Top Ways AI Is Changing The E-Commerce Trends

Artificial intelligence has made everything perfect from artificial intelligence online shopping to 24/7 customer care support. Every time you tend to cooperate with an app that remembers what you purchased or what you searched, there is a possibility that you were a segment of this explore.
Top 9 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Ecommerce Industry

This is how artificial intelligence has improved user experience in the E-commerce trends sector and purchased it to the next level. At present, a lot of web development companies in India are making AI-powered shopping websites. So, in this article we will discuss some powerful ways to make use of artificial intelligence in E-commerce:

Creating Customer-Centric Visual Search

When you shopping online as a customer, you might encounter product results on the page that are not only irrelevant but foreign too. It’s annoying, so annoying that you tend to leave the page, here when AI is coming into action.

AI tends to use a natural language process to contextualize and improve the search results in order to track this kind of issue. AI uses visual search capabilities that tend to match the product. And making it possible to shop for the things that are you looking for, and love.

Self forecasting

Now your business can forecast its sales with smart software development solutions. Imagine an alternate reality wherever the promoting efforts and also the expenditure square measure seen only if your potential client tends to form procurement. The conversion rate would never leave the peak, and also the expenditure is targeted only if the client is probably going to form procurement.

Having the info on once the products would be sold would supply the client with the concept on the inventory that they have to refill once more. This is able to not exclusively eliminate the big total of unwanted value however would conjointly tend to form the retailers a lot of economical. This is often way more helpful within the business that tends to sell concert tickets or give transportation to the folks.

Filtering fake review

Fake reviews have continually been one of the largest issues for online retailers and e-commerce brands. In step with analysis by computer program land regarding half of 1 mile of the patron trust online reviews the maximum amount as they trust a private recommendation.

However, throughout your time, individuals tend to encounter pretend reviews that could be printed by competitors and alternative brands. Therefore, to fight this, most of the e-commerce Trends competitors make use of AI to get rid of these pretend reviews and facilitate customers with authentic comments on the products or brand.

Intelligent searches

No surprise, AI will create your computer program smart. AI-powered search engines track your browsing patterns and do searches as per that to assist you to discover specifically what you’re trying to find. AI-powered search engines pull info from massive knowledge with deep learning. They use the search term you enter and deeply analyze the speech communication command with the client.

Re-targeting Potential Consumers with Artificial Intelligence Sometimes, whereas managing the ad campaigns, you’ll notice that the client spends a notable quantity of your time on a specific product and so suddenly exit. Usually, that info is going to be kept to be used upon their next visit. Well, the face of sales is ever-changing with businesses responding to the client. Currently, firms square measure reading the minds of consumers, and it’s all due to the information used with AI.

Get Better Cyber Security

The biggest threat to E-commerce platforms is that a way to keep their client knowledge secure at their website. Excellent news for entrepreneurs! With a high AI Development Company in India, you’ll be able to increase the protection of your information. E-commerce platforms will keep the criminals at the bay of the shop, and information of the client can stay safe within the information with the combination of AI and deep learning into security solutions.


According to a recent survey, approximate 74% of marketers have stated that targeted personalization grows their overall consumer engagement rates. New technologies have entered E-commerce with the help of advancement in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The growing advantages of AI in E-commerce have permitted the E-commerce businesses to boost their engagement rate, decrease time transaction, and conversion. Thus now you are able to send in the right message at the right time as personalization has monitored channels and device to make consumer view.

Superior Security for Consumer Data

Keeping the consumer data secure is the biggest responsibility for ecommerce stores. Estores are vulnerable to fraudulent activities such as hacking and requiring extra care. Artificial intelligence assists to grow the security of your database. Due to the integration of artificial intelligence and deep learning into security solution, online shopping platforms keep consumer data secure, common network vulnerabilities, spam at bay. Artificial intelligence are able to process big volumes of extensive. Repetitive data can nip fraudulent activities and rapidly in the bud by defecting anomalies.

Dynamic Pricing to Give Ultra-customized Discounts In Real-time

Dynamic valuation may be a strategy whereby retailers’ modification the cost of the goods supported offer and demand in real-time. It leverages client information, competitive valuation information, and sales dealing information to predict once to discount, what to discount, and dynamically calculate the minimum quantity of discount required to confirm dealing.

The consequence is the flexibility to deliver a just-in-time, custom-made discount to an E-commerce buyer, with the most attainable profit to the complete. Amazon is that the market leader during this domain, presently seeing large success in applying dynamic valuation. They modify costs every ten minutes, which is fifty times over Walmart and Best obtain and has shown the way to a profit boost.

AI for predictive behavior modeling to make better decisions

One of the foremost exciting applications of AI is its ability to imagine in the long run. With access to a spread of structured and unstructured information sources like social media, sales data, and research, it’s attainable to form complex psychographic profiles of legendary customers to identify rising trends and even predict unknown demographic profiles.

By predicting behavior, brands will crop on wasted advertising and optimize selling efforts, resulting in inflated revenue and better profit margins. Predictive behavior modeling will be wont to build predictions on an embarrassment of sales connected things:

Forecasting if a user can build an acquisition in a very specific product class in real-time.
Predicting if a user can come back and what purchases they’re going to build at sure times.
Prediction of client lifespan price.
Foreseeing client churn.
Demand prognostication for specific product classes.

AI for optimizing inventory and warehouse management and logistics

Efficient inventory management is all regarding maintaining the proper level of inventory that will fulfill market demand while not adding to idle stock. Optimized supply is regarding reducing resource consumption in delivery and delivery time.

Voice assistants

You still using Google searches to compare the product and prices while shopping then wakes up. In this modern world, shopping for your favorite product is just one voice command away. Google`s Alexa, Apple Siri to be your shopping assistants in the home.

Voice search is the new tool that allowing users to communicate with web services using only their voice command. Web developing company in India integrated this technology into smartphones and smart speakers that are especially designed for voice communication.


NDT Automation | 2019-04-08 | Quality Magazine

If you’re obtaining this idea that AI means robots and machines that appropriating for you, then I’m sorry to interrupt your confusion — that’s not about to happen. Computing tends to make use of the technology and algorithmic program and tell the individual retailers what area unit their client specifically trying to find.

Because the e-commerce trade continues to grow and expand automation becomes a requirement for each trade. The task within the individual field tends to grow too. This suggests that the robots at this point will take over and supply discounts, sales, and new worth product to the client.

Targeting the Potential Buyers Again & Enhancing the Sale Game

From the survey, it is found that 38% of market sales gets affect because of poor quality leads. It means potential barriers that are interested in the product seem to fall in the crack.

This type of business fails to understand that the customer data can help them figure it the customer’s needs. If a customer spends maximum time near a shelf or a product making their decisions then the information is stored in the data record.


The Rise of Chatbots - ITChronicles

Due to ChatBots e-commerce industry is able to offer 24/7 assistance. They tend to offer the customer all possible solutions and answers that they tend to deal with. There are also current chatbots that tend to help the customer to make buying decisions. And tends to communicate with the customer either with the help of text or call.

Providing a Recommendation to the Customers

Now you are aware of these things that AI can effectively and efficiently predict customer`s behavior. And their needs that offer relevant and helpful recommendations. If you are still untouch by this feature, then it’s time to hire Web development companies in India to gets your hands on these updates. It tends to collect data that has been searched and look for. The algorithm takes the information to offer the essential reference to the use.

Image Recognition to Aid Product Discovery

As we had seen at the object search by Amazon at the beginning of the story, e-commerce companies are quick to adopt this technology. And cannot come across as a surprise when companies are on the rise that can make extraordinary sense out of visual data. An Indian fashion e-commerce company like Myntra provides an image search feature to its customers combined with voice search.

It is the choice of the customers to upload pictures from their galleries and the app displays products detect in the image. Amazon also added a similar feature known as StyleSnap, customers can easily upload photographs of fashion looks. And the app returns search results that match the items in images like apparel, fashion accessories, etc.

The algorithms can detect sub-categories of items like fabric with deep learning and computer vision, behind the sense makes. An extension for photo recognition technology is being used by Alibaba what is called virtual fitting rooms. The features available on the Tmall app give virtual renders of users earning the selected fashion items. After that they upload a photo proposed by top Web development companies in India.

They help the buyers with personalized recommendations. And also communicates to retailers, suggesting they enhance inventory for specific products to stay prepared for increasing demand. Artificial intelligence helping e-commerce marketplaces simplify the shopping method for the end-user and offer a correct degree of personalization.

AI-driven Advertising Automation for Sellers

Small and medium businesses selling from online marketplaces are not known for their performance marketing skills. Top web development companies in India create advertising campaigns from scratch on Google ads, and track these campaigns in order to optimize them. Thus, the main focus of marketplace merchants remains on their products and how they are selling from a marketplace. If sellers launch ad campaigns across the channel with a single click, sit back and witness ads performing well.

E-commerce developer can leverage AI and machine learning to impact sales

The thing about artificial intelligence is that it relies on you data and the economic using data manifests as:
1. Increasing products: Using user’s feedback to make products better.
2. Optimizing operations and process: choose the most of your warehouse ops and delivery.
3. Classify new markets: Concluded building of buyers personas, advanced market research, etc.
4. Automating workflows for both physical as well as digital.
5. Prevention from making fraud.
Exactly any kind of data can use to exact business-impacting insights. Just some data sources that are relevant to your e-commerce trends business:
1.Customers and professionals reviews
2.User support transcripts and call center
3.Natural language as in voice data
4.Logistics and operations
5.Social media

Users are continuously creating rich data sets as they interact with e-commerce trends brands.

E-commerce Developers Can Change the Game with AI and ML

These examples are ways that e-commerce developers are saving and making millions of dollars for companies. But machine learning developers can do in the e-commerce space. The most popular e-commerce trends platform used by SEMs the world over are using AI and ML to better serve their customers. E-commerce growth is not slated to slow down any time soon. By the COVID-19 situation, indeed the culture of delivery may have been exacerbated. It will be more than just traditionally e-commerce business that will have to make use of artificial intelligence solutions for optimizing solutions.

Final words

Hope, this article will explain you how artificial intelligence affecting the sales and revolutionizing the online shopping or E-commerce trends sector. In the future we will provide you more articles and blogs regarding artificial intelligence, mobile app developing, machine learning, etc. So, stay connected with us. Please share your point of views with us in the comment section regarding the role of artificial intelligence in E-commerce.

Chatbots <3 (your) Business: 7 Reasons Why?

Chatbots <3 (your) Business: 7 Reasons Why?

It is a known fact that human is a social animal. A human needs to interact with his fellow humans to express himself. Interaction gives a human a sense of comfort and understanding. This fact is well utilized by Chatbots, which has been a revolution in the market in a short time.  The Chatbot technology has taken a giant leap and has emerged as a ground-breaking trend. All the businesses are eager to keep up with the updating trends and utilize the Chatbot technology to interact with their customer base and influence the market. Within the brief time-period, Chatbots have taken over the market. They are seen to be rocking the sectors of Customer Support, Customer behavior Analysis, Customer Service & Management, DevOps Management, Branding, and other Qualitative tasks.

What is a Chatbot?

What is Chatbot | 4-Step Guide for Beginners

In the most simple layman language, A Chatbot is an automated computer program that talks back to you. It interacts with the users as a human would and attends the customers round the clock without needing any break or having any geographical limitations. The conversation can be either text-based or voice-based, depending upon the requirement of the business.  It is a virtual assistant that aids businesses to get closer to their customers and broaden customer engagement. With the introduction of ultra-modern technologies like speech recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and NLP (Natural Language Processing), Chatbots have advanced so much that they can simulate a human conversation very closely.

Broadly, Chatbots can be divided  into two categories:

1.Command Based Chatbots:

How do chatbots work? An overview of the architecture of a chatbot

These Chatbots are based on the “if-else” algorithm. These Chatbots do not learn from the conversations they have; instead, they can only answer a limited number of predefined questions. It has a set of pre-written questions with specific answers. In these situations, users do not usually type or converse with the bot; instead, they select one of the many options provided to them.  They have a fixed database so they can not answer the questions which are not listed in their database and can not function outside their code.

2. Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots:

How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are Revolutionizing Healthcare?

These Chatbots learn from the conversations they have with users and better themselves over time. They are contextual Chatbots and utilize high-end technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and appear quite sci-fi at the initial glance. They can understand natural questions and reply with the most appropriate answers. They remember the details about their customers and improvise their communication with them accordingly.

Now, if you are asking yourself, “Do I really need a Chatbot for my business?”, the question itself is problematic. The market is ever-growing, and the competition is getting stronger every day. The inability of a business to keep up with such a trend, which is woo-ing the market with its exceptional capabilities, could be a fall-behind for and your business. NOW is the ideal time to introduce your business with this cutting-edge technology and watch your sales and business fly high.  Your business/company might be in a need of Chatbot Development if you relate to any of the below-mentioned points:

  1. If you own an E-Commerce Business:

As per a recent study, it has been established that E-Commerce is one sector that is expected to make the most benefit out of the Chatbot Technology. The Chatbots can turn the monotonous shopping process into an exciting one by encouraging more user engagement. A Chatbot can keep an account of customer history, preferences, location, address, and navigation and, based on that, personalize the whole shopping experience for the customer. The Chatbots can recommend customers new products according to their preferences and also provide them with personalized vouchers and coupon codes, which can boost up customer engagement, resulting in an extremely positive impact on the sales.  For example, if you have are a Pizza delivery App, a Chatbot can remember the previous orders made by the customer, additional topping requests along with their address and contact details so that they need not fill in the information again while placing an order. This makes the ordering process seamless and attracts more customers. This also increases the loyalty of the customer towards the brand and ensure that the customer revisits your app/website.

  1. If you have customers/queries coming in round-the-clock:

Chatbots are not bound by and physical or geographical limitations. They can work day in and out without getting tired or needing a break.  So if you are a business that deals with customers from different time zones, or if you like to keep your services open each and every day, every time, Chatbots can be a blessing for you.  This takes off the burden of this redundant job from the shoulders of a human employee and allows his energy to be utilized for something more crucial.

  1. If you need to give repetitive/similar information:

Most of the businesses need to answer an almost identical set of questions all the time. Customers usually inquire regarding the timings, address, or prices. A significant portion of human effort can be saved by automating this process with the help of Chatbots.

  1. If scaling your business is requisite:

Unlike humans who can handle just 3-4 customers (at max) at a time, there is no such limit for the Chatbots.  Chatbots can be assigned as the initial point of contact for the customers. In this manner, they can help to filter or segregate the customers according to their issues and then raise the issue to a human representative if required. This way, the tedious and redundant part of recurrent question-answering is handled by these new-age virtual assistants. They increase your productivity and efficiency, thereby improving your ranking and reputation in the market.

  1. If you are low on time and budget:

No matter how fancy and sci-fi these Chatbots sound, the cost of building one won’t be leaving any holes in your pocket. The cost of developing a Chatbot is often similar to or sometimes even less than developing an application. Additionally, Chatbots aren’t just economical but are worth the price you pay for them as they bring in a commendable amount of business along with them. They are like a one-time investment that can take your business to a new height.

One Chatbot is equal to an army of employees. It saves the time of your team, which might otherwise go into redundant tasks or hiring a team to do the Chatbot’s jobs.

  1. If you are targeting social media:

The integration of Chatbots with various social media websites and apps and their capability to engage the audience on the same has swept off the market. In this age of social media and smart devices, people prefer having apps that are multi-functional. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses not to leave any potential area to grab the customer base. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. have become the greatest markets, and Chatbots can help you acquire them by interacting with your customers on the same.

  1. If you need to analyze customer behavior:

The Chatbots can be made to ask for feedback from the customers regarding their experience on your website/app or about product or service. This feedback can be a great help while making the marketing strategy and targeting a more precise clientele. The data acquired by the Chatbots can be used to provide a personalized experience to the customers, which can significantly impact the engagement on your platform.



A Chatbot is the need of the hour for every business, whether big or small. No matter which industry you belong to, Chatbots can definitely scale up your business and put you on the front foot, a step ahead of your contemporaries. The customer is always looking for a smoother experience, and with a Chatbot, you can ensure that your customer gets exactly what they want.

UI and UX – Critical Components of E-Commerce Success

10 UX Design for E-Commerce: Principles and Strategies

The strong shift towards e-commerce in India is ever more evident with India stepping into ‘1 billion mobile user club’. According to a new Bloomberg report, country now has around 1.03 billion mobile phone subscribers.  SBI research report says the e-retail market was around USD 6 billion in 2015. And India expects 125 million online buyers with USD 19 billion (only through mobile) business by 2019.

One of the research held in India shows, ‘The largest digital properties in India (Facebook, Google) and e-commerce businesses have acknowledged that they receive 50% traffic from the web and 50% traffic via mobile (mobile web and app)’.  However, mobile traffic is growing at a much faster rate. But, we most definitely cannot ignore the fact that only 7.8% of mobile users have smartphones. But the non-smartphones users heavily use the Internet!

  • 125 million online buyers in India by 2019
  • Mobile Commerce sales to hit $19 billion by 2019
  • Just 8% of e-commerce addressable market lives in Top 8 cities, rest to be reached by mobiles.

E-commerce shoe store iOs application UI UX Design - UpLabs

The rapid change in e-commerce has strongly focused the entire design industry. Looking back, from print we shifted to web design and today we have stepped into the whole new era of designing for systems. It’s not just limited to that! We see highest level of personalization and customization taking place serving almost individual customer needs. The question here is ‘Who’ tracks the online behaviour and needs of your target consumer, ‘Who’ digs into the competitors product, ‘Who’ study the market trends and ‘Who’ gives you a solution that exceeds expectations?

5 Fundamentals of UX Design That Impact SEO - Usability Geek

The success mantra to stay ahead in the game for all online businesses lies in innovation and tactfulness of online platforms – the answer and key is with UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) experts. These are the people who ensure that your company makes a lasting impression on your potential consumers and convert them into loyal ones!

User should experience a complete bliss when they are navigating through your platform. An easy to use portal with all the necessary information and detail makes a big difference. These designers have an ability to get inside the heads of users and present you with answers to typical ‘What and How’s’ of your digital product! They are part researchers, observers, thinkers, developers and marketers. Remember, when you went to some website and in seconds, were fed up because you could not find the information you were looking for or you had to look up the entire page just to find one simple login; thus, is an example of a bad experience. Such that you would not want to go again. And then there are Websites like ‘Facebook and LinkedIn’ that generate high volume traffic mainly due to the enhanced user experience. Therefore, if you are interested in generating high volume traffic on your portal, you should ensure that it is user friendly and easy to navigate. And, more so serves needs of every individual customers in a way that they feel that they feel part of it.

A Complete Guide to E-Commerce Success - Spiralytics Inc

Like, Beauty is incomplete without brains. Similarly, UX is imperfect without a great UI! A great User Interface is the part of the web interface (portal or mobile) that faces the user when he looks at the portal. The use of effective and simple user interface design will be of immense help in achieving the objectives of going online. Right from colors, fonts, graphics, animations, wordings, placement, almost everything is so beautifully inter-related and in a flow that users are bound to fall in love with your product and portal. A good user interface not only increases the usability but also leads to the smooth completion of any task at hand thereby making everything enjoyable and flexible as per the requirements of users. The visual appeal of a UI on portal or mobile has a significant impact on users as its information Architecture doesn’t enable engagement on its own.

e-commerce business | e-commerce development | e-commerce success

To conclude, UX is as simple as making an online, digital world as human friendly as possible. And, UI makes it as pleasing as possible. The world of e-commerce, demands an expert guidance in offering a platform that would ensure that profits see an upward trend.

Is Your Online Store Meeting Customers’ Expectations?

How to Create a Shipping Policy (Free Template + Examples) (2021)

Today, winning new customers and keeping them loyal is all down to customer experience (CX). It’s the major area of competition in the online retail market and one that businesses have heavily invested in. The result is that CX has improved rapidly over the last few years and this has raised the bar in customer expectations. To stay competitive, websites need to deliver what their customers want, not simply in terms of the products they sell but in the quality of the experience that customers have when they shop with you. With over 80% of consumers saying they’ll abandon a brand if their online experience is poor, it’s something you can no longer ignore. With that in mind, here are some of the most important things today’s experience-led consumers want from a retail website.

1. Instant loading and response

10 Creative Loading Indicators – UX Planet | Motion design, Website inspiration, Animation

Patience isn’t a virtue shared by many of today’s internet users, so if your website is slow, they’re not going to hang around waiting for it. What they expect – and what successful eCommerce sites are achieving – is super-fast loading and response times.  Fail in this and you’ll see a decline of 7% in your conversion rates for every second your site takes to load or react to a click, search or input. And that doesn’t matter whether a visitor is sat at home with mega speed broadband or out in the wild with an old phone and 3G connection.

While you can optimise your website to the Nth degree to speed things up, at the end of the day, what puts a jet engine in your loading times is the performance of your hosting. For growing eCommerce sites serious about getting up to speed and making sure you have enough oomph to stay fast when times are busy, you should consider upgrading from shared hosting to VPS. This way, you’ll have enough storage, CPU, RAM and bandwidth to deliver those expected speeds.

2. A slick design

Design a slick logo and brand identity by Pantheradesigns | Fiverr

Your website doesn’t have to win design awards or be outlandishly quirky in how it looks; however, it needs to be slick in how it works for your customer. Yes, it has to be designed around the brand and easy on the eye, but most importantly, it needs to be well organised and simple to navigate so that customers can quickly and easily find their way around, add products to the shopping cart and check out. Essentially, you aren’t just designing a website, you are designing a shopping experience, so take advantage of all those plugins and tools that help make that experience great.

3. Reduce the clicks

Best Tips to Reduce AdWords Cost per Clicks - AdWordsWise AUS

The more clicks your visitors need to take to find the right products, the fewer of them that will make it to the check-out. It’s a speed thing again – and the more products you have, the longer it can take to find them.

What customers expect is what they see on websites like Amazon and eBay: well-organised product categories, search bars, detailed menus and product filters that make it easy to find the product they want by brand, colour, size, weight, price and so forth.

4. Product pages that are actually useful

10 examples of effective ecommerce product pages | Econsultancy

Buying online isn’t easy because you can’t examine the product. This leaves potential customers with plenty of questions that a useful product page would answer. A great shopping experience makes it easy for a customer to make a purchasing decision and websites need to put the time and effort into supplying all the information a customer might want to know. If you sell the product, even at a good price, but don’t answer visitors’ questions, they’ll go elsewhere.

What should you include on a product page? Looking at the world’s most popular retail site, Amazon, is a good starting point. Here, you’ll find zoomable images, detailed descriptions and specifications, buying options, customer questions and answers, delivery information and a plethora of related products and upsells.

5. Product reviews

9 Ways to Get More Product Reviews and Increase Social Proof

If you want to sell something, you obviously make it sound and look as good as possible – that’s what marketing is all about. The online shopper, however, isn’t going to take your word for it. Scepticism is a built-in shopping behaviour and the modern consumer expects you to provide independent, genuine feedback about the products you sell. This makes product reviews a necessity on the modern website.

6. Personalisation

Product UX: the dangers of personalisation | by Jack Strachan | UX Planet

Personalisation is the biggest driver of customer loyalty and provides the customer experience most valued by today’s consumers. Online shoppers love it when a website provides personalised offers and product recommendations and they spend more as a result. This, of course, has made personalisation a key area of competition for online stores.

Doing it right, however, can be challenging. You’ll need to collect personal data, analyse browsing and shopping histories, deploy a product recommendation engine and set up customer accounts in order to create personalised homepages and send personalised marketing messages. The amount of data and computing resources needed might also require you to upgrade your hosting solution.


As customer experience evolves, consumers will expect the stores they shop with to continually improve their website and offer new, enhanced experiences. As a result, customer expectations never stay the same. To ensure your website stays successful in today’s highly competitive market, it is vital to meet those ever-changing expectations. Hopefully, the points discussed here will help you move forward.

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