare or sickness.

Fortunately, they are wealthy and can afford to pay for the services required to maintain their lifestyles. This includes continuing to live at home in their communities. According to research by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), nearly 90% of seniors want to live at home near their friends and family.

Many affluent seniors suffer from various health issues and find it challenging to drive and perform household chores such as cleaning, cooking or caring for their pets.

Therefore, plenty of opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business from scratch.

Senior Care Services

Personal Care Service in Delhi NCR | Samvedna Senior Care

Not all senior citizens are taken care of by loved ones and a significant number of them could utilize companionship and care-taking services all the time. At this age, senior citizens feel very vulnerable and regularly need to stay at home yet may require help because of handicap or action limitations. In the event that you’re passionate about this, this could be a considerable business idea for you.

Senior care services rank as one of the most trending Startup Ideas in 2020. Although seniors are expected to live longer lives as compared to previous generations, unfortunately, it is not completely true. They are expected to spend more time in hospitals, daycare or sickness. Which would affect their physical as well as mental health?

Home or Office Renovations

Fox Mill Addition and Renovations - Transitional - Home Office - Chicago - by Matthew James Carpentry & Design Inc. | Houzz

If you love construction and enjoy turning people’s dreams into reality, then Home Renovation business will suit you the best.

Almost everyone nowadays wants to renovate their homes or offices, but it is tough to find good contractors. It is a type of business that will do well even in the worst economic conditions.

According to Statista, an average homeowner in the US spends $3000 per year on home improvements. One of the most significant advantages of renovation business is that it requires less capital investment in tools and equipment than new construction. It is a perfect choice for individuals looking for a home-based business.

Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality? (+3 Types of VR Experiences)

If you are tech-savvy and love to experiment, then Virtual Reality is the perfect start-up idea for you. Hardware and software vendors are working profusely to introduce new VR products in the market, and it is estimated to become a $40 billion market by 2020.

There are unlimited uses of Virtual Reality for either business or personal enjoyment. Real estate market is a great example.

Providing a virtual tour of an advertised house to a potential buyer can help in closing the deal. Hence, it can be a massive market for your Virtual Reality business to target on.

Some other examples include- 3D movies, gaming, social media, training and meditation. Even the trend of VR lounges is also growing on a rapid scale.

Meal Kit and Delivery

The Pros & Cons of Home-Delivered Meal Kits | Vitacost Blog

How many times have you ordered food online in the past week or month?

Whatever the number is, it must be higher than the number of times you have gone out to eat?


Customized Healthy Meals delivery is becoming more popular day by day as people don’t have the time to shop and prepare healthy meals at home. It has already become a billion-dollar industry on its own.

The primary purpose of this start-up business is to make sure people get to eat healthy and fresh food whenever and wherever they want. If you enjoy cooking or love to bring a positive change in others’ lives, then meal kit delivery business will be the best for you.

Digital Detox

The Digital Detox to Take a Break from Social Media | eduyts

In today’s digital world it has become nearly impossible to stay away from modern gadgets. Life has begun revolving around smartphones and taken a toll on people’s health and lifestyle. The initial step towards coming out of this addiction is to accept that we are addicted to digital temptations. Luckily, countless individuals are attempting to detach and decrease their screen time. It has gotten well known to such a degree, that on the off chance that you look for the term Digital Detox on Google, you will get around 101 million outcomes. The year 2020 will be the time of advanced detox, and consequently, there are a lot of chances for new companies/organizations to assist individuals with eliminating screen time. For instance, a few new companies arrange a bunch venture out occasions to remove individuals from gadgets and find new encounters.

Luxury Pet Care

Luxury Real Estate Goes to the Dogs (and Chinchillas) - Mansion Global

This year we’re seeing extravagance in pet care, which is basically childcare or providing a better and healthy lifestyle for pets. Regardless of whether that is taking pooches for strolls in the open country, offering a rich settlement for felines while individuals leave or throughout the day dog-sitting services in a customized setting, many pet guardians presently need these services for their adored hairy little companions. Owners need the best services and care for their pets, and they couldn’t care less about the amount they need to spend on this. From dog-keeping to premium pet care organizations, there is a huge requirement for growing business people who love furry friends and can fulfil owners high expectations. It is a sort of childcare administration for pets.

Inclusive Beauty

Inclusive Beauty | Nordstrom

Gone are the days, when the market was flooded with make-up products for mainly 2 types of skin colour-Fair and Dark. Many international brands and models within the beauty industry such as CoverGirl, Missguided and Rihanna, have realised the importance of making beauty or skincare products for people with different gender, age, colour and race.

This type of industry is still quite nascent and hence offer a golden opportunity to aspiring beauty startups and beauty entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to start your make-up brand line for men or women of all colours, you can also begin to your vlogging channel to help women get their make-up perfect.

Internet of Things Security

How to improve IoT security | Network World

Various difficulties forestall the verifying of IoT gadgets and guaranteeing start to finish security in an IoT situation. Since systems administration appliances and different objectives are moderately new, security has not generally been viewed as top need during an item’s plan stage. Moreover, on the grounds that IoT is an early market, numerous product designers and makers are progressively keen on getting their items to showcase rapidly, instead of finding a way to assemble security in from the beginning.

Event Planning

Event management: 5 tips for planning a successful event | Cutting Edge PR Insights

One of the primary things you have to do is visit each potential area in which you intend to work. Work with the marketing manager to visit each site and realize what is accessible in every area. Start a database that will permit you to sort settings by differing highlights, for example, the number of individuals each site holds, AV hardware accessible on location, on the off chance that you should organize rental seats, and so on. At that point when you are starting to plan an event with a customer, you can discover what the key parameters are for the occasion and effectively pull up the three or four locales that meet the essential criteria. also, engagement parties, etc.

Vocational Consultant

Vocational Consultancy

On the off chance that you are leaving a corporate job with a decent understanding to begin your very own endeavour yet have no clue where to start, this one might be for you. There are a few people out there who need to figure out how to excel at a promotion interview or request for a raise, or just land a lucrative occupation. On the off chance that you have valuable tips for them, you can simply begin your very own consultancy and individuals will pay you great bucks to gain proficiency with the subtle strategies. In the event that you aren’t prepared to fire up your very own site or simply need to try out the waters, you should see joining to platforms such as The Muse or Coach Me where others are searching for individuals like you to guide them.

Web designing

Which Web Design Platform Is Right for You?

Web designing services have become a key piece of the market and have developed as the need of great importance. The main venture required in this business is a PC, internet connection, and significant aptitudes. An occupation as a website designer includes web organizing and content creation. You can complete this duty all the more easily when you are outfitted with the data, ability, and involvement with this area. You can likewise work from home as a freelance website designer.

So there you have it, 12 startup ideas that can help you get big bucks in your pocket. Most of us don’t have the advantage of having the option to leave our day job to seek after beginning a business idea today, without stressing over how we’re going to meet our money related commitments pushing ahead with no salary. That is the reason were an immense backer of continually beginning a side business while working all day, with the goal that you can test your way into your new product or services, get input, approve the thought, and start creating pay before you quit your day job. On the off chance that you can ace the craft of scaling one of these business thoughts while keeping your normal everyday employment, you’ll experience no difficulty succeeding once you’re completely independently employed. With such an extensive range of choices that span across different market segments, you should hopefully be able to find your next startup idea and transform it into a money-making machine.


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The market is bursting with opportunities for tailored security solutions. So, gear up for your new and exciting startup journey. You can also go out and meet people and take advice from other entrepreneurs, but ultimately, you have to decide which business idea fits your budget and aspirations. And, if you still find yourself stuck or want to build your business idea, then Anteelo can help.

How to Build An Appealing Mobile App Business Plan

The 8 Details to Include in a Convincing Business Plan | Prosper

Benjamin Franklin was an exceptional man with even exceptional wit and wisdom. Though the statement is subjective, it is apt in every situation involving planning.

A rather important part of the whole process of starting a company is devising an astute and accurate mobile app business plan.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you do not want your goals to become far-fetched wishes then you have to invest your time and efforts in creating a descriptive business plan for your app.

Now, I understand this is not something that you might be inherently proficient in since you are an entrepreneur and this is not necessarily your niche of expertise. So, if you are unsure of what you are supposed to incorporate in your mobile app business plan or even how to start one, refer to this detailed article to help yourself.

Nevertheless, before we start our discussion, I feel we first need to sit down and ponder on the “why” of creating a business plan for your mobile application.

Why make a mobile app business plan?

How to Write Business Plan for Mobile App Idea? - Mind Studios

Magnetizing investments

The most obvious reason why mobile app startups make a business plan for developing an app, as you might have surmised as well, is to bring in more and more investments. This is to attract investors and even start-up co-founders – the choice is yours to make, and sometimes you need to have the support of both.

An efficacious business plan will help your vision be represented in a crystal-clear way while displaying the scope of your mobile app concept and idea as well.

Reducing the risks

Un-planned actions pertain to risks, and risks in business are synonymous to cost-inefficiency and loss.

When you devise a business plan, you actually map out the whole journey of your business, something that can provide you great insights into the many unanticipated and probable risks.

Helps you keep everything in perspective

When making big decisions, it is common to forget and leave out certain important aspects that can make or break the foundation of your business at a much later stage. However, when you have a blueprint including a set of points acting as a reminder of those crucial aspects, it becomes easy for you to remember them. Business Plan is that blueprint.

Now, it’s time to move on to our main discussion answering questions such as “How to build Business Plan for a Mobile App Startup” or “How to Write Business Plan for Mobile App Idea?”

Steps to create a business plan for your mobile app

1.  Executive Summary

Executive Summary Template: What To Include

Essentially a short overview of your detailed mobile app business plan, this stage is something you must pay special attention to, since, this is going to be the first thing the potential investors will encounter.

Things that make this section ideal are – convey more while writing less, refrain from mentioning the working of the product, etc. Instead, focus more on market scenario, targeted users, and this-

  • Focus on problems addressed

‘Problems’ are something that always prevails. Meaning, there is always room for improvement and innovation. What you are supposed to do here is analyze the problems users are facing with the existing solutions and find out –

  1. the needs and demands of the users at the moment
  2. problems users are facing with the products similar to yours
  3. why these solutions fail to satisfy – what are they lacking that you can provide in a better and different way, and so on.
  • State your proposed solution

Try not to divert from the path of the problem while explaining its solution, i.e., do not go into the functioning and features of your app, rather stay focused on the problem and the ways in which your app addresses them.

  • Unique Value Proposition

This is where you can boast of the things that differentiate you from other organizations and businesses, something about your app that is unique in itself. Not just better but definitely different. For example, the USP for Domino’s Pizza is “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

  • End objective of your app

After everything’s said and done, it all comes down to this – The goals you  plan to achieve with your app.

You MUST state the vision of your app’s future, i.e., how many downloads you are initially expecting on your application, how much profit you are expecting, and much more. It is best to visualize your short-term plans and then improve your answer through metrics.

2.  Introduce your company

The next step while making a detailed and convincing business plan is to prepare your company’s information. Since the future is unpredictable, the things you have mentioned in the above section may not be as appealing to the investors as you may conjecture.

Firms like Y Combinator, TechStars, to name a few, are known to select startups for funding based on the team and the founders. So, you see how crucial this section just became for you. Moreover, it would add as a plus point if you could provide information about the MVP or a prototype you have developed.

The things you should cover here are –

  • Provide an overview

There are some questions that you need to address in this section to help investors understand your organization and develop trust in it.

  1. Type of entity – Are you an LLC or privately owned organization?
  2. Location – Where is it housed?
  3. Duration – When was the organization established?
  4. What is the team size of your company?
  5. Do you operate off-shore as well or not?
  6. What are the problems your company is currently going through?
  7. What is the ultimate goal of the company?
  8. What is your vision?
  • Take it from the top

Like a novel, you must tell the story of your organization while briefly touching on all the preliminary motivations, ideas, problems, etc. that you encountered at the time of its inception.

List everything about the history of your company that is worth knowing, since it could be a lot damaging if any crucial information is withheld from the investors and is revealed later. It can include the locations you have operated in, early hires, major pivots, product launches, and such.

  • Management team

Remember each and every person in your company is an important cog in your organization’s machinery. This is why you are required to mention the names of all the members of management with all the relevant information related to them, i.e., qualification, professional experience, expertise, KRAs while mentioning the organizational hierarchy.

  • Advisory panel

Almost every mobile app development company is backed by an advisory team. The panel consists of industry experts with years of experience under the belt. More often than not, they are the makers of some successful apps. Creating a list of such advisors can immensely improve your brand image and credibility, boosting the chances of getting funds.

3.  All about the Industry

All About the Real Estate Industry

Essentially, your end product is going to target a particular industry. Hence, it is obvious for you as an entrepreneur to know every grain of major information, from market history to current trends, related to your targeted industry.

  • Market size

The most basic thing that you must know and also showcase in this section of your business plan is the size of the market. This includes – total available market (market demand for the app), serviceable available market (number of users you can target say in 3 to 5 years), and serviceable obtainable market (the segment of your initial users in 6 to 12 months).

If you are wondering how to do so then, you can always refer to the credible data provided by some trusted third-party platforms, namely, Sensor Tower, App Annie, and Statista.

  • Keep updated with market projections

You need to understand the market’s past and present to gain insight into future predictions. The best thing to do here is to compare and analyze the market size of the past 5 years, mention the number of new entrants in the industry, the number of total fundings, and so on.

  • Competitors analysis

Competitive analysis is an indispensable element of any business on this planet. Regardless of the organization type, industry, size, etc. – all religiously perform this step.

Various models around this have been devised to gain the attention of angel investors. Out of the many, the one we recommend is the 2 x 2 matrix model, in which variables portray these four aspects: challengers, leaders, niche players, and visionaries. In order to highlight the execution and vision of the app as it progresses, these four elements are displayed via an x-y axis scale.

  • Self-assessment through SWOT

SWOT analysis, representing four components – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats is used for self-assessment by all organizations. It enables you to give a structured description of your company’s situation in an efficient way in your business plan for app development.

4.  Marketing strategy

Why You Need To Review Your Marketing Strategy After Quarter 1

Acting as a bridge between your app and the end-users, a solid mobile app marketing strategy wields the most power. Your role is to devise such a marketing strategy that acts as a ‘deal-sealer’ between your firm and the investors. This will show the investors that you have the medium to make your app reach the users’ smartphones from an app store.

These are some points that you can include in your marketing strategy-

  • Describe the user persona first

Creating user personas is very beneficial. This is something you would be able to identify while you are doing your research on the market. In case there is more than one user personas, you must mention them in your app development business plan. The more in-depth it is, the more promising your business plan seems to the angel investors.

The said information is to be included in the user personas – Age, Gender, Occupation, Location, Income group, and Marital status. Other information that is classified as psychographic data includes attitudes towards money (price-sensitivity or value shoppers), the context of app usage, personal/professional aims, hobbies, preferred sites and apps, tech-savviness, and so on.

  • Customer acquisition strategy

Once you have identified the user personas of your app, you can determine your customer acquisition strategy. One thing you have to be absolutely sure about is your CAC (customer acquisition cost). You will be able to estimate the right cost once you have established which channels and campaigns you will employ in your marketing strategy highlighting your app’s USP (unique selling proposition).

Here are some channels that you can try to achieve great results –

  • Incentivized user downloads
  • Search engine marketing
  • Organic installs
  • Social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) ads
  • Partnerships
  • PR
  • App store optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Push and in-app notifications
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Mobile site redirection
  • Mobile app wall ads
  • Email marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Product driven growth

Change in product driven growth is one of the most common elements of pivoting a startup. If your business model needs a large mainstream user base, then it is of utmost prominence for you to build a referral program in your mobile app to leverage network effects. A well-known and effective example is Uber. For instance, Uber offers a coupon on the users’ next ride as a reward for referring to others and the referred person also enjoys coupons on the first ride.

  • Make a landing page

A landing page can really help you in numerous ways. One of which is that it can help you expand your horizons in terms of target users. It keeps the readers informed and updated about innovations and further updates of your app. One thing to keep in mind whilst doing this is to make sure it contains the name of your app, its description, promotional videos, etc.

{Also read: How to Create Success Story with your Mobile App Landing Page}

  • Define your key metrics

There are several metrics on the basis of which you can measure your business growth and popularity of your mobile app. This is something that you must include in the web or mobile app business plan. You have to be careful while picking the right metrics suitable for your business model. An example – if your app is a social media application, then your ideal key metrics should be the daily active users instead of the number of downloads.

5.  Operational strategy

Complete Guide to Operational Strategy – Welp Magazine

Stating the strategy regarding your daily operation imparts an impression of awareness and readiness on your part to the investors, something which always works in the favor. This also includes your strategy for customer relations.

You must describe and map out how you are going to handle customer services and maintain quality assurance. It also includes how you are going to perform the app development process and manage it. Other things to cover in this section are-

  • Users Process

You can mention information such as how your users are going to behave from the start to the end, i.e., when they first hear of your app and start using it.

  • Personnel plan

This outlines all the data related to the employees. It concerns how and when you will hire the employees, how salaries will be expensed, how will you set the hierarchy in the organization and so much more.

6.  Financial plan

Financial Planning in 5 Easy Steps: How to Do It Right

It is the stage where you could literally say “Let’s talk numbers”. What the investors would want to see in this section are the answers to the questions – how will you make money? What will be the cost to run the business? And how much funds do you need?

  • Devise an app monetization strategy

Just like for marketing, you need to have an efficacious mobile app monetization strategy, something that we have also covered in detail in our article named “How to choose the right pricing strategy for your mobile app project”.

  • Startup costs

According to CB insights, 19% of the startups fail because they get out-competed.  In the graph below, you would find that 29% of the startups get shut down as they run out of cash.

You can avoid this fate by analyzing the costs you may need. Similarly, it is crucial for you to mention to the investors all the details related to the costs and expenses you would be needing and for what.

Since the devil is in the details, here is what you should include – one time costs, recurring costs (rent, inventory, etc.), fixed costs (rent, utilities, etc.) variable costs (i.e, the salary of employees) and a lot more.

  • Funding needed

It is here at this stage that you are going to ask for the fundings and reveal all the information related to it. Address these questions in this section –

  • How much money do you require?
  • What percentage of equity are you proposing to give in return?
  • Is this going to be a convertible note or a preferred stock?
  • For what duration this money will suffice before you need to propose for another funding round?

Regardless of what category your mobile application belongs to, the business plan for each one is essentially similar, for the most part. A business plan is static in contrast to a business model, which is dynamic. This is because it is a document created only once and is not rewritten after the purpose is fulfilled.

How to Create a Successful Mobile App Startup?

Top 5 Successful Mobile App Startup ideas for Entrepreneurs | by Dot Com Infoway | Medium

Are you a startup geek?

Do you often look up to other successful startups and wonder how they made it?

Are you constantly pondering over an idea at the back of your mind, waiting for that defining moment to turn it into a reality?

So, if you have stumbled across your eureka moment, and are now faced with multiple challenges as to how to put into action what you have envisioned, you are on the right page.

We will break down the steps that can help you make the cut and are crucial to successfully run a startup in the mobile app industry.

Since the world is going digital, and the most amount of time we spend is hooked to a screen, any successful small business is involved in startup app development solutions.

We netizens are well aware that Playstore and App Store are flooded with innumerable mobile applications – Business, Lifestyle, Educational, On-demand apps, etc. But it is equally essential to realize early on that very few apps get trending.

Studies show that few startups are successful and most appreneurs tend to commit some common mistakes. So the first step in your startup journey should be to look before you leap.

1. Validate Your Idea: Ideate, Pause, Rethink

Why prototyping is essential for your product team? | by Huī Lín | UX Collective

We understand that it is attractive to let your creative juices flow but it is equally essential to reflect on other possibilities and not dive right in without testing the waters.

Make a list of all your potential ideas. It not only gives you an insight but provides due clarity regarding which idea to pursue.

In case you are confused whether the idea is worth giving a shot, get it validated from leading experts and see if it sparks their interest. An approach that the best mobile app consultants follow when checking the validity of your product is through a product discovery workshop. The 5 days workshop is known to have brought a number of successful startups in life.

Another tip is to never overlook other ideas. Understand that there is always a scope for improvement, and sometimes the whole process of ideation leads to new outcomes.

After finalizing on which idea to pursue, make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the pain point and the solution you are offering.

After all, your unique idea, besides making you one of the most successful startups, is also solving a problem. This leads us to the next step.

2. Detail-oriented Market research

A Comprehensive Guide to Market Research: 4 Proven Methods | Hotjar Blog

No matter how revolutionary your idea is and how likely it is going to transform the mobile application industry, if you do not conduct a thorough market research and are not able to establish a target audience, you are bound to fail.

Understanding the market and finding a product-market fit is a prerequisite to run a successful startup. The key is to ensure you are solving real user problems and even though what you may be doing is not overtly unique, you have to find a place for yourself in the market.

Study the competitive landscape and conduct a competitor audit. Download some apps that work on similar pain points, use them personally and determine the scope for improvement.

Research on apps that failed and explore the reasons for the same.

Why? Because it eliminates the chances of failure and learning from others’ mistakes is a usual practice in the startup ecosystem.

Conducting an in-depth market research can help you find your unique value proposition and ensure that you are way ahead of your competition.

Also, during the preliminary research,  one should conduct surveys to understand the user demographic and engagement. Knowing what the target audience likes helps in building a product that they truly want.

Remember, user engagement is the key and at every step of the way keep your niche audience in mind.

3. Choose an Ideal platform

Most of the Android and Windows Phones are in the low-end

Choosing an ideal platform for your app is the next step in your mobile app development journey.

In order to decide whether your app will cater to Android, iOS, or both, you should take into account a couple of factors. The key is to research which platform is ideal for mobile startups and understand what aligns with your business idea.

According to Statista, as per the third quarter of 2019, Android users were able to choose between 2.47 million apps while Apple’s App Store offered almost 1.8 million available apps for iOS. This makes Google Play, the app store with the biggest number of available applications.

To choose a viable platform you should study factors like market share and revenue for both Android and iOS. Arriving at a conclusion would not be possible if you do not have an in-depth understanding of the respective play stores. So, carefully assess the number of downloads and revenue models for both the app stores.

The choice between native and hybrid apps is another factor to consider. Both come with their set of pros and cons, and factors like technicality, functionality, cost and time play a defining role.

4. Focus on Designing an Impeccable UI/UX

Why Should You Consider UX Design Career in 2020?

One of the common elements in most successful startups is the impeccable design that the applications are made with. No matter which successful app you pick up – Instagram, Canva, Telegram – you will find intuitive design being a part of them.

The role of UI/UX design doesn’t just lie in the eye-catching appeal. The application should be usable and functional as well. Additionally, it should meet the standards set by Google Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

The UI/UX design guide that we follow at Anteelo is one that not just meets the guidelines but also solves a number of additional areas like – getting visibility, app spend time, and user retention rates.

5. Product Development

7 ultimate templates for every stage of the product development process

The next step is to jumpstart the development process and for that, you would require an app development team.

There are effective ways to choose an app development company and see months of planning and strategizing come into action.

To ensure that your idea materializes into a successful product, you need to give a lot of thought to the people you will partner with.

In that context, you generally get two options:

  • Hire an in-house team of developers
  • Partner with a team of remote developers through the mode of outsourcing.

Reflect on the challenges you are currently facing.

Do you want an In-house team or do you plan to Outsource?

Take a decision based on what aligns with your business needs.

While the former ensures a faster level of communication and a deep understanding of your product idea, outsourcing provides you the opportunity to hire highly skilled designers and developers.

The next question you need to ask yourself is whether you will be able to monitor the development process yourself? Accordingly, choose an app development company.

Before hiring an app development company, make a list of potential partners, ask the right set of questions and go through their portfolios and case studies. Not only it documents their work, it gives you due clarity if the company is the right fit for you.

Get feasible options by analyzing the app development cost worldwide.

Hire the best developer but make sure you sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement.

Besides building a scalable app, your focus should lie in delivering a delightful experience to your end-users. Any user first perceives an app through the User experience. To retain your users in the long run, the

User experience should be immersive and the UI should be modern, innovative and intuitive.

Being ambitious is great but we suggest, you do not get lost in a maze of features. First, concentrate on building an MVP for your app, address the core pain points and then gradually shift to improved features after garnering feedback from your users. The emphasis should be on the ‘must-have’ features, the ‘nice to have’ features can always be added later.

Making a wireframe solves a lot of problems. It outlines the layout of an app and plays a fundamental role in structuring the product early on.

It also provides necessary insights on how the users will engage with your app and helps you identify the problem areas.

6. Look for Raising Investment

Trade is Important, but Capital More So - MarketExpress

After spending a considerable amount of time on building your app,  you need to consider the problem at hand- How to raise money for your mobile app startup?

Generating a large amount of funds implies greater resource availability and higher chances of success.

There are various ways to generate funds. Decide on ways for fundraising that align with your business model – Seed funding, Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding, ICO, etc.

Craft an Elevator Pitch and be on the lookout for potential Investors. Now is the time to be ambitious. Make sure you have a product that investors chase.

7. Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2021 | Sprout Social

How do you make sure your app gets traction quickly and reaches far and wide?

Through strategic marketing.

Marketing is one of the key startup success factors that makes a regional brand a global one.

Through compelling marketing strategies, you can create the buzz around your app and ensure people go gaga over it.

Use Social media and PR to gain market visibility and facilitate rapid user acquisition. Use effective mobile app marketing strategies and leverage the power of App store optimization to make your app go viral.

8. Have a Monetization Plan in Place

App Monetization Strategies: 6 Bankable Ways to Turn a Profit | CleverTap

One of the ways of creating successful startup companies is to decide the best monetization strategy for your mobile app.

There are a number of options for the industry to choose from: Advertising, Sponsorship, In-app purchases, subscriptions, and pay-per-download are few options to choose from. Read into the pros and cons of each to understand which monetization model can be the best when seeking ways on how to run a startup. You should aim for ways that would guarantee

9. Update and Improve Your Application

How To Improve Your Mobile Application? - Ebizzing

If you think your digital journey ends by launching your app and diving into the market, you are wrong.

The mobile app development lifecycle does not end by launching the application. Regular updates improve app visibility and ensure you are providing value to the user at every iteration.

So, for lasting success, keep improving your app by taking user feedback into consideration. Maintenance, updates, new functionality, is an ongoing process. Ensure maximum user retention along with a steady revenue model in place. Another element that you need to consider well in advance before execution is pivoting your startup.

10. Have an App Retention Strategy 

8 Mobile App Retention Strategies For 2021 [With Examples]

The reasons behind app uninstallation are numerous – and so are the instances of app uninstallations. Keeping users interested in your application, in the presence of 50s of similar apps.

Here are the different ways you can retain your customers –

  • Plan your notifications timing properly
  • Be transparent about the permissions and how you’re going to use their data. Being transparent continues to be one of the secrets of successful tech startups
  • Although your partnered startup app development company must take care of it. But, update the application only when necessary.

So here are the different ways you can ensure that the business model of app development for startups works for you.

A Guide to Using Flutter to Construct a Startup Mobile App

GitHub - flutter/flutter: Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful apps for mobile and beyond.

The open-source Flutter SDK is a Google UI toolkit that creates attractive, natively compiled mobile app, from a single codebase.

With apps being downloaded and used by millions of people in a rapid way,  the mobile app development is skyrocketing.

There are many companies that are making use of this trend and contributing to the increase of app downloads. Here are some facts:

Did you know that android users can choose from 2.7 million apps, making Google Play the biggest app store?

The Apple App Store is the second-largest app store with almost 1.82 million available apps for iOS.

You should know that the accurate number of applications change because both the app stores regularly remove low quality content from their app stores and accept apps from the developers on a daily basis. However, the number of apps has been steadily increasing over the years.

In 2020, global mobile app revenues were over 581 billion U.S. dollars. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising.

After reading the above facts and data,  it is clear that the app development market is rapidly growing, and mostly the startups are taking the lead in developing apps and increasing their reach. If you have an idea and are confused about which platform to use, the best suggestion would be mobile app development with Flutter.

What Makes Flutter a Better Choice for Developing a Startup App?

Google Developers Blog: Flutter: a Portable UI Framework for Mobile, Web, Embedded, and Desktop

As they say, numbers never lie. Let us look at some data revolving around Flutter app development services:

  • According to a 2020 developer survey, Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by software developers across the globe. According to the survey, 39% of software developers chose Flutter development services for apps. This usage is expected to grow in 2021 as well.
  • Google broke down the share of Flutter developers and maximum work for a startup. Here is all you need to know: 35% work for a startup, 26% are enterprise developers, 19% are self-employed, and 7% work for design agencies.
  • Google reported a 80% spike of Flutter built apps in Play Store after version 1.20 was released. The number of apps built with Flutter in the Play Store has increased from 50,000 to 90,000 since April 2020.
  • As per Google Trends, Flutter is the leading programming language since February 2021 followed by React Native to develop customized cross-platform mobile apps.

Creating a startup mobile app with Flutter is in vogue and why would it not be? Flutter provides mind blowing benefits! Let’s discuss some benefits, shall we?

Benefits Of Building A Mobile App With Flutter

1. Fast development process

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Flutter cross-platform application development is a huge buzz creator due to its “Hot Reloading” or “Hot Restart” features. With the help of this feature developers are able to write codes and finish the project development in real-time. As a result, coders increase their productivity and save a lot of valuable time.

2. Utilization of widgets

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Flutter integrated apps provide a wide range of widgets including navigation, scrolling, fonts, and icons that are customizable regardless of the screen size. These widgets are easy to customize and make the app development process fast and simple.

3. Single code base for multiple platforms

Native App Development: One Codebase. Four Platforms.

The reason why Flutter is trending is because of its ‘write-once’ approach. Writing multiple codes for different platforms is no longer significant. Flutter mobile app developers only have to code once and not separately for both operating systems, that is Android and iOS, that is why Flutter is considered by most of the developers. As a result, Flutter makes the app development process as cost effective as possible.

4. User-friendly interface

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Flutter can customize almost anything visible on your startup app. Be it shapes, colors, shadows, clipping or transforming elements, Flutter allows developers to execute everything seamlessly. Hence, it is needless to say that Flutter makes the app development process flexible and simple without adding extra workload.

5. Potential to move beyond smartphones

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If you want to create a startup app, why do you want to limit it to just smartphones? Flutter cross platform app framework works as a full-fledged development tool. With Flutter you app can function on any platform- Windows, Android, Linux, IOS etc.

6. Serverless apps

Building Serverless Apps on AWS

Flutter allows the creation of serverless apps. Developers can use Google’s firebase support as back end and create serverless startup apps. Flutter provides a quick development cycle to help developers achieve their targeted time frames.

Numerous companies are choosing Flutter to develop exceptional apps in record time. Due to all the benefits, features, and functions listed above, creating an app using

If startup app development companies choose Flutter, then it’s the correct choice made. Flutter eliminates the struggle of time constraint and limited budget faced by startups trying to release apps across multiple platforms. Also, it is a blend of all the best Google ideas and technologies, a mixture which results in the creation of a powerful mobile framework.

Step By Step Guide To Flutter App Development

Step-1: The idea

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This one is a cliché but don’t all great applications begin with an out of the box idea? Once you have an idea, you need to conduct a market research and find out your target audience. If you wish to create an app then don’t just begin blindly; instead, dig deep and research the facts, concepts and competitors. It is always important to find out how you are better than your competitors.

Step-2: Flutter for MVP

Why Flutter is the Best Solution for Building MVPs?

A minimum viable product or MVP acknowledges business owners to validate their idea, gather feedback, and identify customer’s needs. MVP is useful in avoiding market failure and investing on a product that is not backed up by proper market surveys and research.

Being an open source, Flutter complements MVP development. With Flutter increasing the pace of the development process, the process has become more simplified and efficient. Also, Flutter’s compatibility with Firebase, doesn’t require you to separate backends for building simple MVP. Creating MVP with flutter provides an added benefit of delivery of an intricately designed solution.

Step-3: User interface and user experience

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Flutter not only provides us with native performance and hot reload for fast development but also access to beautiful, native components. The Flutter toolkit has opened a gateway to allow for a multitude of UI/UX and, by using its own source code, eliminating platform limitations.

Flutter is becoming an all-platform framework. What about when you want to use your startup app or a smaller or a bigger device? Be it a smartwatch, TV, laptop or smartphone. So, you can build native mobile apps using flutter to provide a wider range of devices that the app can function on.

Flutter’s adaptive components help you overcome such challenges. Adaptive layouts means how your app proficiently displays the UI on the device where it is being viewed on.

There is no need to build separate code for a multitude of devices, as Flutter already supports that using a single code-base. There are packages you can rely on which are equipped with native iOS & Android widgets to help your app give a platform-specific look.

Step-4: Development, integration and deployment

Practical continuous deployment: a guide to automated software delivery

Startup mobile app development is a highly interactive process. The process includes- planning, development, coding, testing and reviewing. This is the step where you must look out for a Flutter mobile app company that can develop an android app using Flutter.

Mobile app development comprises three integral parts that are – backend, API and mobile app front end.

  • Backend: The Backend has the information that the end user cannot see. It includes databases and server-side objects that are important for supporting mobile app functions.
  • API: Application Programming Interface is a communication method between the app and the backend.
  • Front end: The front end of an application is what the user uses. Mostly an app has an interactive UX that uses APIs and backends in order to manage the data.

Once everything is in place, the next step is deploying your web server (API) into a production environment that is scalable. The second is deploying the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Bottom Line

Financial Analysis: Analyzing the Bottom Line with Excel

The current app development market is extremely competitive! In order to make a new app stand out within a limited budget, the product should be extraordinary enough to drive the attention of the crowd.

If you are launching your startup app, Flutter is the platform to choose as it allows you to develop user-friendly apps across multiple platforms in a cost-effective way. Unlike other platforms, Flutter app developers create apps with a smooth UI for their users.

Flutter is bound to transform the cross-platform app development industry with its capabilities to emboss customization and expedite the app development process. Dive deep into the world of Flutter app development company and join the transformation.

Blockchain vs. Traditional Database: Make a Startup’s Choice

Blockchain vs Traditional Database – Neighbourhood

Blockchain Technology has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few years and appears to stay on track in gaining enterprise adoption. But while it has covered an appreciable curve of general acceptance, it continues to baffle people conceptually.

Striking similarities between Blockchain and databases makes people wonder “is Blockchain just a database?” Yes, Blockchain is a database that comes with several distinguishable traits. These traits are what lead to the debate of Blockchains versus traditional databases.

Therefore, in this post, we would systematically approach the definitions, similarities, and differences between the two to enable a better understanding of the subject for entrepreneurs and startups looking to explore blockchain.

Table Of Content

  1. What is a Traditional Database?
  2. What is Blockchain?
  3. Defining Blockchain & Traditional Database
  4. Management of Traditional & Blockchain Database
  5. Reasons to Use a Traditional Database
  6. Reasons to Use Blockchain Technology
  7. Closing Thoughts

What is a Traditional Database?

Beyond PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Blog Why New Database Technology Won't Solve PLM Problems? - Beyond PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Blog

Data structures are defined as a storage format for efficient management of data. A traditional database is nothing but a data structure, that helps in storing and working with data. Each organization, from a startup to a Government entity, uses databases depending upon the scale and size of their operations. The aspect that makes databases utilitarian, is they allow users to fetch the data. In technical terms, this is referred to as requesting or querying data that is achieved by Structured Query Language, SQL.

The first-ever architecture of databases was based on a hierarchical style that made it possible to collect and store data. But that was just about it. As technology caught on with time, dragging the tide of businesses with it, data became complex. Likewise, analysts wanted databases to interoperate so they could draw better business conclusions. Thus, the database design shifted to a relational model. Today, all you need for an end-to-end data optimizing process is a Database Management System (DBMS).

Databases are no rocket science, in that they are simple tables. Tables are fields (columns) that contain the details regarding the nature of data. Rows are called records.

What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain solutions for supply chain sustainability

Blockchain is a decentral database that acts as a storage for chunks of bundled information called blocks. The reason the blocks are referred to as chains is that each block carries the hashed data of the block added to the ledger before it. This goes back to Genesis, the first-ever block that was mined for bitcoin. A hash is a code that encrypts the transactions in a given block. This code is, essentially, a pointer, a name of sorts, that uniquely identifies a block.

The bitcoin protocol makes it mandatory for every new block to contain the hash of the previous block plus the hash of the block that contains information for newly processed transactions.

But as any blockchain service providers would tell you, finding this new hash isn’t easy. Blockchain technology underpinning bitcoin adjusts hashing difficulty by calculating the total computing power of the network. The more miners there are, the harder it is to find a hash and vice versa. In return for validating blocks and helping run the Blockchain, miners are rewarded with bitcoin.

A. Defining Blockchain & Traditional Database

Defining the Traditional Database Architecture

Traditional databases are based on client-server architecture. Clients are end-users of the service that request access to a particular set of data. This request goes through a server that hosts the database. Open database connectivity is used to establish a communication line between clients and the database.

This line is further secured by the client software that is authenticated up ahead for access. In private databases, access is granted to only those who have valid login credentials and a password. An example could be confidential health records of a hospital. If a database is public and open for all, then a user account is not needed and the data can be accessed from a website. This, in turn, has played a huge role in Blockchain transforming the closed healthcare system.

Defining the Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Technology has come off age and offers multiple architectural models such as permissioned, private, or hybrid blockchain.

Network nodes are the lifeline of Blockchain technology and they operate on a Peer-to-Peer, P2P, model. Each peer/node can correspond with a second node. There is no superiority or bias between 2 nodes in terms of responsibilities but yes, there could be a difference in total computing resources they possess. Peers of a network ensure the veracity of the Blockchain.

For the transactions to be manipulated either a 51% attack would need to happen (as mentioned above) or multiple peers would have to collude and accept blocks with falsified data. By architecture, Blockchain database technology protocols accept the longest-running, active chain. Therefore, its decentralized administration makes it safe and secure to be trusted and earns it extra points in the matchup of Blockchain vs distributed database.

B. Management of Traditional & Blockchain Database

Managing Traditional Database 

DBMS: An Intro to Database Management Systems – BMC Software | Blogs

Databases support CRUD operations i.e. you can create, read, update, and delete records. Database management is centralized and under the control of an administrator. This individual has the power to modify the database, potentially at will. Their key responsibility is to up the performance and lower database redundancy. As the database expands, so do the daily audits and the corresponding checklist of maintenance tasks.

To aid in this process, a primary administrator can divide his/her tasks and distribute work between multiple users, each assigned a minor task. This could be anything from data entry to modification.

Databases require backup storage as anything could go wrong. Data can be corrupt, servers could crash, and critical information could be lost. In such cases, the files are retrieved from backups. Backing up also allows archiving multiple versions of a database. As an example, consider an address change. Whereas you might contact relevant Government bodies to update “records” and issue you an ID reflecting the same, they will still save a copy of the last address, for record-keeping.

Managing Blockchain 

What Business Problems Do Blockchains Solve? | Formaspace

Blockchain technology decouples administration and divides it amongst all the nodes of the network that ensure it runs with their computing power. Each of the nodes stores a copy of the complete Blockchain. In wanting to change the contents of a block, its hash would have to be changed. Since Blockchain technology automatically revises the difficulty level for hashing a block, a tremendous amount of computing power would be required to change the hash of all the blocks. The only situation where that would be possible is a 51% attack, wherein the rogue actor has more computing power than the majority of the network.

As a result, Blockchain technology is proven to be immutable. Since records can’t be changed, this adds transparency to the architecture. They are also remarkably fault-tolerant as even when a few nodes (computers) are down, the rest of the nodes will ensure a 24/7 uptime.

Since no authoritarian permissions are needed to transact on a Blockchain, this makes them permissionless. Therefore, you can use Blockchain as a database but with the extra convenience of these features.

Reasons to Use a Traditional Database

1.  They are customizable

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In the Blockchain vs database debate, the latter wins hands down in terms of customizable options. Since traditional databases are administered centrally, permissions, privileges, and set-up requirements can be optimized. The relational architecture and backup practices pave the way for a database to be relocated anywhere. Developers can add plugins to the database and improve the front end for customer-centricity.

2.  They are Stable

Data governance and the importance in arguing with data | Qlik Blog

Traditional databases can tolerate high volumes of transactions per second as permissions are centralized and the controls to update data are in the hands of a few. Client-server architecture reduces the dependency on nodes that are substituted by standalone server centers.

Database administrators revert to sharding and shrinking to optimize the speed of the network. In the event of a power outage, downtime, or any other technical glitch resulting in data loss, the backup acts as a default option to reset the last version.

3.  They Deliver Speed

How to deliver speed without losing your customers | TechBeacon

The traditional database design has undergone a lot of upgrades over the years to suit faster delivery times and high-end analytical operations. Big data analytics is a case in point.

Where Does the Traditional Database Lags – Issues That Blockchain can Solve

1.  Ethical Issues

The same centralization of power that provides for the above-mentioned advantages could also be the straw that breaks the camels’ back. Critics of the system suggest moral issues with handing over the data into the hands of a single administrator. There is an ongoing war to monetize data in every which way possible.

An open market for selling data to third-party vendors already thrives. The Cambridge Analytica scandal was an eye-washing experience that brings to light what a centralized database with a single administrator, Facebook, could do.

2.  Contingencies

Considering the case of a single administrator on top of everyone else. What happens if this individual switches to another employer? Knowledge transfers take their jolly good time not to mention the confidentiality agreements. Resetting of passwords, and appointing new administrators is a task in itself. This recruitment is a huge pain in the neck for project stakeholders.

3.  IT issues


Every organization needs a database of some kind or the other. The fact that a company stores information in a database doesn’t signify that the database is safe. The entire IT infrastructure needs to be standardized. A single loophole, given the sophistication of hackers, could sabotage enterprise operations. Security analysts must install and operate effective layers to secure traditional databases.

Reasons to Use Blockchain Technology

1.  They are Fault Tolerant

Fault tolerance through optimal workload placement

When debating Blockchain vs database, the former wins comfortably in the department of system preservation. Blockchain technology is highly fault-tolerant. Its uptime is not reliant on a few server centers but hundreds and thousands of nodes that offer processing input to run the system.

In the scenario that a few nodes are turned off, the overall efficiency of the network would remain unchallenged.

2.  They are Secure 

How to secure your website and build trust with your customers - The Business Journals

Blockchain technology is one of the most secure infrastructural investments you can make today, especially when it comes to securing mobile apps using blockchain. Each node on the network is supposed to download a copy of the blockchain for validating new blocks. To change even a single block requires each node to update its copy which in turn requires a self-defeating amount of processing prowess for an adversarial power.

3.  They Offer Transparency

Confessions of a Scrum Master - Being Transparent with "No Offense Taken" — ClearlyAgile - Agile Transformation, Certified Training, DevOps, and Agile Software Development

Provided the Blockchain is public, you can view all the transactions that have ever been recorded on it by simply downloading a copy of the ledger. Unlike a bank, where all the transfers are hidden, Blockchain technology opens the door for critics to fact-check and follow the trail of money in dubious cases.


Startup or Mobile App Idea In Pandemic- Is It The Right Time?

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These are really desperate times if nothing more. The COVID-19 pandemic was as unanticipated for the world as a bolt of lightning striking the earth. Since most of the influential countries are on complete lockdown while others are preparing for the possibility of the worst, its domino effect is putting the world economy in absolute shambles and welcoming the recession which was already due. Amid all this chaos and unforeseen, lies the future of many existing startup businesses paranoid to the core they might not see the sun of the booming economy.The conundrum that most entrepreneurs must be in right now has to be – whether this precarious Coronavirus winter is the best time to start a business or similarly, invest in developing a idea for a mobile app.

Multiple sources may state the obvious speculation that the economy is on a downfall leading to a mass loss on a global level; nevertheless, there is always a silver lining for some and we are going to bring it to you.

So, without any further ado, let’s embark on the road to the startup advantages of startup app development or starting a startup ideas during pandemic.

Why should entrepreneurs build a mobile app or go ahead with their post pandemic startup ideas?

1.   You may just be the only fish in the pond

How to Draw a Fish Bowl | Fish bowl, Draw, Bowl

The ambivalence of the current situations has believed to scare-off the wantrepreneurs from the market. They only initiate when the situations are in favor of the possibility of earning money readily. This gives enough space to the entrepreneurs like you who are ahead of the curve and believe in running opposite from the crowd (pun intended).

Like Salmon fish, it is the ones who swim the opposing current towards upstream, jump waterfalls and do not stray from their goal irrespective of exogenous conditions, that would come out stronger once the pandemic is over and the economy starts to become stable.

2.  An MVP now can make your business stable for future

A true entrepreneur knows that the best income source for any startup is the pocket of customers and not capital ventures. Since Sequoia Venture Capital has announced COVID-19 to be the ‘Black Swan’ of 2020, companies who were expecting to fundraise are in a pickle now. This is one of the obstacles or rather effects of recession on startups and markets in general.

Ipso facto, it is not ideal for startups to be utterly dependent on these fundings in a recessionary economy. This is what answers the question of “why do we need MVP” . Developing an MVP at this point is your best bet to generate revenue and ensure self-sustainability.

{To know how do you develop an MVP, refer to this extensive article}

Since an MVP is not an over-engineered solution, it takes less development time on top of the cost of development that’s easy on the pocket.

3.  If these apps are bagging big, so can you

Let’s look at some niches and their applications that are the most in-demand right now and are truly capturing the business opportunities during recession as they come.

Entertainment and Streaming apps

New Streaming Services Could Shake Up Our Entertainment Options | Wisconsin Public Radio

Recent events have limelight that people are now more willing to spend on streaming subscriptions. Since the world is on lockdown, people are reaching out to these entertainment mobile applications to pass the time.

Although, things might not be as smooth for Netflix on the production front, according to Yahoo reports, applications like Netflix in this niche are really profiting since the app downloads and subscriptions are on the peak. Meanwhile, people are spending more average hours of streaming.

Not that more hours spent, in any way, will benefit the company anymore; it is something startups like you can benefit from if you plan to develop an app like Netflix.

This popularity has not left entertainment apps like Tiktok from the picture. You can see many celebrities using the application for various purposes be it for educating people and spreading awareness or the subtle joy of doing everything and nothing on the app. If you unleash an MVP of the app like these in the market now, you’ll be one step ahead of the competitors.

Video conferencing apps 

The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Remote Meetings - Blog - Shift

Since most of the organizations have implemented work from home, the app stores have seen a huge surge in the downloads of video conferencing apps like Zoom. It is currently number one free application in the App Store

Mental Health and meditation apps

World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 best meditation apps you can try | Technology News,The Indian Express

According to Adweek, Breethe a meditation app has secured 41st spots in the health and fitness category ranking by skipping 31 spots over the last week itself and BetterMe, another meditation app, jumped 70 spots up to 26th position.

Moreover, the Ginger app and other mental health platforms that are offered by employers to their employees have witnessed a surge in usage since employees have turned to online tools to manage their anxiety. Moreover, in stressful times like this, people are reaching towards such mental health and meditation applications to maintain their calm.

Food delivery app segment

Food & Delivery Apps Market Research 2019

Due to the on-going social distancing and lockdown, people have turned towards the food delivery applications. In fact, on comparing the average daily downloads from February to March 15, it was noted that apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt have witnessed their daily downloads surge by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively. This surge might be owed to the “contactless delivery” initiative which was first implemented in China.

There are many pandemic proof business ideas like these that are taking the most advantage.

4.  Can get a hold of brimming talent for less value

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product: 6 Stages of Building MVP - Clockwise Software

This is one of the many positive effects of recession on start-ups. Once the lockdown situation has passed and recession finally hits the world economy, the high unemployment rate will prevail – something you can, fortunately, benefit from as a startup.

Instead of professionals, you can hire fresh talent with a lot of potential to offer. As dismal as it is, in recessionary times, people are more willing to do the work for below-market salaries in return for benefits and equity-based recompense.

Moreover, a market headed towards the downfall also produces many refugees from big companies. They can really help startups with their expertise and experience.

5.  Chance to mold value proposition as per market demand

Define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and use it to attract candidates? | by Kristina Martic | HR Blog & Resources | Medium

Unlike established organizations, you can easily modify your startup’s value proposition to make it more suited to the market slowdown and minimize any adverse impact of recession on business. After all, ‘a bend in the road is not an end of the road as long as you take the turn’.

To make this scenario clearer, let’s say the product you developed enhances productivity. Then, when the times are good you can market it as a ‘revenue generator’ whereas, in situations like these when the market is down, it can be portrayed as a ‘cost-saver’ – something which is more promising.

For instance, meditation applications were used by people to get away from work stress and get a little detached from it; however, now it’s working as a great tool to increase mindfulness and productivity.

6.  More time to measure your steps

10 Best Step Counter Apps of 2021 - Best Pedometers for Android and iPhone

The saying “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is apt when it comes to initiating any mobile app startup ideas.

Because of the slow pace of the market economy, you have an upper hand to plan out everything related to your startup and the mobile app you are planning to develop. This would not only give you a chance to point out any mistakes or scope of improvement, but also innovate ways for cost-cutting, something which you cannot afford to do in the time of economic frenzy.

7.  You can get resources in cheap

3 Local Small Business Resources You Should Use | PaySimple

This is certainly not a brainer that the prices of resources will significantly drop in the coming recession. So, you can easily hire experienced and fresher personnel. Moreover, everything you need to fuel your business startup will cost you less in times like these.

As an entrepreneur, the two most valuable resources are time and money. During the down market, companies are made to negotiate below the list prices and in fact, even barter for in-kind services. Such situations enable you to make deals reducing the costs and conserve the cash.

8.  Endure now for prosperous future

Scriptures to Consider in Preparing for the Future - Resources - Eternal Perspective Ministries

If you wait for the tides to mellow down, you may not reach the heights of success you can reach by riding these perilous tides. The point is – do not remain on the sidelines and wait for the uncertainties to perish. Business is all about taking the risk. The bigger the risk, the bigger the success.

If you can manage to survive this COVID-19 and recession winter, you will definitely emerge as a successful startup as opposed to those businesses starting at an economic turnaround.

Apart from these genuine and incredible advantages of starting a startup or developing an app during COVID-19 and recession, there are other things that may play in the favor of tech startups and also validate the fact that recessions are the perfect time to start a business.

The fact that the U.S. government has decided to spend $8 billion to fight the outbreak. This would include not only the states, hospitals, and other medical providers but also the tech startups and companies in the healthcare space, like those innovating mHealth med and self-diagnosis apps, among many other things. So, if you are a startup interested in targeting this industry, you can surely benefit to a great extent.

Although this is not the world’s first recession and neither the last and the same goes for the pandemic (unfortunately), these might be just a great time to start a business and help it flourish. If you have left a scope of confusion, reach out to our team of android app developer to get the answer.

Roadmap to Successful App Development for Startups: Steps

Roadmap to Successful App Development For Startups

The difference between Startups and Established Brands are too evidential and innumerable to ignore or list down. Having worked with both, we understand first hand that both the entities are different not just work or culture wise, but the difference also seeps into their business model and their expectations in terms of deliveries. While on one hand established brands, with their no shortage of funds and lower go-to-market time, focus their attention on the app quality, Startups usually seek faster time to market and supreme quality at low development cost.

This difference in idea brings in a difference in deliverables as well, especially when it comes to the delivery of a product that is an extension of the brand, showcased on a platform accessed by millions of users.

The product here being mobile apps.

In this article, we will look into the different challenges startup app development poses. And will give you a roadmap for app development highlighting how to go about it as a startup.

Startups Mobile App Development Challenges

1. Low budget

When More Expensive Processors Actually Cost Less | IT Pro

Startups usually come with a limited budget and even within that limited budget, they have to divide the funds between research, development, launch of app on the stores and its promotion after it is made live. This lack of budget is the number one reason behind the brands not investing in a mobile app development company for startups.

 2. Faster time to market

Time to Market: How your Company Can Keep Launching New Products Ahead of Your Competition

Startups are more often than not in a race to come on top of the competition in the market. And in that respect, they end up looking at white label solutions, even if it means getting a low quality product.

3. Lack of a market research team

How to conduct market research in 2021 - Keap

Since in most cases, startups are made of a team of 2 to 10 people, the chances that they would have a team specializing in finding the mobile app solution for a startup is very minimal.

This absence of a research team – one of the crucial steps in developing an app – makes it very difficult for them to find out more about their customers.

4. Lack of app promotion ideas

20 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free

Noting the low budgets, the biggest problem that emerges in the mobile app development steps when it comes to mobile app development for startup is limitation in terms of app marketing or promotion once it is launched on the stores.

Now that we have looked into the different challenges that the SMBs face when it comes to investing in software development for startups, let us now give you a roadmap for mobile app development that we at Anteelo follow in our role as a web and mobile app development company for startups. Ones that enlist the best steps to developing an app

10 Step Application Development Roadmap

Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll have gained valuable insights to turn your mobile app idea into a money-generating machine – all at the back of this strategically enlisted app development roadmap.

Let’s get started-

1. Recognition of Customer’s Pain Point-

The Complete Guide to Customer Pain Points | CommBox

A thorough understanding of the problem and the customer’s pain is the first step towards successful application development that is to be followed by both startups and established brands. In case you don’t have the support of a team that would handle the market research part for you, invest in a startup app development cohttps://anteelo.com/contact/mpany that understands the nerves of a market.

Come to think of it, if you don’t know the underlying problem, how can you even consider designing a product which provides an appropriate solution to its consumers. Identifying your customer’s pain points and then working on developing a solution that cures their pain is what takes you miles ahead of other competitors.

As a business owner, your ability to discover what your audience is struggling with and assuring them that you genuinely care about their problems and are ready to help them is half the battle won. In fact, it is the app discovery stage that decides the survival ability of your app.

In this oversaturated market of mobile apps startups, what makes you a key differentiator is the fact that you realize the “real needs” of your customer and then plan or devise a product or an app which caters to those actual needs. And your extra ability to adjust and adapt to these ever-changing needs of your audience is what all the more gives you a competitive edge over other mobile app builders.

In essence, it helps you define a clear goal and mission for your mobile app.

2. Test the market 

test the markets - Aalpha

A good and deep market study to validate your idea is a crucial step. A step that shouldn’t be skipped as it ensures that your idea is worth the time, energy, and money that you are investing.

Even if you are planning to not involve a startup app development company at this stage, do preliminary research from your end. Analyze the competitive landscape to find out whether your idea is truly profitable or not is absolutely essential. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your product has fairly large market demand.

This is how to go about it –

  • Google Trends is an excellent tool to find out if the search volumes revolving around your idea’s keywords is advancing or diminishing.
  • Conducting small surveys consisting of questions that relate to your app idea is extremely beneficial. Questions circling around their phone usage and their favorite apps help paint a picture for you as to what all fine-tuning your app needs.
  • Competition analysis – It is a part of the market analysis. Apart from determining your target future audience and their needs, you are also enlightened with the size of competition that you would be facing. Analysis of your competitors before launching your mobile app startup is a brilliant idea. It provides an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors bringing you many steps closer to success

3. Validate by building an MVP

What is Minimum Viable (Data) Product? - KDnuggets

As a startup, you cannot give in to the very common misconception that most people tend to cling to is that you need a perfect version of your product to be displayed to people. There are a number of benefits that come associated with the development of MVP in the startup ecosystem.

We should not forget that all the successful apps or products that we see in the market today have gone through hundreds of improvisations and have evolved over a period of time through the consistent customer feedback.

The minimum viable product is the essence of your app which concentrates only on the core features and solves the core problems of your potential customers. In short, it is the simplest and affordable version of your mobile app idea which also makes it one of the most crucial steps to developing an app.

It’s a concept wherein a rough prototype with “must-have features” is rolled out to help us get honest feedback from potential customers and retail partners. It constitutes a great tool to validate your mobile app and also informs us about the aspects that need to be worked upon.

4. Finalize the App Idea 

How to Finalize an App Development Company? - Appventurez

Once you have the needed market knowledge and have insights on what your audience needs are, the time has come to finalize a strategic application idea. In order to finalize the concept it helps to bring in your team of designers, coders, business analysts, and QA experts to discuss the different elements of your mobile application.

There are some questions that can help you get closer to validating a suitable app idea. For example:

  • Why would someone use your application?
  • Is it a one time app or will people use it frequently?
  • What are the feature sets which would make you apart from your competitors?

Once you are down with the feature set, design, and the app vision, the next stage that comes is the creation of an MVP – Minimum Viable Product.

5. Wireframe your App

Creating the User Journey - map of screens as core UX design practice

Now that you know that your app is well accepted by its customers and is evoking interest, my next advice would be to wireframe your mobile app.

A wireframe is a structural blueprint of your app that diagrammatically shows the objects on the screen and its possible functions. It has become that phase that you cannot afford to miss out from the mobile app development process.

In common language, it’s more like a plan that architects draw before constructing a house or building or you can call it your app’s skeleton.

Key advantages of wireframing your mobile app-

  • You will gain a clear idea as to how your app will look like and how it will work.
  • Provides you with a visual illustration as to how different elements(like buttons and menu) will appear on each screen of your application and how the user will navigate through it.
  • Any bugs that might later pose a problem can be removed in this stage.
  • It also gives an opportunity to update and add more features in the app if you feel like, to ensure the best usability.

6. Test your wireframe

Complete Guide to Creating Mobile App Wireframes | by Jill DaSilva | Thinking Design | Medium

After you have polished your wireframe, it’s time to put it through testing.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just a dummy or an intermediary product and does not require testing.

Remember, A little examination in this stage goes a long way in saving you from troubles that you may encounter in the long run.

Some key advantages of wireframe testing-

  • It’s an ahead of the curve action which is quite useful in determining the usability of the

mobile app in the pre-development phase.

  • Identification of any requirements that are lacking.
  • Recognition of any extra requirements that could be filled in.
  • Detection of any loopholes in functionality, user-friendliness and design.

Simply put, the insights that you gain in the testing stage helps you to rectify the existing defects and have access to improvised and clearer version of the prototype before rolling it out in the market.

7. Designing your App

How to Design an App: The Ultimate Guide

As they say, “For a great product, design cannot be an afterthought.”

And in your case, where you’ll probably take some time before redesigning your app, you will have to ensure that it is proper the first time on. With that respect, now is the time to put all the research done till now to use and translate your tested wireframes into final designs.

Keeping in mind all the comments and feedback of the users, you now know how you want your app to look and feel like.

Designing plays a huge role in the success of an app.

For instance, see Apple, the whole business and culture of the tech giant spins around design excellence. And as Steve Jobs has quoted, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.”

Remember, people love and respond to beautiful things, then how can a mobile app be an exception?

Having said that, your mobile app design should focus equally on the user experience. A good app design without user-friendliness is no good and will eventually struggle to establish its foothold in the market. Simplifying the journey of your user on your app is WHAT design is all about. The fact is reiterated by the quote, “Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”— Brenda Laurel, PhD, Independent Scholar

If you are not short on budget, invest in a team of app designers and developers for startup. But at the same time, what helps is knowing what all elements are presently counted in the list of mobile app UI Design trends.

8. Monetisation

Fundamentals‌ ‌Of‌ ‌Website‌ ‌Traffic‌ ‌Monetisation‌ ‌in‌ ‌2020‌ – Colombia – Blog

As a startup, it is of prime importance that you have a proper monetization strategy in place. As while established brands can afford to give user engagement greater importance than monetization, you don’t have the same perk. So, ensure that when you are in talks with a team that has promoted itself as a team of app developers for startups, you clear your aim to make money off of your mobile app, straight away.

In order to achieve this, you will have to know which app monetization strategy is best suited for your mobile app, yourself. Depending on your app concept, there are a number of methods that you can choose from – in app advertisement, freemium apps model, etc.

9. Deploy and Promote your Mobile App.

65 Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

You are nearly there!

So close to seeing your idea manifest. High time to put on your thinking hats to devise a perfect marketing strategy now.

Needless to say, your marketing plan should be focussed, realistic and specific to your target audience. Don’t expand your marketing budget at this stage on uncharted territories. Focus your attention on promotion medium that will get you definite result.

With that said, here are some sureshot ways to promote your app

  •   Social media marketing
  •   Public relations
  •   Email marketing.
  •   SMS marketing.
  •   App Store Optimization

Since we are on the topic of app promotion, here is what even Wikipedia won’t tell you about making apps viral.

10. Keep Bettering Your Application 

How To Keep Better Tabs on Your Connected Apps | Webroot

The work doesn’t end at deploying and marketing of an application. You will have to constantly look into ways to update your mobile application according to the changing trends in the market.

One can do that by maintaining a tab on the customer acquisition, user engagement, performance of the app, and customer’s satisfaction.

These analytics would help you identify the roadblocks to growth in a timely manner while helping you solve them proactively. The different forms of continuous improvements will help in improving the overall app performance.

Now that you have looked into the details of the app development stages that also act as the mobile app development roadmap for your business, it is time to act on them. Contact our team made of app designer and developer for startups, today.

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