Benefits Of Top Ecommerce Platforms For Websites

The purpose of every ecommerce website is the same: Sell Products. The availability of platforms for your ecommerce website is in abundance. But only a few have managed to grab the top-spots in our list. It’s no surprise if you have heard about these platforms before. You have heard about these platforms because they are popular and they are popular because developers use these ecommerce platforms mostly. Have you read the Must Include Features in an Ecommerce Website?8 Best Ecommerce Platforms 2021: Which Should You Use?


Let’s discuss each of the platforms in detail


1. Magento Ecommerce Platform

Probably the most widely used platform for developing ecommerce websites is Magento.
The Open Source feature of Magento makes it the most popular platform. Magento’s flexible working module, ease of use and security can’t be ignored as these make developers’ tasks easy.

  • Ranked 3 in the United States and in Canada’s top 500 ecommerce dealers, Magento’s popularity and demand is always there.
  • Along with Desktop, Magento apps allow its store integration across devices to make it accessible on tablets, mobile, and other devices.
  • Extensions offered by Magento allow the developers to make the store unique from the competitors without affecting the user-friendliness and user experience.
  • Magento users can run multiple storefronts with one backend system. This takes Magento a step ahead of its competitors in ecommerce platforms.
  • Magento was introduced as a blogging platform. Its core focus was only on ecommerce market.

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2. Shopify Ecommerce Platform

If you are a first timer in the ecommerce and want to have your store quickly setup, then have a Shopify website. Startups who are concerned about time, budget and resources can opt Shopify

  • The low cost of Shopify keeps it the favorite platform for ecommerce websites for the startups
  • Even at low cast, Shopify offers great storefronts that are visually appealing. When you are selling things, the look and appearance of your store matter.
  • Shopify takes care of the hosting and most of the coding part. Its easy usage let the developers finish the tasks quickly giving a head start to the store owners. Its hosting features save space on your server.
  • Shopify offers hack protection and security upgrades to keep your store safe from the hackers.
  • Various Add-ons are available to launch your marketing campaigns.
  • Shopify also has SEO plugins/add-ons to make the store SEO-friendly.
  • Customer Support is literally available 24/7. You can call them for the issue you facing at the backend..

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3. OsCommerce Ecommerce Platform

OsCommerce is short for Open-Source Commerce. Its name gives the idea that it is an Open Source ecommerce platform that is available for download from its official website.

  • OsCommerce uses MySQL and PHP. So, PHP developers can develop and manage your oscommerce estore.
  • It permits the use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.
  • Has the basic but robust structure that is safe and easy to manage at the backend.
  • All the features are accessible once installed
  • Add-ons and plugins available to accomplish complex tasks
  • Products to categories and categories to categories structure
  • OsCommerce offers support to unlimited products and categories

RichestSoft ecommerce web developers are known for completing the tasks on time and effectively.


4. OpenCart Ecommerce Platform

Whether you own a small shop or a large wholesale business, OpenCart is open for all. It is based on open source environment. The Strong interface of OpenCart is user-friendly and marketing ready. OpenCart serves an easy gateway for the customers to complete the shopping tasks with an ease.

  • OpenCart offers at around 1500 plugins using which you can customize your ecommerce store as per your business’ unique requirements.
  • OpenCart is on Model-View-Controller script which is XHTML compliant.
  • A fresh user easily grabs the OpenCart Dashboard functionality because of its easy use.
  • OpenCart is available for free of charge. Most of the plugins are also available for free. You might have to pay for some add-ons, but that’s very minimal amount and affordable.

Many of ecommerce web developers at RichestSoft are well versed with functionality and usage of OpenCart platform.

5. PrestaShop Ecommerce Platform

PrestaShop was introduced to the world in the year 2007. It has been in the business for the past 9 years.

  • The first and foremost benefit of PrestaShop that would interest you is its free availability
  • The customization feature of PrestaShop allows the customization based on business niche
  • Free themes to choose as per your industry
  • PrestaShop is a lightweight ecommerce platform
  • Interactive user interface increase user-friendliness and user experience

How To Become A Better Front-End Developer?

If you want to provide better web development services, then you need to master front and back-end development. Now it is not necessary that you need to learn both things, but as you know in IT world the more you know more, you will get praise and work. If you are a newbie and opted front-end developer as your career then today we have some important things which help you to become a better front-end developer. Follow them and master your skills.

8 Tips For Becoming A Better Front End Developer

Plan Your Projects

No matter whether you are a senior or newbie the first and foremost thing which you need to have is a PLAN. Yes, this is a small mistake which most of the people do.

A good plan for your work is a must. Don’t feel bored when you are going to organize your work. If you don’t plan, then there is a high chance that you miss some important task.

Being a front-end developer if you have an organized plan for your work then it makes sure that you save your time for other creative work, it reduces the stress and gives you the freedom to complete the project on time.

How about starting with a simple to-do list? Well, that’s a great start as it will help you to stay organized. Along with it, you are also able to check the roadblocks much before time.

If you want to make your plans more interesting, then you can take help of some creative tools like Workflowy, Writemaps, Trello or simple pen and paper.

Stay Proactive

Being a front-end developer, nothing could be worse than explaining your boss or client that why the project is taking so long to complete. If you are proactive, then you can easily check for any delays or roadblocks.

Now if you are developing something totally from scratch for your client then it is possible that it will take some more time then targeted time. If you know why it is taking time, then you can easily explain to the client rather than some useless and boring explanations.

If you can explain to your boss or client about the project delay efficiently, then there is no chance that they will not understand. Being proactive, you can easily guess the extra time which you are going to implement to resolve the problem.

There are many other reasons which help you to decide why you need to be proactive like it will add more professionalism in your work, boosts the credibility of your profile also it builds a better relationship with client or boss knows how much you are concerned about their project.

Being a good planner, you need to set weekly or daily reminder for your goals. For this, you use famous tools like Google Calendar,Evernote and iOS Reminders.

Don’t Let Die Your Curiosity

As your work needs lots of creativity, it is vital for you that you don’t copy from others but take inspiration from them. It is not hidden from you that new plugins, languages, tools, techniques are introduced daily. If you don’t adopt the new things then soon you will be not asked by your clients as they always demand things which are currently trending.

If you really want to become a better front-end developer, then it is must for you to adopt changes and read, learn and implement new things on your projects. In short, you don’t have to let die creative child inside you which wants to keep learning new things.

Keep on learning new things helps you to become more than an expert.
Here are some handpicked resources for you which keeps you stay updated with latest front-end development news.

  • CSS Weekly
  • HTML5 Weekly
  • JavaScript Weekly
  • Responsive Design Weekly
  • Web Design Weekly

Keep Sharpen Your Skills

You should never stop learning, and if you follow this for life, then no one can stop you from becoming a better front-end developer. There are unlimited resources available on the internet from where you can learn new things.

Now to enhance your knowledge you don’t need to go with expensive tutorials, books, seminars, etc. First grow with free resources then spend on things which you feel is worthy.

You know how much time it will take to expertise something. Well, it takes around 4 years, 40 hours per week. In short, you need to spend 10000 hours to master any particular thing.

Just spending time is a different thing and actually learning it is a different thing. So when you decided to become a pro then be ready to explore things a late night, testing new frameworks, reading blogs, and more.
Here are some little chunks from our side.

  • CSS Tricks
  • Codrops
  • ShopTalk Podcast
  • Boagworld Podcast
  • Apply Filters Podcast

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Cost To Build Messaging Apps Like Whatsapp

Top reasons why your mobile app should have a chat feature

Whenever the thought of developing a messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram strikes your mind, The first important thing that you need to consider is the costing of the application that can go beyond $50,000, when we are considering it for both the Android and the iOS Platforms.

You must be curious to know How much does it cost to develop a mobile application like these to grow at such a tremendous rate. What kind of features is being introduced that have increased their cost to this extent? Is it the market demand for the application that its prices are touching the sky?

A simple answer to all these questions is that these apps have made a huge impact on the lifestyle of humans by connecting people from remote areas to communicate through Text, and Video calls. These applications have made it possible for the world to stay connected to their loved ones even if they are far away from them. Just a simple call or message from the loved using these applications put a smile on users faces.


Telegram, WhatsApp in tug of war over privacy

The Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp, Telegram, hike were introduced in the market a long time back with the main objective to make people stay connected in a simple, faster, and cheaper manner with the help of internet connectivity. The major functionality of these apps is to provide users a medium to exchange their thoughts in real-time.

WhatsApp is continuously providing us the new features that we are liking the most. It is continuously evolving. When WhatsApp was introduced in the market It didn’t have more advanced features that it is having now. It was just like a Facebook messenger before but now it has provided many exciting features.
If we take an example of the WhatsApp, It not only offers the text messages but also the audio and video calls. You can upload stories on WhatsApp like Snapchat, Facebook. You can share pictures, videos with the people. It has also come up with features like a dark theme to make it look more aesthetic.

Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Rooms, Google Duo: which video-calling app do I use? - The Hindu


The main roles and functionalities of the messaging app like WhatsApp are :
♦ Instant Chatting
♦ Exchanging pictures and videos
♦ Voice messages
♦ Audio and video calls
♦ Sharing Live Location
♦ Sharing contacts

The presence of all these features has made these apps prominent as they provide a simple way to stay connected with the people who are far away from us. In terms of technology, we can say that the platform independency of these apps has made them a great choice across the world.


For developing a successful application we need to analyze and know the demand of the target audience properly. We also need to focus on some points mentioned below:
♦ Explore and do a lot of research about your idea to check the feasibility of the application idea that you want to develop.
♦ Discuss about your Idea with the developing team so that they can understand the requirement accurately and share their views on the feasibility of the idea that you have shared.
♦ You need to have an experienced team of developers, designers, UI/UX team, Project managers, Quality assurance engineers to be involved in the process of development of the application
♦ Plan the budget of your application development in advance so there is not an issue that will hamper your application development process in between.


It needs proper planning to develop a messaging application and keeping every small thing in mind to be considered for development.
Following steps should be followed:
♦ Plan the proper structure of the application
♦ Select the Correct Monetization model
♦ Integrating the Features and the functionalities
♦ Select Experienced team of developers
♦ Turn your Idea into a final Product

Plan the proper structure of the application:

How to Design a Web Application: Software Architecture 101

In order to turn your idea into a successful Project. It is important to plan it in the right way. When you want to make an application that is similar to the WhatsApp, You need to understand the whole background of the application that makes it such an impactful message exchanging machine. We need to acquire all the important technology-related information.

Select the correct Monetizing Model:
Before developing any application you need to choose the proper monetizing model, so that it will be profitable for you also. You need to understand and focus on the Target Audience. There is much need to do this to understand which people are likely to use your application. What are they actually looking for in a messaging application? You also need to know your competitors and do research about their application in order to make your application better and updated. you need to add something new and innovative into your application to attract customers towards your application.

Choosing Monetizing Models:

Types of app monetization models and how to select the right one

In-App Purchase:
You can allow the users of your application to buy different stickers or additional features to make their messaging more interactive.

In-App Advertising:
By introducing the feature of advertisement in the application you can monetize your app. But the app shouldn’t get overflowed with the ads that will annoy the users and have a bad impact on your app.

P2P Payments:
This method has been used by the WhatsApp for monetizing their application. Users can send payment to each other but need to pay the fixed amount of fee for each transaction.

Integrating the features and Functionalities:
The only thing that can affect the costing of your app development process is the feature and functionalities. These two important factors will decide whether your application will be accepted in the market or not. Not only these but a powerful server is also required to maintain backend properly.

Select the experienced team of developers:
To make your app development successful, You need to have a brilliant team that will convert your idea into a success story. Decide a team that will work on this development process. The team should have a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Developers, Testers, UI/UX designers, and Marketing Manager.

Turn your idea into an absolute Design:
Always keep the most important thing in your mind that If your application is not alluring and easy to use, all your efforts will go in vain. Always try to use simple font styles, the right choice of color combination, layout, an icon on each application page.

It’s really important to conclude that messaging apps demand in the market is increasing and this will take the mobile app development industry to a great extent.

Building applications similar to WhatsApp OR Telegram will not make you successful, You need to come up with something innovative and creative that would boost the marketing of your mobile application.

Tips To Create Stand Out Web Developer Portfolio

Are you are a web developer? If yes then you definitely need a strong and creative portfolio which help you to get more projects. As there are millions of web developers already, you need to be stand out of the box. The thing which helps you to do so is your portfolio. Yes anyone can easily judge your work by just checking your portfolio. Now it shouldn’t be simple so here are some advanced tips to create standout web developer portfolio.

35 Examples of Web Developer Portfolios - Skillcrush

1. Start With Basics

No matter whether you are a developer, designer or any other professional you need to follow some basics like who you are, what you do and how someone will get touch with you.
No doubt all update their basic thing, but you need to make it more sharp and clear. You need to highlight the projects, which shows your capabilities. If you have a site, then make sure add a creative about me section.

2. Specialized Skills
Above we point out things which are related if you are looking for a job but if you are a freelancer or have your own business, then your clients may want to have a look at your portfolio. In some cases, most of the clients only looking for a web developer they don’t know exactly what kind of service they want to hire in web developer.
Other times there are also some clients who have bit knowledge of the field and looking for hiring custom web development services. Now in this situation, if you simply mention that you are into web development then you may be missing the client who is looking for custom web development services. So consider adding all the sub parts of web development.

3. Add Personal Projects
If you are a good web developer, then you must have some personal projects which you need to mention in your portfolio. Personal projects are best to show off as it will only show your creativity. You can also show the source code too for any project which demonstrates how clean code you use.

4. Link Your Github Projects
Github is one of the best sources to gain and spread knowledge. If you are still not using it, then you are making a huge mistake. You need to get involved in projects immediately or if possible start your own. Get the best of Github by adding projects to your portfolio.

5. Link To Your CodePen Projects
If you are a front-end developer, then CodePen is the thing which you don’t want to ignore. If you are really good at CSS, JavaScript, HTML then this is the perfect place to show off your skills. CodePen also provides a fun environment for developers. Maybe if you are thinking why should you use CodePen when you are already using CodePen then know that it is bit different that let you do a quick experiment, we insist you use it especially if you are a beginner.

6. Link Your Social Profiles
Here you can avoid your personal Facebook URL if you want to maintain the professionalism. Apart from it, you can consider adding your LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Github, CodePen links.

7. Make Best Of Your Portfolio
Maybe you didn’t notice, but your portfolio is the first canvas for you where you can showcase your skills. If you add something out of the box, then it will show how much creative you are. Anyone can get an idea of your skills without even reading your portfolio. You can customize the existing theme, add effects, or totally built it from scratch its all up to you.

8. Add Context
If you really want to make your portfolio totally stand out, then you need to add context so it can resonate with clients easily. Prefer to add context to every project which you mention. When you add context to make sure you properly explain what you did on the project. As regular things are easily understood, so you need to add the custom code which you specially added.

9. Awards And Recognition
If you have been previously awarded for your web developing work, then feel free to add it to your portfolio no matter how small it was. Now no need to say that you have to add professional awards. If you have earlier written for any top blogs, then it is worth mentioning.

10. Keep Copies
It is a good habit to keep screenshots or save your codes. As sites get updated, you need to maintain the things on which you worked hard. No doubt it is totally useless now because new things were up, but it really doesn’t mean that you need to put down your work too. You can use all previous code to show off that you are the one who has worked with that old technology too.

As Clients’ Extended Distributed Team, Here’s How We Run Agile Projects!

A recent report by Computereconomics found that in the 2018/19 period, the application development process has emerged as the one witnessing maximum outsourcing opportunity – with 56% of the organizations around the world outsourcing their development requirements.
How We Work As Our Clients' Extended Distributed Team

The reason behind this heightened demand for outsourcing the mobile app development needs has been the same as always – Lower cost than what would have to be shelled out if employing own country developers, allowing greater focus on the main business, and better service quality.

However, even with outsourcing taking a central place in the application development industry, we have found that there are some common concerns that the clients show when they plan to outsource their software development project outside their geographical nation.

In this article, we will look into how Appinventiv works with offshore clients using the distributed agile development cycle allowing a more connected working process with aligned risk and remuneration model across all.

But before we get on to the part where we tell how we operate as the distributed team of our clients and work so seamlessly that we become their extended in-house tech team, it is important to know what Distributed Agile Team even means.

How To Manage Distributed Teams With Agile Project Management

What Do We Mean by Distributed Agile Team 

A distributed team is a concept used to explain the event where two or more team function across multiple geographical locations instead of one office space or even two office spaces in one city. The distributed agile team relies on digital technologies to interact seamlessly and work together toward the same goal – Timely project delivery.

Why do Businesses Invest in a Mobile App Development Distributed Team?

There are a number of reasons that drive businesses to invest in distributed teams, reasons ranging from:

  1.  The scarcity of skilled developers in their nation
  2.  The need to test the market before an investment is made towards team buildup
  3.  To avail the benefit of the flexible team which can be increased at the time of scaling the app and dissolved when the need ends.

With the definition and the need now attended to, let us now look at how Appinventiv team works as a distributed team of our clients. But before we jump there, let us quickly look at what our typical distributed agile team structure looks like –

Appinventiv Approach to Distributed Agile Development 

Many a time we get a project where the requirement entails us to work in close connection with the clients’ FTEs. In such instances, it becomes very important that we don’t let the distance in thousand miles come between work and that we are able to make changes and take action on developmental process in real time.

How we ensure timely delivery without zero scopes of communication lag and misunderstanding is a question whose answer lies in Distributed Agile Methodology.

Fit with both small-scale and large-scale businesses, following distributed agile best practices comes in very handy when we have to work alongside a team that is sitting in some other geographical location with an absolutely different time zone.

Let us look at the Distributed Agile Development Method we apply in our mobile app development process.

Reasons Why We Trust Agile For Our App Development Process

After we have introduced all the team members with each other and have collaborated the project management software, the actual work starts.

We formulate the process of daily agile scrum methodology. While in its traditional sense, Scrum requires face to face standup meeting of 15 mins where every participant shares the status of their tasks and informs the team of the tasks they will be taking up next, it is nearly impossible to follow the same process when half of the team is sitting in some other geographical nation in some other time zone.

What we do to keep the essence of face to face interaction alive in the scrum, is we hold a video call on one decided time, which is suited for everyone in the team working on the project. With the help of screen sharing our Agile Scrum Master runs through virtual sprint backlog with the help of tools like Trello or Jira, enabling every team member to give an update on where the project is headed.

What we have experienced is that it is very important to give all the team members an access to a task tracking platform that is easily accessible and updatable. We also emphasize using a communication platform like Skype or Slack for everyone to share updates or ask their doubts between the two scrum time periods.

Another approach that we follow for daily agile and scrum process is that for every different scrum, we appoint one scrum master. So, every individual teamwork as a separate scrum team with a scrum master and product owner – A process which is also known as Scrum of Scrums.

In this, all the scrum representatives provide an answer to the following questions in the scrum –

  • The work that team has completed since last Scrum of Scrums
  • The work team is planning to do before the next Scrum of Scrums meeting
  • The present blocker that the team is facing
  • The blocker that can lead to another Scrum team.

The method enables all the main individuals working on the project to interact with each other directly, something that always results in dedication from the initiation stage to launch period. This ensures an open, clear, and transparent communication between all the teams, where everyone is given a voice. The process apart from scrum of scrums is the same as what we follow under the typical Agile methodology. But the mere fact that the distance between our team and our clients’ team is miles apart and yet we have to work as seamlessly as possible, has brought a series of learnings that we have driven by the adoption of Distributed Agile. Let us look at what those learnings are –

The Learnings That we Drew by Working on Distributed Agile Development Process

1. Creation of Distributed team is about Building a Culture and Not a Process

What defines the success of a project working under the agile for distributed teams approach is not dependent on how well skilled the team members are, but on how well they are able to work together, the sense of ownership with which they work, and ultimately how closely aligned they are with the goal of the project – something that comes with culture and not a process formation.

2.Only SMART Projects Succeed

When a project has to be completed by a team that is not even in the same country let alone office, it is very important that the goals that you have set for the project follow the SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-framed, concept to the t.

3. There is no Alternate to Online Collaboration Tools

No matter how much it costs you, you will have to rely on online collaboration tools that are real-time and have minimal to zero lags. In terms of finalizing the online project management and communication platforms, you can not in anyway cut slack. You will have to ensure that they are technically capable of handling your requirements.

Now that we have seen the learnings that we have drawn from our extensive working experience as a distributed team, it is time to look at some of the challenges that we came across during the process and how we solved them to become a trusted Distributed Agile App Development Company.

Challenges with Distributed Agile Development Approach and How we Solve Them

1. Difference in Culture

Usually distributed agile software development approach ask for working with teams coming from different cultural backgrounds. This difference causes friction because of different values and figure of speech. Our Solution: We work very closely with the client’s team in the initial few days so that we get accustomed to their between the lines and contexts.

2. A Difference in Time Zones

The crux of distributed agile methodology is teams working out of different geographical nations. In a situation like this, the occurrence of a communication gap emerging because of the time difference is very common. Our Solution: We follow the concept of agile for a distributed team to its core. We fix a time when the teams from all the nations are present and active. To achieve full focus and attention, we ask our teammates to change their office timing on the scrum day, so that they are well slept and attentive.

3. Lack of a Common Idea of ‘Big Picture’

Because of a difference in geographical location, working structure, and policies, there can be a discrepancy in the idea of the Big Picture – the end aim of the mobile app. This difference might cause a lack of interest from some team members and a heightened interest from others. Our Solution: A visioning meeting at the start of the project initiation and a  reminder in every scrum, so that everyone is working towards the same goal.

4. An absence of Code Ownership

The absence of collective code ownership means that no one person owns the code, it is owned by the whole team and so when something goes wrong, the blame game starts. Our Solution: We apply a version control system to check who is working on a code and when and the effect of it. This way, there is complete transparency and honesty in the picture.

The Ultimate Data Analysis Cheat Sheet: Tool for App Developers

 Cheat Sheet tool

Analytic insights have proven to be a strong driver of growth in business today, but the technologies and platforms used to develop these insights can be very complex and often require new skillsets. One of the initial steps in developing analytic insights is loading relevant data into your analytics platform. Many enterprises stand up an analytics platform, but don’t realize what it’s going to take to ingest all that data.

Choosing the correct tool to ingest data can be challenging. Anteelo has significant experience in loading data into today’s analytic platforms and we can help you make the right choices. As part of our Analytics Platform Services, anteelo offers a best of breed set of tools to run on top of your analytics platform and we have integrated them to help you get analytic insights as quickly as possible.

To get an idea of what it takes to choose the right data ingestion tool, imagine this scenario: You just had a large Hadoop-based analytics platform turned over to your organization. Eight worker nodes, 64 CPUs, 2,048 GB of RAM, and 40TB of data storage all ready to energize your business with new analytic insights. But before you can begin developing your business-changing analytics, you need to load your data into your new platform.

Keep in mind, we are not talking about just a little data here. Typically, the larger and more detailed your set of data, the more accurate your analytics are. You will need to load transaction and master data such as products, inventory, clients, vendors, transactions, web logs, and an abundance of other data types. This will often come from many different types of data sources such as text files, relational databases, log files, web service APIs, and perhaps even event streams of near real-time data.

You have a few choices here. One is to purchase an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software package to help simplify loading your data. Many of the ETL packages popular in Hadoop circles will simplify ingesting data from various data sources. Of course, there are usually significant licensing costs associated with purchasing the software, but for many organizations, this is the right choice.

Cheat Sheet tool for data analytics


Another option is to use the common data ingestion utilities included with today’s Hadoop distributions to load your company’s data. Understanding the various tools and their use can be confusing, so here is a little cheat sheet of the more common ones:

  • Hadoop file system shell copy command – A standard part of Hadoop, it copies simple data files from a local directory into HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). It is sometimes used with a file upload utility to provide users the ability to upload data.
  • Sqoop – Transfers data from relational databases to Hadoop in an efficient manner via a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connection.
  • Kafka – A high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds, ensuring no data loss. It is often used as a queueing agent.
  • Flume – A distributed application used to collect, aggregate, and load streaming data such as log files into Hadoop. Flume is sometimes used with Kafka to improve reliability.
  • Storm – A real-time streaming system which can process data as it ingests it, providing real-time analytics, ETL, and other processing of data. (Storm is not included in all Hadoop distributions).
  • Spark Streaming – To a certain extent, this is the new kid on the block. Like Storm, Spark Streaming is a processor for real-time streams of data. It supports Java, Python and Scala programming languages, and can read data from Kafka, Flume, and user-defined data sources.
  • Custom development – Hadoop also supports development of custom data ingestion programs which are often used when connecting to a web service or other programming API to retrieve data.

As you can see, there are many choices for loading your data. Very often the right choice is a combination of different tools and, in any case, there is a high learning curve in ingesting that data and getting it into your system.

Here are the Ways to choose the Best Mobile App Developer

Hire Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS – FasTrax Infotech

If you are looking forward to having a scalable mobile app for your business, hiring an app developer, who is perfect for your business, is important. There is an exponential demand for mobile app developers. So, if you have a list of developers (meaning you are the lucky one), the next most important step is to shortlist the best developers for your project. However, to find the best one, there is a need to consider some important things. Anteelo,  a renowned company, pays a lot of attention to those factors that help you in making the best choices.

Some Fruitful Ways for Finding the Best Mobile App Developer

1. Checking the Portfolio

Stress-Test Your Portfolio With This Checklist | Investing 101 | US News

Checking the profile of the shortlisted mobile app developers is the most important thing. This is because it will help you in knowing past projects and case studies. In simple words, you get to see a clear picture of the capabilities of app developers. If the portfolio section doesn’t meet your requirements, then move on to the next one on the list.

At Anteelo, you get the access to company’s Portfolio right on our website.

2. Usage of Technologies by Developers

10 uses of technology that made it a part of everyday work - Education Today News

Nowadays, several apps are using AI-based chatbots, the retail sector is embracing AR, VR, and beacons to deliver immersive user experience. In addition, these technologies streamline business operations and offer several other benefits. Hence, your chosen developers should have experience in using at least one of these latest technologies.

For clients thinking about working with Anteelo, here are the mobile & web app development technologies we work around.

3. Niche Specializations

Key Skills of Successful Mobile App Developers | Appinventiv

There is no denying that industries like logistics and healthcare demand an effective approach for mobile app development. This means there is a need to consider the experience that the mobile app developer has in your industry. In other words, the developer should know all those rules and regulations that determine the functionality of a mobile app.

4. Passion for your Project

Start Your Passion Project Right Now by Taking 5 Small Steps

This criterion plays a vital role in defining the success of your app. To hire a mobile app developer, you should be certain that he/she is passionate about developing a mobile app for your business. This is because such developers will be able to develop the best app that suits the requirements of your business.

5. Consider the Whole Package.

Developing a mobile app is not just about coding. In fact, it is also about creating a functional design and giving a great user experience. This means that while looking for an app developer, you should see whether he/she is able to perform several functions such as usability, design, and testing. ‘

We, at Anteelo, work very hard to provide clients with the experience they deserve.

6. Developers’ Capabilities

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Without truly innovative and useful features, it is difficult for your app to grab the attention of users. Before hiring a mobile app developer, you should ask about the special features he/she can provide. In other words, you should find out the capabilities of the developer before finalizing him for your project.

Anteelo’s team of mobile app developers are skilled to offer a range of different mobile app design and development services.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, you should not forget to focus on all the important aspects of your business. This will help you in having a better shot at hiring the right app developer for mobile app development services.

There is no exaggeration in saying that the realization of your vision is often in the hands of your developer.

So, choose carefully and have an app that lets your customers buy your products or simply have a look at your services. Having prior knowledge about how to find the best developer or how much does it cost to hire an app developer can considerably shorten the total lead time of your project.

Here are 10 Tips to Hire Android App Developer {2020 Edition}

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Android App Developer In India?

Due to recent technological advancements and innovation, mobile apps have become need for every business. And, Android is one of the emerging platforms that every business need for its promotion and branding. Android’s popularity has made the businesses reach customers easily, but at the same time, the fragmentation that the platform comes with has made Android app development one of the most challenging task for developer. And, for developing a market-centric Android app, we need to hire the top android app development company with proficient developers. So, let’s take a look at the tips for finding the right team of Android app developers for your business:

#1. Look For Proficient Team of Android App Developers

What Makes a Great Mobile App Development Team

When you are looking to hire a team made of experts in the Android developer profile, the important thing to consider is their experience. Developing a market-centric and business-centric app is really a tricky task, which needs to be done proficiently and that requires experience developers.

#2. Don’t Make Cost A Primary Focus

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Many businesses in a race to hire a cost-effective android app development company, end up with a poor quality app, which in turn, is of no use for their business. So, instead of taking risks with such low budget developers, one should always hire a team of Android app developers that hold the potential to develop a feature-packed and quality-rich app at cost-effective prices.

#3. Check The Past Projects Of Developers

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By going through the past projects of Android developers, you can understand their approach and quality of their delivery. The answer to ‘How to hire Android app development company’ lies in their past working portfolio. You should always go through the developer’s app’s functionality, designing capabilities, and the time taken to complete the project. It helps you to understand, whether the Android app developer fits the app’s requirements or not. Even we can also look for the app’s reviews, ratings and feedback for the developer’s app.

#4. Sound knowledge Of Open Source Platforms

Open Source Software: The Complete Wired Guide | WIRED

Android being an open source platform, gives the flexibility to developers to design an application that suits user’s needs, thus making it a necessity for the developers to have a sound knowledge about these open source platforms. So, one should look for Android app development companies that are familiar with the emerging open source libraries.

#5. Connect With The Previous Clients

5 ways to connect with past clients and grow your referral business.

Before hiring an Android app development company, you need to consider many aspects. And, one of them is connecting with previous clients. By connecting the previous clients, we should know how the developer has treated with its previous clients. And, how they work after getting the project, how responsive they are, how often do they communicate, how they solve the challenges, etc.

You can get the past client information from company’s Clutch or Extract profile

#6. Do They Have An Innovative Approach?

this really is an innovative approach, but I'm afraid we can't consider it. It's never been done before" by A. Bacall

You should see – What’s the approach of the Android developer or the Android app development company that you are looking to hire? – For hiring an adept Android development service provider, you should check if the developer understands the business needs, e capability to improvise the design and is capable of providing best-in-class user experience along with the innovative ideas.

#7. Go For A Reputed And Certified Company

Although, hiring a freelance Android developer can be low-budget, but it’s a risky way to get an android app developed. Choosing freelancers may result in a negative outcome. By wisely choosing a reputed and certified Android app development company, you can go for the safest and most cost-effective way to develop an app.

Also, when you invest in an Android app development company, the speed of app development process is also much faster since they work as a team of designers, testers, and coders.

#8. NDA And Privacy Agreements Are Mandatory

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Contents and Key Terms, Template

Always start working with an Android app development company or freelancer, once you sign an NDA or privacy agreements. By signing such a bond with the Android developers, you can ensure the safety of confidential business information. Additionally, we should also take care of the property rights of the Android app to avoid future discrepancies.

#9. Inquire About The Team Of Developers

Microsoft Teams Together Mode: Your Questions Answered

Look for the team of an Android developer, who claims to provide services for the android app development. For many times, it’s been observed that many companies and brands hire freelancers for the app development process without having any prior information to the client. To meet this challenge, while hiring app developers, one should connect with the development team members and inquire about their team.

#10. Discuss The Post Development Tasks And Supports

The Learning and Development Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Before hiring an Android app development company, we should discuss the post-development tasks including app submission, app testing, bug fixing, support & maintenance etc. before handing the project to the app development team. By selecting an adept Android developer, you can get a perfect app.

Full Stack Application Developers-Top myths

10 things a Full Stack Developer should know | by Taniya Saini | JavaScript in Plain English

A full stack developer is a rare breed and good full stack developers are invaluable. They are the single most important entity that can seal the fate of your application. But when picking the right cstack developer for your dream project, it’s best to be realistic and reasonable in your expectations. The task list and skill set for full stack developers is non-exhaustive and demanding. It’s advisable to prioritize skills and look for a person who meets your top demands. It’s better to be specific about your requirements and weigh candidates based on relevant experience and exposure.

All said and done, getting a competent full stack developer is a dream come true. It beats the hassle and expense of hiring different professionals for different tasks and then making them work together efficiently. But many hirers get disillusioned by the vast repository of app developers in the market. Each developer tries to sell himself as a full stack developer to land a lucrative project. But selecting a genuine full stack developer is a tough task that requires foresight and clarity. Select a person who can balance your business needs with market trends. Full stack development requires a  rich background of front end, back end, server management, user research, project management and other soft skills.

Since there exist many misconceptions about the roles and responsibilities of full stack app developers, we thought it best to use this blog to dispel some wrong notions. Here is a list of myths associated with full stack development and developers:

The developer is a master of all trades

Rather, a full stack developer is a jack of all trades. The skill set of a full-stack developer is never ending. He should be having a solid understanding of every layer of the stack (see image below). This enables developers to understand how different components of applications interact with each other. He can then explain interdependencies to the stakeholders in simple, understandable terms.

What is full-stack development and how to hire a full stack developer?

In plain words, a full-stack development demands a good grip over front end and back end systems in an application. He will be great at integrating the two and converting a visual design into an MVP. This doesn’t mean that he will understand ALL scripting languages or is skilled in using ALL database administration tools. But he will certainly have a holistic skill set that include front end development, back end development, project management and systems integration.

A full stack developer should be an expert coder

Who Is a Full Stack Developer?

Ideally, a full stack developer shouldn’t be coding at all. He should be like a systems architect who is able to communicate technical visions to upper and middle management. Information engineer is also an apt description for full stack developers. This is because their role covers identifying issues and discrepancies in integration before they actually occur.

So, anyone who thinks that a full stack developer will be an expert coder, is mistaken. No doubt, full stack developers have in-depth knowledge of coding but they might not be involved in coding applications at the grass root level.

All full stack developers are the same

What is Full Stack Developer? Simple Easy Guide To Become The One | Opencodez

When looking for a full stack developer, you need to define the term “stack”. Do you mean the web stack, or the mobile stack or native applications? Even then, you will need to realize that full stack development is not a single skill; rather it means a suite of skills.

Every year one or more new layers are added to the stack. To get a single person who is adept at all the layers is not only unreasonable but almost impossible. The most you can hope to get is a person who understand the architectural layers that go into building an application and is aware of how a change in one layer will impact other layers and the final product. This is one of the reasons why full stack developer has been called a mythical creature that exists only in perfect dreams.

The developer only needs technical knowledge

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In fact, a full stack developer needs to have superior soft skills and management capabilities. He has to manage teams of creative intellectuals often motivated by divergent objectives. He has to be fluent communicator who is able to facilitate smooth conversation between the technical team, management and clients. He also should understand app market and current trends well. Only then, will he be able to manufacture relevant use cases and craft innovative workable solutions.

A full stack developer is a must for all projects

Who is a Full Stack Developer, and Advantages of Becoming one

While a full stack developer will be a welcome addition to any app development team, it’s not absolutely essential to hire a full stack developer if your project needs can be fulfilled by hiring specialists. Needless to say, hiring separate specialists for front end, back end, data base management and project management will be a costly affair. But if the project complexity and size demands it, never hesitate to explore other options.

FSDs are an asset for any team. They are a single point of contact for all issues from the ideation to the app launch phase. They are well-versed in all layers of project management. They also serve as a go-between the client and the technical team. With so many roles to juggle, FSDs deserve the hefty remuneration they command.

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