In today’s fast-paced world, skills are essential in every field. However, the majority of graduating students do not have the opportunity to receive that level of skill-based training, making finding a job difficult for them. Anteelo is pleased to announce the launch of its internship-training programme, which aims to train one million students/individuals over the next three years, or until 2024


The lack of vocational studies causes the lack of employment opportunities for students graduating out of engineering, literature and other majors. But Anteelo’s program not only aims at hiring interns but also aims at training them along the way. The candidates interested in further training can pay a registration fee of ₹1,000 and gain more knowledge and training on the same.
We are in talks for collaboration with universities across India to run this program on a higher range. The biggest bonus with this program is, you get to train, learn and work. When students will once reach the completion of the program, they will walk out of it with a much broader skill-set. And resulting from this, they will be up for better employment opportunities with better pay.

Anteelo’s internship-training program offers training


A comprehensive program that will enable you to establish a knack for hacking like a bug and securing like a shield.


A comprehensive course on android development that will make you learn things from scratch.

Creative writing

For all the creative writing enthusiasts who are beginners will learn how to apply basic rules and conventions.


An awesome introductory course on web development Using our exciting, hands-on teaching style.

Video Editing

Form firm foundations in full video editing process and you’ll independently be able to create a video project from scratch.

Graphic Designing

Become a pixel perfect person equipped with basic principles of graphic design: image making, typography etc.

Human Resource Management

Learn from top-notch teachers, the skill of management of human resources and meet a confident-revolutionary version of you.

Internship and Job preparation

Learn the principles of career growth and get better market value. This is the best course to help gain confidence in your interviewing skills.

WordPress Development

The best course to help you build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress. A perfect course for beginners.

Business Communication Skills

Master the ability to learn to communicate in a professional environment learn the art of writing emails and business documents.

Blockchain Development

Learn about basics of blockchain development and it’s applications in live projects. Learn to build basic blockchain products.


Find the recipe behind one of the most successful digital marketing tools and enhance your knowledge about your audience.

Training Structure consist of :-

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The vast range of departments gives spaces for individuals with interest in web development, graphics, content, web design and so much more. This program allows you to take two hits with one arrow, you can work and you can learn. Instead of paying for individual courses, you can simply do it all at once.

Once the program is full-fledgedly launched, it will be further spread across the globe for international students/individuals as well. This will also allow exchange of various values and new kinds of thought dimensions.


Keep an eye by tapping this link, so that you get the first alert when the program is launched. This way you can grab a spot for yourself in our program.

What our interns have to say

Why we are different?

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Live Projects
Tool Practice Tests

Frequently asked questions

The programs here have no specific qualification criteria, they help students bridge the gap caused due to lack of vocational studies.

A minimal payment of ₹1000 has to be made at Anteelo to avail- internships, mentorship, live projects and tool practice kits.
Our faculty has studied at LPU, DTU, AMU among others. They have worked at Google, Anteelo, etc. They train their students in such a manner that they are completely prepared to ace in the global market.

Anteelo is truly global and digital. To accommodate for the diverse time zones, we offer classes on weekends at around 7pm IST.

This program allows you to take two hits with one arrow, you can work and you can learn. Also, you can avail other perks such as masterclasses, podcasts and other.
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