Know About Restaurant Reservation App Development

Use of Mobile Applications For Hotel Reservation Systems

We are all fortunate to be part of a generation where every need of ours for any product or service is just a click away. We are moving towards making everything digital at a fast pace. By making everything digital, we have brought solutions for many problems and a lot of time has been saved. On-demand food delivery has become a trend in the market that almost everyone is using these applications to get their favourite food delivered at home. Besides these on-demand food delivery apps, Restaurant Reservation is another aspect the app development companies in Canada are focusing on. Whenever we make a plan for going to a restaurant during weekends mostly, the thought of the hassle and waiting in a queue if the tables are occupied for a long time force us to change our mind. But the Pre–Reservation concept has solved this problem with the help of developing an application that allows you to go through the restaurant’s menu, book tables, order meals and make payments with the help of the mobile app.

This Restaurant reservation app development not only solves the problem of the customers but also of the Restaurant owners. The Restaurant owners are always flooded with work by managing the bookings manually, taking orders, checking about the vacant tables for the customers who are on the waiting list. The Restaurant Reservation app development helps them to reduce their workload by managing the booking of tables, payments, cancellations online.


Restaurant Reservation Systems: Types of Systems & Online Ordering

There are mainly two types of online reservation systems for restaurants.

1) Third-Party Mobile Applications that are developed by someone else and the restaurant owners can only list their tables on this application.

2) Exclusive Mobile app for your restaurant where the owners can customize the application as per their way to attract a greater number of people.

You have to choose among these two options that suit your budget and will be beneficial for your business.
If you have your eatery and you don’t want to invest more in developing the specific application for your eatery, then the best choice for you will be to go for the third-party apps.

On the other side, If you want to avoid the monthly and yearly expenses of the third-party apps, you can go ahead with Restaurant Reservation app development for your eatery.


The major focus of all the restaurants is on their customers because they are the source of their earnings. In a restaurant business, customer satisfaction is a key point that creates an impact on their work. You don’t want your guest to choose another option besides you and for that, you should keep in mind that no customer should return from your restaurant just because could not find a table there. when you invest a lot in your business and the outcomes are not as per your expectations, you should think something different to attract a more number of customers and provide them with a satisfactory service.

All this can be achieved with just the Restaurant Reservation app development that provides an easy platform for food lovers to book tables, meals and pay the bill without any hustle.

How Does A Reservation App Benefit A Restaurant Owner?

12 Essentials for Opening a Restaurant | JWU Online

♦ Gather all the information regarding the no. of guests and their schedule of visit in advance.
♦ Start preparing the meal booked by them in advance to avoid any delay.
♦ Reduce the chance of an empty table and increase sales.
♦ Increases the brand awareness of your restaurant via an exclusive reservation app.
♦ Helps to access key information regarding the food choice that helps to analyze guests’ expectations.
♦ Send direct messages about the non-availability to avoid disappointment among customers
♦ Attract customers by offering them exciting offers and discounts.

How Does A Reservation App Benefit Guests In A Restaurant?

♦ Customer can make a reservation online with the help of the restaurant reservation app and will get the confirmation on booking via email or SMS.
♦ Customers do not need to waste a lot of time in waiting for tables to get empty and deciding about which meal to order.
♦ Customers can see the rating and reviews about the restaurants before booking.
♦ Customers can browse the entire menu and book meals as per their choice and can add customization also.

Important Features Of The Restaurant Reservation App:

Restaurant Reservation app development trend is also growing in the market like on-demand food delivery apps to make the booking of tables, meal and payment system digital that would be easy for the foodies who love to eat and do not want to waste their time by waiting for the tables to get empty.
Whenever you have an idea of a Restaurant Reservation app development, Here are some set of features for the Customers and the Restaurant owner that you should always keep in mind while developing the application.

Set Of Features For Customers:

♦ Simple and easy sign up via email, phone number and other social media accounts.
♦ GPS navigation that helps the customers to reach their proper destination.
♦ Menu with detailed information about ingredients and pricing.
♦ Search filters by type of food, seating, location, suggestion, reviews, and the time required.
♦ Details about bookings and operational hours.
♦ Secure payment gateway
♦ Booking confirmation via SMS and email
♦ Exciting offers and discounts
♦ Push notifications about offers and
♦ Booking history details
♦ Help section to resolve any issue

Set Of Features For Restaurant Owner:

♦ Ability to check bookings and vacant tables.
♦ Calendar to schedule bookings and manage the waiting list and display operational hours
♦ Manage all the transactions
♦ Sending confirmation messages to customers on booking.
♦ Customizability of menu
♦ Seating arrangement for table management
♦ Reports on the sales
♦ Reservation history
♦ Guest information to suggest meals based on their previous orders.


You have an idea with you for a restaurant reservation app, but for implementing that idea you need the help of the best app development company that will guide and help you bring your idea into real-time.

1) Conceptualization: This is the first step where app developers will understand your idea and make a blueprint of it. The blueprint will contain all the functionalities that should be in your application as per your requirement.

2) Analysis:

Basic data analysis techniques every data analyst should know, using Python. | by Erfan Nariman | Towards Data Science
The idea and the blueprint will be properly analyzed to check the functionalities, opportunities and risks for the same. This will cover all the estimations in terms of time, money and branding.

3) Designing:

24 of the Best Mobile App Design Tools | BuildFire
Developers will prepare a rough design of the application and will ask for your approval. The design will contain all the functionalities mentioned by you. In this phase, you need to be very careful because everything you approve will shape the way your app will look and work.

4) Development:

How to Become a Mobile App Developer (A Complete Newbie Guide) - BuildFire
After all the three phases described above the final development of the application will start. Developers will start coding accordingly.

5) Testing:

All You Need to Know about Mobile App Testing
The application goes under the testing phase before its release in the market and is tested for bugs. The beta version will be given to the selected people to test the functionality and security of the application.

6) Launch: In the final phase in which your restaurant reservation app will be ready for launch, depending on the platform to choose, you will need permission from google or apple play store to get your app started.

Cost of Restaurant Reservation App development

Restaurant Table Booking App Development- Cost and Features

The cost of Restaurant Reservation App Development mainly depends on the features offered. The final cost estimation cannot be made accurate. This is because every restaurant has its menu and unique aspects. Lower the complexity, Quicker development, lower the price and vice-versa.

Application with a low budget is the simplest and have the basic functionality where a customer can make an online reservation and the owner can confirm the same. But the third-party API’s integration is not possible in such applications due to which these applications lag behind in the backend.

Application with a medium budget has some custom features integrated, support third-party API’s integration like payment methods and simple backend structure.

Developing the best quality Restaurant Reservation app is highly complicated and costly which supports third-party API’s and have a complex backend. These applications have some unique features which increase their development cost.


It is important to understand that the demand for Restaurant reservation apps is increasing in the market to provide ease to food lovers to explore and enjoy different kinds of cuisines by booking tables in a simple manner using the application.

Best Parental Control Mobile Applications In 2021

Parental control app for Android and iOS - Screen Time

Kids nowadays are spending more and more time on online platforms due to virtual classrooms. So, parents are a little worried when it comes to kids’ safety online since many hidden dangers are there that can put the kids’ lives at risk. Even if children are given devices to learn online or spend some leisure time while exploring entertainment options or playing games, they may get exposed to inappropriate content like adult content. This is where parental control apps play an important role. There are many such parental control apps that allow parents to monitor their children online activities or mobile usage.

The parental control apps can help you set screen limits, track GPS location, monitor the battery status, and more. So, below is the list of parental control mobile applications for Android & iOS. These mobile apps will help parents remain at peace when their children learn, play, and explore online.


Selecting the best parent control Android and iPhone app for your kids may not be as easy as you may think because different mobile apps come with different features.

Below are some of the most important features you should look for:

Type Of Device:

Key Differences Between Android and iOS App Development - DEV Community

The first thing that you should check when going for a parental control app is the targeted device operating system. It is because there are some apps that either work on Android only or iOS only, while some of them work on both. So, before choosing a parental control app, ensure that you go through every feature clearly.

App Blocking And In-App Purchasing:

How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on an iPhone or iPad | Digital Trends

You should look for apps that can let you block certain other apps on particular devices. It will be very helpful in case of kids are addicted to gaming apps or social media and spend their time gaming or texting. The app blocking feature will help you block certain unwanted apps. Moreover, there are apps that can block kids access to the App Store and Play Store and stop them from making in-app purchases.

Time Restriction:

How to use Apple's new Screen Time and App Limits features in iOS 12 - The Verge

Look for a parental control app that lets you control the time, your kids can use a mobile or tablet device. This will help you track the number of hours your kids spend online and let you make a schedule for number of hours your kids can spend online every day. With such apps, you can also set time limits for different apps.

Location Tracking:

Can Apps That Enable Location Tracking be Trusted?

There are some parental control apps that will not just help you keep a track of your kids’ activities but can also help you track their live location. Such apps will also assist you to set boundaries. So, if your child goes to any place which is beyond the set boundary, you’ll be immediately notified.


Importance of Dynamic Pricing, Examples + [Strategy to implement]

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a parental control app is the pricing. You can easily get many free parental control applications, but not all will provide the same features as those offered by premium apps. So, if you have selected a free parental control app already for Android or iOS, ensure that its free version offers all the features that you have been looking for.

Best Parental Control Mobile Applications In 2021 For Android & IPhone:

1) Norton Family

Norton Family parental control – Apps on Google Play

The features and power of Norton Family are perfect for Android households having many kids, providing almost all features a parent will want from a parental control app. Though their time-scheduling, web-filtering, monitoring, and location tracking features work on both Android and iOS, their time allowances are available only for Android and Windows. Text-message and app management monitoring also works only on Android.

  • Works with Windows and Android
  • Unlimited devices
  • Great monitoring and web filters

2) Qustodio

Qustodio - Review 2021 - PCMag India

Qustodio offers software for iOS, Android, PCS, and Macs. It allows parents to set time limits both for individual devices and individual apps. The limited location tracking feature works both on Android and iOS and Qustodio has also added the Geofencing option. Web filtering feature is much more powerful on the iOS platform while monitoring calls and texts works on Android only.

  • A large set of features
  • Powerful text and call monitoring feature for android
  • Monitors Android, iOS, Macs, Amazon Fire tablets, and PCs

3) Boomerang

Boomerang Parental Control - Taking the battle out of screen time

This is a strong parental control app available for both iOS and Android devices. Boomerang assists parents track the web, mobile, and app activities of children. This parental control app lets parents control screen time, block or manages application use, set boundaries, and also monitor calls and texts.

  1. Text and call supervision
  2. Supports Geo-fencing
  3. Useful web filters
  4. Good device and app usage control

4) Kaspersky Safe Kids

How to set up Kaspersky Safe Kids

This app also lets you monitor the activities of children on smartphones, PCS, and Mac. Moreover, the paid tier of Kaspersky is just $15/year. With its free plan, you can set a time limit, manage other apps, and filter websites. The geofencing and location tracking feature of Kaspersky works on both Android and iOS like its device scheduling and web monitoring.

  • Lots of free features
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Monitors Macs and PCs too

5) Net/Zift Nanny Parental Control

Net Nanny Parental Control App by Zift Software LLC

We consider this app to be one of the best parental apps as it has an intuitive and modern design along with outstanding web-filtering technology. This app can help track your kid’s location, set schedules, and time allowances, and show their location history.

  • Close parity between iOS and Android
  • Outstanding web filters
  • Great design

Nowadays, more and more parental control apps are being developed because parents cannot be around their children all through the day. If you are taking the idea of a parental control app seriously, you can also develop one that not only benefits parents but also let you make an income through it.

Top Ten UX/UI Mobile Application Design Trends In 2021

UI vs UX: Key differences every designer should know

New UX/UI mobile application design trends come every year. There is a reason behind that. When most of the players begin to follow a specific trend, it becomes inefficient due to oversaturation. So, the designers should keep a check on the trends always to offer new things to their clients while business owners should check them as they work as a source of ideas for their business or brand development.


Dark Mode

Why is it important to have a Switch-to-dark-mode feature in an interface? | by Ecky Alimansyah | UX Planet

Dark Mode is a top UI/UX design trend. It offers a modern, stylish, and elegant look. Since its launch, Dark Mode has been becoming famous and it’s here to remain forever. This mode lets users switch their background theme to the dark mode or light when they want. To allow this, an app should have an in-built dark theme UI. To make an app future-ready, it should include dark mode features. Some of the key features of dark mode include:

  • Reduction in screen’s fatigue
  • Ability to hide defective pixels
  • Saves device battery
  • Helps make some elements pop
  • Optimally legible in the dark environment as well.

3D, Immersive Experiences

What Is an Immersive Experience? (+Real-World Examples)

For years, 3D designs are known to attract people. It is a novel UI/UX design trend both for mobile and web. However, in 2021, the interest in designs in whole 3D scenes and 3D components has gone higher. Earlier 3D elements weren’t widely used as they put a heavy load on machines and weren’t in high demand as well. But with the modern front-end libraries and frameworks, page load time has significantly reduced, making 3D objects larger and more detailed.


Minimalistic Design With Large Impact: Functional Minimalism For Web Design — Smashing Magazine

This trend stands proudly as another latest UI/UX trend. People come across many advertisements daily. They get constant notifications and see various discount ads. People interact with various interfaces overwhelmed with information. Designers are looking for new methods to simplify the graphic elements and avoid any overload. Hence they limit the total colors and try different compositions and proportions. Presently, highlighting the functionality of an element is important. It is vital to underline the best quality of a product and convey the correct emotions from its use to clients.


20 Very inspiring uses of Typography in Web Design

It has been long that mobile designers recognized the significance of typography. Moreover, every year gets new trends related to font size and types, their position, and prominence on a website. In this year, typography will go wild with jumbo fonts that can overlap images, spill out of the screen, and take the center stage. Designers are recommended to use different font types, scattered text, and contrasting colors. His will help build a solid visual hierarchy and make an appeal to prompt visitors.

Content Focused Designs

21 unique places to find web design inspiration | Webflow Blog

His list couldn’t have been complete without including the concept of content-focused design. The content-focused design trend doesn’t mean marketing a brand or business with taglines, CTAs, logos, or names. It refers to creating a space where all that is related to UI/UX design trends is covered while offering every piece of information innovatively. When it comes to content-focused designs, the designer and content manager should work together to make a design that includes fascinating form, readable fonts, a highly responsive menu, and more.

Touchless Interactions

How touchless technology is taking over the new workplace

Another great UI/UX mobile design trend that started due to the pandemic is how we interact with devices without touching them like air gesture control and Voice User Interface (VUI). Air gesture control tends to be the method that takes different gesture control mechanisms to a whole new level. Air movements will now make things work. The addition of a voice-user interface in a design can help expand its reach.

Simplified UX

How to simplify your design. 20+ easy to follow illustrated examples | by Taras Bakusevych | UX Planet

Now, you should neither complicate interfaces nor force the users to take additional actions. Minimize the total fields and elements that clients should fill. Simple logging in and signing in has become the newest UX trend.

Augmented Reality Apps

The 50 Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices « Next Reality

AR is not new when it comes to mobile designs. 2021 has brought new opportunities for creative AR apps since the worldwide revenue of AR-enabled mobile apps is anticipated to double in 2021. AR. Is known to push the mobile UX design boundaries by sustaining use experiences with immersive designs. Since it removes every physical barrier to user engagement, it reinvents the way individuals interact with businesses.

Disabled-People-Friendly Designs

Designing websites that are friendly to disabled people

For disabled people, it is pretty challenging to access apps. So, designers can create unique apps for disabled people. Some of them have already created such apps. The latest app trends direct the designers to make and conceive disabled-people friendly designs. Some must-have features that should be included in such apps include:

  • Contrasting colour themes
  • Captions in videos and audios
  • Easy navigation
  • Touch-sensitive, responsive, and user-friendly designs
  • Easy accessibility
  • Gesture interpretation ability
  • Voice input


Micro-interactions: why, when and how to use them to improve the user experience | by Vamsi Batchu | UX Collective

Micro-interactions will take the users a step further by complementing visual perceptions with a tactile feel. You can add motion to icons, buttons, visual cues, menus, splash screens, and other elements to galvanize your app or site and trigger users’ responses faster. Microinteractions will give a boost to user experiences because they improve interactions, offers feedbacks, and keep the users engaged.

The best designers think ahead always, breaking every rule and inserting creativity to good usage to offer enthralling user experiences that turn into better exposure of the brand and a healthier bottom line. So, to do so, you should always keep a tab on the modern trends that amaze and delight your clients.


Anteelo has 10+ years of experience with mobile and web design. Being a top Web design company in Canada, we know how to use the latest UI and UX trends in 2021 to design efficient and visually attractive digital solutions for any industry. For any queries, Feel free to contact us today.

A Guide To Create A Perfect Photo Editing App

8 Best Free Photo Editing Apps

Every day over millions of Instagram photos and Facebook photos are shared. While sharing these photos, we want those to not just look good but great. That is why more and more people are now using photo editing apps. These days, everyone takes and posts pictures on their social media accounts. But before they publish them, they add beautiful stickers, filters, and more to the photos. Photo editing apps are software applications intended to edit photos on mobile devices. These kinds of apps can offer a range of features including controlling shutter speed, adding filters, and cropping. Some photo editing apps give you added features like creating an automatic setting for different scenes or creating collages.

Photo editing applications have become a part of smartphones these days. Right from clicking the ideal selfie to adding glow to a sunset photo, they can meet your editing needs with lesser efforts. In earlier times, people relied on Photoshop to edit a photo in the correct light, exposure, and color. This took them hours. Big thanks to the photo editing apps, you now can use your smartphone to edit a photo in an instant. Such apps do not simply stop with photo editing, you can use these tools to also add a slow-motion, a boomerang, or rewind effects to your vacation or home videos.

Why Create a Photo Editing App?

Nowadays, photography is the mainstream and that calls for creating a high-quality photo editing app. Everyone out there is taking photos and posting them. Moreover, they want the photos to look good and attractive. For this, they use photo editing apps that have the best and a range of features.

To be honest, a lot is involved in creating a photo editing app. Photo editing app development is not only challenging but time-consuming as well. So, if you are thinking to create a photo editing app, here is all that goes into it, according to a renowned mobile app development company.

How Does a Good Photo Editing App Works?

Though there are many different photo editing apps available in the market with exclusive features, they have the same logic behind their operation. If you want to make your own photo editing app, you should understand its working from a user’s perspective. This includes:

  • Uploading a picture: The photo editing apps these days offer an option to take a picture immediately or select a photo from the library.

The image uploading algorithm - Master of Code Global

  • Selecting a preset or a filter: After choosing a photo, users can use a filter that they like. Some apps also let you adjust the strength of the filter.


  • Editing the Photo: The photo editing apps also offer you the option to change the photo. You can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, and do a lot more.

The best photo-editing software in 2021 | Creative Bloq

  • Saving the photo: Once you have made all the changes, you get an option to save new pictures on your device.Sharing edited images: Many apps also let you share photos on social networks without needing to leave the app.

Lightroom CC - Creating and Saving Presets in the Develop Module | Lightroom, Lightroom tutorial, Lightroom editing

The Most Important Features To Include in A Photo Sharing App

If you are thinking to create a photo editing app, you first need to consider which functions you want and need to add. Generally, the features are categorized into two. These are basic and advanced. The basic features are the ones that are mandatory for all kinds of photo editing apps. They make them user-friendly and well-functional. However, if you want to make your app unique and different, you can choose to add the advanced features in your app.

What Basic Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

Photo Editing App: 7 Inevitable Qualities For Immense Success

The basic features of a photo editing app can also be considered as the MVP features while creating a photo editing app. These MVP features are used to launch an app and get feedback from the users initially. Following that, photo editing app development experts can add more thrilling and complex features.

  1. Account Creation: Your app should make users register and create their personal accounts. It should be followed by filling profile details with users’ data.
  2. Camera: It is a great idea to offer your users the chance to click pictures from the editing app directly.
  3. Photo Uploading: The very first feature of a photo editing app should be to add a photo that you want to edit from the phone’s gallery or the ability to clack a new picture.
  4. Filters: You should offer your users the option to change or add filters. They should be able to adjust different filters.
  5. Remove Needless Objects: Since people keep clicking photos anywhere, they need to sometimes delete unnecessary objects from the background. So, it is a great option to have in your app.
  6. Rotate and Crop: If you want to make a useful photo editing app, you should offer the option to change the image size as per the standardized media formats to your users. Except for that, your users will also love the option to create customized sizes.
  7. Collage Creation: Your app users will definitely like the feature of collage makers included in the app. With this feature, users can combine many photos to make a new one. They can collect photos in one place to create memories with this feature. With this, they can also choose the total number of photos they wish to add.
  8. Save The Photos And Share: Once the user has edited an image, he/she would like to save it. Your app should offer two different options to the user to either modify the photo or save a new photo. They will also like to get the added option of sharing the photos on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  9. Albums creation: Albums are required to store the edited photos. Do not forget to make the most out of the chance to share the albums with other users.

What Advanced Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

Best aesthetic apps for Instagram in 2021 | LikeMind Media

  • AR Filters: The augmented reality filters are very famous nowadays as they offer new and thrilling effects for video and photo editing. They enable the addition of diverse objects to your photos.
  • Add Frames: You can also offer your users with different and beautiful frames. Users can choose a photo from the gallery of their phone and select the frame that they like.
  • Change Background: You can also offer your users the chance to replace the background of the photos with just a few simple clicks. With this feature, they just need to cut a photo’s part and choose a new background.
  • Retouch: Another important feature that you can add to your photo editing app is “Retouch.” This famous tool lets you remove any imperfection from the photo. The users can also make their teeth white and clear up ache or blemishes from the skin with this feature.
  • Write and Draw on the Photo: Another great feature that can be included in the photo editing app is writing or drawing on the images. Users get an opportunity to add personalized texts and choose the color of their choice with this feature. This feature makes photos customized and more exciting.

Best Ways To Monetize Your Photo Editing Apps

Do you want to monetize your photo editing app? If yes, then you need to consider some specific monetization strategies. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


Key Terms in an Advertising Agreement - iPleaders

Though this monetization strategy is a clear one, it is quite effective. The advertisement in the app lets you make a photo editing app available for free for the users and also get in revenues for the owners. But a major drawback of this strategy is that sometimes these kinds of apps make the users annoyed due to the frequency or number of ads displayed. So, you should offer your users the chance to close the ads and get back to the editor.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases: a mobile app developer′s key to ′consumer lock-in′ | Science| In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW | 13.03.2015

In this business model, some important functions are offered to the users at no charges and users just need to pay out for some advanced functionalities only. This is the most common business model used by most photo editing applications.

Paid Apps 

Best Paid Apps for Android 2021

This is another obvious idea. By having thrilling features and good designs, you can set a reasonable cost and earn money from the app’s paid version. However, not every user is ready to go for a paid app. Most people choose the photo editing apps that are available for free.


So, this was our guide on creating a good photo editing app for iOS or Android platforms. Though this is a perspective industry, it is challenging too. Photo editing applications are gaining immense popularity all around the work since everyone out there wants to post creative and fantastic photos. Now that you know about everything that goes into creating a photo editing app, you just have to find out a dependable photo editing app development company that can help you in the creation of photo editing app that can do wonders!

Creating A Successful On-Demand Delivery Mobile App In 2021?

Mobile Order-Pay and Delivery Services Enable Restaurant Sales During COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts | PaymentsJournal

For nearly a decade, the on-demand industry has been gaining lots of popularity around the world. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement for on-demand apps and services has risen. The main aim of an on-demand mobile app is to match the demands and supplies of consumers quickly. On-demand services offer many advantages both for customers and businesses. It is anticipated that on-demand apps will flourish in the coming years and become a staple part. Who doesn’t want the convenience and mobility of getting everything?

So, if you want to create your on-demand app, you should be familiar with the increasing competition along with the steps to create a user-friendly on-demand app.


Different On-Demand Apps:

Business to Business:

B2B eCommerce: Here's What Every B2B Company Needs to Know
Business to business (B2B) apps is made to connect one business to the other. In these apps, the service provider and the service taker aren’t the end-user of the service or product – they are the facilitators only.

Business to Consumers:

business to customers marketing | #1 Branding Marketing Agency for Small Business Growth
Business to Consumers (B2C) apps are the ones that facilitate businesses to offer a service or product to the end-users. The B2Cmodel is generally followed by those businesses who can deliver products from their place to the customers like Dominos, Starbucks, and more.

Consumers to Consumers:

Customer Vs. Consumer - Relationship & Difference | Feedough
This model was popularized by the brands such as eBay, Etsy, and more. These apps are known to connect an end-user with another end-user. In this model, the users make products and provide services to other users to use or buy.


Usually, the features of an on-demand delivery mobile app features differ as per the stakeholders. Let’s have a look at them individually:

Admin App Features

Order Management

What is an Order Management System (OMS)? | Diff
This feature keeps all the details of every order received, delivered, and their respective feedback together with the details of payment.

Content Management
With this section, the admin can quickly update the service or product content like their prices, working hours, and contact details along with any other things.


9 Key Features of Native Mobile App Development - Invensis Technologies

Sign Up/Sign In Page
It is the very first screen that clients interact with when they open the app. They can sign up or log in into the app to further explore it.

All clients should be able to make and maintain their profiles. This feature of the app will give the space to fill-in their personal information, including name, address, preferred payment mode, contact information, and more.

This feature is the most important part of an on-demand delivery app. With this, customers can find what they want, while having a look at the pages consisting of service/product details, reviews, and rates.

Placement of Order
When a user selects the service/product, they should be able to place or schedule an order. Either they can order immediately or schedule it for a later time.

Geolocation Tracking
With this feature, customers should be allowed to track where their service provider or order is.

In-App Messages/Calls
Though not mandatory, in-app messages or call feature is provided to end users to get in contact with the parent company or the service provider from the app.

Push Notifications
With this functionality, the clients ate kept up-to-date on the status of their order in real-time. It is a vital app marketing tool.

Reviews and Ratings
This function is used by the users to review and rate the service or product that they have received. Here, you can provide them the choice to put comments along with the provision to give star ratings.


Facts to Consider Before Developing a Courier Delivery App

This functionality includes displaying the personal information and earnings of the worker along with the details of the services that they have offered.

In-App Calling/ Messaging
With this functionality, the worker can contact the end-users and request for directions or other last moment queries.

GPS Support
With this feature, the worker can get hold of the directions of a place whether they need to deliver their service or order in real-time.


Though the market of on-demand delivery is quite versatile, there are some strategies that you must consider. If you are looking to create an on-demand delivery app, below are a few strategies advised by the best On-demand app development company that you should follow:

– Release locally: It’s simple to establish and handle the delivery procedure in only one location initially and later increasing to more cities.

– Market the app early on: Marketing the app early on will help attract early beta-testers and adopters and also help you get noticed by prospective investors.

– Provide quick problem resolution and immediate support: Your clients should get immediate help, otherwise it may result in dire consequences.

– Begin with an MVP: Like a local launch of a product, creating the initial version of an application with restricted functions and features is an excellent way to test a product with minimal investment and pivot if required.

– Create a contractor selection procedure and perform screening regularly: This will help avoid poor services and stealing.

Thick And Thin Of Developing Apps Like Instagram

Kuddle app acts like an Instagram for kids, with numerous safeg

Photography being buzz in today’s era, people love the concept of sharing beautiful visual content and because of that reason, Instagram is the most loveable app today. Instagram has around 800 million people followers who shares 80 million images and video files every day. Most of the top brands are using Instagram to enhance the visibility of their brand.  And when you see this goliath digit, you may be craving for the beautiful app like Instagram and wish to make people use your social networking app for photo sharing in everybody’s lives.

Cost to consider

Before finding the developer or the company for the Instagram like app, you need to consider the cost of developing an app.  The estimated time for it includes:


  • Android app development
  • Android design development
  • iOS app development
  • iOS design development
  • Backend development


  • Photo-editing –  upto 200 hours
  • Photo library – upto 140 hours
  • Search function – upto 80 hours
  • Geo-location – upto 20-50 hours
  • Sharing – upto 30 hours
  • Integrating social features – upto 70 –50 hours

Time taken for development

  • iOS – 600- 800 hours
  • Android – 600-800 hours
  • Design – 200-300 hours
  • Backend development – 700-1400 hours

Total cost of developing Instagram like app

  • From $ 120,000 at $40/hour to $650,000

The hourly rate will be different, depending on the service provider, platform and type of contract you choose.

So, what does it take to create an Instagram clone from scratch?

Although there is an app like Instagram which is king of the reins, it doesn’t mean there will be no place for your new photo sharing app. If you develop in a right way, you too can get develop engaging app with millions of active user on your app. First, you need to focus on the flow about how users interact on Instagram account.

  • Authorization (Enables to create new profile or sign into an already existing account)
  • Profile editing
  • Upload the pictures
  • Follow, like , comments
  • Photo customization
  • Notifications and push-notifications
  • Search
  • Location enabled
  • Social sharing features

However, this are some of the basic features of photo sharing app which is must have to develop the same. Another thing, you must focus on the design of the app. Instagram has a very simple features but smart and stylish one which is easy to deal with. To build the best app, you just need to user-friendly and nice looking design.

Create your unique spin

9 Other Apps Like Instagram That Are Just as Fun to Use

If you wish to develop an app like Instagram, you do have to think of some out of box idea which is not available in Instagram. You need to brainstorm of what unique things you can bring to the table. Think of the core idea of what you are planning to focus; it can be photo sharing platform or creating gifs images or editing features etc.  Once you are set with the unique idea, you are ready to create an app.

The Key efficiency indicator

When clone of any app is created, it is necessary to offer unique features than original app. Creating copy Instagram will not lead you to the active users. Check out some important indicators that you need to focus on, if you want to check the status or progress,

  • The number of active users
  • The user’s participation
  • The app’s ability to retain users.

a) Active Users

LMS Pricing Models and Cost: What is an Active User? | Skilljar

The first thing is to focus on the number of active users app has. It is easy to grow audience by using with the help of social media marketing. For SMM, it is good to start your campaign at least the half year before the product is launched. It is advisable to develop Facebook pages for business to reach out your target audiences and you can reward your users when they invite their friends to use the app. Additionally, you can also enhance your product status and popularity by also inviting some celebrities of influencers.  You can attract them with the help of PR companies or can post content that can be interesting for such people.

B) User engagement

8 Surefire Ways to Increase User Engagement in 2020

The number of users just not determines the success of your app. You also need to look upon the factors like average time people spent on app, number of daily logins every day, number of media exchanged and much more. To increase the mentioned factors, you need to integrate social functions like comments, likes, followers which can help to integrate the uniqueness of the channel. Moreover, using high editing tools can attract the potential photographers. Considering all this indicators help to increase user engagement level.

c) User Retention

The Mobile Marketer's Guide to Mastering User Retention | CleverTap

If you wish to keep your users coming back, you need to send push notifications to remind them about your app. Check your target audience and notify them at a right time when they are likely to open your app. Use marketing tactics and launch different promotional events so that users get involved in your app and make a profit on these events. All these factors are very important, because they show how satisfying your app is for target audience and how much profit you can make with that.

Monetization Strategy

Another factor to consider is how to earn by developing app. There are multiple ways to monetize your app:

  • Native ads and sponsored ad marketing
  • In-app purchases
  • Sell stock photos
  • Special offers for active users


You may have got clear picture to develop an app like Instagram for your business. However, it is always better to develop an app by hiring a professional developer or mobile app development company  to save much of your time and money.

Anteelo being one of the best mobile app development company in Toronto aims to provide sustainable solution that can stand tall amongst crowd. So, if you wish to develop the photo sharing app for your next project, connect with us today.

Advantages Of Custom Mobile Apps Development

10 Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development - O2I

Making a website is half the work on the internet, making apps is the other half.  The apps make the site extensible and improve its functionality. It means the website can now do more things than it could before.

Adjust Scalability To Suit Your Business

Scalability 101 - How to Run a Scalable Business

This is important since you need to adjust your business to the growing customer base. By keeping your website hidden, you will not grow your business in its entirety but will only achieve partial growth. This means, there will remain some aspects of the business that has not come to light and so you will not achieve full profit though you are increasing your turnover.

Keep Control Of Your Apps

Protect your bank account and keep control of your phone; delete these Android apps now! - PhoneArena

If the third party app developer of a sudden decides to stop the app, you feel left out on a limb. You need to find an alternate solution. By designing your own apps, you gain control over how the site behaves. This helps you to control the responses which are the main aspect of interaction with the customer base. The customer develops a perspective of your site by the responses you make and if you trust a third-party, then the responses will not be adequate and the customer will take his business elsewhere.

Maintain Personalized Contact

The Importance of Personalization in Customer Service | by Kritagya Pandey | Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

When you develop your own apps, you can keep up the personalized contact with your customers. This means you are able to make promotions and give discounts as per your discretion. If you want you can give discounts to people who buy from you for $200 and if you see this is working you may want to make further improvements.

Easy To Maintain The Project Cycle

The 4 Project Life Cycle Phases (With Templates For Each Stage) - Venngage

Since you develop the apps to suit the present condition, you are able to maintain strict control over the deadlines and project progress.  Since all the apps are your own, you can set the limits and the parameters so they are always functioning in the best way.

Your Own App Will Help You Harness The Mobile Market

How To Make An App - Create An App In 12 Easy Steps

The growing mobile base users’ numbers is reflective of the expanding customer base. now days many of Top App Development Companies increase customer view ratio By designing the app to be compliant to the mobile segment, you can tap into the market with ease. If you use a third-party app, you cannot tweak it to respond in the way you like. You may need specific controls to keep the interest of the customer focused on your product.

Keep Your Product Competitive

Mobile search UX: Best practices for in app search design | Algolia Blog

By getting a feel of the market, you get to know what is lacking and where you have to concentrate to beat the competition. You can add these features so that your product is always much sought after.

Make the apps that help you in your business by studying the market. The best way forward is to make apps as versatile as possible and then tweak them as you go along.

What Does It Take To Develop A Mobile App Like Uber?

Top Online Taxi Booking App Development Company

Taxi booking service is mushrooming everywhere and has emerged as one of the reliable way to commute within or outside the city. When we talk about taxi service, Uber is one of the name that has become synonymous with it.  Since it’s inception, Uber is pleasing users across the globe and the only point of contact between passengers and Uber is mobile app. Although there are hundreds of taxi booking mobile apps but what has evolved over a period of time, since the inception of Uber, is technology development on the booking front.

With the current scenario in the market, Uber is boosting more and more entrepreneurs with the idea to repeat its feet and create something similar. However, developing a Taxi mobile app like Uber and going live on app store and play store is just not that easy and two separate application with different functionality:

  • Passenger app – for those who looks to book taxi
  • Driver app – Get orders and they ride passenger to their destination

Its features plays vital role; let’s zero down some of the basic ones:

Basic features of passenger app:

How to Make an App Like Uber: Process, Tips & Features

  • Register/login: You can provide varied options to register like social media integration, e-mail etc.
  • Booking Interface: Here customer needs to add address, select a cab type and set the pickup location
  • Tracking: Track driver’s location, status updation during or after a ride
  • Fare calculator: Calculates the estimated cost from source to destination before booking
  • Payments: Cashless, plain cash , can pay automatically via plastic money and invoice is received to phone or e-mail
  • Push Notifications: Keeps the user updated on order status, estimated time, taxi arrival, car model, driver’s contact number, car number and much more
  • Messaging, ratings and reviews, booking history: Messaging driver for the perfect pick up, feedback and ratings given by the customer for the service provided, displays the details of previous booking

Basic features of driver app:

Uber's new driver app identifies areas with the best fares | TechCrunch

  • Register/profile/status: Required to provide extra verification details like taxi number, licence during registration, status functionality helping them to adjust the schedule and availability
  • Booking: Options to accept or reject the incoming order, information of customer location, booking history etc.
  • Push Notifications: For order alerts, taxi booking data, for order updates and completion of ride
  • Navigation: Google Maps integration to get optimal direction of customer’s destination
  • Cost estimation and reports: Provides the estimated cost with discounts and offer the insights of trip status, payroll, history etc.

Furthermore, to streamline process and driver from the central point, a web app is required to manage and review all in-app activity like interactions, ride routes, payments and much more.

How Uber Works?

Uber Works launches in Dallas today, but can it help you find your next job?

Passengers let the Uber know that they need a ride; Uber asks you about the location; finds the nearby driver and notifies the duration of driver’s arrival. After completion of ride, cost is automatically charged from your card and then passenger needs to provide feedback about the ride.

So to build such paradigm, what technology stack does Uber rely on?

It relies on some giant foundations like:-

Geo-localization App | Ideal Tech Solution

Geo-location: The cab providing service like UBER depends on GPS (Global positioning system) technology to track the current position of the customer. When Uber started its venture, the technology wasn’t that progressive, but today the things have become easier. The geo-location depends on:-

  • Identifying a device’s location: To identify the location of the customer, Uber app for iOS uses CoreLocation framework which provides classes and protocols to configure and schedule delivery and send location event to the server. This framework also enables the Uber to define geographic region and track the device moments as it crosses the boundary.

The Uber app for Android uses Google’s Location API which can manage underlying location technology meeting all the needs to tailor the app when integrating location-based features.

Give Your Best In Right Direction – AMW Blog

  • Providing the right direction: For developing iOS app, MapKit is used to display point-to-point directions on map. It registers the app as routing app then makes direction available to the Map apps and other mapping software.

For developing on Google, Google Maps Android API is used to make routes and directions possible.

The best mind mapping software | Zapier

  • Integration with mapping software: Uber implemented Google Maps for both iOS and Android version and to avoid paying Google for access of their solutions, Uber opt for mapping technology companies to solve the logistic issues.

Push Notification Best Practices: 35 Tips for Dramatically Better Messages | CleverTap

Messaging or Notification: After you order a ride, Uber sends you a couple of notifications like when driver accepts the request, driver is few miles away, cancellation of ride etc. Uber text messages are powered by the Twilio telecommunications provider and you may choose to receive these messages either via SMS or through the push notifications. To implement push notifications in the iOS app, Uber uses Apple Push Notifications Service, and for the Android app Uber uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

How to Integrate Payments Without Hurting Your Conversion?

Payment Integration: For calculating fare, Uber looks for the factors like base fare, cost/mile and cost/min. Uber promotes a cashless system which means you can pay via plastic card, e-wallets or use a promo code which removes error prone human-to-human cash transfers. Uber chose to partner with Braintree, one of the leaders in the mobile payment market, to accept card payments and also uses PayPal’s service for credit card scanning on iOS.

The iOS users can make of the Apple Pay for making the payment and the Android users can use the Google Wallet for the same purpose. It is better to collaborate with some online payment company to make the experiences better and faster.

Uber Like App (uberlikeapp) on Ogoing

Advantages Of Uber Like App

  • Reduce the number of drunk drivers
  • Saves your money for commuting
  • Provides opportunity to make extra cash for the driver
  • Makes the way to the customer’s destination really beautiful

Advantages Of Having Mobile App

  • Having a white label mobile app gives your taxi business a broad visibility and an automatic customer boost.
  • Reduces the overhead costs generated by managing everything manually and connecting passengers to the drivers in real-time enables the business to grow smartly in autopilot mode.
  • Leads to the higher profit as the taxi service provider can develop their own app and save on the commission paid to the cab platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well It Depends! There Are Several Factors Affecting The Total Cost

  • Your budget
  • Number of features
  • Design of UI/UX
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Security

If you wish to develop a basic taxi service app then it will cost around $15,000 USD to $20,000 USD; Uber like app $20,000 USD to $35,000 USD. It takes 2 to 3 weeks approximately to design the app and 10 to 12 weeks approximately for development process. Lastly, the cost varies according to app development company you hire to get your job done.

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

How Much Does It to Develop an on-Demand Logistics App? - TekGeekers

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

From standing in long queues just to send a parcel to doing so with a click on our smartphone’s screen. And from the operators’ point of view, they are saved from the pain of monitoring all the logistics and transportation operations – all the time.

It’s all a result of the fusion of the transportation and logistics industry with the mobile app development domain.

But how?

How do these mobile applications perform a multitude of tasks single-handedly and efficiently? What features make them so great?

Well, this is something that we will discuss here.

Don’t get anxious, since I know what you are here for – the most-awaited answer to “how much does it cost to develop an on-demand logistics ( or management) app?” But before we dive straight into the answer, how about a little detour?

Let’s back up to gain a little perspective on the current condition of the market and analyze how beneficial it is going to be for you if you blend in on-demand with logistics app development.

Table of Content

  1. Transport and logistics industry market statistics
  2. Top players of the Logistics market
  3. Types of mobile apps for logistics companies
  4. Logistics mobile apps in the news
  5. Benefits of Having an app like Uber Freight
  6. Must-have features of an app like DHL
  7. Technology stack used for logistics app
  8. What does the Logistics app development cost?
  9. Future of Logistics app development

Transport and logistics industry market statistics

“It’s all about numbers”

I have always found numbers to be the most convincing factor in business. And the logistics domain possesses some promising ones as well.

According to MarketWatch, the global logistics market is predicted to grow by $287.1 million between the years 2020 to 2024. This is equivalent to the increasing CAGR of 5%. In fact, the year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is projected at 4.13% by the end of the forecast period. Moreover, this CAGR is considered to be the highest during the 2019-2023.

In fact, a report by Transparency Market Research, it was mentioned that the logistics industry is expected to be worth $15.5 trillion by the year 2023 – something that paints the future of on-demand logistics app development in a positive light.

Moreover, upon analyzing the transport and logistics industry stats, we found that logistics/trucking holds the highest market share of 35%.

Top players of the Logistics market

Carriers - Find Truck Loads Faster and Easier | Uber Freight

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development CostDHL Express shipping - nopCommerce

United Parcel Service - WikipediaIn-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development CostTruckTrack | AngelList Talent

Types of mobile apps for logistics companies

1. Fleet Management

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

This type of logistics application caters for recording the data and information related to vehicles and fleets. As a result, these apps must help in organizing, managing and coordinating vehicles from the central information system in order to keep the overall fleet operation hassle-free and running. Applications like these are also known to reduce costs, boost performance while providing compliance with government regulations.

2. Logistics on-demand

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

Applications that fall under this category are all about goods delivery as per the users’ requirements. These apps not only fulfill users’ needs instantly but also help in building connections.

3. Warehouse mobile apps

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

Warehouse mobile apps are designed to store a huge amount of data related to the products stored in the warehouse. It does it in such a simplified way as to make it easy to access any data any time.

4. Tracking and forwarding applications

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

These applications target to deliver information related to real-time concerning routes and delivery of the goods and products. This means that it also displays drivers’ location which is a rather prominent feature.

Logistics mobile apps in the news

  • Airbnb has expanded its reach to warehousing by introducing the “Flexe” app. In May 2019, the application raised $43 million in fundings in order to help online retailers take on Amazon.
  • Uber announced in Sept’2019 that it will spend $200 million to expand its Uber Freight trucking venture – Another reason to believe this is a growing field.
  • In January 2020, a Kenyan logistics startup called ‘Sendy’ with an on-demand platform raised around $20 million in a funding round backed by Toyota.

Benefits of Having an app like Uber Freight

Knowing why one should even invest in logistics mobile apps is as important as it is for a business to know the cost of logistic mobile app development. Let’s shed some light on the benefits first.

1. Vehicle tracking

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

Accuracy plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of the services – delivering goods at the right places and time. In this case, geolocation poses as one of the important features of the logistics app. The admin or users would be able to track the real-time location of the vehicle while simultaneously notifying the customer as well. In the case of emergencies, GPS could also be used.

2. Fleet and warehouse management

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

Effective management of fleets and warehouses is an ideal way to prosperity for any business operating in this domain. It can help with improved productivity and functioning. Such applications can store data way more effectively than the manual process, with low chances of data loss or misplacement. All in all, developing a transport and logistics app will eliminate inaccuracies and errors that come with manual processes.

3. Easy online booking

Easy Booking - Videos | Facebook

Since everything is on mobile now,  providing your customers with the facility to do everything on their tiny screen what they used to do on their desktop/laptop is the need of the hour. Booking cargo or a parcel is something that can be done online with the help of on-demand logistics app development.

4. No paperwork

No Paperwork by Amanda ☻rtiz on Dribbble

As pointed out before in the second point, managing and handling the paperwork is such a pain, especially, in the transportation and logistics business. Having a dedicated mobile application for this purpose solves this issue entirely and streamlines everything.

5. Helps in confirming the whole process

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

Probably one of the prominent uses of such applications is the real-time confirmation of the delivery process. While using an on-demand delivery app, the company and the customers, both can confirm if the product was delivered on time or delivered at all.

6. Promotes professionalism

Why Professionalism Matters ~ By Richard L. Gabriel - The Docket

If something that should matter the most to a company is its brand image. Having an on-demand logistics app not only facilitates your users but builds their trust in your company.

Must-have features of an app like DHL

There are three panels that need to be designed and developed in the logistics app development. Let’s look at each one of them while discussing the must-have features.

Note: These three panels are essentially three applications, which when combined work as one whole product. Consequently, it is a prominent factor when it comes to calculating transportation and logistics app development costs.

User Panel 

Customer registration – Registration can be done in two ways – A. By creating a new account altogether and B. By registering with existing social media accounts. Giving this option to the users will impart a good impression.

Customer Attributes & Registration: The Perfect Combo For B2B

Vehicle selection – It is an important feature to integrate into the on-demand logistics apps. This helps users in selecting the vehicle as per their requirements, i.e., be it a van, truck, trailer, container truck, and so on.

5 things to keep in mind when selecting a vehicle

Scheduling and managing booking – Here users will be able to book a vehicle to avail of services immediately and can also pre-book by mentioning the date, time and location of pick-up.

10 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for Salons & Clinics

Multiple payment gateways – The more options you give, the better experience you are likely to provide your users. This is also true in this instance.  Providing users the choice to pay for the services via Credit/Debit card, online wallets, etc. will encourage them to use your app more often.

Multiple payment gateways on your site - Time to switch?

Tracking shipment – Rather a crucial feature, tracking facility is something your users are already expecting from your app. So, make sure to implement it in your end product.

Shipment Tracking Docs | Zenkraft


Drop-off location – Always allow users to enter the drop-off location of their parcel either manually or with the help of GPS.

Jpg Download Maps Locations By Icon Direction Location - Icon - Free Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download

Real-time alerts – Push notifications are a great way to inform users about useful and important information while engaging them on your application.

Real-Time Tags & Alerts - Log Management Made Easy | Logentries


Estimate fare charges – It is important for users to know beforehand the value they are expected to pay for the services. In this case, employing an in-build fare calculator will prove immensely useful. It will calculate the cost of services based on the size and weight of the package.

Trip fare: Know Before You Go | Uber Blog

Access to history – This feature will allow users to revisit their previous transactions and invoices to keep everything on track and record.

Viewing Transaction History- Classic Account Management


Ratings and reviews – It would help customers if they find this feature in your app. This way, users can rate and review the services and give feedback that can help other users.

Understanding Online Doctor Reviews and Ratings | Beaumont Health


Driver/Dispatcher Panel

Login/Register – Like users, drivers can also signup using existing email IDs or social media accounts.

Setting custom LearnDash Login & Registration redirection pages - Theme Spirit

Manage requests –This feature allows drivers/dispatchers to accept or reject any request or order based on their preferences.

Start managing your incoming requests like a pro by taking these 4 steps - Corrus

Make available or busy –Just like a DND feature, this will help the drivers or dispatchers show their availability/ unavailability for services using many options like marking self available, etc.

Surge: Couriers can more money when it's busy | Uber Blog

Consignment details – Getting insights of the consignment to be delivered is a crucial element that would help your app become popular if you employ.

Tracking & Tracing

Manage profile – Probably one of the most basic features is to enable the drivers to update the information on their profiles.

Manage Your Customer Profiles for Better Sales and Support | Acquire

Navigation –This is a crucial feature for the driver/distributor side of the logistic application. It gives information regarding the best route to the customers’ addresses to facilitate on-time delivery.

5 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps For Android - Gizbot News

Mark delivery –Allowing the dispatcher this feature will enable them to send alerts to both the parties (customer and admin) regarding the delivery of the parcel.

Delivery Mark Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Freight/shipping details –All the details related to freight (weight of goods, fuel consumption, distance covered, toll charges) and shipping (name, address, contact number, destination) all can be accessed by the dispatcher/driver via this feature easily.

Sea Freight Shipping Services | Ocean Transportation

Access to history – It would be best to offer this feature since it will help them revisit past transactions and invoices.

Admin Panel

Dashboard –It displays every critical information related to the users and drivers. The admin is able to also see pending and completed orders with real-time data.

Zoho Flow dashboard

Fleet/Vehicle management –With this feature, it will become possible for the admin to introduce new vehicles for the shipment and even update the existing ones details with image, etc.

Car Fleet Management Template »

Manage invoices and payments –With this invoice management feature, the admin will be able to generate and update invoices.  Moreover, admin can also manage payments, i.e, approve the payments received by the drivers and analyze other similar transactions.

Bill Books - Billing Management Software - Manage your business sales, purchases, payments and customers

Drivers monitoring –This feature helps in managing and assigning tasks to the drivers/dispatchers and monitor their on-road time, activities, and pending requests.

Jaguar Land Rover tech has car monitoring driver's concentration

MS features –Under this feature, all the user queries related to the services or drivers, and any improvements required by the users are recorded and handled by the admin.

Additional features

Get a quote –According to the available deals and services, customers can request a quote from the service provider in order to get an idea for the cost and time of the services.

In-app Chat –This might be an additional feature but it is a crucial one as well. This will facilitate your users since they will not have to seek another resort for the purpose of contacting the service provider.

Chat support –Chatbots now play a huge role in the B2B and B2C sectors. Most of the applications providing any kind of service or products are equipped with chatbot app development. This is something that we at Anteelo highly recommend.

Multilingual Support –Popularly known as a practice related to the localization of mobile applications, providing multilingual support can boost the popularity of your application globally.

Link and upload documents –For dispatchers, this feature will be a big hit since they will be able to upload important documents related to shipping such as insurance documents, etc.

Note: All these additional features incur higher logistics app development costs.

Technology stack used for logistics app

One of the challenges of developing a logistics mobile app is determining which tools are essential and will render impeccable results, something which an on-demand app development company like Anteelo knows best.

Starting from the top, in order to create a robust Frontend development, many mobile app developers prefer to use Swift, Java, CSS, Bootstrap as their programming languages. Whereas, for the backend development languages like JavaScript, Ruby, AngularJS, and Python with their impeccable mobile development frameworks are used.

As for the database, HBase, Mail Chip Integration and MongoDb are used, while Azure, Google, and similar technologies are used for Cloud facility. Speaking of Application and data, development tools such as jQuery, Groovy, and AngularJS are employed.

Now that we are done with getting familiarized with crucial aspects surrounding the logistics industry and app development, let’s get down to business – getting the answer to the cost to build logistic apps.

What does the Logistics app development cost?

As I had mentioned above, the ultimate cost of app development relies on the factors related to the on-demand logistics app development process of the application.

Along with an answer in digits, we will encounter a detained account of the factors contributing to the final cost.

Backend and frontend development

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

The choices you make for Backend and frontend development will play a pivotal role in determining the cost of your logistics application. To be more specific, it all depends on your choice of frameworks, tools, and technologies.

You can either go with Monolithic or Microservices. However, let me put it out there that the cost of frameworks for microservices tends to be higher than monolithic. Nevertheless, it is all worth it since it is more efficacious in providing highly scalable logistics applications.

Choice of the tech stack

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

You might already know that the tech stack you choose for development is going to affect the cost. Speaking of programming languages, hiring developers for some languages like Swift, Golang, and R is quite expensive. Similarly, those languages that are new will have fewer libraries and frameworks, adding to the overall tasks of the development.

 Type of application

Since it is an on-demand application, the development cost for it also tends to be higher than any other category, say social media, m-commerce, etc. It is because this single application consists of three whole separate panels, which require a number of resources equal to three applications. So, evidently an on-demand logistics app is going to cost more than other non-on-demand applications.

Platform (Android or iOS)

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

The choice of platform you choose would fall either for Android or iOS. Strictly speaking, developing for the Android platform can be a little more costly as compared to iOS due to the amount of fragmentation Android is subjected to.

There is a third option available now – cross-platform app development. By choosing this, your application will be able to work incredible on both the platforms rending performance falling no shorter than a native app. Plus, it is cost-effective as compared to developing the app separately for both platforms.

Development Team Size

How to Determine the Right Size of Your Software Development Team | Customer-centric product development and innovation

There is no need to tell you that the cost of development will be lower when you choose a team of freelancer developers as compared to an established on demand mobile app development company.

However, established companies have an edge over freelance developers – the assurance of the prolific quality of mobility and digital solutions.

Location of the company

In-Depth Detail About Logistics App Development Cost

The location plays a pivotal role in deciding the ultimate cost of logistics app development. It is an established fact that the hourly rates of development tend to get higher when moving from east to west.

In light of the above statement, there are few countries such as India that are home to some prestigious and insanely efficient mobile app development companies that offer their services at reasonable prices.

Now comes the most-awaited part. The estimated cost of logistics mobile app development can range between USD 70k to USD 80k.

Future of Logistics app development

The future of the logistics industry

All the current statistics and predictions on logistics app development only paint a positive picture of the future of on-demand logistics app development. Since the advent of mobile app development in the logistics industry, things have become smooth-sailing and processes have become streamlined.

In fact, the next big thing for this industry is the extension of AI into it, as per the AI technology trends. We can expect AI-induced logistics applications that will further facilitate the logistics and warehouse management while being equally helpful in transportation. Another next-gen tech that will disrupt the logistics domain is none other than IoT.

Going forward, the emergence of numerous types of on-demand logistics applications will eventually make the logistics industry prosperous. If there was ever the right time to invest in the logistics app development, it is Now. So, with the estimated cost to build the logistic app, it would become easier to make a firm and well-contemplated decision.

The Relevance of UI and UX Design in the App Development Process

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How many times have you opened an application and have found the button and element placement going beyond your device screen? Or do you remember how you felt the last time you clicked on an option and it took you to a screen which was filled with bold colours and a lot of text?

Everytime we face an issue related to the app design, especially in terms of it being starkly opposite to what we expected, the outcome is almost always app uninstallation.

The design industry has crossed many rivers to become innovative and immersive. While there are some brands like Uber with its design guideline or MailChimp who have understood and went with the flow, there are brands that are still not giving app design its fair share of attention.

The intent of this article is to look back at the basics – at the importance of UI/UX design.

Read this blog as a beginner’s guide. One that will help you, an entrepreneur with the understanding of what makes the role of user experience and UX review process as important as the development and testing process itself – After all, the present time is operative in such a way that the importance of UX and UI design in an App development is not just crucial but unquestionable.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is UI Design in a Mobile Application?
  2. What is UX Design in a Mobile Application?
  3. What are the Deliverables of UI/UX App Design Development?
  4. The Key Components to Know When Designing Mobile Applications
  5. Importance of Mobile App UI/UX Design
  6. Mobile App Best UI/UX Practices
  7. The Top UI/UX Trends 2021 and Beyond
  8. FAQs About the Importance of UI/UX Design

To understand the importance of mobile app UI/UX design, let us understand both the terms first.

What is UI Design in a Mobile Application?

Money Management Application Design | App interface design, Mobile app design inspiration, Application design

The abbreviation UI stands for User Interface. It is the way through which users can interact with any mobile apps. Mobile app user interface design is aimed towards easy, enjoyable and effective interactions between users and the app. UI in IT is any device that allows users to interact with monitors, screens or mobile devices. The primary goal of mobile app UI principles is to provide the best interaction possible.

What is UX Design in a Mobile Application?

How Much Does It Cost To Mobile App UI UX Design

UX stands for User Experience. The whole idea of UX is to create a system that provides the best experience to the users. The aim of mobile app UX principles is to turn customers into loyal customers by providing a positive experience to them. UX is responsible for a user’s journey through the mobile app or website which ultimately decides the success of the business.

Mobile app UI UX design is always put together as they are complementary to each other. For an app to be successful it must be the best.

What are the Deliverables of UI/UX App Design Development?

The work of any UI/UX designer has many phases. During the UI and UX designing process, various deliverables are created for the clients. These deliverables are created for reasons like better communication with clients, documentation or presenting the ideas in a proper way. Both UI and UX have their separate deliverables, let’s take a look to get a clearer understanding of the role of mobile app UI/UX design in the mobile app design and app development process.

A. UI deliverables

Mood boards

How to Pitch Your Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less |

Mood boards are used for presenting innovative ideas in a way that everyone understands. It helps the clients understand the app idea that the designer will be working on.

Visual designs

What is Visual Design?. Remember school when those colorful… | by Muskan Jhanwar | UX Collective

Visual designs will help understand the effects of elements in a design. The effects of elements like photography, typography, space, colours, layouts, images, etc. are better understood with visual designs.

Dynamic prototyping

Why prototyping is a must for designers | by Alastair Simpson | Designing Atlassian | Medium

Another one of the UI deliverables is the dynamic prototypes. Prototypes help in improving the overall functioning of the app as well as making improvement as and when needed. With dynamic prototypes, UI can be built as per the clients’ desire.

B. UX deliverables

Competitive analysis report

How to Create a Competitor Analysis Report (Templates Included) - Venngage

The competitive analysis report is created to measure the level of competition your app has. All the efforts go into vain if the app is in a highly competitive market or if it is not prepared to beat the competitors. With a competitive analysis report, the strength and weakness of the competitor’s app can be found out.

User personas

How to Define a User Persona ?[2021 Guide]

Designers have to make sure the client understands what their customers need and expect from the products. Creating a buyer persona not only helps in understanding customer behaviour but also in communicating the same to clients. The UX process involves user research to learn the behavioural pattern.

User journeys, experience maps and user flows

User Journeys and User Flows, Understanding the Difference | by Jitesh Rajani | Prototypr

Experience maps showcase users overall behaviour towards a product. The expectations, time spent, reactions, thoughts, needs, etc. are all displayed in the experience maps.

User journeys or user flows are specific steps taken by the user to interact at different stages of the product. These can be the current interactions or potential interaction with a product.

Interactive prototypes

Interactive prototyping is another one of the deliverables of UX. Rudimentary prototyping saves a lot of time and effort and works well enough to get the job done. The prototypes help in demonstrating how the actual product will work once it’s fully developed. It also helps the designer communicate the ideas better.

Now that we have looked into what UI and UX stands for and what is the role of mobile app ui/ux design in the app development process, let us move on to the importance of UI/UX design in delivering a bespoke product.

The Key Components to Know When Designing Mobile Applications 

There are some main components which have to be considered when you design mobile apps UI/UX.

A. Information architecture:

The idea behind IA is to offer users an easy navigation, irrespective of which browser they are using. It mainly surrounds offering them a top-level navigation experience.

B. Interaction design:

It is the creation of a conceptual design through which users interact with the app. It includes elements such as colors, aesthetics, icons, fonts, images, etc.

C. Usability:

This part of the mobile app design principles deal with figuring out if users are getting the information they need through the use of the application and if the app gives them a self-serving way to handle issues.

D. Wireframe:

This part of the user interface design for mobile applications is all about the creation of an app’s sample for the purpose of testing features, usability and look of the app before it gets live in the market.

E. Visual design 

It is all about defining the app’s brand in the users eyes. It is not only about choosing the best colours, icons, images, fonts, etc but also its appearance that can have an impact on the users at different times of their interaction.

Importance of Mobile App UI/UX Design

To know the significance of ui ux design in an app development is a must. Most developers create an app with great performance but fail to focus on the designing which leads to the downfall of the app. The balance between the functionality and importance of UI UX design of an app is hard to keep but that’s what needs to be done.

To answer the question, ‘What are the Benefits of User Interface and User Experience design?’, let us look at the pointers below:

Attracts users

10 Great Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Small Business

A saying goes, ‘A good teacher is the one that grabs and holds the attention of the students and then teaches the lessons.’ This saying is very apt in the case of UI/UX design for mobile apps. The designs grab the attention of the users and ensure they spend as much time on the app as possible. However, the users should be able to understand the designs and navigation well enough to stick around for the long term.

Creates a good impression

Mobile App UX Design: Making a Great First Impression | by Nick Babich | UX Planet

For a startup or any small business, the importance of a UI/UX design lies in the creation of the first impression. When users visit your app, they should be hooked to it immediately so that they come back for it again and again. A good app has higher usage time and this can be done with the app’s UI UX design.

Get featured in app stores

App Store / Google Play Logo [ Download - Logo - icon ] png svg

Whether a mobile app is good or not is determined by how many users like it. The ratings and reviews by satisfied users will bring your mobile app to the top lists. To get your app featured in Play Store or App Store, make sure the users get a good UI UX. getting featured in the top lists of any category will automatically bring more traction to your app.

Get loyal customers

What Is The Definition of Customer Loyalty?

Attractive apps have more users and it’s a fact. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc. have great UI/UX which has drawn millions of users to them. The satisfaction that comes from great user experience is what makes users loyal. Word of mouth is another reason why UX design is important.

Saves time and cost in the long run

These 50 Fantastic Ways Will Cut Your Business Expenses! – Outsourcing Insight

When you work with the understanding of the mobile app best UI/UX practices from day one, you have the guarantee that there will be less need for app maintenance and updates. And since those two things will be at bay, the challenges that you might face after app launch will also be very low.

Builds brand

3 Ways Customer Satisfaction Builds Your Brand | Infosurv | Infosurv

Putting resources into a productive Ul/UX design helps in rising consumer satisfaction subsequently ending up with cheerful customers. Individuals like working with brands that make them happy. They will be willing to take up features that can be upgraded, and thus, put resources into improving your application. This builds the credibility of your business as a customer makes great relationships with your organization and brand. The aftereffect of this is the development in the worth of your business and your brand name.

Increased traffic

How Can Buying App Reviews Helps To Boost Online Traffic And App Downloads

A good UI/UX consistently makes their users stay. If your website or mobile application is designed splendidly and client experience is staggering, nothing can prevent them from exploring the pre-decided target and transforming the users into valuable customers. Hence, it’s the duty of you and the UI/UX Developers’ responsibility to guarantee the greatest UI/UX of your site/application.

Now that you have seen the importance of mobile app UI/UX design, let’s move further into the concept. It’s a common assumption that if you have mastered the UI/UX development process then you don’t need tips for improvement. However, there’s no harm in going through some great tips, considering how the effect of UI/UX design can be long lasting.

Mobile App Best UI/UX Practices

Top 16 Mobile UI/UX Design Trends to Rule in 2021

Use conventional elements

Using familiar elements in the app will save time for users. They can quickly learn the app without getting confused. Elements like buttons, icons, colors and symbols should be designed in the way it’s designed in most apps. The quicker users learn to operate the app, the higher will be the chances of liking the app.

Maintain uniformity

It is very important for the design to be uniform across all the windows. The uniformity shows the quality of work put in the UI UX designing of the app. Not only with icons or buttons but the colors and patterns should also be the same across all media.

Employ the right UI and UX designer

If you are focusing on the mobile app user interface design and experience then working with the experts is highly recommended. You can also outsource app development for your app from an expert app development agency to make sure the UI UX designs are on point. The UI UX designers should understand all the end-to-end user interaction and incorporate them within the app.

Make it as interactive as possible

An interactive app is better than a non-interactive one and that’s a fact. When you allow users to interact with the app, it creates a connection between them. Interactive apps give freedom to users to navigate themselves through different windows.

Consider platform specific designs

There is a stark difference in the iOS app UI design and Android app UI design. Likewise, considering the way both the platforms are designed at the device level, the iOS app UX design also varies from the Android app UX design.

What is important is for you to understand both Material Design and Human Interface Design in addition to the elements that separate them from each other.

Don’t hamper the speed of the app

The speed of the app is just as important as the design. Startups do make this mistake by thinking the app only needs its appearance to attract users. But the truth is, the functioning of the app is just as important. The mobile app needs to be speed while having a good mobile application interface design.

Keep it simple and don’t complicate things

If a feature can be put in a simple way there is no need to overdo it. The users will appreciate the simplicity just as much as the overall app. Complicating designs leave app users either confused or furious and we don’t want either of those. It is also seen that apps with simple design have more users than complicated ones.

Keep the focus on limited things

Often the UI/UX development process focuses on so many elements at the same time that the entire user experience turns bad. If too much is going on the screen then that won’t let the user focus on the content of the app. Overcrowding content on the screen is another way to quickly lose users.

Have detailed understanding of your audience

After everything’s said and done, the only thing that can save the effect of ui/ux design from being negative is having an understanding of your users. Only by knowing who you are making the product for, you will be able to deliver a memorable experience to your user set and the world. One way to achieve that is through a well strategized product discovery workshop.

The only thing left for you to do is find a trustworthy and reliable app design company to partner with. A proper app design and app development company will help you expand your mobile ui ux design services.

The Top UI/UX Trends 2021 and Beyond

To get started with the best mobile app UI UX designing, let’s look at what the future of UI/UX holds in 2021.

Voice-based UI

Voice user interface design: a guide - Justinmind

Google Home and Alexa have taken over the voice assistant world. These two technologies are being used by people to get anything and everything done. Voice searches are becoming more and more popular and by in the end of 2021, 50% of the searches will be voice-based. Users are preferring buttonless options to do their everyday tasks, and increasing with this demand is the need to understand how to design voice user interface.

Foldable/Split screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold Experience - Multitasking & One Hand Use | Samsung US

With foldable phones app development being on the rise, the split screen trend is one of the hottest 2021 app design trends. The idea of actively using two screens together, whether on websites or mobile phones, is amazing! The trend has come back after a short break and is looking more alive than ever. Split screen in mobile allows more user interaction all the while giving aesthetically appealing visuals.

Variety & combinations in fonts

10 Beautiful Font Combinations For Your Design In 2021

Fonts that will fit any writing space will have another place in the latest UI/UX design trends. Earlier, inserting text in writing spaces had limitations in terms of adjustment. It also made designers send multiple files for the font designs used. Variable fonts are a great solution for this, since it only needs one file for any design.

Dark mode

Designing for Dark Mode: More Than Flipping a Switch | by Microsoft Design | Microsoft Design | Medium

With both Apple and Android focusing their efforts on bringing health focus in the picture through dark mode app design functionality, the 2021 trend is also inclining towards it. In fact, our app designers feel that it is only about time when health betterment will become the outcome of the importance of a good user interface design.


Web Animations In Interaction Design: 2016 And Beyond

The use of animation in apps makes them more visually appealing. It connects with customers more than any other design. Designers are using this tool to create a positive impact on the users with the help of meaningful animations. Earlier, things were simple with flat logos, icons, buttons, etc. but now animated buttons, icons, and even logos are happening. In the coming years, animation will be one of the trends for UI UX designing.

This was our take on the importance of User interface/User experience design system services for mobile apps and the foreseeable future of UI/UX as we reckon. The next step for you herein is to get in touch with a bespoke mobile app design agency that can help you deliver lasting memories.

FAQs About the Importance of UI/UX Design 

Q. Why do apps need efficient UI/UX Design?

The importance of UI/UX design in mobile apps goes beyond simply making them appear well to the end users and the other stakeholders. These are some of the other reasons that mark their importance:

  • Attract users
  • Increase probability of getting featured in the stores
  • Increase brand’s ROI
  • Lower the app maintenance time and cost in the long run

Q. Why is UX important for business?

Here are some business benefits of investing in an efficient user experience –

  • It has a direct effect on your conversion numbers
  • It helps saves long term app updation costs
  • Increase the probability of getting word of mouth referrals and ultimately brand evangelists.
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