VMware’s Tanzu: Can Assist in charting a clear route to Modernised Apps.

VMware Tanzu

For most enterprises, the digital journey feels like a rough cab ride through New York City at the height of construction season. In rush hour. The route from legacy estate to modern platform is filled with detours, road closures, emergency braking and many other surprises. And, everyone in the cab has a different opinion about how to get there.

But getting there is critical. Every company recognizes that they need to transform their applications and operating models to respond to market changes and keep pace with emerging disruptors. A modern IT estate helps organizations transform business-critical systems and practices to support next generation operational models which are the lifeblood for new business models.  This forces entities to streamline and re-imagine processes to increase business agility and achieve heightened levels of customer and market insights.

That’s why we think the VMware’s release of Tanzu and solutions for delivering and managing cloud applications is an important step forward in the evolution of modern cloud platforms. Tanzu is a collection of products and services that will help companies break down silos between business units that have been perpetuated (and reinforced) by legacy IT.

VMware Tanzu

For example, companies spend a lot of time, energy and money managing traditional applications on legacy systems in their own way and with their own teams, resources and development methods. Meanwhile, the same organization manages modern applications on cloud in a different way, with a different staff, resources and methods. Tanzu enables companies to manage traditional workloads never designed for the cloud along with modern applications in the same way, viewing them in a single pane of glass.

Tanzu introduces traditional applications to a modern platform and also connects those applications with modern methods and tooling, preparing the way for future modernization efforts. It makes it easier for IT and development to create integrated, cross-functional teams that are organized around products and customers. And it helps organizations and teams evolve from individual approaches, capabilities and technologies to successful combinations that are applied to specific customer journeys in progressive engagements (tied directly to business outcomes) to achieve compounding business impact. This makes Tanzu much more than just another management console. It makes it a platform for transformation.

Many of our clients have ongoing IT and application modernization projects that will benefit from the Tanzu suite. We look forward to using Tanzu with our customers not only for application transformation, but also as a platform for teaching organizations how to operate in modern ways.

Modern platforms are the basis for creating modern applications, and they’re also the foundation for thinking and operating in new, disruptive ways. Tanzu will help companies finally bridge the divide between legacy solutions and modern applications to drive value, improve customer experiences, while radically reducing costs and driving efficiencies.

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