Add Top Features In Website With Custom Web Development Services

Custom websites mainly developed by keeping clients requirement in mind. They give some general guidelines to developers, which mostly based on their business needs. They not only provide these elements to present the business effectively but also make website unique to attract more traffic as compare to available competitors. Most of the clients want to make the site user-friendly as this feature offers rapid growth.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Custom Website Development
Below mentioned points are guidelines for website development with most effective features:

Pick Effective Website Scopes To Meet The Potential Goals:

With the development of technology, every day we are introduced with new features and scopes. Thus, at the time of selection, a statement of confusion is apparent as we have to choose from numerous availability. The features selection procedure could be easier if customers’ choices recognized completely. One of the standard functions that need to be kept at the top is fully fledged set of product pages with easy navigation advantage. Professional web development company, which has been hired, must know your contact and add at the appropriate place on a website.

Focus On Professional Aspects:

People would like to visit your site regularly if it has the professional outlook. The clean appearance of features will help visitors understand the concepts and utilization, and appropriately utilize the functionality. The whole functionality of website should be utilizable for everyone not difficult to navigate.
Color combination is the first aspect that plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of onlookers. It should be perfectly combined with video, picture and other visible components. If there is no combination of between different color usage, it makes a website completely unprofessional, and present with the amateurish look.

Content Quality to Improve Overall Appearance:

It is content after design that complete the task of information giving to the visitors. If the professional writer has written entire content, the visitor must get the complete information in an effective manner. They will understand the services and product efficiently and follow the terms while getting these. The content should be appealing that gain their trust, and make them comfortable to buy from you.
A careful development of the information is important to ease the understanding.

Easy Shopping Procedure

Most of the time we find that visitors get it little difficult selecting the products, and not follow the buying procedure without executive help. The process can be made easier by displaying the products with clear picture and informative content. Easy selection process with very few clicks pleases the visitors. Sometimes visitors select several items but cancel few while doing the last purchase. Thus the cancellation process should be easy as well.
Shopping process should be easy and with several options including credit cards and online payment methods.

SEO to Acquire Complete Benefits of Web Development:

Getting a well-developed website shows its complete effect if given the touch of SEO services. This technology takes the site at the top of search engine ranking. No doubt, displaying the site at the top is the desire of everyone; this target can be achieved easily with the appropriate use of keywords. Use of quality Meta and ALT also add positive effects in this regards.

Tips To Create Stand Out Web Developer Portfolio

Are you are a web developer? If yes then you definitely need a strong and creative portfolio which help you to get more projects. As there are millions of web developers already, you need to be stand out of the box. The thing which helps you to do so is your portfolio. Yes anyone can easily judge your work by just checking your portfolio. Now it shouldn’t be simple so here are some advanced tips to create standout web developer portfolio.

35 Examples of Web Developer Portfolios - Skillcrush

1. Start With Basics

No matter whether you are a developer, designer or any other professional you need to follow some basics like who you are, what you do and how someone will get touch with you.
No doubt all update their basic thing, but you need to make it more sharp and clear. You need to highlight the projects, which shows your capabilities. If you have a site, then make sure add a creative about me section.

2. Specialized Skills
Above we point out things which are related if you are looking for a job but if you are a freelancer or have your own business, then your clients may want to have a look at your portfolio. In some cases, most of the clients only looking for a web developer they don’t know exactly what kind of service they want to hire in web developer.
Other times there are also some clients who have bit knowledge of the field and looking for hiring custom web development services. Now in this situation, if you simply mention that you are into web development then you may be missing the client who is looking for custom web development services. So consider adding all the sub parts of web development.

3. Add Personal Projects
If you are a good web developer, then you must have some personal projects which you need to mention in your portfolio. Personal projects are best to show off as it will only show your creativity. You can also show the source code too for any project which demonstrates how clean code you use.

4. Link Your Github Projects
Github is one of the best sources to gain and spread knowledge. If you are still not using it, then you are making a huge mistake. You need to get involved in projects immediately or if possible start your own. Get the best of Github by adding projects to your portfolio.

5. Link To Your CodePen Projects
If you are a front-end developer, then CodePen is the thing which you don’t want to ignore. If you are really good at CSS, JavaScript, HTML then this is the perfect place to show off your skills. CodePen also provides a fun environment for developers. Maybe if you are thinking why should you use CodePen when you are already using CodePen then know that it is bit different that let you do a quick experiment, we insist you use it especially if you are a beginner.

6. Link Your Social Profiles
Here you can avoid your personal Facebook URL if you want to maintain the professionalism. Apart from it, you can consider adding your LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Github, CodePen links.

7. Make Best Of Your Portfolio
Maybe you didn’t notice, but your portfolio is the first canvas for you where you can showcase your skills. If you add something out of the box, then it will show how much creative you are. Anyone can get an idea of your skills without even reading your portfolio. You can customize the existing theme, add effects, or totally built it from scratch its all up to you.

8. Add Context
If you really want to make your portfolio totally stand out, then you need to add context so it can resonate with clients easily. Prefer to add context to every project which you mention. When you add context to make sure you properly explain what you did on the project. As regular things are easily understood, so you need to add the custom code which you specially added.

9. Awards And Recognition
If you have been previously awarded for your web developing work, then feel free to add it to your portfolio no matter how small it was. Now no need to say that you have to add professional awards. If you have earlier written for any top blogs, then it is worth mentioning.

10. Keep Copies
It is a good habit to keep screenshots or save your codes. As sites get updated, you need to maintain the things on which you worked hard. No doubt it is totally useless now because new things were up, but it really doesn’t mean that you need to put down your work too. You can use all previous code to show off that you are the one who has worked with that old technology too.

Every Web Development Project Goes Through These 5 Phases

Web development is one process consisting of multiple phases. Just as time is segmented into centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, the web development process is also segmented into steps for better understanding and supervision. The segmentation of the steps differs from one developer to developer. Here, we will accentuate over the salient steps or phases of web development process. Different developers might give these a different name, but the work done in each step is the same.

Every Web Development Project Goes Through These 5 Phases

1.Collection of Information

The first phase includes a collection of information and requirements. If it is your website, you outline what look you want at the front-end and what you wish at the back-end, the goal of the website. It is for traffic only or converting visitors into leads. If it is client’s website, ask the questions that would fetch you enough information to move on to the next step.

2. Planning Phase

Once you have enough information to start your web development project on paper, you start off with the planning stage. It’s time to work and the list of requirements and research on the basis of the information gathered. The best optimal solutions are offered to proceed with the work in the planning stage, tasks are allocated, and deadlines are given.

3. Web Designers

Web designers come into play to prepare a mockup to let everyone see how will the website look before it is actually made. Web development and designing go hand in hand. Any changes in the visual aspect can be made at this phase of the development process. Designers are also given the list of requirements for the clients and functionality to be used on the website. The designers in some cases prepare a wireframe to check if everything is in its place.

4. And, The Coding Begins

Once the design is ready and every element in its place, the coding part begins to bring the design to life. This is the core web development phase. Page after page, functionality after functionality, the codes are implemented, re-checked. Best framework and language are chosen that keep the website light and maintain a good page speed.

5. Testing and Delivery

Once the coding is done, testing phase in web development begins. It is done to eradicate the minor or major errors if any. The goal of each functionality is thoroughly checked on several parameters to see if it is working on all browsers, devices. When all the errors are rectified and the website is fully functional as the client wanted it gets delivered to the client.

Bonus Phase and The Most Important One


Every Web Development Project Goes Through These 5 Phases

Updates in the content display, functionality, adding more products/services, and managing them all are taken care in the maintenance phase. This goes on as the demand for the updates is generated.

Prepare your project sheet and segment the complete web development process in these phases. The key is to concentrate on each point at one time so as to deliver efficient overall results.

How To Find Best Custom Web Development Services?

A website is a need for today business owners who have not website are losing their valuable leads because at the same time your competitor is fetching all your leads or sales using website. Maybe you are now aware of website benefits that’s why you are here. Here we’ve talked about how you can find best custom web development services.We know picking the best custom web development services is not an easy task but with this post, we help you to decide to choose the best one. Make sure you read the full article and then apply the points while looking for custom web development services. It will really help you to find what you are looking for so best of luck.

Custom Web Design Services - Benefits & How To Find The Best One? | Journal

1. Experience

You need to look for a company who has a decent year of experience. In this age of competition, many companies open and shut down every day. Now the company which stands for years means they have good knowledge and knows every in and out in the industry. They obviously stay up to date with latest technologies and latest trends. If you choose a company which has years of experience in custom web development services then it is sure that you will get an awesome output.

2. Previous Work

Now if the company has years of experience then it really doesn’t mean that the particular company will give you the best result. Actually, you need to check the company’s previous work and if possible contact the client which they mentioned on their website. Company’s previous work will tell you more about the company without even contacting them. Check their previous websites or work and check the functionality, design etc. If they are creative in their work then no doubt you will also get something out of the box.

3. Dedicated Team

There are many processes involved in custom web development services. It is not a one-man task, it requires a full dedicated team. Generally, web development starts with a plan, after that how it will look, what functionality needs, framework, testing, finding bugs and more. Each single task needs to be handled by professionals so he/she can eliminate all errors or flaws.

4.Content and SEO

If you want to up in the game then you need fresh and unique content anyhow. Content is king and you can’t ignore it. Apart from that second most important thing is SEO. If you neglect the SEO of your website then you will be out of the game and your competitor will overtake you. Well writing fresh content and keep an eagle eye on your website SEO can be a pain for you, so if you have a budget then it is a good idea to outsource the task to the company. You can ask the same company which is providing the custom web development services definitely they have professionals for it if not then you can look for other company but it is better if you pick the same company for all task.

5. Budget

This is obviously the first thing pops up in mind when you start reading about Custom web development services in india. Well, all companies have a different price. Some may provide the same service at a lower price or vice versa. Here you need to be very careful because when you see services with low price obviously you will prefer it first but you will get good service it is not a guarantee. Actually, you need to consider all the factors mentioned here to before taking any decision. At the end, if you decide you pick the custom web development services which charge bit high then feel free to go with it.

6. Maintenance and Support

When your website grows definitely it need be updated time to time because you need to update your website according to your visitors, add new achievements, functions and more. Moreover, you also need some security features in future so you need to be prepared for it. Many custom web development services offer full support which means whenever you face any problem in your website they help you to resolve it free of cost. Now it really doesn’t count any website update but yes you can expect some small favors.
Hope you find this article useful. Here at RichestSoft you will find the best custom web development services and apart from it, we are into mobile app development, SEO, SMO, content writing, SalesFOrce and other IT solutions. Feel free to contact us and get a quote on your website.

5 Key Features to Look For in Developer Hosting Solutions

8 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers [2021 UPDATE]

When it comes to finding a hosting solution, developers have specific needs. Whether they are developing websites or applications, they’ll need a hosting solution that provides them with all the resources, features and control required to undertake their development projects and the storage space to keep all the projects they have worked on. Here, we’ll look at five important features that developers should look for in their hosting.

1. Putting resources in place

Why now is a great time to optimise your customer service – Part 3: Putting the right resources in place | Enghouse Interactive Eptica – Multi-channel communications – Self-Service, Voice, Email, Chat, Social Networks

Although each project will differ in its size, scope and complexity, developers will need hosting with the capacity to let them carry out their work unimpeded. This means finding a solution that provides all the server resources you need, including CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth. You’ll also be looking for exceptional performance from your hosting as it can speed up development time for you and your client, as well as improving how well the application or website performs when you show it to your client during development. Reliability is also key, so look for a hosting that provides a minimum of 99.9% uptime.

Ideally, therefore, a developer needs to shy away from shared hosting and adopt a more powerful solution, such as VPS, dedicated server or for those developing cloud-based applications, cloud hosting. To ensure optimal performance, look for hosting that includes the latest Intel Xeon processors and SSD storage which can significantly boost speed.

You should also bear in mind that you may need to scale up resources beyond what your current package provides. Should there be a need to do so, you’ll want this to be as quick, simple and undisruptive as possible. While the cloud offers unrivalled and instant scalability at the click of a button, if you choose VPS or dedicated server hosting, you need to make sure that your provider allows you to upgrade easily.

2. Putting you in control

Making Life Easier By Putting You in Control - Take control with GMT

As a developer, the hosting solution you choose must give you the flexibility to work on any type of project. This starts with having control over the choice of the operating system. Not only do you need a choice between Linux or Windows; you’ll also want to choose from the range of these systems to find the one which best suits the application you are developing.

Furthermore, you’ll also need hosting that supports and provides easy integration for the programming languages or frameworks that you need to work with. Solutions that provide 1-click installations for the key software and frameworks you intend to use don’t just save you the time and effort of a manual install, they increase the pace of the development too.

3. Getting to the root of things

Getting to the Root of Things

Having root access is also vital for developers as it gives them complete control over their server. This gives you the freedom to configure the server in the most appropriate way for your projects and enables you to install and configure applications, run multiple websites and carry out various other important tasks.

4. Security built-in

Advanced security built in as standard - myairops

Cybercrime continues to be a major headache for the IT community and developers need to ensure that the applications and websites they are developing are secure. The last thing you need is to have your client’s intellectual property and data stolen from your development server or to hand them over an application that has been stealthily infected with malware. Neither do you want the project having to go back to square one because of infection, corruption or ransomware or stalling because of a DDoS attack.

For this reason, choose a host that provides robust protection, including custom firewall rules, intrusion prevention, anti-DDoS, anti-malware, VPM and application security, to ensure your server is always protected.

For peace of mind and quick, easy restoration, a backup solution is essential for any developer.

5. Expert technical support

Premium Vector | Technical support, customer service staff work

24/7 expert technical support is critical to developers whose projects may have them working with a range of different setups. Having an expert on tap to help you with any issues, regardless of the time of day, can provide indispensable assistance when you need it most. Make sure any hosting solution you choose has this included.

Conclusion  As a developer, you’ll want to provide your clients with a first-class service and to do this, you’ll need first-class service from your hosting provider. You’ll require a high-performance solution that provides you with all the resources to carry out your projects; you’ll want the freedom to deploy the operating system of your choice and have full control over your server; you need the ability to use the programming languages, frameworks and software that the job demands as well as an

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