Secrets to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

7 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Unicorns don’t exist.Ironically, technology giants which are successful in Silicon Valley are perpetually termed as Unicorns.

Fascinating fact is the similarity in the charisma shared by both of them. Just as this ‘magical’ creature is everyone’s favorite, people love these companies, their services and swear by the ‘style’ of the man behind its success.

So what makes these Entrepreneurs successful and ever so magnetic?

The truth may hurt you for a while but the harsh reality says that there is no empirical formula to make a successful entrepreneur. Why, you ask? It’s because-

  • Your persona defines you.
  • The positivity that you bring in the atmosphere defines you.
  • Your habits define you.

You are a successful entrepreneur not when your company is the biggest cash cow turning over billions every year but it’s when your employees look at you and say “Wow, I want to be like him/her.”

Every successful entrepreneur was a common man before he saw a need and fulfilled that gap in order to create a better world.

Most entrepreneurs are able to sell their idea and make money. But good entrepreneurs do more than just making money. They bring about a difference to the lives of their customers, society and employees.

Not strictly official but if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur then here are some of the common characteristics or ‘secrets’ of all famous entrepreneurs:

1. Their mantra- Customer satisfaction holds the key

For successful entrepreneurs, success is not when their stocks ride really high on the Sensex. It’s when they receive appreciation from their customers, they feel accomplished. They see money as a byproduct of customer happiness. Every feedback is crucial for customer satisfaction, so as a habit they listen to their customer’s grievances and work upon them diligently.

2. They believe in ‘People first’ culture.

All successful entrepreneurs give the credit of their success to their ‘people’. They religiously believe and follow that without a happy employee they cannot build a sustainable empire. A people-first culture gives power to every single employee (no matter how low in the hierarchy) to share his/her thoughts and views. Not only they are encouraged to generate new ideas but their voices and opinions are also valued.

They value their employee’s feedback which enhances the horizon of thoughts and brings a diversified pool of talent into the pyramid.

3. They shift gears whenever necessary

Ideas fail. So do companies.

But no successful entrepreneur ever gave up after the first bitter failure. They were persistent in their efforts. ‘If not this, then that’. They were open to new changes.

And this does not mean that they were like a rolling tumbleweed whimsical to the flow of the wind. Rather, they were open to changes and accepted that their ideas need improvements. Even if it meant changing from plan A to plan B, they did it gracefully.

4. They are not afraid of challenges or failures

For a successful entrepreneur who took a stride against the winds, every opportunity is a challenge. The thrill to do better than the best never ceases to exist. They believe that success will not come to them decorated on a silver platter. So they wake up and pop a ‘positivity’ pill every morning. No failure ever deterred them to give up on their dreams.

Optimism runs in their blood.

5. They know what they want to achieve and how to achieve it

Setting a goal without an action plan is like jumping out of the plane without a parachute. So they plan. And plan rigorously. The entrepreneurs do not see problems, they seek solutions. They cluster their ideas and prioritize them. And not only they prioritize it, they work with strict deadlines. They know the art of multitasking and they juggle between urgent and important work.

6. They stay fit and follow healthy habits

A balanced diet with daily physical exercise followed by a good night sleep is something every successful businessman never misses. They start their day early and might not return to bed early but they make sure they get enough sleep to keep them hale and healthy.

Staying fit not only ensures ‘peace of mind’ but also serves as a breeding ground for innovative thoughts and solutions.

7. They have strong networking insights

Successful entrepreneurs know that they need right people, sound advice and mutually fruitful relationships to grow. Be it an investor, a prospective customer or hiring an employee.

They spend time in networking with resourceful community- for personal growth or to market their organization. They do not see them as just-connections  but as a knowledge bank- for talent, timely advice and great ideas.

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